(2015-12-15) Sheltered Life
Sheltered Life
Summary: A family is found hidden in an underground bunker
Date: 12.15.2015
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Backyard - 475 Pine Street

What was once probably a patchy yard of dirt and grass surrounded by a chainlink fence is now mostly used as one of the gardens that the Reyes family started. Thriving, but dormant bean plants grow up stakes and across twine strung from stake to stake. In the corner is a shed that looks relatively newish compared to the house.

True to his word Lorenzo mapped out all the areas where him and his late family had set up gardens to produce, and now the friendly man is showing the around a group of the people from Camp Hope the various gardens and what is in them. Not being able to speak English he is glad to have those who speak Spanish in the people he is guiding around. He's still limping around, not fully recovered from his injuries but he is managing okay "We were growing beans here." of the green variety he says as he leads the group around the house and into the backyard.

Sophia is pushing Bob along, paying more attention to the terrain than anything else. Wheel chairs are harder to manuvuer than they appear. She will glade up and smile at the mention of green beans. "That sounds fantastico, Lorenzo!"

Sitting in a wheel chair has few tactical advantages. That being said, it's kind of nice being pushed around. Bob would certainly rather be walking around on his own, but it's sort of like being chauffeured. Almost.

He listens like the produce and garden is described, silent for the time being.

Elijah is silent for the moment as well, letting Sophia respond to Lorenzo while he listens to what the man says and also looks around to survey the area. The doctor is without his crutch this evening, testing his leg without it and having done well so far. Still, he was trying to take it easy for the time being.

Lorenzo bobs his head at the woman's compliment, friendly as he is he is still reeling at the death of what was left of his family so his usual smile is more reserved "Thanks Miss. Sophia." he says in Spanish "W had been saving seeds from the produce we grew, but that was…" he doesn’t finish the sentence, really doesn't need to "Hopefully the beans we left on the vines went to seed and they will come back next year."

Sophia nods in understanding. "I am sure they will. We will need to check on them all." She gives the man a soft smile over Bob's head, "Did you plant anything that needs tending too now?"

From his wheelchair, Bob looks over his shoulder to Sophia, then over towards the Doc while Lorenzo and Sophia talk. He may speak Spanish well enough, but he likes playing that close to the chest with strangers. "How's the leg, Doc?" Obviously on the mend.

And then he looks back to Lorenzo, eyeing the man for a few moments, but not saying anything.

The doctor keeps his gaze ahead, but hears Bob's question and replies. "It's doing…good…hrm…what's that?" Spying a shed, Eli lofts a brow "I'll be back. There might be some useful tools in there…" He walks in the direction of the shed.

"Yes." the latino answers quickly with another respectful bob of his head "A few streets over we have greens, squash and a few other winter crops. If the rabbits haven't gotten to them at least." he's been out of commision and with no one caring for them who knows what state they will be in. He moves his eyes between Soph and Bob speaking mostly to them since they seem to be the ones in charge of the group. Though when Eli heads to the shed his attention drifts "Careful Doctor, it's a bit messy in there."

Sophia glances over as the doc walks away, but then looks back to Lorenzo, "We can go there next, if you like? There may be something to pick, even."

Bob is just too paranoid to to really not think Eli going off by himself towards some dark enclosed space is a bad idea. "Woah there Doc…" he calls out and looks over his shoulder to Sophia, "Soph…Maybe we should keep an eye on the Doc?" he motions towards his sweatshirt's front pouch pocket. Bob in a hoodie is odd…it's not flannel. "Just..you know…in case there's a bear…or worse in there?" Like a Silencer? So he starts to try and wheel after the Doc. That doesn't go very well, his right side is still weak.

Getting to the shed, Eli looks back to the others, "Don't worry. I'll just do a quick look around. If anything looks out of sorts I won't venture in." Looking back to the shed he moves forward, moving to open it and step back a moment before venturing a peek in. "Hey! I see some useful stuff! And a lawnmower!"

Lorenzo falls silent as Bob and Elijah start to talk. He can only pick up a few of the words being said, English not being a language he has been exposed to until now. He glances with some confusion at Sophia, hoping she can give him a clue.

Sophia frowns, looking down at Bob. ""Really? Do you believe a Silencer would be hanging out in a shed, of all places?" She rolls her eyes, but will push him forward towards Eli. She laughs, "Are you really worried about out lawns, Elijah?" Poor Lorenzo, she adds to him in spanish, "Roberto is worried about anyone doing anything alone. Don't tell him that i got this wheelchair by myself!" She fully knows Bob can understand her.

A glance is spared for Sophia. To be entirely fair, Bob was just shot. Like a week ago. So he's still a little paranoid! "You never know…" he says just a bit defensively. He also puts a hand inside his pouch pocket. Just to keep warm…

"I gave up tellin you to stop goin out alone a long time ago, darlin." Bob replies off handedly. It's in English, but it wasn't anything relevant for Lorenzo anyway. A moment later he looks to Lorenzo and clears his throat, saying in Spanish, "Sorry, we'll go check out the rsst soon." And then a moment later, "And I am not worried. I'm cautious."

Elijah moves some things as he checks out the shed, finally getting to the lawnmower. "Of course I'm not worried about the lawn!" he laughs at Sophia's question. "It may have some usable parts though!" Moving the mower he spots something…odd. "Um…guys? There's a door!"

Lorenzo ahhhs, the explanation from Sophia helps some with him figuring out what is the matter "It's just a shed." he assures Bob "We use various ones around to store things instead of having to carry tools from garden to garden." less chance of things getting lost as well. He might not understand the words, but the tone the doctor uses is pretty universal.

Sophia snorts, rolling her eyes, thankfully behind Bob's back. "You should not tell me to do anything. It will not work out well for you." She laughs at the doc, liking the image better of him trying to mow lawns int eh middle of the apocalypse. But then he's yelling about a door, "Like….a back door?" Why is he excited about a back door?

Bob glowers over his shoulder at Sophia, "Whatever." He may be out of his room, but he's still stuck in a wheelchair and he's grumpy. And then Bob looks to Elijah, frowning, "Alright Doc…What's back there?" See? He can let him go look without escorting him, gun at the ready!

The Sheriff looks to Lorenzo and nods, "Sorry…Little paranoid lately." Because….A bullet went through his chest and lung.

"No…not a back door…" Eli moves the mower, looking at the door with a lofted brow. "It's a door…under…the mower." Reaching down he tries, to no avail, to open the door. "It won't open. It feels like it's stuck…from the inside." Another tug sounds as the doctor tries without success to open the door.

"Good thing to be. Keeps you alive." Lorenzo can understand paranoid. He has a long history of dealing with that sort of thing. Joining Eli in the shed the man looks down at the trap door with a frown "Never noticed that before." looking around the shed he grabs a crow bar "Here." he hands it to the doctor.

Huh. Soph cocks her head and then leaves Bob and the wheel chair at the entrance of the shed, stepping over to the trap door as well, "Need help, Eli?"

Bob frowns a bit more and looks to Sophia once more. And then she DITCHES him. He grumbles, doing his best to move his wheelchair towards the shed and pulls his gun out. It's not his usual revovler, it's a glock 9mm. He sets the brake on the wheel chair and keeps the gun pointed at the ground. Because let's be clear, that's a trap door in some hidden shed that is locked from the inside. If there isn't a Silencer or Bandit in there, then they need to find this place because it's an excellent hiding spot.

Elijah glances to Lorenzo as the he comes and offers the crow bar, "Ah. Gracias." When Sophia approaches as well he shakes his head, "Best to have you on guard…in case this does go awry. Just make sure nobody gets hurt." He looks over to Bob guarding the door, giving the man a nod before putting his weight down on the crowbar as best he could to try and open the door.

Admittedly, the young doctor is not the most physically gifted individual so the first attempt does not produce any progress. However, a second crack at it results in a creaking sound. This seems to encourage Eli forward and a third final heave-ho downward with the crowbar results in the door giving up hope of staying locked. The doors are wedged open with the crowbar now, Elijah reaching forward to open one of the doors that was closer to his side.

Lorenzo steps back, keeping out of the way as Eli works on getting the trap door open. There is a bit of nervous shifting, he seems to agree with Bob on this one. Who knows who or what could be down there.

As the trapdoor is lifted open Elijah is met with a beam of light to the face, the source a flashlight held by a girl no older than maybe 17, a gun is held loosely in her other hand, but she doesn't seem keen on using it "You're not Uncle Rod." she says with confusion before she yells out "Dad!" which starts a bit of a commotion underground, with both a male and female voice, both older telling her to get away from the door.

Ditches is a strong word. Maybe, left in a safe place is better? Eitehr way, Soph's own gun come sour, although she doesn't seem to be expecting anything. Soph doesn't point out that the doc is the one that should be staying back then, he's the one that can patch everyone up, not Soph! But then…Uncle Rod? Soph's gun does come up and she frowns stepping forward, looking to Eli, "Eli…step away."

The sound of voices has Bob's gun raised and pointed at the exit from the shed, "Eli, get yer ass over here." He demands. And then he looks to Sophia, "You too Soph, two steps back."

He can't move forward, but someone needs to get them out, "Let's all come out of that shed, nice and easy. Not sure who yer Uncle Rod is, but we can try to help you figure it out." And if your a Silencer…Then we are all dead.

The light in his eyes does disorient the doctor for a moment, but then as his vision adjusts he sees the girl…and the gun. Well. Great. Bob's words do not go unnoticed, Eli keeping his eyes on the girl as Sophia steps closer to him.

While the two voices below have the girl's attention, Eli steps backwards quickly, keeping between Sophia and the door with an arm outstretched protectively just in case as he tries to urge her and Lorenzo back as well towards the door to get them out. The side of the door he had opened remains opened against the floor now.

A man and woman join the girl, they are both armed to, but they aren't threatening or pointing them at the people in the shed above. "Who are you?" the man below asks, squinting up as Eli look down into the hole that is the entrance to the underground shelter "Have the aliens left? Is it safe to come out now?" she older woman asks as she puts an arm protectively around what is most likely her daughter "How many is up there with you?" the man asks as followup when he hears the others voices.

Sophia actually slaps the doctor's hand away. it's in the way of her shot if she needed to take one. "Don't be a fool. If someone gets hurt, they need you, idiot." She's expendable, she's aware of that. No one needs a bartender in an apocalypse. She'll back towards the door, but makes Eli go first. The words drift up to them and they some how hit home to something very upsetting for Soph. 'Is it safe?' no where is safe, well….maybe that bunker is. She swallows and lowers her gun, looking rather upset.

"Soph, Eli, back towards me. Lorenzo, tu tambien." Bob states in a flat, commanding voice. "There are four of us outside the shed. Everyone is backing away to give you some space to come out." He ponders how to put the Alien bit and just nods, "There aren't any aliens out here. We're all human. Just come on out, and we can talk, alright?"

Well that's what he gets for trying to be brave! Okay, let's face it, the man was a string bean enough that the bullet would probably have gone through him and still hit Sophia anyways. Either way, Elijah continues back towards the door, but still tries to tug Sophia in that direction with Lorenzo. He lets Bob do the talking.

When the guns came out Lorenzo pretty much backed away. He's still injured from the explosion, he doesn't want to make it worse by being inthe middle of a gun fight.

"Give us a minute." there is some hushed whispers and then a fourth sleepy sounding voice "What's going on?" which immediately gets hushed. "Okay, I'm coming up. My family stays down here for now. Until I know for sure you are what you say you are.

Sophia does step back, frowning. In fact she moves right next to Bob, but won't say anything.

Bob's gun is pointed towards the ground, at about a 45 degree angle. Standard firing position for keeping yourself armed and ready, but not threatening. "Alright…come on up." And that's about when he begins to cough…Violently. He reflexively drops the gun which is good so it doesn't go off. And then the coughs start to come with a nice red spray. And then actual blood.

Apparently his body wasn't ready for all this stress…Or he's picked up an infection. One of the two. Regardless, he's coughing so hard he's about to fall out of his wheelchair.

So on the plus side, he managed to at least get them to come out of the shed.

Elijah is back at the door by this point, and a good thing too with Bob's coughing fit. He lets Sophia worry about the dropped gun, quickly dropping to a knee by Bob's side. In time to see the red spray. "Bob. We need to get you back to the Medical Room." Unsure if the man fully comprehends it or not, at least Eli managed to stay calm as he then stands and looks to Sophia. "I have to look at his injury and make sure what kind of damage he's done." His gaze goes back to the girl and the area where her family was still hiding…knowing Bob needed attention, but also knowing it was not an ideal situation to leave the others in.

The man, tall, and probably once well built but now a bit scrawny and middle aged climbs out of the hole. Blinking as his eyes adjust to the light after being in a dim, candlelit shelter for so long. He looks from one face to the other, his worry evident "Better take care of your man. We ain't going anywhere. Get him taken care of and then you can tell us who you are and why that big alien ship is still hanging in the sky." there will be lots of explanations and a lot of bad news to tell the man, but that can wait until medical needs are seen too.

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