(2015-12-12) Acting Normal
Acting Normal
Summary: Despite his knowledge the doctor plays it cool :)
Date: 12.12.2015
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SGA Club House

This large building dominates the center of the complex. It serves several purposes. First and for most it is a gathering spot where the apartment residents can socialize and gather for various reasons. There is a large sitting area, with sofas and chairs surrouding a large marble coffee table. They all sit within a comfortable distance of a large fireplace which has a large flatscreen TV hanging above it. Adjacent to that is a small kitchette area, separated by a marble topped bar with barstools sitting in front of it.

On the other side of the large gathering area is a small office area, accessed by a windowed door where the manager and apartment staff did their business for the day. There is also another windowed door that leads to a small fitness room with the usual workout machines as well as some nautilus machines and free weights.

It seems the clubhouse has a few new occupants, four young cats. Three calico cats and one gray striped. They are always seeking attention. The gray is named Ramses, the others are Bug, Sweetie and Pickles.

The place has exploded with Christmas decorations. In one corner is a large tree covered tastefully in gold garland and homemade and bought (or scavenged in this case) decorations. Around the fireplace is a garland of greenery, mixed in are clusters of mistletoe. The same kind of garland with included mistletoe is around all the doorways, archways and above the bar. It is quite a festive look.

Elijah nods to Caitlin, "As you wish. Just let any of them who need aid know they are welcome to come see me in the medical room of the complex or I can come out and make a personal visit if mobility is a concern or they are wary of new faces." Caitlin and Eli sit in the Club House area. Caitlin has a venison skewer and sits in a chair. Eli is in a chair nearby, currently held captive there by two kittens…Bug upon his shoulder and Ramses curled up comfortably on his lap. The two are speaking about trades and whatnot.<OOC> Elijah salutes

Caitlin's (unstrung) crossbow sits propped against the side of her chair; her horse is tethered outside, with its saddle and saddle-bags draped over a convenient surface (wall, bike-rack, or whatever else). She nods, smiling to Elijah. "I'll pass word on. And I might well come back with a laundry list of complaints for you to offer remote advice on, now you've made your offer."

Late afternoon finds the diminutive Piper returning from a bit of roaming town and scavenging. Quinn on her front, stuffed pack on her back she is welcomed by the aroma of cooked flesh. That's never been an appealing smell for the woman. She is dressed for the cool weather , cardigan, jeans and just fuzzy socks on her usually barefeet…and a tiara? Having seen the familiar horse outside she looks around for its owner and gives a wave and a slight smile to the welcome face. The doctor gets the usual wary expression but she will wave to him as well.

Elijah chuckles again, nodding "I'll prepare myself…just in case." The motion of his chest moving with the chuckle causes another light mew of protest from Bug, Eli looking to the cat and lofting a brow. "You're right. I'm sorry that was rude of me." He then looks back to Caitlin and smirks. Cats. Piper's arrival gains Eli's attention and the tiara gets a lofted brow, but the man gives a small smile to her. "Hello, Piper."

Caitlin looks around quite sharply in response to movement at the door - this not being home for her, her degree of relaxation and trust is more a conscious effort than a state of being. But Piper receives a warm smile, and prompts evident relaxation in Caitlin's form once more. "Hi." She raises her free hand in greeting. "It's good to see you. And I have some gifts for you to try out. See if yourself and Quinton are happy with them."

There is a pause at the greetings from both Eli, Caitlin and as the third cat Sweetie comes up and rubs against her legs. Leaning over Piper pets the cat a moment before moving to sit on the hearth of the fireplace, shrugging off her own pack along the way. First she addresses Eli, "Patients?" inquiring of Bob and Holden and the her own brows raise at Caitlin "Gift or trade?" despite a bit of reticence, she is curious.

"Both are doing well…thank you." Eli glances between the two women a moment, letting them talk as his gaze goes to Ramses who is snuggled on his lap. A gentle hand moves to stroke the cat along the top of his head and down his back repeatedly. Small purrs sound in response. Bug stays asleep on his shoulder now.

"Both, actually," Caitlin admits with a somewhat sheepish grin. "We were thinking that you could try them out, see if you like them, and… well. If they're a complete disaster for you, then you won't owe us anything. But if you like them, then they can be the first part of a trade. A little gesture of good will in honour of the season, and all that."

A nod is given to the news of the two injured men. She is genuinely relieved that the pair will make a full recovery. Her curiosity toward Cait increases with the reply "We?" her head cants and she absently begins to gently pat the squirming baby on the back. "Your," there is a beat as she struggles for the next word "people?" Piper nods to the woman "Fine." she then taps her chest and near her eye.

Ramses starts to nod off in Eli's lap now, but Bug seemed to have restored his energy supply. Waking up and stretching, the cat moves to step down the doctor's chest, onto the arm of the couch and down onto the floor before timing it just right to tackle one of the other cat siblings. A fluff scuffle ensues. Elijah just chuckles before looking back to the women, not having anything to add for the moment.

Caitlin's attention is drawn to the cats for a few moments, a smile lifting the corners of her mouth. Then she manages to get her thoughts back on track, flashing a grin at Piper. "Yes, my people. We talked it over, and…." She shrugs gently. "We're interested in trying to establish friendly relations. But…" She cocks her head. "Heart and mind? Or sight?", she ventures. "We're doing all right. And being watchful."

As long as the cats aren't going after the decorations Piper pays little attention to the creatures. There is a shake of her head, "No." she says, that's not what she meant, a glance is given to Eli to see if perhaps he got it, but she will try again, "I mean, relations good…" gah why does talking have to be this hard…"See gifts."

Elijah blinks, having been distracted by the cats. "Sorry…we're talking about establishing relations? Our group…with yours?" Eli looks to Caitlin. "That could be beneficial. To have extra help if needed or…for you and yours to have a stable 'base' so to speak for when you need a break from your travels?" he offers.

"Ahhh." Caitlin nods, smiling warmly once again. "I can go and haul them in now, if you like. They're in the saddle bags outside." She takes a quick mouthful from her skewer. "And we're not nomads. I'm the main one who chiefly goes out and does lunatic things like travel and trade. I'm pretty poor as a horsewoman, but I'm not bad at going unnoticed and surviving from the land when I need to."

"Please?" Piper replies though waits until Eli has spoken and been answered until she speaks up. A gesture is made to Caitlin "Trader." she explains to the doctor "Quinton got Figaro…" she means the 'Marriage of Figaro' record that she has been annoying everyone with by listening to it any chance she gets. Yes she has big love for opera music…she's so weird.

Elijah nods "Ah…apologies. I was unsure." He looks between the two women, nodding again to Piper at her explanation. Caitlin's offer to retrieve the goods has him look towards her again "Do you need any help bringing them in?" Perhaps Ramses would forgive him if he needed to disturb his slumber.

"If you want to remain in service as a cat-warmer and stroker, then feel free," Caitlin assures Elijah, grinning cheerfully. Rising to her feet she polishes off the skewer on her way out the door. A few moments later, she returns with the saddlebags slung over one shoulder. She's walking somewhat lopsidedly, but they *are* designed to distribute weight evenly. She swings the bags down to the ground, before crouching and delving inside. From within, she draws out cloth-wrapped bundles, one of which she holds out to Piper. "Candles!"

Piper shrugs at the apology, easy mistake to make now days. She watches Cait as the woman leaves then quickly returns with her burden. Full of curiosity, her dark eyes, with their huge pupils, stay locked on the red head. Taken aback at what they contain she blinks "Quick!" has it been that long since they had that discussion? Taking the offered bundle she unwraps it to examine the contents "Quinton….everyone…" she paints a smile across her face, both with her lips and with a gesture. The bundle is offered to Eli so he can see as well.

Elijah watches the woman leave with curiosity, glancing over at Piper and then back to Ramses who continues to nap. Obviously so intrigued is the kitty. Upon Caitlin's return, the doctor looks to Piper again with the woman's excited and expressive response. He can't help but grin at the display, taking the bundle once it is offered and examining it. "Wonderful! I know there are many here who will appreciate these. Thank you" he offers a smile again to Caitlin.

What's within the bundle are indeed candles. They're somewhat yellowy, and do smell faintly… agricultural, in contrast to the aroma-free pristine white or delicately scented gentle pastels of pre-apocalypse factory manufacture. "They're a batch of the improved version I told you about. After the tests that really didn't work out so well," she says with a grin. "But they work. Shouldn't fall apart half way down. *Usually* don't break. That sort of thing."

"Th..th…" the word won't come easily so Piper just skips ahead "work." she takes one of the candles and lifts it to her nose to smell it. Hmmm, is her only reaction to it, and she tends to be sensitive to smells so it can't be all that bad. "In exchange?" she asks Cait ad then to Eli "Some remedies?" like the antiseptic, muscle liniment or cough syrup she has recently made.

Caitlin nods warmly. "No rush to pay. We're happy for you to confirm that *you're* happy with them. But borrowing the Doctor for a short while would be welcome. Especially, in some ways, if he finds absolutely nothing for anyone to worry about. Or I can take back remedies and advice and instructions, as a far safer option, and try to get anyone who needs the doctor to come this way."

Piper nods at the conditions of the trade, even if she thinks that might not be the best way to do business, but it works in thier favor, so she isn't going to say anything…or complain. A skeptical look is given at the idea of the doc leaving to go treat the other survivor settlements and her gaze lifts as she seems to think a moment "Five days, eight hours, forty-six minutes." she says after a moment "Travel." to get from where they are to where Cait's group is? "One way."

Elijah listens as the two women work out the details of the exchange, then hearing Piper's estimation of distance. "I have no problem traveling to see your group if that is what is easier. I also am not against them coming here for treatment. Though…I think checking with other members of our camp would probably be best, if for no other reason than to notify them."

The doctor looks down to Ramses as he squirms some, moving to lay stretched out on his back before settling back into sleep once more. Eli smiles, glancing back to Caitlin. "Will you be here for awhile still so I can give you a decision later Caitlin grins sheepishly. "Well, it was worth a try to suggest it," she says with an amiable shrug. "But access to *real* medical knowledge could be invaluable. Even at a significant time delay. But it would be a great deal safer for you to stay here, doctor. It's rather dangerous out there, I'm afraid. There are reasons I travel alone. But we can certainly come to an arrangement for trade."

They have another sorta doctor, technically Anita is a psychiatrist, but they got to medical school too. Piper doesn't volunteer that info though. If Eli feels the need to share it though she won't stop him. Taking some of the candles the petite young woman get to her feet "Get samples." of the remedies, to show Caitlin. Grabbing her her pack she gives them both a nod and heads of to go fetch them, leaving the pair alone with the cats.

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