(2015-12-22) Christmas Party
Christmas Party
Summary: There has to be a little good amoungst the bad
Date: 12.22.2015
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She'd posted a notice about a week earlier that she was organizing a 'special meeting'. It was not a required meeting, but anyone who might be interested in an unspecified idea should be at the Clubhouse an hour after sunset tonight. And so Kayla stands, just outside the door. As people gather, she assures them she'll let them in once the appointed time has come. It should only be a few more minutes.

Elijah had set out a little earlier than he should have, to make sure he had plenty of time to get there with his crutch. Apparently he had overestimated because he was a little early even, coming up with the stick getting a lot of his weight as the doctor still had a limp to his step. Arriving, he offers a nod in greeting to Kayla and any others who are gathered outside the Club House "Hello…"

Quinton's not sure what his sister is planning. He has an idea, but isn't sure. So here he is, clean shaven and with a haircut, walking up in a better of his sweaters. Both hands are shoved into his jean pockets and he offers Kayla a soft smile before leaning against the wall of the building.

Terry wanders in a bit later than other folks, decked out in his usual gear. He hasn't been as keen on camp events as he probably should be, so when word came to him that a meeting had been scheduled for that day, he sure as shootin' wasn't going to miss it. He moves into the staging area outside of the clubhouse, and settles in, rifling through a leather-bound loose-leaf journal, marked with "PROPERTY OF T. COLLINS" in thick black marker, while he waits for things to get rolling.

"Becca..please." Piper says to the youngest of the girls and she begins to lead her flock of children from one building and toward the clubhouse. Seems the three year old is having one of those days were her legs don't work and is instead wrapped around the tiny woman's leg, making it difficult to walk, let alone push the stroller and make sure the older kids don't run off to do their own thing. "Jack…" she calls out as the boy runs ahead of the others, but thankfully he is just trying to beat the rest of the group to where everyone is already gathering.

As people gather, Kayla offers a friendly smile. "Thank you for coming. I…well." She pauses, and clears her throat for a moment. "A few months ago, I'd come up with an idea to do something special. It started with the kids," Kay looks to the rag tag bunch of youth who have joined the gathering. "But I figured…why not for everyone. So…" She steps back, then, and reaches for the handle to the door, giving it a twist and opening t before stepping back.

Seeing as how he had the crutch and would take longer to get through the door more than likely, Eli takes a step to be out of the way of the path leading in. However, he does look to Kayla and offer a small smile as well as to Piper and the kids at their arrival, seeing as how Kayla mentioned it started with the kids. He lets others enter first before following in behind them.

Its Christmas there can be absolutely no questioning that once you step into this room. There are no twinkling strings of lights hung; instead, many candles have been lit and set on many surfaces around the room, filling it with a warm, soothing glow. A sizable fire crackles in the fireplace, bright flames leaping and adding warmth and light to the scene.

The wall is hung with swags of artificial pine boughs, red bows tied at each of the points where it has been pinned up. Carefully arranged red poinsettia flowers have been tucked among the branches, along with small glass balls.

The windows have been decorated with stick-on Christmas decals Santa Clause, the nativity scene, Frosty and snowflakes add colour to the glass.

The centerpiece is located in the far corner, near the window, stands a six foot tall artificial tree. Strands of silver beads hang in shallow swags around it, catching and reflecting the candlelight. Ornaments and balls of every imaginable shape, size and colour fill the branches of the tree, the branches bending under their weight. What little space isn’t filled with decorations has been taken up by silver tinsel, which moves with the slightest breeze.

Perhaps most surprising is the fact that, beneath the tree, are piles of presents. Gift wrap covered with snowmen, Santa, snowflakes, reindeer, and toy soldiers in colours of green and red and blue surround the boxes and parcels, each with some sort of bow and with a printed card naming the recipient in the corner.

Near the doorway, a single ball of mistletoe has been hung on a silver ribbon, just above head height.

Against one wall sits two tables, each spread with a different Christmas tablecloth, and both covered with a very non-traditional Christmas party food. Bowls of dried fruit, a plate of granola bars cut up into bite sized pieces, containers of peanuts and a bowl of random assorted wrapped hard candies sit along side a few warm dishes of roast meats, homemade root vegetable chips and a version of onion dip. About a dozen cans of random pop has been collected on one end of the table, along with a large bottle of sparkling water and what smells like coffee sits next to a bottle of Baileys. Other sundry items are mixed into the smorgasbord. At the end of one table sits a stack of industrial white paper plates, and scraps of fabric which have been rolled into makeshift napkins.

Quinton hears the commotion and kneels down, "Hey Becca, give Piper a break, okay?" Not wanting a whiney kiddo though, he holds his arms out, if she wants to be held. He can do that. But Becca will need to come to him. Which she does in her hurried toddler run. Kayla gets a smirk, and nod. He figured and is happy she did it. As he walks in, past her, he bends to place a kiss on her cheek, "Good jog, K-Bear." He'll go get his guitar in a bit, if she wants music.

Terry tucks his book away, and heads into the rather festive dining area after the others have made their way in, assuming he's not encouraged to enter earlier. He offers a smile and a round of polite, appreciative applause, followed by a double-thumbs-up, before turning and moving to scope out the food. Eyes only, for now.

A thankful look is sent Quinton's way as he takes charge of the clingy toddler. Piper shoos the others in, watching Jack and moment as he does his usual fist salute of greeting "Yo!" the little boy greets as he rushes past everyone to be the first one in the building "Whoa!" he exclaims as he looks at the transformation. The exclamation has all the other kids running in after him. There are lots of oooos and ahhs and a lot of focus on all the presents "There are so many!" Caro says gleefully. Eli and Terry get a nod of greeting as she passes "It's lovely." she offers to Kayla as she moves quickly past the mistletoe before any ideas are had.

Holden makes his way to the door. He's dressed in khaki pants and a wife beater, his right arm in a sling. He has a flannel shirt that his left arm is through the sleeve of, but it drapes over his right arm and the sling. His hair is a bit mussy, and he looks around kind of hesitantly as he enters. His brow narrows a bit as his eyes dart from thing to thing around the room. His teeth grind a bit as he takes in all the Christmas stuff.

Elijah enters after everybody, taking in the sight of all the Christmas decor and wonderful smelling food. He can't help but grin, despite all the current events. This was a nice break. A needed break. For all of them. Once they are in he walks around, managing not to trip anybody up with his crutch, before making sure to find Kayla and offer her a smile. "You did a wonderful job, Kayla. It looks beautiful. Truly."

Kayla follows the others in, sure to close the door behind her to keep the warmth in. "So…Merry Christmas," she offers to the gathering as a whole. "There should be a gift for each person under the tree…just…fnd the one with your name on it." she offers generally. Elijah's praise draws a blush, which is only deepened by each of the other compliments. "Piper, there's gifts for all the kids, too."

Quinton smirks, watching Kayla bask in the attention. It makes him happy. Becca is shifted in his arms and he then looks at the toddler, "Want to go with the others?" There's presents. Presents may encourage the 3 year old to walk-run to the tree. Bending down he sets her loose. He'll edge closer to Kayla, "Want me to go get my guitar?"

Terry smiles. "Merry Christmas to you, too, Kayla." He offers a friendly salute her way, finally zeroing in on some food he likes. A little bit of this, a bit of that.. a respectable plate. He finds himself a seat, and digs in, nice and slow, wanting to savor every bite.

Holden finally sighs. He scratches the back of his neck for a moment, and then makes his way along the wall of the room. He pauses a moment, looking up at the mistletoe above him, and then continues on his way. He moves to a chair out of the way and slowly takes a moment to sit. Once on the chair, he watches everyone else.

"Only if you want to, Quin," Kayla hadn't planned to make anyone else do anything for tonight that they didn't want to. This was her gift to the group. "Thanks Terry," she calls past her brother before she leans in and hugs Quinton. "I hope you like your present."

Elijah moves over to a chair along the edge of the room, but still near where the majority of others seemed to be settling. Once there, he'd lean his crutch against the wall before making his way over towards the food spread. His limp is heavier, but he counters that by putting most of the weight on his good leg as he goes through the line. It would have been hard to juggle a plate AND the stick. "It all looks delicious" he comments aloud, to nobody specifically and then takes to the task of selecting his desired food.

"Merry Christmas." Piper repeats to the other woman after nodding about the gifts thing. Pushing the stroller over to the side she removes Troy and sets him down on the floor so he can crawl around a bit. "Eat first." the woman says as she gathers the children from where they are searching for whatever package has their name on it. There is typical child like grumbling about wanting to open the gifts now, but they comply and they go get food, while the woman goes to have a seat, herding the crawling Troy to the sofa

Quinton hugs Kay back, resting his chin on the top of her heads briefly, "I don't mind." Others might, but he doesn't. He laughs quietly, "A present too? You know you didn't have to Kayla."

Holden leans back in the chair, watching everyone around the room. He sighs, chewing on his lower lip, and then scratches his forearm in the sling. The kids evoke a little smirk from him.

Terry finishes his meal, and briefly ducks out to grab his guitar from his room. He returns shortly, finds a nice open area, unpacks his guitar, and starts strumming out a festive tune, relaxing as he allows himself to feel the music.

Once he gets back to his eat, Elijah finds the best way to balance his plate before starting in on the meal. An occasional glance is given around the room, watching others as they interact with each other or just enjoy the environment.

Kayla shakes her head, still grinning. "You don't give a Christmas gift because you -have- to." Taking her brother's hand, she starts to tug him towards the tree. It's a fairly quiet gathering so far - maybe getting presents started will make things more lifely!

Quinton dutifully is tugged along towards the tree, offering smiles to anyone that looks at the siblings. The smile drowns into curious frown as he's presented his gift. A pale blue case. There's a tickle in the back of his head, but he ignores it, opening the case to reveal a vintage typewriter. The frown disappears as he stares, blinking at the machine. The hand on the side where the clasps are twitches once before he looks up at his sister.

Well there is food, music and the potential for unwrapping something nice. It's all enough to get Piper to smile around at everyone. She takes a moment to help Becca with her plate, arranging the kids around the coffee table so they can eat and gets a cracker for Troy to nom on as well. With the children situated for the moment she moves to the tree as well, absently rubbing baby Quinn's back. "Nice." she says with a grin as she sees the gift that Quinton has been presented with, the look on his face…priceless.

Elijah finishes the food on his plate, glancing around before seeing Kayla giving Quinton a gift. He was curious as to what it was…but also didn't want to put the woman on edge this evening. So instead, he stands and sees Holden in his chair. With his sling. Walking over, the doctor nods to the young man "Would you like me to get you a plate? Figured it might be even harder to manage with only one good arm than it was with one good leg" he smirks.

Holden looks up at Elijah, "I'm capable," he says. "Just not really hungry." He looks around the room again, then back to Elijah. "I've decided to do it on my own," he then says, about what they had talked about yesterday. "You can help or not, but I'm starting."

The smile Kayla offers her brother is uncertain - she wasn't sure if he'd love, or hate, the typewriter. "I even found a couple replacement ribbons," she offers, nervously, as she reaches under the tree to grab two small, white boxes with black writing and extending them towards Quinton. The rest of the gathering, for now, sits forgotten. S he'll get back to being a host in a minute!

Quinton's honestly not certain either. It's a lot of emotions, both good and bad. A reminder of what's been lost, and possibilities of what could be. His jaw works itself once, but Quin is having a good day, a clear day. He nods, a smile, with only a tinge of sadness in it tugs at him. "Thank you Kayla…it's perfect." He'll lean forward and wrap his arms around her again, whispering something in her ear.

Letting the siblings have their moment Piper continues to the tree, searching for the children's presents and gathering them, as many as she can, it may take two trips to get them all depending on how big they are. The kids are given their gifts and excited cries ring out with the sound of ripping paper as they are excitedly unwrapped. Piper will grab hers on her second trip as well as pass out any others that may be under there, Holden, Elijah and Terry are all brought theirs by the woman.

Elijah becomes distracted by the children's cries of joy, looking over in time to see them tear into their presents and giving a smile. His attention then turns back to Holden when he speaks, the doctor frowning a bit. He understood the young man's worry…but it was obvious he was thinking it over. Finally, Eli nods. "What do you need me to do?"

Kayla bobs her head at her brother, grinning. "You’re welcome," she offers as she pulls back. She then twists to reach under the tree, pulling out a decent sized box in candy cane wrapping paper. Straightening, she turns her head to scan the room before grinning as she spots Holden. Off in his direction she goes, gift in hand. As she draws towards him and Eli, she'll clear her throat lightly.

Holden shrugs, "Be a doctor. We need to find one alive first, and then…" He trails off when Kayla approaches and clears her throat. He pushes a bit of a grin to his mouth, tilting his head as he looks at her. "Hey?" he says, quietly.

Quinton laughs at something his sister says to him, "That's debatable." He'll stay on the ground, pale eyes roaming the room. A hand rests on the new machine that is surely going to give him a migraine.

With Kayla presenting Holden with his gift, Piper gives Eli his and then the one marked Terry to him. And then she focuses on her own. With her own present and the two for the babies in hand, Piper watches as the children show off their toys to each other, she can't help but smile at their happiness. There will be proper thank yous from the children later of course. Just because it is alien apocalypse doesn't mean etiquette is totally out the window. Taking a piece of the floor near Quinton she sets the two smaller presents on the coffee table and begins to unwrap her own. Lifting the shawl from the box she fingers the fabric, but it's what’s under the piece of clothing that has her staring. Albums! Setting the shawl aside the lifts the three albums and examines the covers and then carefully removes the records to examine them as well.

Elijah nods to Holden, about to respond when the man cuts his sentence short. With Kayla's clearing of her throat, Eli turns and looks at her. "Hello. Everything really does look wonderful…thank you for putting all this together" he offers to her with a warm smile.

Elijah also takes his present from Piper as it is brought over, thanking the woman.

Kayla extends the box out towards the man in the sling, smiling surprisingly shyly. "This one's for you…and yours is under the tree, Eli," the former cheerleader explains. Kay isn't delivering all the presents, just this one it seems. But Piper is! "Or Piper has it." she grins before extending the candy cane box to Holden.

Terry, once given his assigned gift, carefully opens it. A look of delight/surprise crosses his face as he takes sight of the dark tan cowboy hat, barely worn, with the brim still perfectly curved. A dark brown cotton ribbon is wrapped around the base, with two small feathers accenting the knot in the cord. He tries on the new headgear, clearly enjoying it, and offers a quiet nod of thanks. (re)

With Piper joining him, he smiles, "Whatcha get?" He leans forward slightly, watching with interest as she opens her gift, the shawl is smiles at, although another sad thought flickers through his mind. It's pushed away as he sees the albums and nods approvingly. He does take a moment to look over to where Kayla is, watching her with Holden. The poet just watches.

Holden takes the box from her, "We don't need presents any more, Kayla. You didn't need to do all this." He sits the box on the chair and slowly uses his good arm to open the box. Inside is an assortment of action figures of various things, some in the boxes still, some not. His brow creases, and his mouth opens, as he stares. He uses his hand to slowly move the different items, looking in the box. Finally he looks at Kayla, "I don't understand… how…??

The albums are shown to Quinton, Marriage of Figaro as done by the Italian Opera, a Beethoven and Tears for Fears. She is pleased, she likes opera, classical and retro music equally…well she likes all music really. They could be polka and she would probably be happy. The tensing of the poet beside her has Piper looking at him and then her gaze follows his to where Holden and Kayla are, a calming hand is placed on his arm. Now is the time for smiles and laughter, not tenseness and angst.

"I didn't -have- to, but I -wanted- to. We're supposed to be trying to live, not just survive…you showed me that back at Camp Hope. I wanted to remind everyone we have things to live -for-." Kayla reaches out to gently try and squeeze Holden's good shoulder. Admittedly, she'd expected more of a reaction than that, but she'll take it. She looks down at the box, then back to Holden. "I've been keeping an eye out for just the right thing for people for months…since before we left Camp Hope." A beat. "Don't…don't you like them?"

Elijah opens his gift, lifting out a brown leather bag, old but in decent shape. Definitely better shape than his current one! As well as a fountain pen seemed to be made of some kind of fine wood with gold on the clip and tip. The doctor's grin spreads full across his features. "It's magnificent. Truly perfect…" He looks to the girl, "Thank you." Looking back to the bag, his hand moves over the detail on it, opening the clasp and looking inside it. Obviously enjoying the gift.

Eli is about to say something else when he sees the exchange between Holden and Kayla, a small smile spreading again as he nods to Kayla "Thank you again." Then to Holden "We'll speak later…enjoy your evening." Stepping away from the two to let them speak, he looks around the room a moment. He finally settles on returning to his chair, sitting and continuing to examine the bag and pen on his lap.

Quinton inhales, but then visibly relaxes when Piper touches him. He'll turn, flashing her a small smile. "Those are fun. Which one are you going to listen to first?"

Terry slinks off to a corner of the room, breaks out the guitar again, and plays up a jazzed up version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Nothing *too* flashy, though. He even hums along.

Holden bites his lip, looking back into the box, and then looks at her. "I love them, just…" He swallows, and looks back down in the box. He shakes his head a little, "It's…" He sighs, and then looks back at Kayla. His eyes are moist, and he sniffs, "I just…" He licks his lips again, looking at the box once more. Finally, he picks the box up, looking toward the door. A drop of water escapes from one of his eyes, sliding down his cheek. "I need to go. Thank you." And he begins to make his way out.

There is a glance around to check on the children, they are playing with their new toys and Caro has Troy in her lap so he isn't trying to get into things at least. The question has her looking at the albums and she looks thoughtful "This one." she indicates the Tears for Fears. Another glance is sent around to see if she can spy what others got, and she notices Holden fleeing, which causes her to look a bit perplexed. Did she miss Eli opening his present?

Bob has been couped up in the medical wing for a bit now. The last time he was let out in a wheelchair, he basically almost died. With blood. And hacking. The coughing kind, not the hatchet kind. It's an important distinction since one is always followed by blood and one rarely is.

At any rate, Bob is wheeled in to the Clubhouse by Sophia, having been thoroughly doped up on pain killers and antibiotics. They are a wildly successful combination, as Bob appears to have had fewer conversations with the Grim Reaper today than usual.

The camps fearless, if currently gimpy leader eyes all the candles, the tree, the centerpieces and the presents with an awe struck look. Maybe it's the drugs, but Bob looks pretty pleased. He smiles up over his shoulder at Sophia, "Proper Christmas in here…" That's about all he has to say on the matter though, looking back to the decorations.

"Holden…" Kayla, for her part, looks pretty stricken at his reaction to the gift. She shoots a quick look towards Piper and Quinton before she dashes out after Holden. Passing Bob, she calls quickly, "Your gift's under the tree!" before the teacher is reaching a hand out to try and rest it, again, on Holden's shoulder.

Sophia chuckles at the man she's wheeling around, "It is, isn't it. It's very pretty , Kayla!" The chair is pushed in all the way and Soph steps around, "Food then present, Roberto?" She's offering to go get them for him.

Quinton nods, leaning back on an arm to watch the room and responds to Piper with a soft tease, "Fun. Not super christmassy, but fun." The star wars buff is watched as he leaves, and Quin looks over to see of Kayla is ok. He knows she's trying so hard. But that look she shoots him, he's frowning again, just watching her and the teen.

Terry glances around, strumming away at his guitar with no particular rhyme or reason. He wonders aloud, "Any requests?" indicatively lifting his guitar up. "Seeger, Old Crow Medicine Show, Dylan, Groban, Gracin…" He shrugs, idly.

Holden gets nearly to the door when Kayla lays her hand on his shoulder. He stops, but doesn't turn around. First, he sniffs, and does his best to wipe his eye on his shoulder. He swallows, and then turns to look at her. "Yeah?" he answers, simply.

Elijah 's eyes lift from his present as he hears Kayla call out Holden's name, watching the girl run after him. He lofts a brow…then frowning. However, his thoughts are distracted quickly as Bob enters with Sophia. The man stands, using his crutch now to move over to the two "Sophia. Bob. Welcome. It's good to see both of you here…" able to enjoy the party as well. However, he was a bit worried, remembering Bob's last venture. He looks to the man "Medicine still working?" He had given him a stronger dose, hoping it helped him make it through the party with less pain. He gives Sophia a smile then "Has it made him more cooperative? Or even more stubborn perhaps…" You never know with side effects.

Piper shrugs, if she had something Christmasy she would listen to that of course, but that's not an option. Maybe she can find the Tchaikovsky Nutcracker…that's seasonal. Holden and Kayla are a bit of a distraction, but so are the children, Bob and Sophia coming in, the latter of which has her looking a bit nervous all of a sudden. "Groban." she pipes up, answering Terry's question with her request.

Kayla hesitates before pulling her hand back from Holden's shoulder. When she speaks, her voice is low, pitched only for him to hear. The bright, cheery party behind her is forgotten for now; she needs to fix this. Whatever 'this' is…she did it. Once she's finished speaking, she pulls her hand back and steps a half step away.

The new arrivals get a nod from Quin, but his attention is split between his sister near the door, and Piper's sudden nervousness. A hand reaches over to Piper's, "You alright?"

Terry perks up at Piper's response, and sets to work, tuning his guitar for one of his favorite Josh Groban songs… 'O Holy Night'. He starts off slow, and slowly builds into it. Hopefully folks don't kill him, in the event he murders the song.. or, if they do kill him, make it quick. Hopefully he doesn't bork things.

Bob, for all his injuries and medications isn't oblivious to Piper's gaze or nervousness. It's the cop in him. He can't help it. Instead of reacting to that, he looks to Sophia, "Food first." A beat pause, "Light portions…Don't wanna explode on these fine folks." he offers with a half smile. Smiling is not Bob's forte.

The music catches his ear and he eyes Terry for a moment frowning. "Still can't sing since the coughing fit…" he murmurs idly. This likely means anything to anyone other than Soph.

Holden sighs. "I do. I love it. Just…" He shakes his head, looking a little pathetic as he sniffs. "Thank you." He looks down at the box in his hand, then back at Kayla. "Really. I just… I think I need some air." He sighs, and swallows.

Sophia nods, a hand going to her hip, "You will not. That is disgusting. And I will not clean it up." She's cleaned up enough gross this past week. Month. Year. She leaves the man in his char while she goes and fixes a plate. It's fairly loaded up, but even as she comes back, Soph is eating off of it too. Apparently they are sharing.

Kayla merely nods at Holden. It seems she's not going to force him to stay, if he doesn't want to. "You're wanted here, so…come back?" she asks before stepping back further and then moving to Bob. "Should I get your gift? I have one for you too, Sophie" she assures the other woman with a faint smile.

Quinton's not liking what he sees, but will wave Kayla over to come sit next to him, if she wants. The kids are glanced at and the frown disappears as they play. It's hard to not smile at that. Piper is turned to, "I guess we'll do the other presents in a few days. Make Christmas last the whole week?" Like Haunika, but spelled right.

Holden nods at Kayla, and then watches her was back into the room. He inhales, and notices the mistletoe hanging above his head on the silver ribbon. He sighs, and then turns, heading out the door.

The hand is clasped in hers and Piper turns her gaze to Quinton, "Fine…just.." she gestures around, lot of people..all the activity, for some socially anxious this sorta thing could be trying for her. Sure, she'll go with that as an excuse. Terry's choice of song has her frowning a bit but he seems to play it well enough, though we'll see what happens if the former opera singer hears him sing. "Yeah." her frown turns upside down at the suggestion, especially since she has presents to hand out too!

Spinning on her heel, Kayla dashes the two steps back to Holden, and promptly kisses Holden. On the lips. She keeps it PG, and even winks as she pulls back before stepping back to go join her brother.

Bob waits for Sophia to get him food. To her comments he only responds, "Yes dear." Because exploding is gross. And then, he looks to the Doc, realizing he asked something. Apparently those pain meds are working. "Yeah. Meds are workin' great doc." He then looks back to Sophia, watching her idly.

Sophia's eyes narrow at the yes dear. When he's feeling better she's going to smack him. "He is foolish, but that hasn't changed, Eli." She then steals something off the plate after handing it to Bob. The mistletoe antics get a grin.

After Kayla jumps back and kisses him and then steps away again, Holden doesn't so much step back as sort of stumble a little. He blinks a few times, and his jaw just kind of drops. He just stands there. And stands there. And stands there. Slowly, he swallows, and his jaw drops once more. He blinks. And then slowly turns, heading out the door in a bit of a daze.

Elijah nods to Bob, "Good. I know we're running low, but I'm hoping that will change soon. There is a doctor's office nearby…I have found some good supplies so far. Will need to go back…but it's promising." He smiles to the man "Believe me. As soon as I do find some you'll be the first to know and get it."

Sophia gets a grin and chuckle, "Well I'm sorry, Sophia. I'm a doctor not a miracle worker" a small smirk spreading then.

Quinton nods, understanding and gives her hand a squeeze back before turn back, just in time to watch his sister kiss the little snot. This is not acceptable. But he's also not going to cause a scene, as much as he's like to. Instead his jaw tightens and he looks down at the blue typewriter, thinking about how tomorrow he'll probably not be able to even use the thing.

"I am not foolish." Bob states flatly and takes the plate Sophia gives him. He starts to pick at it in small doses, looking to Elijah and nodding. "Take a shooter with you, Doc." That's Bob's usually response lately. Normally it'd be 'I'll go too.' But that's not an option now. Instead he tries to eat to make sure he isn't overly affected by the pain killers.

The mistletoe antics get less than a grin, but more than a frown…Somewhere in between.

There is a chorus of Ewwws. "Gross." and an emphatic "Holden has cooties now." from the kids, the last being Jack…all at the scene of Kayla snogging Holden under the mistletoe.

Piper doesn't miss the PDA either, she wants to smirk about it, but one look at Quinton schools that expression. The woman is loyal, you have to give her that. She can't help but chuckle at the kids though and their reactions to it.

Kayla grins at the kids, and shakes her head. "Remind me to teach you about the history of mistletoe in class on Monday." she tells them. Sophie seems to have Bob well in hand, and so she moves on to settle next to her brother near the tree again.

Sophia chuckles softly, laying a hand on Bob's shoulder but not arguing with him. She knows he is. He knows as well. Eli gets a head shake before she gives Bob's shoulder another squeeze and heading over to gather her and Bob's gifts.

Quinton's finding the decorations rather interesting. He thinks he remembers finding some of them. Has Kayla been rooting through his stuff?

Elijah chuckles, nodding, "I know, Bob. I will." No need to tell the man he'd already ventured there alone. He had to think of Bob's health. Plus…he'd never do that again. One throbbing leg was enough of a lesson. Not to mention being called 'House' by Piper…even if he didn't get the reference at the time.

A glance is given between the two, seeing Sophia walk to the tree and looking back to Bob, "Well I know you don't need me bothering you any further. Get enough of that in the Med Room" the doctor chuckles. "I hope you and Sophia have a good time and enjoy yourselves." He'd make his move to head back to his chair, giving the two some time to enjoy each other's company outside of the hospital setting.

A pause is offered and Bob looks to Eli, "Hey Doc…" he starts and clears his throat, speaking up to the whole group. It's a bit of a challenge, his voice doesn't carry like it used to and it doesn't have the same cop tone it used to, "I don't have a drink handy, Doc…But I wanted to thank you for everytink you've done for me…And for everyone else."

A glance is caste around and Bob continues, "It's a time for bein grateful…I know we don't all got much to be grateful fer, but without you, there's more 'n a few of us that wouldn't be around anymore, me amongst em."

Kayla quietly reaches over to take her brother's hand. Nothing was taken from his stash of stuff, but he had helped her find things previously that -she- had hidden away. She looks over as Bob starts offering toasts, without a drink, and listens.

Sophia detours, grabbing two cups of coffee and heads back to Bob. If he's toasting, he should have a drink.

Quinton's now trapped, trapped, Piper on one hand, Kayla on the other. Both hands are given soft squeezes and he focuses on what Bob is saying.

While the conversations are going on Piper has Caro and Abbie open the babies presents. Some clothes that will actually fit Troy and Quinn for a few months at least, a teething key ring for Troy and a squeaky book for Quinn. Piper watches a moment as Caro rattle the plastic keys at the older, chubby baby. A thankful look is then sent Kayla's way and then turns her attention to Bob and what he is saying and nodding her agreement to the words.

Elijah pauses, not quite a few steps away from Bob when he starts speaking, turning back around to focus on the man. Then…Bob speaks to the whole group. About…him? Oh. Well then…um. The doctor's expression seems to show his surprise as he blinks a few times "I…wow. I'm truly humbled…thank you, Bob."

The ever proper doctor looks around to the rest of the group, nodding to each of them one by one as well "Thank you…all of you." Eli fidgets a bit with his stick crutch, awkward and not sure what to say now. He manages a nervous chuckle, eyeing the crutch and then looking to the group again. "I guess since I'm the one with a 'crutch' and limp now is a good time as ever to say…Merry Christmas. And God bless us…everyone…" Okay pun time is over. That's it, folks. Honest…for now.

Well. Soph was going to stay for more toasting, but with the puns starting she groans and head back to the tree, this time gathering her and Bob's presents.

A nod is offered to the Doctor and Bob takes the coffee. Normally he'd be dousing it with whiskey, but since he's confined to the medical area, he doesn't have that option. Instead he just lifts the coffee up in toast to the Doctor and then takes a sip. "Great job, to everyone who put this night together. Times've been tough…" He stops there, taking a few moments to breathe in and out with dedicated purpose. His gunshot wound has taken its toll, "But you all make it worth it." He decides to end short but sweet and looks back down to his coffee.

Kayla remains sitting by the tree, holding her brother's hand, as she listens. To everyone…? She simply shakes her head slightly, but then simply leans forward and looks around her brother to Piper. "Records are hard to find…I am sorry if they aren't your taste."

Quinton makes an agreeing noise, and then shifts on the floor. He's no uncomfortable, but does glance between the two woman who have both his hands, "I have presents for the two of you. Can they wait till Christmas eve?" Something more than the desks for Kayla, it seems! He leans backwards giving his sister room to speak around him.

Elijah would watch the others go back to their previous discussions and business, glad for the thoughtfulness…but also glad to not be in the spotlight any longer. The doctor then looks to Bob, offering another nod of gratitude. "Thank you again Bob…for the toast…and for all you do. I'm not skilled with words or public speaking, but…this camp wouldn't be what it is without you either. So…thank you. For being our leader…and our friend."

Piper will give credit where it is due and gestures to Kayla with her free hand, that could indicate that is was mostly if not all her doing. "…perfect." the hand goes to the records sitting beside her. If she didn't think it would annoy people she would be listening to the opera one already. "Sure." she nods at Quinton, giving him a smile at the thought of more presents..who doesn't like presents?!

Oh, so much thanking where there's presents to be opened. Bob's is set is his lap, and Soph uses the back of Bob's chair to balance her's to open. She happily rips the paper, toss the pieces onto bob's lap until she stops, eyes a touch widen than normal. Then a wide grin crosses her face and she looks up, "Thank you Kayla! It's beautiful!"

"You didn't have to, Quin." Boy, that's an echo from earlier. Kayla nods in agreement to Piper's statement though. They can wait. She reaches with her free hand to try and push Piper's motioning hand down. "They don't -really- care who did it all, they're just enjoying that it was done," she murmurs. And then she hears her name, and looks over. She lifts her hand and offers a wave towards Sophie. "Hope you like it," she calls back.

The gift set in his lap is opened more slowly than Sophia's. This is partly an effort in expending less energy. Bob has to work harder to get the same result as he used to before. So he opens the gift slowly. He finally unveils a hat with a sherrif's badge on it, smiling faintly at it. "Thank you, Kayla." He offers quietly and takes up the hat, fitting it on to his head. Bob in general looks good in hats, and more so now that he desperately needs a haircut. Unfortunately, much like Samson, he keeps refusing offers to cut his hair.

Quinton just laughs at Kayla, shaking his head. "No…I did." What kind of big brother would he be if he didn't? Piper gets a look that's hard to read and he looks away, back again at the decorations. So pretty!

Sophia tells Kayla, "I do! Thank you." A crystal decanter is lifted out, which will be beautiful when Soph gets her bar set up. Where ever that may be. She smirks down at bob, touching the rim of the hat before laughing in enjoyment. He does need a haircut. She'll make him at some point.

Looking around at the others. Seeing their enjoyment and all the festivities around them, Eli smiles. The doctor then turns to head back to his chair, picking up his new (new to him anyways) doctor's bag and putting it over his shoulder, across his chest. He tucks the fountain pen inside it and smiles down at the bag a moment. Yep. It looked good on him! Looking around he smiles again. He'd worry about the unknown tomorrow. Tonight…he chose to celebrate.

It's not like they didn't all know…well just about all. Kayla was the one that called this so called 'meeting' turned party. There is a bit of a smirk at the other woman trying to act all humble but she will drop her hand. Settling back against the sofa, she blinks a bit in confusion at the look from Quinton, and then she is distracted by children, toys and things of that sort.

Quinton will talk to Piper later, for now he stands up and will take Terry's place on guitar. And not very well. But he's smiling as he tries, his fingers not cooperating as they should. Maybe he needs egg nog, the good kind. Either way, he enjoys it, prolly not so much anyone else.

Kayla basks in the enjoyment that s watching those around her enjoying the gathering she'd snuck around to put together. She leans back onto her hands, her legs extending straight out in front of her, crossed at the ankles.

Sophia moves to set her present somewhere safe, and then sneaks behind the counter in the kitchen with her coffee. After taking a sip, she comes back and switches her cup for bob's. Merry Christmas.

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