(2015-12-15) Silly Behaviour
Silly Behavior
Summary: Quinton and Kayla get into some sibling back and forth while Piper watches
Date: 12.15.2015
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It's later in the afternoon and the complex is relatively quiet. The group that went out to check out the various garden plots have yet to return and others are either patrolling and working on other projects. After a successful hunting trip in which turkeys were brought back, Piper is wandering onto the patio, downy turkey feathers still clinging to her hair from having to carry one back and then the subsequent plucking of them so they could be prepared for a day or two of hanging about the smokehouse. She has a bit of downtime so her flute case is in one hand and some paper and pencil in the other.

Quinton's also got stray feathers sticking to his long sleeved t-shirt and stuck in his hair. He was helping pluck the turkeys, or had an awesome pillow fight. One of the two. He went back to his apartment to drop some things off and is now slowly coming down with a notebook in hand.

While he was at the apartment, Quinton apparently picked up Kayla at the same time as he picked up his notebook. Kay picks the odd feather out of her brother's hair, affectionately, as she watches the trail he eaves behind him

Holden has finally been released from the medical office. He's slowly walking along the sidewalk heading back to where he's claimed as his place. His arm is in a sling and his hair is kind of all crazy messy. He's moving slow and careful, still in some pain. He's just staring at the concrete beneath him as he walks.

The patio has a good view of the surrounding apartments and the pathways between them so when Piper goes to sit at one of the tables she spies the three all making their way in the general direction of the outdoor gathering area. Today is one of those were she isn't really all that verbally functional, so for a moment she does what she has in the past, just watches them, gaze going from the siblings to the morose looking Holden and back.

Quinton on the other hand, seems to be having a good day. He swats at Kayla's hand, but smirks, "Stop that." Feathers are a good look for him. "3 Turkeys. We'll be doing pretty good if we can get a few more. And then actually get some stuffed canned." And candles made! Piper gets a smile and then he holds a hand up to the approaching teen, "Hey Holden."

"What?!" Kayla laughs as she dances back to avoid the swat of his hand at hers. "You look like you crashed a sorority sleep over…or sneezed in a pillow factory." Grinning at her brother, her attention shifts when greetings are given, and she lifts her hand in a general wave, turkey feather between her fingers

Holden looks over at them, and his brow furrows as he stops walking. He stares at them for a long moment, thinking, his lips pursing and unpursing as he decides what to do. Finally, he nods their way. "Hey." He turns then to continue walking, and then stops, looking back at Quinton. The very corner of his mouth turns upward, almost imperceptibly. "You um… You got my name right."

Setting her belongings down Piper waves to the trio, and manages a "Hey." in greeting. She hasn't made it to sitting yet down yet, waiting to see if the others come to join her first. The usage of the correct name has her smiling. She's happy when the poet gets other people's names right too, not just hers. Hands free she takes a moment to adjust the snuggie holding the infant to her chest.

Quinton playfully waggles his eyebrows. Maybe before the end of the world. And maybe not a Sorority. But he wasn't a saint. The man turns back to tilt his head at Holden, "Yeah?" He's in a good mood, so he lets go the fact that Holden just pointed out he normal gets bit wrong. "Stars must have aligned." Ha, he's funny today too. "Come sit. We're waiting to hear back and see if the rest are able to find the gardens or not." He motions to Holden and then starts walking towards where Piper and baby Quinn are.

Kayla believes her brother was a saint, and wants to keep it that way. "Ew! Just…ew!" Kayla's nose wrinkles at the waggling bwos before she pushes past her brother to hurry towards Piper. "Tell him he's being gross."

Holden watches Quinton head toward Piper, and his eyes move then to watch Kayla. His brow furrows a little and he tilts his head a bit, opening his mouth to say something. Instead, he looks up the sidewalk, thinking another moment, before returning his gaze to the other three. "Thanks but… I'm pretty worn out still." He nods, and then begins to head off once more.

She can't help but let out a bit of amused laughter at the expression on Kayla's face and then the demand. Piper shakes her head, the movement loosening a feather from her hair to be caught on the slight breeze "Don't…" she gestures between the siblings "mid-dle." Kayla isn't going to find any help from this quarter. The exchange between the two men is then noticed and eyed curiously.

Quinton looks back to Holden, ignoring his sister's 'outrage' for the moment. "Okay…rest up, man." Once he's out of hearing, "Kayla…you should talk to him." The sibling is eyed, "He's lonely." Like somehow the poet can tell such things? But he then lets it go, moving to sit down and he'll add, "I was a player, don't let her fool you, Piper." So funny.

"About what?" And then Quinton explains, and Kayla frowns and she turns to look after Holden. "Why don't you stay?" she calls suddenly, despite his trying to take his leave only moments before. "I haven't seen you in -forever-!"

Holden shakes his head as he heads off. "Thanks, but I'm good," he calls back, before heading into the building.

The comment from Quinton is met with a skeptical look, Piper isn't sure whether he truly thinks he was or is joking, and she is smart enough not to inquire. Taking a seat herself, she adjusts the wide-eyed, looking around at all the voices, baby Quinn to make them both more comfortable. "He okay?" she asks of the pair when Holden decides to go off on his own instead of being sociable.

Kayla sighs as Holden leaves despite the invitation, and she flops into the set she'd planned on taking. "I don't know what's going on anymore, at all. she mutters mostly to herself.

And Quin's not telling. That's part of the fun, right? he leans forward to offer a wiggling finger to the baby, "Hey Quinn…" The stars have aligned indeed! The flopping sister though, he frowns, "Kid was shot…give him a break." Being shot sucks.

The paper and pencil are pulled over to her and Piper gives Kayla a sympathetic look at the muttering. A baby arm flails as the wiggling finger is grabbed at and he is old enough to start to understand when he is being spoken to and he gives a toothless grin. Happy baby today. "Not fun." she says recalling when Quin was shot months ago.

"Yeah, I know, but…you're seeming to think that -I- can make him feel better somehow, and I just don't -get- it." Kayla retorts to her brother. She wasn't being mean, simply giving a statement of her confusion.

Quinton glances to Piper, maybe hoping she'd talk/write some sense into his sister. He's distracted by the youngest person here, that grin bringing one of his own. "Can I hold him?" Maybe it's to give Piper a break, but more likely he just wants to hold the baby. If he gets him, "This is much better then writing, isn't it Quinn?" He's perfectly happy not working on poetry, Quinn is the perfect excuse. Finally though, over the babe's head, "He likes you Kayla. He was shot. You've not asked him if he's ok. Even if you guys are just friends, that's rough. He doesn't have many people here…" Quinton is very aware of how lucky he is.

Kayla sighs, heavily, and her shoulders slump further as she groans softly. "I haven't -seen- him before tonight." she mutters. Her arms cross over her chest, and she looks anything but happy.

There is a bit of surprise when she is asked, but Piper has no problems with handing the boy over to the older Quin. Free of the weight on her chest the woman rolls her shoulders. She frowns thoughtfully at the conversation, reaching over to give Kayla a reassuring touch to the arm before attempting to speak, "To-mor-row." she breaks the word down to say it easier and taps herself. "Children. You," she points in the direction that Holden disappeared in. Kayla /probably/ spends almost as much time with the flock as she does, but it will make the other woman happy she has no problem in taking them the whole day like she did before.

Quinton glances at Kayla again, "Okay. Stop pouting." he then uses Quinn like a Puppet, "Pouting doesn't do you any good and makes you look 12." The baby seems to love it and laughs, so Quinton keeps on, "Just hang out with him. Play that board game he likes, or whatever."

Kayla lifts her head and looks towards Piper. She nods, then, before she smirks at her brother. "It does not." Pout. And then she nods, again. "I'll visit him."

Glad that she was understood and doesn't have to write that down Piper gives a bit of a grin, turning to Quinton when he starts to play puppetmaster. For the third time (maybe even the fifth or sixth) she laughs. She's done that a lot today "Yes." she says amidst her amused outburst, though who knows which Wells sibling she is agreeing with.

"Totally 12!" So Says the Quinn puppet. Seems this may be both Q's new favourite past time. They're both smiling, although the smaller one also has drool. Quinton then raises both of little Q's hands in the air and has him cheer.

Kayla shakes her head, but can't help but smile as she watches her brother's antics.. "You're twelve," she mutters amusedly.

This is to funny, the antics of the siblings. Kind of makes Piper wish she wasn't an only child. Leaning over slightly she wipes the drool from the baby's chin with her sleeve before it dribbles all over his current handler. That bit taken care of she does put pencil to paper and writes a question. "Have you been out today?" she doesn't know at what point of the day Bea took over with the child care duties, she knows the kids are with the older woman now, having checked on them and spent some time with them before heading out here. She twists the paper toward Kayla.

"12 weeks, woman! And don't you forget it!" The baby thinks this is hysterical and is laughing, which makes the older man drop the act to laugh too. Baby laughter is so contagious. Like the plague! Once the baby droll is taken care of Quin looks to Kayla to see her answer.

Kayla wrinkles her nose before she shrugs. "Me? No…set up the classroom this morning and afternoon, so classes can start tomorrow. Then Quin came home…'

Piper rarely, if ever, has seen Quinton quite this verbal and animated before, she's beginning to wonder if maybe he found Sophia's stash, but if he was that intoxicated she would probably be able to smell him from where she sits. Nodding at Kayla's response she frowns again realizing that she has probably been hogging a lot of Quinton's day time hours with scavenging and hunting and stuff, "Sor-ry." she says and then writes once more "You should show her the treehouse later." later today…later tomorrow, that she will leave up to them. This is written at Quinton.

No, Piper's just not seen him on a great brain day. This is so much closer to what he was like, it's almost normal Quin. Almost. He leans over and reads and then nods, "Yeah. I can do that." Kayla gets a grin, "We found a secret fort." And then baby Quinn says , "No pouters allowed!"

Kayla hasn't gotten to see her brother much at all since they moved south; she's tried not to begrudge him his time with other women, but it's a hard change. She hasn't gotten to scavenge with him hardly at all, and they used to do that regularly - the same with Piper, really. "A fort?" comes her echo before she manages to force a faint, non-jealous smile. "Lucky you."

Another bit of laughter is bitten back. If this keeps up her face is going to start hurting. "Tree fort." Piper clarifies verbally as she points and looks off to the side of the complex "Hidden well." she leans back and forth to see if she can catch a glimpse since it is just on the other side of the fence that separates the complex from the duplexes on the other side.

Oh…Quin knows that look. The baby is dropped to his knee and he tells her, "It's a tree fort, just found in a few days ago. It'll be good for the kids." The kids. Not Quin and Piper. He sighs, trying again, "I think Abby is going to teach people how to make candles, you in?"

"I'm sure they'll love it," Kayla agrees. It'll be good for recess, or something, right? "I can help make candles, sure." She looks from Quin to Quinton to Piper. "We'll need lots after all."

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