(2015-12-17) Ferals
Summary: A feral dog pack attacks. Mauling is had. (Takes place after Not An Enemy)
Date: 12.17.2015
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Pine St
The south side of town is more rural in nature than the rest of the town. There are a few small farms, including what was once a petting zoo, which is now used to shelter the Camps various farm animals.

Further east is the trailer park and between the two on the opposite side are are run-down homes and commercial places.

It's later in the afternoon the warm morning growing cooler as the sun moves across the sky and a cold front moves in, promising rain and drizzle most likely in the evening. A long petite figure moves down the street, bow and quiver of arrows across her back, her hair pulled up in braided buns held in place by what looks like knitting needles. She pulls a wagon along behind her, field dressed deer carcass stuffed in it and hanging over it, hoofs dragging on the paved street.

Terry is out doing the usual Terry stuff, developing ideas for defending the camp. Journal in one hand, pencil in the other, jotting down ideas as they come to him. He walks along the road, eyeballing structures, picturing potential ways to defend the structures, mostly involving barbed wire, claymores, and other war-time things. Of course, most of those things the group probably can't get their hands on, so those ideas are out. After a while, he tucks the journal away, and heads into the nearest barn, setting up a sniper perch. Never hurts to keep up one's skills. No dry-firing, or firing at all, just going through the motions.. front-sight, trigger-press, follow through.

Drawn to the scent of fresh meat is a pack of dogs gone feral. There are a couple in town, but usually they steer clear of the humans that they share the town with. They slink along between houses and through the overgrown grass and bushes stalking behind the woman and her burden on wheels.

The woman must have noticed them. They aren't exactly quiet as they stalk, and the way she looks back over her shoulder occasionally to scan the area behind her indicates she has. A frown comes to her face as a few of the dogs come into view. Scanning the ground a rock is picked up and the throws it at the closest creature, it lets out a yelp and shies back a few feet, as the rock its it in the side. While her attention is on that one others from the pack continue to circle around drawing nearer as they do.

Terry notices the dogs moving in on the woman, and chambers a round into his rifle. He ensures he has a clear line of sight, takes aim at the one posing the most immediate threat to the woman, inhales, exhales, and… trigger-press.

There is a sharp yelp of pain as the bullet bites into the dogs flesh, a spray of blood and one dog is down. This isn't quite the discouragement it was meant to be. A few shy away at the sound of the crack of gunfire, others take that as a sign to attack.

Her bow is in hand and arrow nocked, Piper wasn't sure she was going to use it, but better to be safe. At the sound of the gun exploding into action, she jumps in surprise, twirling around to find out where it came from and if that person is one her side or another Silencer come to do the job the other failed at. Well one of the dogs is dead so that answers that question. Though now more are running at her. An arrow flies, impaling a dog, a yelp of pain, down it goes and another arrow immediately pulled and nocked and flying, as if she were born with the weapon in her hands.

Terry chambers another round, sights his next target, inhales, exhales, and presses the trigger again. One target down.. hopefully this next shot counts as well.

The bullet hits its mark, the dog skitters to the side as the shot its and the dog goes down. More are running in circling the woman and her wagon full of deer.

Piper seems to be holding her own but the dogs move fast. *TWANG* *SWISH* another arrow flies from the bow, impaling another dog right in the chest. They are on her now though and one leaps at her knocking her backwards. It's a big dog, she's a tiny lady. She does manage to get her forearm up though and it bites down, shaking its head a bit, the other dogs go after the deer, grabbing it in jaws and trying to drag it off the wagon.

Terry aims for the Piper-focused dog's head. Inhale, exhale, trigger-squeeze. Hopefully his luck will hold out for a few more shots. "Come on, come on.." He mutters to himself, focusing on the shot.

There is no yelp of pain this time, hard to do that when you don't have a head. Blood and gray matter spray on the woman as she reaches for the nun chuks she keeps tucked into her belt…does she even know how to use those things? Pushing the dead dog off of her and dripping not only the dogs blood but her own, she lays into the dogs trying to steal the deer. Apparently Piper is full of weapon prowess surprises. While she may not be an expert with the exotic weapon she does twirl it around with enough skill and finesse to knock out the dog that goes after her when she gets to close to, one handed even.

Terry does a quick head-count of the remaining dogs, and takes aim at the next dog. He's feeling good now.. all of his shots have been on-target so far. Let's keep it going.

Aieee! The dog cries out as it too skitters back at the impact of the bullet. Another yelps, as well as Piper continues to twirl the nun chuks around, faster and better now that she is getting used to their weight in her hand and she thunks another of the damnable creatures across the head, it to goes down. The last one decides it's seen enough and taking a last tear from the deer runs off, tail between its legs.

Terry begins packing up his rifle, and heads down to Piper, after making a few notes in his journal. "Is everything alright?" He inquires, ready to lend a hand, in any way possible, at a moment's notice. "Those mutts didn't tear into you too badly, did they?" He glances at the deer. "Or the deer?"

The young woman looks around for another target, but seeing no more dogs and with Terry approaching the hand twirling the nun chuks stills. Her arm is a bloody mess where the dog gnawed on it, her legs similar where his back claws ripped into them and she visibly starts to tremble as shock from the attack, her injuries and adrenaline crashing starts to set in, "Thanks." the usually non-speaking woman says as she takes in the doggie carnage "I'm fi…" the word goes unfinished as she feels the sudden urge to collapse in a heap, conscious yes, but definitely shocky.

Terry instinctively moves in to catch Piper, dropping to a kneeling position to control her momentum. He smiles down at her. "You're fine, yeah. I've heard it a thousand times before, from countless thousands of people. Let's get you back to camp, and see if we can't get you looked at proper-like.."

Oh no! Now there is touching. Piper doesn't like non-instigated touching from a large majority of people, there is flinching and a growled protest but she is near to passing out so there is very little the woman can do about it. She weighs about as much as one would expect for her short size and small frame, so she is barely a burden for the ex-marine to get back and get patched up…let's just hope none of those dogs had rabies.


1 Deer

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