(2015-12-15) Three Turkeys
Three Turkeys
Summary: Hunting goes well
Date: 12.15.2015
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There really wasn't a hunting ban put on after the Silencer incident persay. But there was a short time there when people weren't going beyound what bit of defensive perimeter has been set up for hunting. There hasn't been any sight or sound of any hostiles though in the past week, and there have been patrols, so once more its out to hunt for food of the meat variety. Past the town and the reservoir is field after field, with the occasional copse of trees, perfect for hunting game.

On silent, barefeet Piper treads through the overgrown golden grass that grows in the field. Her bow in hand with arrow on the nock, waiting for a target for it to be aimed at. It's one of those days of one syllable words and lots of one handed signing.

Quinton on the other hand, has been rather chatty, even getting Piper's name right on occasion. He also has a bow and arrow, but his gun is strapped on him as well. It's too warm for a sweater, so instead he has on a long sleeve t-shirt with some college university on it that he's never heard of. He keeps his voice low as he scans the area, "Mayeb we'll be able to smoke whatever we catch. It'd be good to but that to use, anyway." Piper gets a brief glance and soft smile before he goes back to scanning, "How many days?" At this point he probably knows, but likes her to tell him.

Well getting her name right is always enough to get Piper to smile, even on her not-so-good days, which this isn't really one..despite the lack of verbalization skills. Her eyes scan the distance as well, on the look out for not only game but recognizable plants as well. There is a nod of agreement "Smoke.." she draws a house with her finger in the air. "Done." she pauses a moment at the question "Nine." she answers cheerfully enough.

There seems to be a glint in the near distance, sun on water or reflecting off some abandoned vehicle?

Quinton nods, agreeing, "Yeah…it'll be good. and maybe we can gets some foraging done, can somethings too." He grins, not looking at her as he's eyeing a group of turkey's by the water, "Nine….that's good." He nods, "Shall we?" He likes turkey, so gravitating that way seems a natural move for him. But then there's a glint and he immediately drops to the ground, his voice low, "Get down!" No vehicle is abandoned until they know it is.

"Yes." at least that is a word that comes easily enough and isn't a struggle to get out. "Nine ladies dancing." Piper sings in her silvery voice, no matter her mood or how hard it is for her to speak, she can always sing. In this case it's an easier way to show, that today at least, she is looking forward to the upcoming holiday. They shall, and she does, moving along until the unexpected order comes. Unexpected enough that she has to take a moment to process and is a few seconds behind in dropping to the ground and staring in confusion at him.

Quinton's not taking any chances, not with silencers around. He makes a make shift spy glass with his hands (He really needs to maybe start using the camp kid's binoculars) and peers in the direction, "Truck…no movement though…" He motions in the direction for her to look too. Ok, maybe he did over react, but damn it. He takes a deep breath, "We should check it out before we do any hunting, just in case."

Her eyes move from him to the truck in the distance, over reaction or not Piper isn't blaming him. Better to be safe and not get all shot up by some hidden antagonist. She nods at his assessment, starting to get to her feet, but staying in a crouch. Knowing he is going to want to take point she waits until Quinton moves out before following after.

She knows him well, Quin does take point, moving slowly and cautiously. As they get closer, it becomes clear the truck has been left out here for some time, probably when everything stopped. He glances around, and then to Piper. He knows she has better eyes sight than he does, "See anything?"

Piper shakes her head as she gazes around and into the truck itself as she approaches it. "Sheep." she says as the points into the truck, a few things lay scattered in the interior, a couple of country music cd's, a pair of kid's flip-flops, a lighter and a stuffed toy sheep. Of course that isn't what he meant, but didn't see anything threatening to them. "Clear." she will add though, since that is what we was asking for.

Quinton frowns, looking for a sheep sheep to be in or near the truck. But when he realizes what she's pointing out he chuckles softly. "Cute." His backpack is unslung, "Never have too many toys, right?" It's going to be a good Christmas! The lighter is offered over to Piper, if she wants it. If not, it goes into the pocket of his jeans. "Didn't expect to go shopping too." There's a dead phone he tosses to the floor of the truck and a trucker hat he eyes and then puts into his bag. Maybe Bob will like it.

Well yes, but she isn't going to actually say it. If Quinton keeps collecting and bringing toys for all the children though Piper may need to get an apartment just for them. The though is enough to make her give a silverly laugh as he stashes the toy in his pack. The lighter is taken and tucked into her own pocket. Those are always handy, even if you don't smoke. "No." she didn't either and her eyes go back to scanning the area and she points out some deer and more turkeys further into the field.

Quinton's head turns to look at Piper with a smile, "What?" He nods, glad she took the lighter. He likes her to have that stuff…just in case. The truck is given a once over and he'll mentally mark where it is. Mayeb if they can get things running again…it seems in decent shape. The prey is pointed out and he nods, "Let's get back to it."

Piper shakes her head at him "To…" and then gives the scrambled brain signal. She can't simplify it into small words or hand signs "La-ter." she crosses her heart with a finger. If they remember, when she is able to communicate better. The grip on her bow shifts into a two handed one as she stalks in a crouch toward where the turkeys scratch at the ground for seeds and bugs.

Quinton's head tilts but he'll nod, "Later then." He mostly just liked the sound of her laughing, and wants to be able to do it again. For once, he lets Piper take the lead, crouching down and following her with his own bow and arrow. As usual, he lets her go first, she's more likely to nail something. and his stomach appreciates that.

She continues to move silently through the grass towards the gaggle of turkeys. It's not so much really that she is good at hunting, it's more that she is scary accurate with ranged weapons and can sneak up on things. Getting within range she lifts and draws back the nocked arrow, and after a relaxing breath she lets it fly, immediately reaching back to quickly snag another arrow, nocking it as she aims at another turkey on the retreat and lets that one fly as well. Two turkeys down, the group of them flying a short distance before settling down nervously near the truck, trying to use it for cover and a place to hide. Dumb turkeys.

Isn't that hunting? Being sneaking and able to hit things? Quin follows her lead, although his first arrow misses any bird completely, the second brings one down. Dumb turkeys indeed. He grins, starting to stand and make his way towards the downed birds, and hopefully to find his other arrow.

Piper may have taken down two turkeys, but she doesn't take any pleasure in it. Nothing has changed in that regard, she still doesn't like having to kill innocent creatures, but likes starving a whole lot less. Heading to the downed birds as well she gives a head nod to the deer that are starting to go on alert at the commotion for the turkeys "Deer?" though how they will get three turkeys and a deer back by themselves is going to be something that will have to be solved.

It's not so much killing the birds, as the promise of full bellies. His head turns to look at the herd, and he hesitates but then shakes his head. he knows he's not strong enough to lift one, much less carry it all the way back to camp. "Just turkeys today." Maybe they'll get lucky and get something bigger next time, closer to home. Or they need to get a cart that Quin can pull. Something.

The look of relief is evident on her face. They don't have to field dress turkeys…deer on the other hand, and Piper is all squeamish about butchering a deer. "Good." there is a sigh of relief too and she slips the bow over her shoulder. A hand rubs against her inner arm briefly as she examines her catch, one male and one female "One to-day." she starts out saying as she grabs one by the legs and hefts it up. How can something that looks like it is all feathers be so heavy. There is more she wanted to say but it gets lost in the aether.

Quinton can't help a small smirk, he knows why she says good. After finally finding his arrow he come snack to grab his and the other of her turkeys, on on each shoulder. "We should make pillows or down blankets or something." That's fancy and nice, right? And not wasteful!

If she were a true mind reader Piper would be sticking her tongue out at him at the expression. She helps him look for a bit, but is also gazing around for surprise dangers, mostly wolves or something deciding that they wanted a free turkey dinner. "Blan-kets." she nods at her choice and reaches up to run a hand through the feathers of one of the bird's he carries "Need lots." of feathers…but there are lots of turkeys and other feathered creatures around.

Wolves? gah, that would be Quin's luck! He nods, shifting the fowl a bit to a more comfortable position, "You don't want a pillow to snuggle with?" In his experience, woman always stole his pillows. Not that he's going to talk about his past experiences, cause…weird. and who knows how that conversation would go. he's got 10 years on her!

"No." that comes out quickly, with little to no hesitation, "Have." she has a pillow, "Not warm." what did he expect her to say. Back in Nebraska she was used to sharing a tent and sleeping area with multiple little children, this whole having a bed to herself is still weird, she may get used to it eventually, but it will take a while.

Okay then. Quinton looks away, that backfired grandly. Maybe he should just stick to not asking anything like that, ever. He nods though, "Okay, a blanket." He's walking, green eyes no scanning the area.

The seeming unnatural pause has her looking up at him quizzically, clearly wondering what just happened or how she could have answered that question wrong. It's not often they have awkward moments but this could probably count as one, not sure how to recover with her limited speech she just tosses the question back at him, "You?"

Quinton nods, still not looking at her. Although he is scanning the area, so maybe he's just being a lookout. "Yeah. I always liked pillows." Hew then gives a soft laugh, "Beds covered in then, so you'd have to dig through to get to the bottom."

The mental image of him swimming in pillows brings laughter once more and Piper is nodding "Or fall-ing." she uses her free hand to make a falling gesture, then flings it up to possibly indicate pillows flying all over. "Nice." hopefully with that awkwardness is banished.

Quinton may have participated an a pillow fight or two in his time. He smirks, nodding, "Yeah." Awkwardness is banished with her laughter again, but he doesn't bring up anything else.

Were his hands not full of turkeys Piper would probably take on at this point, but they are so instead she briefly puts a hand on his arm as she smiles up at him. The fading scar under her eye barely noticeable now, in a week or two more there will be no evidence she was ever injured. Hefting the bird onto her own shoulder she gestures onward to home and the feather plucking that awaits them.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Old Nokia cell phone
1 Huskers Cap
1 Sheep

Hunting Rolls

1 Turkey
1 Turkey
1 Turkey

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