(2015-12-14) Creepy Church
Creepy Church
Summary: The upstairs was fine, but shadowy candlelit basement…creepy
Date: 12.14.2015
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Well the intent on coming into the church in the first place was to hit the food bank in the basement or maybe see if more candles could be found. Caitlin had produced some, made by her group, but those went fast, and are still in the needs improvement phase. (Piper did secure a bundle to divide between herself and Quinton.) But intentions sort of got misplaced for the musical Piper when she passed by the piano. While it has only been a little less than a month, it's ages for her, so she made a beeline for that, sat and immediately began to play. She's still a beginner, so she plays some easy classical piece that is probably easily recognizable for those that like such music.

Quinton's been quiet today, but does quirk a small smile as he looses his scavenging partner to the piano. He doesn't seem upset, and lets her play. Although he does make sure to keep glancing at the doorway, incase the sound attracts anyone. He doesn't need another Zoolander trying to kill them. He's not going down stairs just yet to the food pantry, but he does manage to find a box of votive candles underneath a side cabinet.

While in a pleasant mood, Piper has never been what one would call chatty, but she has shown that she can speak in complete sentences today with what bits and pieces she has said. It's been nearly a year since the piano has been tuned or seen any maintenance and a few times she kinda winces as a particular note sounds off to her, but she doesn't let that stop her impromptu recital. It doesn't end until she reaches the end of the song and the last notes fade, which is followed by a sigh as she caresses the keys before getting to her feet, "Find something?"

Quinton winces as well, but tries to cover it up by turning his head or reaching down to pick up a hymnal and placing it back in its rightful place. The small box of candles is lifted to show her and he gives her a soft smile, "…candles//." Could be much, much worse.

"One more evening spent without killing your eyes." Piper says when he holds up the box to show her. She crosses the dais where the pulpit and alter are and pokes around there a bit finding a few odd things herself, before heading over to where the poet is poking through cabinets. "Mint?" she has opened one of the bags, the vestments draped over an arm, and holds it out for him to grab one if some desired.

Quinton won't keep them all, but he nods. The idea of his eyes going bad terrifies him, but he's been trying to not bring it up. Nothing to be done, and no one else needs to worry about it. They have bigger issues. He glances up and will take the mint but the priest clothes he frowns at and shakes his head. Some things need to stay where they are, in his opinion. The mint is moved around his mouth and he sighed, they're good. Or maybe he's just not had anything beyond what was caught the day before. They really need to start canning again. Or something. He rubs the back of his neck and stands up, "Downstairs?"

Piper takes a mint for herself and tucks the bags of candies in her pack, "What?" she notes the look and can easily guess what it is for "It's good fabric. Caitlin can use it to make clothes for the babies." she's thinking practically and in the whole not letting good things go to waste frame of mind. The going downstairs suggestion gets a nod "Okay."

Quinton doesn't say anything, instead he stands, grimacing slightly and bringing a hand to his back. He's getting old. Or has been tossed too many times. One of the two. He'll not push his feelings about it on her, that's her call. The stairwell is eyed as he comes up to it, it's dark.

"Still hurting?" well clearly it is, Piper is just a bit surprised by it. If she was asked she would go with the being tossed around too much option though. As he pauses at the top of the stairs she looks down the stairs and what is for her all shades of black and grey. "I have a light." since the library she carries one of the mason jars with a candle in it and she digs it out of her pack, handing it to him while she searches for her matches. "To bad all the buildings don't have solar panels." if so maybe they could be power to more of the buildings and wouldn't have to depend on candles so much.

Quinton's nose wrinkles and he gives a small shrug, "..Tight." He nods softly while he waits for her to get the light. "Need to….more." He takes deep breath, closing his eyes, he's becoming more aware of his choppy speech,, but can't do much about it. "…find." There's the missing word. He than adds, "Windmills too." But the windmills are for other reasons, in his mind.

The scent of sulfur fills the air as Piper strikes a match and lights the candle, dropping the blown out match in the jar as well. A hand slips into his and gives it a squeeze in a supportive gesture at his struggle with words "Give us something else to tilt at." the windmills that is, she is getting a bit literary with that reference. The lit candle in its jar is held up, it's soft glowing illuminating the stairs but not going all the way down.

Quinton snorts softly at her comment. All he needs is some armor. It does get a small smile though and he laces his fingers through hers. He takes the moment to watch her, with the glow of the candle. Maybe his eyes are playing tricks on him, or more likely it's his feelings clouding his perception. But she is so perfect…It's probably a little longer than he should stare, but he'll finally turn away and start down the stairs.

Probably best the thoughts of perfection are kept to himself, something like that could easily set the mentally fragile Piper off. Staring thankfully doesn't, that just makes her cant her head curiously, her pupils flaring in the flickering candlelight. Then he is moving and she is quick to move as well. Good thing she is tiny and he is scrawny, otherwise they wouldn't be able to get down the stairs in such a fashion, old church, narrow stairs. "You'd think there would be windows of some sort down here." she comments as they head down into the darkness that encompasses the basement of the church.

Quinton shrugs, "Maybe they …wanted creepy?" Some churches like to have that factor. He's moving slow, carefully. His thumb absently rubs against hers as they make their way down.

"If there was a contest, they'd win." though as long as there aren't any dead bodies laying around Piper is okay with the creep factor. Though it is probably even more creepy for him than for her. The echo that bounces back and the fact that the candle doesn't reflect from any walls suggest that when they reach the bottom of the stairs they are in a large room. Most likely used for social gatherings the church hosted. Shadows caused by the candle do imply that there are tables and chairs set up around the room though. She holds the candle up higher though it doesn't help that much. "Follow the wall?" she suggests, instead of going through what could be a maze of obstacles.

Quinton chuckles, "Not a ….horror fan?" He stops, frowning when they get to the bottom, "…yes.follow wall…"

"Depends." Piper answers after a moment of thought "Gore and slasher, no." there is a shake of her head "Monsters and Paranormal, those are okay." the first part shouldn't be surprising coming from the woman who can't handle the sight of a dead body, especially the ones that are clearly plague victims. She heads to the left, following the wall in that direction a few tables and chairs coming into view as the golden glow of the candlelight falls on them "Sometimes wonder if I am trapped in one." or at least a slow moving sci-fi movie.

Quinton nods, adding "Ghosts…" He's always likes those the best. He follows her, as she has the candle and he's effectively blind without her. 'More like….multi player…game." He's a dude, he player video games some. Some. Usually when drunk, but still.

Piper grins up at him "The older ones are better." where they used actual acting and ambiance to make the movie creepy and scary instead of tons of special effects. "Shining, Amityville, Poltergeist." she names a few. The corner is come to and several doors leading into classrooms are passed by before they reach the target of their search. The room is a large storage room. Shelves lining the wall and more shelves filling up the space in the middle. The candlelight flickers and dances in the room, casting strange shadows all around as they step in to look around.

Quinton makes an agreeing nose. He misses old movies. And new movies. "The …Others. Changeling…" His voice trails off as they pas the kids doom. The light catches some of the toys just right to give them a shadowed , demonic look. Quin quickly follows Piper. His back pack is shrugged off and he'll start filling it with the cans of veggies and fruit they find." "….decent here…" Despite the creepy dark.

"Maybe…" Piper trails off a moment as she frees his hand, holding the candle properly so Quinton can see what he is doing. She doesn't bother grabbing stuff herself since they only have the one candle to share. "if we get more power going we can hook up a tv, find some dvds and watch some movies." she isn't sure when that will happen or if it is even possible, but its certainly something to look forward too…something small sure but possible when other things don't seem so.

Quinton doesn't say anything at first, but even by the candle light Piper will be able to tell he's smiling at the thought, "…maybe. Nice." It would almost be worth it, just so they didn't all go stir crazy. "Big TV….in Club…" They would all have to share, but yeah. A bottle of vinegar is added to the bag. He's been giving most of everything to the shared kitchen, but he tries to keep a few things for Kayla. And that damn dog. Everyone seems to have pets all the sudden. He turns, studying her again in the dim light, "What….see?"

"I think I have popcorn." Piper would, she seems to collect that sort of thing, snacks for the kids. She looks at him as she speaks, instead of the shelves with there stock of various food items. "What would I like to watch?" she asks though she doesn't really need the clarification "At this point anything…" there is a beat "okay maybe not anything sports related." there are limits.

Quinton laughs, it's not loud, but it's genuine. "maybe star wars for Tony." poor Holden. go look! Honey! The two jars go into his bag, which is decently weighted now. He nods, "Popcorn is…." He nods again, definitely a positive thing.

The name may be wrong but she knows who he is talking about, but Piper doesn't correct him. It's not her name. She is amused and nods "Even that." she's never given any indication of being into sci-fi stuff, but Star Wars is a classic. The honey is met with approval. So many uses for it, both culinary and medicinal "And mandatory." she eyes his pack when he puts the jars of honey it it..his much abused back "We need to find you a new one." a hand goes to the pack a finger running along a fraying seam.

Quinton just thought it might calm the poor teen down. And since he's been shot, Quin's certain Holden’s probably not in the best of moods. To be fair, no one is after being shot. He pauses, arranging the cans before watching her finger, "It holds." He had a spare, but Kayla's using it now. "School." He can get more, he's sure. Pale eyes flicker up to watch her, head tilted enough to make his bangs fall into his eyes.

The words for now aren't spoken, but her expression implies it well enough, though Piper takes his suggestion of heading to the school as sort of a concession to him needing a new one, "Plenty there." she nods, the thought of heading there crossing her mind before she notices him watching her again "What?" she stifles amusement as she reaches to brush the hair from his eyes.

That's not what he meant, he meant latter. He nods, "Plenty." They should go through and get one for everyone, really. There's a hesitation, he's afraid of making her uncomfortable. So he compromises, "Candle light…pretty.." His hand motions at her and then he turns away towards the shelves. He's in such an odd position, even if it weren't the end of the world, he'd not be sure how to proceed. If he was back in New York, he'd have already bought her presents and had this talk to figure it out. But talks are hard now.

Such a compliment from anyone else would have warning bells going off in her head, not the case with Quinton, it's more surprise, "Oh…thanks." of the almost speechless variety. His turning has her a bit confused for a moment, so she reaches for his hand once more "Let's head home. Get you unloaded." weird, the word home, but she guesses this place is that now. She'll then guide the way out.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Bottle of Vinegar
2 Jars of Honey / Molasses
2 Cans of Fruit
3 Bags Spearmint breathmints
2 Preist Vestments
1 Boxes Votive Candles
4 Cans of Vegetables

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