(2015-12-15) Out of Shape
Out of Shape
Summary: Lincoln's not in running form…Nora doesn't tease him about that
Date: 12.15.2015
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It's morning, a few hours after dawn and despite it being December the weather is warm and the sun is shiny. Two things Nora will never complain about. She can never have to much of either. If there were a real beach near she would call this perfect. But that's not the case, but at least she can have two out of three. Now that she can get around without the assist of a crutch she has been getting back to her regular exercise routine, today is running…or in today's case jogging since her hip isn't ready for running yet. Currently though she is neither running or jogging, she is standing on the steps of a house, flipping through a book.

Lincoln really wasn't trying to be stalkerish, he's just been worried about Nora on her recovery so when she's been gone for a bit longer than her usual he takes off on his own jog along the same route she had headed off on. Besides it was a good reason for him to be out running and thus getting into a little bit of a better shape. When he rounds down the street he nearly misses Nora standing on the steps reading a book, sliding to a stop a short ways off breathing heavily. Yeah, he's not in good shape, been spending too much time being domesticated.

The sound on running footsteps is unmistakeable and pulls the young woman's attention away from the book with all the weird characters on it to the panting Lincoln. Nora can't help but be more amused that disgruntled at being stalked, not with the condition the man is currently in. "Arms up." she suggests as the descends the steps and heads toward him. "Helps you take deeper breaths." lifting her arms over her head as an example.

Link makes a small face at Nora as he does put his hands over his head. "I know how to run you know, I just choose not to do it. There was no point after I got through intro training." He slows his pace some as he works on catching his breath. "You were gone for longer than usual, and with attacks…" He was concerned, that much is evident in his eyes.

"Kicking yourself for that decision now aren't ya." Nora smirks at him a moment then offers over her half full water bottle in case he needs a drink "Sorry." she says as she notices the concern over her "Didn't mean to make you start into freak mode." she seems genuine in that at least "It's to nice a day not to enjoy a few extra miles…and peeking in a house or two."

Lincoln accepts the water, the era of being worried about germs being long past. "Do you remember the days when peeking into someone's house was a sure fire way to get arrested?" He grins at that thought, finally getting his breathing under control. "Yeah, I'm sorry for being a worrier… I've just invested so much time in getting you up and going again."

"Or depending where you were, shot." Nora eyes a few of the houses that line the street "That's probably what would have happened here." small town Texas and all…at least in a few small cases. An eyebrow lifts at his phrasing, "I'm not sure how I should take that, sorta makes it sound like I've been a burden." maybe a little, but she makes an effort to pull her own weight.

"No, not a burden at all." Lincoln responds, laughing softly and smiling. He leans over a moment to catch his breath, the exercise having taken a bit more out of him than he wants to admit. "Far from a burden at all. I mean it hasn't always been easy, but how could it be, y'know?" He straightens and smiles.

Nora studies him as he responds "Of course you would deny it." she smirks at him then pushes gently on his shoulder but as he straigtens on his own she stops the arms up reminder and sighs instead "Nothing is easy anymore. Not even running." but does she mean running as sport or running away?

"You're not the person gasping for breath." Lincoln replies with a smile, "You're the one that's able to run… or did you mean." He trails off as if getting it a bit and blushes softly. "I would never ask you to not go on your walkabouts you know."

"Because I didn't stop training." and it's so ingrained in her that she hasn't stopped, which is more helpful now in a different way than it was before. "At the moment you aren't the one that's stopping me." and hand is placed on her healing hip wound "Stupid bullets and the camo kid that shot me.

"Yeah… Camo Kids." Lincoln responds looking with a brow furrowed a bit at her, hand reaching up to touch her arm. "I wish it wouldn't have happened, but on the bright side… at least you know how terrible of a cook I am now."

There is a surprised chuckle at his words "You and me both." Nora rubs the spot a moment and pulls a face at the reminder of how awful his cooking is, not that she has much room to talk "Your cooking….mine isn't any better. I'm surprised we aren't skin and bones by now."

"Speak for yourself, this is the best diet I've ever been on." Lincoln responds with a chuckle and looks at Nora, "Besides, you're perfect how you are, no need to worry about skin and bones."

"Diet?" Nora gives a shake of her head "I don't do anything with the word Die in it…" she does her best to sound serious, but she has never been all that good at it "That's just asking for trouble." there is a snort of laughter then "Oh so you noticed." she rocks back on her heels and looks herself over, being modest and humble doens't come easy either "About time someone did." she does give a wink though.

Lincoln laughs, "Please. I've noticed since the first time I met you, hiding in the freezer." He pauses as he realizes what he said and the blush starts. There's a cough then, "Sorry. That… that was a bit awkward." He smiles then with his tinge of red cheeks. "So I think we're looking at pushing up the trip to San Antonio."

The blushing produces a mischevious glint in Nora's eyes "Oh our first date. You remembered." anything to keep the blushes coming. She seems to like the awkwardness. "To when? Should I be packing my bags, getting my bike ready?" the mention of the trip has her mentally switching gears from teasing to more curious about this trip.

"Actually our first date wasn't the fridge, that was the first meeting. The first date I think was the river." Lincoln quips trying to be teasing but ends up just blushing once more. "I'm hoping to do it in a couple of weeks. Weather might break some. Some folks are resistant to the idea though, think it's using resources and stuff so it might end up just being myself taking a stroll."

"Potato, potahto" Nora says of thier differing opinions of the day, not that either of them really counts as a true date by most standards "How far is San Antonio away from here? Two hundred? Three hundred miles?" she has no clue that it is closer to six hundren and is pretty much just guessing.

"People don't really recognize the size of Texas." Lincoln responds softly as he starts to frown, "It's about 600 miles give or take. Further than it took to get here from Nebraska, or there about. From Houston to San Antonio was about a 2 hour drive, this one would probably fall in at about 8."

Nora hmmms at the distance "That far huh…" not being from Texas and only visited a couple of times for some competition or other she wouldn't know that sort of thing "About a two and half day bike ride." she tilts her head at him "Walking would take you, nearly a week. That's not a trip to take lightly." she would say alone but she's done to many similiar trip alone to be able to.

"I've been out there that long by myself, longer in fact before coming to the camp." Lincoln reminds quietly and shrugs, "It's definitely something that is an undertaking, that's for sure. Would be easier if I still had the motorcycle, to bad we had to leave her behind." He grins at that, "Third date." An attempt to alleviate the tone of the rather serious topic about treking cross country.

"And how did that work out for you, hmmm?" it's a rheteroical question so Nora continues on chuckling at his countdown or up, whichever, of thier 'dates' "There is probably one stuck in some garage around here. The problem there is no drones, no batteries, it won't go." which is to bad in her mind "Unless you and your team of mad geniuses can come up with something."

"Nuclear power?" Lincoln asks back with an innocent expression before moving towards the steps of the house to sit down, apparently his standing after running has drawn to an end. "Iunno, maybe it's a wild goose chase. Not maybe, it is. The best I could find there is that it's all wiped out, the worst would be finding camo kids running around. Why does this seem like such a thing to me?"

Nora isn't particularly book smart, but even she knows that isn't possible "May as well as said magic, just as likely." she follows him to sit down on the steps next to him "There is a survivor camp around that area, odds are that there aren't camo kids at least. It most likely will be wiped out though. Most of the big cities were. Still could find something useful though."

"Yeah, but between bandits and who knows what else, is the risk worth it?" Lincoln asks as he looks over at Nora, his tone softening some. " I mean, there's a pretty good thing going on. It won't last forever but for the time that there is at least." When Lincoln should blush, well this time he doesn't.

Nora shrugs, it's a question she can only answer with another similiar question "Is it risker not going? Especially if there could be something there that helps in a big way." more hints but nothing solid from him has her canting her head, possibly feigning not know what he is getting at, but she probably does "There is? What would that thing be?" she asks perfectly innocently.

He blushes, then he shrugs and looks away. "I wake up every day and get to spend it with people I care about." Lincoln definitely isn't looking at Nora now. "That's a pretty damn good life if you think about it. But how long that life makes it … especially if there is something out there that could help us. WE can't survive any real attacks, any real threats."

"It is nice isn't it." Nora drapes an arm other Linc's shoulder "And I'm sure Buffy feels the same way." if he can beat around the bush, so can she…in a teasing fashion. Buffy being her nickname for Terry, everyone has got one, except Lincoln…unless you count the shortening of his name "Nothing lasts forever, that's why you should make all your moments count for something." the reminder that they are sitting ducks doesn't rest easily on her and she gives a sigh.

"I can't tell if those are wise words or coming out of a cookie." Lincoln replies to Nora, looking at her when she puts an arm over his shoulders. "So if we're supposed to make all those moments count for something, what does this moment count as?"

"Just because the words come from a cookie doens't make them any less wise." Nora drawls "Though I can say them in Mandarin if it helps." because on the back on fortunes there is always the Chinese language lesson "Sorry," she shakes her head "That fortune is in another cookie."

Lincoln gazes at Nora for a few moments, a smirk on his lips before he tilts his head some. "Come on, let's start the long trek back. Afterall, I gotta burn you some lunch soon and I think you're going to have to figure out what is wrong with my back."

"Long trek…" she has to laugh at that but she nods and gets to her feet "Mmmmm, char, my favorite." she teases him though quirks her brows at him and leans back a bit to check his on back out "Does it hurt?" she totally thinks he is being serious.

"It's just sore, I think it's from the running. Out o fshape and all." Lincoln pauses and stands up as well. The pause, was well he was looking at Nora getting up. Awkward moment if he got caught, but then again living together has provided a few of those. "It's ok to admit it by the way Nora. I know, I'm the best roommate of all time."

Nora nods at him "Nothing a back rub won't fix then." and she is willing to do that. He probably is caught, but she doesn't make a big deal..or any deal at all out of it "Okay, out of all the roommates I have had," all of none, "You are definitely the best and my favorite." and she isn't even laughing…hard when she says it.

"See, that wasn't hard to admit at all." Lincoln affirms with a soft smile. Glancing back towards the direction the apartment is at he groans . "Next time, I'm just going to let you finish your run so I dno't get all the way out here and realize I'm almost too tired to make it back."

"So hard." Nora concedes, though she is joking about it "Oh does someone need to be carried back home?" she gives him a few playful pokes "Might be a good idea. Or a better one is to start running regularly, get back into shape. I'm sure I can make it fun for you."

"You're going to make running fun for me? How are you going to do that?" Lincoln asks it while he starts the walk back towards the main area, walking backwards to look at Nora with a smile. "Plan B, we could just raid one of these houses and move in there."

Nora shrugs as she heads up the street toward Main, keeping her pace easy to accomodate his aching back "I don't know, but I'm sure I can think of something." she probably already has but she isn't going to tell him just yet. Plan B has her looking around at the houses as they pass "Interesting…how about that one?" she points to one at random.

"The one with the little fence?" Lincoln asks towards Nora as they walk past it. "Naw… far to domesticated. Not our style." He smiles at her while strolling. "I think instead of something like that, we might be better off with a trailer."

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