(2015-12-11) Power Play
Power Play
Summary: Lincoln and Sophia work on the lights
Date: IC Date
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Outside the Club House is a large fenced in area, paved in faded red brick. At one time it had lovely landscaping, but now it is overgrown. Various tables and chairs dot the patio as well as a gazebo or two that are in the midst of being overtaken by ivy. A number of charcoal and gas grills have been brought in and set up for cooking.

With the defensive perimeter well underway, the next project of course is electricity. And people have been pretty insistent on getting that up and running. With Holden down, that leaves Lincoln calling on the assistance of others, like Sophia who has some skills in a lateral area at least. And Nora…well she just held the ladder..and is acting as gofer on the patio below. About all she's good for in this situation.

Lincoln was… well he'd done the power thing once before and it blew up, quite literally. Probably part of why he was avoiding doing this but here he was, up on a roof as he is padding around in his shoes and working on doing some wiring of the panels. Calling down below him as he works. "Nora. My notebook is down there with you. Find the page labelled Panel Series connections and read off the numbers that are circled on the page." He glances over the edge for a moment then gets back to work with the wiring, mumbles can be heard about the idiocy of solar energy.

Sophia was surprise when the call went out for help, but if this means some bit of power, she's more than willing. She does arch an eyebrow at the grumbling man, "It is going to do us better than nothing." And hopefully won't blow up like the last one. And just in case, Soph made sure to wear shoes with some rubber sole. Maybe they won't need it, but better safe than sorry. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail out of the way and she takes a moment to glance around. Not only are they exposed to drones, but if the weather shifts suddenly…It rains an awful lot her, she's noticed.

"What's you leave it down here for?" Nora asks the obvious question as she looks around for said notebook. Spying the book she limps over to grab it and flip through the pages, some are eyed a bit but she moves on and Panel Series…got it." folding the page over the begins to call out the numbers starting at the top and working her way down. Hopefully that is how they should be called out.

As Nora is calling out the numbers, Lincoln checks them against the work he's already done, stopping to rewire a couple of times before looking at Sophia as it finishes, giving the woman a small smile. "It is better than nothing, but nothing is about all it will get us. Maybe 2 kilowatts an hour. Not much more if even that. And that's assuming the batteries are all still good and we can wire the inverter right." He smiles and stands up, brushing off his hands and walks across the roof towards Sophi, pulling out a piece of paper with diagrams on it. "Twelve panels. Three each to a controller. Each controller into a battery sequence, and then the battery sequences into inverters that plug directly into the main power system for the clubhouse." He smiles at the woman, "It's actually quite simple. The concern is the batteries. They may be fried, they may be bad, we'll have to test them to find out if the work. If they don't, then we won't be able to use that battery which means trimming off one of the panels cutting our power further."

Lincoln pauses then blinks, "Don't look at the other pages in the book." It's called out over his shoulder down towards Nora; already the man is blushing.

Sophia looks at the paperwork and nods. For a high school drop out, she seems to understand it more than she should. "Bueno. And if this works, we can always find more, si?" She's not giving up hope of lights, refrigeration and heat! Soph holds back a sigh as she sees Linc's blush, normally she'd think the flirting is cute, but in an apocalypse, that kinda goes out the window. part of why she was so mad at Bob for so long.

Too late for that, but Nora doesn't mention it, or whatever is in the book that would cause such a reaction. There is a slight pause in her number calling when he mentions it, but that's about it. Not really being able to hear much of the conversation that is going on between the pair on the roof, she finishes reading the numbers then calls up her own question "Is this going to be an instant gratification think, with the power? Or will we have to wait to see if it works?"

"It'll take awhile for the batteries to charge up." Lincoln calls back down towards Nora. "Once they reach an energy mass they'll begin passing the power on to the building, but we'll know if it's charging quickly enough." He moves to resume wiring some of the panels. "Sophia, in case something uhm… happens to me. This should generate about 2 kilowatts of power an hour. An average fridge or freezer will use up around 200 watts. Cooling is actually not to hard. Heating though, that's what we want to avoid. Turning on the heater for this building uses more than the 2 kilowatts. An oven would be like, 1.5.. so you get the picture right?" He asks it not in a patronizing way.

Lincoln straightens and glances around the view of the area offered by the roof. "Power gives off a signature, we don't want it to be that charged up if we can avoid it. Cooling for food, lighting for emergencies, avoid anything with heat."

Sophia does. She nods, "Si." She's not giving up hope on being warm though. They'll figure out something. "Let's get this started then. The sooner we do, the sooner we know if it works."

Nora hmmms at the answer "Well that's something." she guesses. Knowing right away is a good thing at least "And how long does the charging take?" she yells up…then sick of yelling moves to slowly climb the ladder. It's been seven weeks, her hip can handle it, even if it is kinda hurty after the run she had yesterday.

Lincoln looks to Sophia and nods. "Alright, well if we want to fire it up, I'm going to start the first panel series here. Why don't you head down with Nora and look at the side of the building. There's wires running from here down into three panel things, they're the consolidators for the panels that'll feed the batteries. See if there's any movement on them." He pauses, "also this will keep us from blowing up."

Sophia tiny woman nods and moves over to the ladder, "Coming down, Nora. Turn around!" She does offer a smile to the girl as well, knowing she's still hurting. If she gets out of the way, Soph will go down and to the side of the building where Linc indicated the wires would be, "I'm here, Lincoln."

"Sure thing Soph." Nora says as she sets Linc's book on the roof so he can look at it if he needs to. Instead of climbing though, she lightly grips the side of the ladder, plants her feet on the side and slides her way down. There is a bit of a grimace when she lands at the bottom, but she gets down fast and isn't in the way anymore!

Lincoln waits until he hears the all clear from down below and then moves over towards the last series and hooks it up to charge the panels and turn them on, waiting to listen. "I didn't blow up. " He calls out to down below. "Have the gauges moved at all?"

Sophia shakes her head and then calls back, "No. No movement yet." There's still a chance of getting blown up! Always!

Nora follows Sophia as she goes to check the gauges…safer than climbing up the ladder again with her bum hip, "What does that mean?" she asks all curious like "Does that mean this isn't going to work?" she's clueless when it comes to this sort of thing.

Lincoln hears the report about the gauge not moving at all and he goes to start checking wires. First one then another, looking over the panels before yelling back down. "I think the panels are ok, I'm going to have to check the wiring and see if there's any charge coming through at all." He probably should do it in a safer way but, he's a little annoyed at the lack of response so starts testing the wiring and checking it while it's active; always a fun gamble to make.

Sophia shakes her head, "No…it is a good thing. We do not want them to move." Soph wishes this was a car, she'd be much better at explaining it. She gets the basic concept, but with vehicles she knows much more. She calls back, "Is that safe?"

Confused Nora is confused. She thought the moving dials on the meter thingie was a good thing…but what does she know about this. Absolutely nothing. "Okay." she says as she looks over the smaller woman's shoulder at the unresponsive meter. "Safe?" she echoes the question, concern creeping into her voice "He's going to electrocute himself isn't he?" maybe she isn't /that/ clueless.

Hey, he's not going to electrocute himself. The panels are going to electrocute him. Lincoln works on the wires, testing them here and there before a yelp is heard from the roof along with a foot stomping a few times. "Alright, there's definitely a charge coming out of the panels." He calls it down below him.

Sophia shrugs, he might. And then she winces and mutters back to Nora as Linc yelps, "If he is foolish he will." Calling back up, "Then we should leave it to charge, si?"

The young woman wince as well at the pained sound, "He's so screwed." Nora replies in a lower tone of voice to Soph "You okay up there?" he has shown her quite a lot of concern and she isn't callous enough to not to the same.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lincoln retorts back down towards the women and soon he's making his way down the ladder to the ground, hopping the last few steps to land. His hand is a little red, the nice 'singed' look to it. "Nothing to really do right now other than let the batteries charge up and see if they'll work. If this first batch of panels works then we'll set up the next. no point in trying to do them all at once and having to redo it later."

Sophia just nods in agreement to Nora. She nods more when he comes down, "Do we need to start looking for more solar panels then?" Can't hurt to have excess, right? She takes a moment to wipe her hands on the seat of her jeans.

Nora nods at Linc, his assessment and the whole wait and see tactic. "So with what you have hooked up now what will work inside?" she waves through the windows of the clubhouse "I should be fit enough to head out within two weeks. I can be on the look out for things like that in my travels." yep she is planning on hitting the road soon. She's been around to long already and the grass is starting to grow.

Sophia's eyes narrow, but she'll nod. She's not the girls mother. "Some, at least. Hopefully enough for refrigeration, anyway. That's the important thing."

The teen rubs at her aching hip, to much abuse on it lately "I'll be on the look out for that then and more booze." because that's needed. "I'm going to go do my rehab. I'll see ya around."

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