(2015-12-20) To Tell the Truth
To Tell the Truth
Summary: A calm discussion on the nature of Silencer…with a Silencer
Date: 12.20.2015
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First Aid/Medical
This three bedroom apartment is nothing exciting. The inside is a decade or two more modern than the outside at least, but drab. Beige floors, off white walls leaves the place looking a bit institutional. At least the previous occupant tried to liven it up a a bit with modern furnishings.

The kitchen is divided from the living room by a breakfast bar and a window lets in light from outside. Three furnished bedrooms and bathroom lead off the living room.

Two bedrooms are used for patients, the third for the doctor on duty. The two patient rooms are furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

It was a new day. Eli had slept in the connecting room last night instead of going back to his own apartment, wanting to work on some filing and also not wanting to be too far from Bob given the nature of his developments. So this morning has the doctor emerging from the room, looking proper as usual in his button up shirt with trousers and loafers. He checks on the patients, but does not say anything in case they are still asleep

Well she is still under the covers, baby Quinn tucked in next to her, to keep both of them warm, since it is warmer under there than out of them. Asleep, no, that's a given considering she is humming a tune to keep the baby occupied. he would much rather be practicing trying to roll over than laying in bed. Occasionally Piper's eyes move to follow the doctor before focusing on her son once more.

Bob had undergone the indignities of a sponge bath the night before. At least Elijah didn't do it. That would have been worse. No man likes feeling as though he's a cripple. Bob less than most. Still, he got a long nights rest and woke from the chills that came at the back end of his fever. He sighs and wipes at the sweat forming on his brow and then takes up the washcloth he has near his bed, using that instead to wipe at his forehead and hair. "Fuck…" he mutters quietly and tries to sit up, wincing as he does so.

Eventually he'll manage to grab his glass of water and the pills Elijah left for him. He takes a pill, swallows it down. Then a pill from a different bottle, same with that. Even if Elijah comes to try and help with this process, Bob will wave him off. Being sick puts the former Sheriff in a foul mood.

Well of course with Bob's pained exclamation, Eli would try to help him. However, when the man waved him off the doctor simply gave a nod and obeyed. He was used to problematic patients. As long as the man didn't need immediate attention or aid, Eli would leave him be. Seeing Piper with her son, Eli offers a small smile and nod "Good morning, Piper. How are you and Quinn doing today?"<Newbie> Zenith has connected.

The young woman's eyes dart to Bob and is exclamation, her brow creasing with concern at the fact that the man isn't improving. The humming stops briefly and the baby kicks under the covers in protest. "Ok." Piper responds to the doctor using her good arm to push herself up to lean against the wall. Shifting a little more she lifts the baby to cradle against her but her eyes move back to Bob "Needs anti-bi-otics?" she breaks the big word into sections to say it without stammering.

Bob shakes the bottle that Elijah had given him and sets it down on the table, "Doc just gave em to me last night." he offers to Piper by way of explanation. "I'll be right as rain soon, no worries." The wheezing nature of his breathing, and rasp in his voice would bely his words, but Bob's fond of putting up a front.

He eyes Piper and then looks to Elijah, "Right Doc?"

Elijah nods at Bob's words, "Yep. We'll get you on the mend and back to the field." He offers a smile to Piper as if to confirm the point. He then looks at both of them "Alright. It's that time again" the doctor says with a small smirk. "Progress sheets." The two would be familiar with the idea by now, but Eli gives them both a sheet of paper from his notebook.

On them, he already had listed spots for symptoms and a ranking scale for pain or severity. He did this every couple days, mainly to keep track of things and for his own notes. It also had a spot for any additional notes or specifications from a patient. Eli nods to the two once they are handed out "I know they aren't fun, but I promise…it'll be great to see all the progress and developments when you look back on them once you are well!"

The bottle is looked at when it is shaken and Piper gives a nod "Okay." she says in understanding glancing between the pair. When the doctor comes toward her with the sheet she shrinks back a bit. talking does not mean she is okay with him getting to close. Taking the sheet gingerly, she glances at him with a sigh "Better chance…were-wolf….rabies." that is why she is still here, to make sure she didn't catch rabies from the dog that mauled her. She's joked about the werewolf thing before. She has showed no symptoms of either rabies or lycanthropy.

Bob is more than familiar. He sighs, taking the sheet. He takes the pencil that's on the small nightstand, the same pencil he's used for each of these. He starts to fill it out. In pain? Yes. Fevers. Chills. Pain. More pain. Hard to breathe…He might as well check off the box that says, 'I'm dying, dammit.'

He looks up from his paper as he fills it out, glancing around the room, and then looking to Elijah. Finally his gaze shifts to Piper, "So…we need to have a chat it seems." It should be noted that next to the pencil rests Bob's pistol. He isn't picking it up or anything. But it is there. Bob's all about paranoia lately.

Looking at Pipe still he continues, his voice calm, his tone level, "Elijah shared a few things with me, Piper…Things we need to talk about." He'll leave that comment there, see what comes of it.

Elijah chuckles at Piper's comment "Don't worry I've read up on my werewolf lore. I'll be ready…just in case." Then, with Bob's comment, the doctor glances over to him. Oh…so it was happening. Now. Great. Eli knew it had to, but…still didn't mean he was looking forward to it. For now, seemingly not knowing what to do with himself, the doctor just stays standing holding his notebook between the two of them. He does look to Bob though "Would it be alright if…I explained first? Please…"

Those famous words 'we need to talk', they never mean anything good, and Piper doubts that Bob means unicorns and rainbows by them. She visibly tenses, her eyes locking on Bob and despite not being sure…she has an inkling, but she is hoping that isn't it, she is already looking like she is debating flight. She could, she isn't bedridden and is mostly her because she has been asked to be, not because she needs to be. When Eli speaks up her eyes dart to him, panic rising which makes the baby in her arms start to fuss a bit.

Bob, Lord of Tact and Strategic Inquisition, looks to Elijah and narrows his gaze just a bit. If nothing else, he has more of Piper's trust than Bob does. A nod is given to Elijah then, "Go ahead Doc." And then to Piper he says more quietly, "Let's all stay calm, and have a nice talk about this. I'm in no shape to do anything rash, Piper. I just want to talk." He hopes that will be reassuring. Because really, if she ran, what the hell was he going to do about it?

Elijah hears the baby fuss, attention going back to Piper and Quinn. First and foremost the doctor's concern was making sure everybody felt safe and stayed well. Hey he could hope right? Clearing his throat, Eli nods to Piper. "It is two parts really. The first part is in regards to Qera and the other Silencer. When they were brought back I performed autopsies…in hopes of learning more about Silencers."

He clears his throat, frowning at the memory a moment, "I found…they were human. Both of them. Or at least appeared to be, but…had nanites. A microscopic technology. In their bodies. The Silencer Qera killed…his were active and in control. Qera's…weren't." Eli lifts his gaze from the floor back to Piper, and there is not aggression in the doctor's eyes. Instead there is almost a sympathy. "The second part is…admittedly when you were in labor with Quinn I took a blood sample. To make sure you were healthy post-pregnancy. I recall finding…those same nanites. In you." Eli's tone is note intimidating and actually cuts off after the last statement. Perhaps the internal struggle was evident on his face. He looks to Piper, then back to Bob…before just back to his notebook

The words might be meant to be reassuring but the aren't. Piper nods though, not trusting herself to speak at the moment. Her attention moves to Eli when it seems he has been given the go ahead to explain. The woman rocks, trying to calm the baby even though she knows that isn't possible as long as she is holding him and this conversation is happening. The word Silencer is enough to set off her mental alarms, she knows exactly where this is going now. She knew this day would come eventually, though she was hoping it would be after the aliens were dealt with. As Eli continues to explain her eyes drop, unable to make eye contact with either man, though when he mentions the nanites her eyes lift in surprise, as if she had no knowledge of that. "Nanites?" beat "in…" she points to herself.

Bob will remain silent like Elijah explains and will further remain silent to ensure he doesn't make things worse. Because let's face it, Bob is not actually the Lord of Tact. He raises a brow at her question. Her expression would imply she at least knew what the conversation was about. He isn't sure how she can know about one and not the other (Silencer vs. Nanites).

He does interject though, "Were they active, Doc?" He may have been told already, but he is on pain killers.

Piper's question causes Eli's gaze to lift again and a brow to loft. "Yes. They were inside you." His gaze then goes to Bob with the man's question, Elijah shaking his head "I'm sorry…I don't know." He looks back to Piper. "At the time when I took the blood sample from you, it was meant to only ensure you were healthy. I didn't know anything about the Silencers and I didn't know what to look for…so I don't know if they are active or not. However…"

A brief pause before the doctor clears his throat "There was a notable difference between Qera and the other Silencer. As I stated…his nanites were active. Hers were not. He was violent. She was not. Given this information, and your history of non-violent behavior…" he looks to Eli again, "I do not believe yours are active. But…I wouldn't know for sure without another sample…" He leaves that there.

Baby Quinn is set in the middle of the bed, pillows around him so he can't go anywhere. Out of her arms he calms right down and she does her best to look as non-threatening as possible. Not that the tiny, exotic beauty ever looked all that threatening to begin with. A few calming breaths are taken as she listens to the two men "Silencer I know," she shakes her head "Nanites don't." she bites her lip "Qera, me…" she pauses a moment "Supposed to be…it failed." the implication that she has known about Qera the whole time is there. with the two men seeming calm the panic look is receding, but she is still clearly tense.

A nod is offerd by Bob and he sits up a bit straighter. This takes him a few moments, and is accompanied by a cough or three. He sighs, his breathing labored and wheezing in nature. "Piper, will you let Elijah take some of yer blood? He can see what state the nanites are in."

Bob looks over to Elijah then, raising a brow, "That's all we need right? A way to confirm?" He sighs and looks back to Piper, remaining calm and quiet.

"That's what Qera was saying as well…" Eli nods and looks to Piper. "Something about augmentation. Failures." He takes a breath, having been making notes and theories in his notebook but it was still so much to wrap his mind around, for many reasons. "It is my belief…given my findings and recent developments…that the Silencers look like humans and act like humans…because they are humans. Maybe not all Silencers…I don't know, but it would explain a lot. Like the nanites. The abduction stories. Like the child soldiers, but more extreme. The aliens are using us…against ourselves. Or trying…sometimes we are able to fight back against it."

He nods to Piper. "You did." He then ventures, a frown to his features now, "Is that what happened? Did they…take you? Please you don't' have to tell more than your comfortable, but it will help us understand…and help me to help you."

If a blood sample is needed to ensure her safety Piper is hardly going to refuse. She holds out her injury free left arm focusing on Eli and not Bob and his handy weapon. There is a shake of head a that question though, "no capture." she seems to think for a moment and taps her chest "Human," she then taps her head "Both..merged. Two made one." maybe that is why she has problems with speaking, the alien part having problem with parsing human language. "Failed…broken.". she taps chest again, indicating she is broken…a broken Silencer.

There is a moment where Bob looks from Piper to the baby, and then back to the Doctor. "Thank you, Piper." he says quietly, laying his head back. For letting them take the blood sample. "How long will it take to get results, Doc?" As in, do you have a microscope handy or something? Or do you need science stuff? Bob saw a few forensics labs in his time. They had all sorts of equipment to analyze blood.

Bob frowns a bit bit, considering Piper's words. "So..They tried to make you a Silencer and it didn't work?" He pauses and then asks, "Same thing happen to Qera?"

Elijah looks to Piper's arm as it is offered, nodding and moving to his bag. "I can work on them right away." Bringing over the alcohol swab, needle and tube, he moves to stand next to Piper. "I promise. I will be as gentle and fast as possible…thank you." His words are sincere as is his concern for her, but he knew that would do little to help the woman's worry. True to his word though, he was quick as possible.

Her explanation has the doctor looking back at her with confusion. "So it was a literal physical merging…not just a mental one? How?…" He quickly shakes his head though "I'm sorry. We need answers, but we do not have to ask you everything at once…" Eli was not as aggressive as most, certainly not as much as Bob. His main worry was not pushing Piper any more than necessary.

"Yes." Piper answers Bob's question as Eli takes her blood. She does more flinching at him touching her than the poke from the needle though. "Poss-e-session." it takes her a few moments to come up with the how "They….bodiless. Enter mind in utereo, dormant, then take over." she looks from man to man "/They/ have been on earth for decades." the last is delivered flawlessly, almost as if she has practiced it.

Bob frowns at that, and turns a bit to face Piper a bit better. His ability to do is limited, but he tries. "And this…posession…" He is reminded suddenly of Exorcist movies at that thought. "Didn't work on you…or Qera?" Bob looks to Elijah, then back to Piper.

"Decades…" he repeats. "That's not good…"

Elijah heads over to the kitchen area, which he used as a makeshift lab when needed. He heard what Piper said, knots forming in his stomach both with the idea of possession and how long they had been here. However, he doesn't say anything in response and busies himself with getting out the microscope.

Getting the sample ready, the doctor slides it under and takes a look. After a moment he pulls his face away, a small smile present. Leaving the equipment out he returns to where the others are. "I have good news. Piper's nanites are at the same state as Qera's. Some are active, but for the most part they are inactive." He then seems a bit curious, looking to Piper. "Something I noticed while examining them was…their injuries were already trying to heal. Even in death. I can only assume this is a result brought on by the merging…have you noticed anything like that in yourself?"

"Qera…" she shrugs "Guess so." Piper has no idea what Qera's deal was "Me, no." she sighs she understands the caution, but she sees no reason for the repetition. "Broken. Healing, strength, stamina, senses…more." apparently the Silencers are augmented in more than just speed healing "Day, night…no difference." she puts a finger next to her eye. She may as well get it all out there, she refrains from mentioning the other thing though. What she has told them already is a stretch..mental interfacing would be pushing it.

A glance is spared by Bob for Elijah, "And the baby? Does he also have the nanites?" He then looks to Piper, nodding to her, "Handy set of skills, them nanites give ya." He smirks once, "Wouldn't mind some speedy healin' my own self." Definitely not. That'd be nice. He coughs again, and then starts wheezing once more.

A sigh follows that bit of labored breathing and he grumbles. "So, you get the benefits, but you don't want to kill us." He frowns, "And they can't…just turn them on when they want to?"

Elijah listens to Piper list the enhancements, blinking "Fascinating…" He too was interested if they could just be turned back on or not, looking to her with Bob's question. Bob's next question about Quinn, "No, he does not." Then, to Piper, "Thank you for being willing to answer our questions and helping us understand. I know it couldn't have been easy and I appreciate it." His gaze then goes to Bob…wondering, but not asking the question on his mind…do they tell the others? How?

That question, the one about her son brings a change in her demeanor. The whole mama bear protecting her cubs kind of one "Quinn is /not/ a Silencer." she growls at Bob, her hands forming fists. Sure that isn't what he asked, but that's how she interpreted it. Reaching for the baby in question she once more picks him up, cradling him to her. Their interest in her nanites goes unremarked on in light of her taking offense to Bob. Piper nearly misses what Eli says in her indignation though after a moment he gets a nod. "only you know?" she looks between the two men "Give them…holidays." she has a feeling that this could ruin the holidays for more than the children should it be told before them. Even with the world in the state it is, she is trying to make it seem normal by giving her flock a Christmas.

Bob would probably be more placating if he had more energy. This was a foreseeable response for someone thinking more clearly. Bob is not that person right now. Luckily he doesn't really react much to her justifiable anger. "I don't think Quinn is dangerous, Piper. Just need to know the facts. That's all." At least he's trying to be calming. Or something.

He looks to Eli, "As far as I know, only we know, Piper." And then he frowns just a bit, "And I think it should be up to you who we tell and when. This is yours to share. It could easily be taken the wrong way by some of the others."

Elijah lets out a sigh of relief, nodding. "I agree. With both of you." He looks to Piper and nods "This is a delicate time for everybody with recent attacks and the holidays…I do not think it would go over well. Bob is right too…there are those who might take it poorly regardless. We will not share it with any of the others without your knowledge and permission."

The doctor pauses and then adds, "Bob and I have discussed it and…Bob" he looks to the man "feel free to interject or correct me, but" he looks back to Piper. "We do not have reason to feel you are a threat. You have done nothing but assist this camp and help us. None of this would have been called into question if it weren't for this discovery so I see no need to hold that against your character."

"No threat…to you." she is very specific in that..you being in general for humans and the residence of Camp hope "Thanks…" Piper offers to the men. For not flying off the handle and giving her the benefit of doubt "I need time…think" she gets up, wrapping a blanket around her shoulders and making sure Quinn is tucked in her arms, with part of the blanket around him. Out she goes, thoughtfully frowning.

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