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More Information
Summary: Piper supplies Elijah with more intelligence on Silencers and aliens
Date: 12.22.2015
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It was another day and just a bit before noon in the Medical Room. Eli had slept here again last night. Maybe it was due to the fact he had been busy organizing his goodies from the doctor's office yesterday. Or maybe it was because of his leg. What had gotten into him? To make him that stubborn and prideful as to think he could go back to that doctor's office alone. Now his limp was worse and…

Okay he just had to calm down. Things had been tense lately and a lot had happened. Granted, his talk with Holden last night didn't help either. So yes, cleaning the Med Room was a good idea for now. Keep his mind busy. Grimacing against his leg and his own stupidity, Eli moves to a different cabinet…starting to organize there now. Nothing specific. Just keeping his mind occupied.

With her wounds still less than a week old, Piper still has to have them looked at every other day or so to make sure they aren't becoming infected…or that she isn't showing symptoms of rabies. Out of politeness there is a rap on the door before the petite woman walks in her gaze searching for whoever is in residence…and who she finds has her looking a bit skittish…maybe she was hoping that Anita would be around instead. The Reyes woman may not be the same kind of doctor Eli is, but she did go to medical school and is knowledgeable enough to do the job.

The knock on the door gets a quick turn of attention from Eli. Leaving his current task he makes his way to the door. Okay, straight up. Walk better. No need to prove to everybody you're as weak as…well ok, but no need to show it! Straightening up and trying to even out the pressure he puts on his bad leg, Eli walks over in time to see Piper enter. He pauses where he's at, not wanting to startle her further. "Hello, Piper. How can I help you?"

The look he gets as he approaches is a wary one, but still its a night and day difference than her behaviour yesterday. So that's good at least. Her sweatshirt is tied around her waist, her t-shirt with it's "Music is my Religion" emblazoned on the front, circling a treble clef showing. Quinn is being carried today, instead of in his snuggie and he clutches one of her braids in his hand as he dozes. "Check it." she answers as she holds out her bandaged right arm, she then moves to have a seat, even before she is asked her body language clearly stating let's get this over with.

"Alright," Eli nods, letting her sit while he moves to get his medical bag. Using his crutch, he is putting more weight on it than usual. Getting the bag now, he moves back over to where she is, pulling a chair over and easing to sit in stand lean his crutch against the wall before looking back to her. "Are you feeling any more pain? Less pain? Any increased warmth at any of the injuries?" He moves to start unwrapping her arm, taking extra care to be gentle and careful with the woman.

Pearching on the edge of her chosen seat Piper watches Eli move around and gather his things, the wary expression has faded to be replaced with her more usual neutral one. As he sits and begins to unwrap the arm she sits perfectly still, arm in question held out "No. Less. No." simple, one syllable words to answer with. She looks from him to the exposed bites on her arm, redness and swelling is pretty much gone, and like the now healed stiched up cut on her face, there is no signs of scar tissue. As far as healing goes she is a bit ahead of schedule, but it was the same with her other injuries as well. "No fe-ver. No chills." she adds before he asks.

Elijah can't help but smirk at the last part, looking to her "You're learning the routine well. I'm sorry for that…means you've been in here a lot." Looking over her injuries, noting their progress, he nods "Alright. You don't have any signs of scar tissue, but I'm going to give you some cream. It will help keep your skin moisturized just in case so it doesn't dry out and pull as you continue healing. It'll help keep out any late or lingering infection as well."

Pulling the half empty tube out of his bag he'd offer it to her "Would you rather apply it?" he offers. The doctor always tried to make sure all his patients felt comfortable in his care, so he had always been extra aware of Piper's needs. However, today he seemed to be even more so making sure she felt at ease. Perhaps knowing it was a doomed attempt, but hey he could try!

Piper looks at the tube of ointment and then down at the sleeping baby in her arms. She is kind of one handed at the moment, but she refrains from giving Elijah that /look/. A gesture is made toward him, indicating he can do it. She'd rather not wake up the baby at the moment. "No in-fec-tion." there is a beat as she ponders "We're re-sis-tant." she won't say she is full blown immune, since she isn't quite sure about that in her case.

Elijah follows her gaze of motion, then nodding with her motion towards him "Right. Sorry. Quinn." He'd then start applying the ointment, focusing on getting that done quick. Once he's done, more bandages are applied and he's done! Packing up the stuff in his bag again, he grabs his crutch and pushes to stand, grimacing a bit as he does but moving across the room to give her space and return the bag to it's spot.

He'd stay the distance from her, letting her stay on the bed, looking back to her though. "Resistant to infection? That does make sense…" Elijah seems thoughtful for a moment, but then shakes his head of whatever it was. "Was there anything else you needed, Piper?" Rather than keep her any longer than she wanted to be here.

The woman continues to sit perfectly still, though her arm starts to shake, but that's just from holding it up and in one position for longer than she is used to. When he is finally done Piper bends the arm a few times and carefully shifts the sleeping baby to the other arm. She has her own grimace as the braid gets pulled and she frees if from the baby's grip "And most diseases." she adds. What good is having human Silencers if they are all going to die from the Red Tsunami…or be laid up with a cold or flu, they are actually probably immune to them, but in a different way than the other survivors. There is a shake of her head "No."

"Alright…well you're welcome to stay if you want." To get a break from carrying Quinn. To let him sleep on the bed. Whatever she needed. There seemed to be more on the doctor's mind again, but whatever it was he doesn't voice it to the woman. Instead, he moves back to the kitchen area, which is still nearby enough if she needs anything, but also gives her the space Eli knows she prefers. Especially from him.

The offer gets little response except Piper getting to her feet. There is a glance at the still recovering Bob and she isn't all that surprised that the man sleeps more than he is awake. Not with the wound he suffered and how he pushes himself. "Need any-thing?" she asks as she begins to move toward the door to leave "Send Sophia." she certainly won't be coming back if the answer is yes.

Elijah glances back as he hears the woman get up, the man mentally going through several different thoughts. Blast it why was this so difficult? Her question has him jarred from his thoughts yet again, "Hrm? Oh…no I should be…fine." As she moves to the door, Eli's need to be proper mixes with his nerves.

"Here let me get the door for you…" He moves to exit the kitchen, but between pivoting the crutch appropriately and angling his body…his leg somehow finds the cabinet with a decent sounding 'thud'. A muffled sound of some kind is heard from the man as his crutch drops to the kitchen floor with a clatter, Eli stopping in the doorway to lean his forehead and arms against it as he tries not to double over.

While she is fully capable of getting the door herself, the doctor's need to be gentlemanly isn't worth arguing about…or maybe she is just used to it, since Quinton is frequently pulling the same stuff. It's these chilvarous men that is going to be the death of her, not aliens, or clumsiness or irrate villagers when/if they find out here secret…it's just select males. In the last year Piper has learned the pick your battles and learned it well. The thud, and clatter has her turning back, and Quinn starting a awake with a surprised cry. She takes a breif moment to sooth the baby so he doesn't start wailing then cants her head, maybe a little concern coming to her features "Okay?" she asks.

The pain moves through his leg, up into his gut to make him a bit queasy, but then subsides to just a dull throb. Staying against the doorway, Eli's face is hidden from view under his arms as he rapidly blinks through the fog of pain. Hearing Piper's concern, he does manage a few fast nods. "Y…es. I think…"

His injured leg had been raised up out of instinct after the impact, Eli now testing it by lowers it back to the ground and adding weight gradually. Ow! It's brought back up and the cycle is repeated a few times before he manages to quickly hobble over to the closest chair. Sitting, the doctor just seems frustrated, letting out a breath as he runs a hand through his hair. "I'm sorry…is…Quinn alright?" he looks up to her with a frown, still breathing through the pain it seems, but having heard the baby cry.

Piper watches silently as the doctor works through the pain. She doesn't move to assist him or help him in anyway, there has already been enough touching today…even if it was necessary. "Yes." she does follow him though, the baby has already calmed down, but is no wide awake. "Here." she gets close enough to put the baby in the doctor's arms, without so much as asking or anything and once baby Quinn is settled she goes to get the willowbark tea that she keeps the infirmary stocked with. It's no vicodin, but it works in the short term, and is antiinflmmatory to boot. Pouring some of the bitter liquid into a glass she brings it over "Drink House." she says with a completely straight face and neutral tone.

Elijah glances to his leg with a frustrated frown, looking up again just in time to have baby Quinn put in his arms. "Oh…I…alright." Taking the baby he adjusts his hold to be more comfortable for Quinn, then managing a smile to the young boy. "Hello…" As if he'd say something back. As Piper moves to get something, Eli watches her, blinking as she comes back with the tea. "Thank you…and House?" he lofts a brow, not entirely sure what that meant at the moment.

Looking at the tea, he'd glance to the baby "Um…here. Set the tea on the table. I'll let it cool some. Unless you'd rather take him back" he offers. Yay social awkwardness. "Thank you again…"

The baby just stares up at the doctor, in that intense fashion that they are known for. The doctor isn't as familiar a face as others, so no smiling just leg kicking and arm waving at the words.

Piper waves off the explantion. It's not funny if you have to explain it, instead she will take the child back so Elijah can sip at the tea. The gratitude gets a shrug. She's spent enough time acting as nurse while Eli was bedridden, she's kinda gotten used to it.

The doctor hands Quinn back to his mother, a soft smile on his features for a moment before he moves to pick up the tea. Taking a drink he lets out a sigh "I'll be fine. It's just taking my leg a bit longer to heal than expected…" Others had it far worse. He'd survive. Besides, when everybody needed a doctor, you do what you have to do. A glance is given to his crutch in the kitchen as he furrows a brow, almost scowling at it.

A few more drinks are taken while Eli contemplates, finally looking to Piper. "I want you to know from me before you hear it from somebody else, but…people in camp are starting to get worried…wanting to take action…get answers. About all this." He quickly shakes his head "Not about you and don't worry. I haven't said anything and I won't. I gave my word. I just…didn't want it to take you off guard."

She nods, it's nothing she didn't know already…about his slow healing. Looking from him, to the crutch and back, Piper goes to get it for him, leaning it against his chair. If she was better at verbalizing she would make a joke about his telekinesis needing work, but she can't, so she doesn't.

A frown mars her features at the news. She isn't surprised, she expected that as soon as news got around about Qera. As for worry, that ship sailed long ago, she is in a constant state of worry "Have some…not all." she does nod, she believes that he hasn't spilled yet, but she doesn't think he is going to hold out long.

When she brings his crutch he nods, "Thank you…" Elijah watches her expression and at her response he just nods again. He wasn't quite sure what to say. "I'm sorry…for all of this." The situation it put her in. The worry it was causing to camp. The difficulty it posed for Bob. Perhaps the guilt was evident on the man's features, but he tried to hide it.

Another sip of tea is taken, a grimace against the taste and his hand goes to rub his leg a moment. "What do you think…would be safe to tell them?" The doctor looks to her. "Not about you, obviously, but just to ease their worry. The nanites? What it means…about the augmentation? I don't know…" He feared keeping the others in the dark would just lead to more paranoia. However, too much information might lead to suspicions about Piper and he didn't want that either…

The woman doesn't approve of unnecessary apologies "Not yours…" she waves a hand in the direction the alien mothership hovers in the sky. "Theirs." even though she could technically be considered one of them, she doesn't think herself that way..or a we for that matter, even though mentally she is two made one. What a thing to have to wrap a brain around. "Tell what," Piper points to him "you found…with Qera and the other. Nanites. Aug-men-ta-tion." she is still perplexed about the nanite aspect of it. She stays on her feet, rocking back and forth, soothing for both her and the baby who seems to be getting agitated like his mother. "True Silencers…" she swirls a finger around her head "all alien. Qera, myself, others, mixed in head." there it is, there are more like herself and Qera.

Elijah nods again "Alright. I can tell them my findings on that then…and perhaps that will help offer some explanation as to why Qera helped us. Gave her life…to save ours." He frowns a moment, remembering the woman as she was dying. Remembering her on that table afterwards. "I will handle it. I know you don't feel comfortable around me, Piper…and I know you won't believe this and that's fine…but I assure you."

He looks to the woman, "You can trust me and I will do my best to help you in this." He'd say protect, but the woman might get offended or defensive at that. A curious look crosses his features a moment, "Do you have a way of finding others…like you and Qera? Whether they are here at camp or elsewhere?"

Piper frowns at him and the assumption he makes about what she will and won't believe, but again pick the battles. It doesn't matter at this juncture. She does listen though, that's something she does well, and she is a better read of people that most give her credit for. A shake of her head "Not finding…" she hmmmms "Silencer, Others, Kamo Kids..we all know..on sight." what is an Other? The woman uhhhs, shifting a bit uncomfortably "Something else…."

Elijah lofts a brow, "Others? Other Silencers? Or other Kamo Kids?" It's obvious he didn't recognize the term Others as a title.

"No." she shakes her head, frustration at her inability to form complete sentences today clear on her face "Others, alien.." the finger swirls around her head again. "In charge of Kamo Kids, Silencers." Piper touches the back of her neck, "The kids, brainwashed, implant makes them see aliens, it also is killswitch." she glances back at the sleeping Bob…maybe she should wait to tell all this when he is awake as well.

Elijah runs a hand through his hair, letting out a small breath…and reaching for more tea. Sure that would help process this. Taking a longer drink, he grimaces more at the taste. Bad idea. He'd then look back to her "So…there are even more. Categories I mean." He frowns, thinking for a moment maybe they were on the hopeless side of a losing battle. At her glance to Bob he too looks at the sleeping man, frowning. "He's not improving…some days he's even worse. We have to wait until he's better before even thinking of telling the others too much but…"

Eli shakes his head, running another hand through his hair, obviously stressed. "You haven't told anybody else about this either? Or have you? Quin…anybody?" he looks back to her. "It's your decision, but I don't know how we can handle this without Bob…they respect him. They'll listen to him…more than me anyways." It was definitely a delicate situation.

"Yes." Piper replies to the first part of that, but there is no elaboration since the topic moves to Bob for the moment, "Better meds? Can get…like before." probably be easier for her this time, since she won't have to sneak through hospital full of bandits…as far as she knows. Another nod in agreement "Wait for Bob." she is totally fine with that. "No..no one, not even Quinton." just the thought has her looking a bit panicky, and causing the baby to cry in protest. He will have to know…eventually…"Should tell him first." she goes from panic to dismay. Give the man warning before it gets public.

A hand goes through his hair again as she confirms his worry. Great. Something else to add to his notes. Others. Whatever that meant. "I looked for more meds…there's a doctor's office here…went the first time with Isabeau. Second time yesterday…alone" He looks down to his leg "Wasn't my smartest decision…" Piper gets another look and nod "If you don't mind. I'd be glad to go and help as well, but it's up to you. Take Quinton maybe."

Her range of emotions at the mention of telling Quinton causes Eli to frown, not liking seeing her upset. "I think that's a good idea." Telling him first. "If you want…I can be there…to help explain or…if you'd rather tell him alone. It's your choice."

She gestures to his wounded leg, "To slow." that's a no and the whole i'll go with you to help look for meds idea. Honestly Quinton would slow her down too, but his company she actually can handle and enjoys…other company, not so much. But as much as the doctor makes her nervous, probably for good reason…whatever that reason is, she nods "Please. Will help…" she hopes at least.

Wow. She wanted his help. She must be nervous! Eli nods "Very well then. Let me know when…and I will help you." He furrows a brow, taking another sip of tea to finish the cup before it got too cold. Bleh. "Qera…" he looks to Piper again, "Did you know that Qera was a Silencer? She had mentioned other Silencers being among us…was she talking about you? Or are there more?"

Can be surprising sometimes. And better to have a witness in case things go south when she does. Piper doesn't expect violence, but who knows "Qera? Yes…we know." she mentioned that before. That they had a way of recognizing each other on sight. The two questions have her worried though, "Yes." she answers, is it yes to one, the other…or both?

Elijah doesn't miss the lack of clarification, realizing Piper wasn't good at communicating so perhaps assuming that was the reason. "So you knew about each other. So she was talking about you." The first two are stated as fact and he makes sure to ask the next part separately, "And there are other Silencers here at camp?"

"Yes. Nearly killed her." Piper admits, with no shame at all, since she was doing it to protect the camp. All she saw was Silencer at the time and she didn't want to risk it. "Quinton…." he stopped her probably. Would he have stopped her had he known the truth? "No. No others…now." the implication that there were?

Elijah thinks on her words a moment before nodding. "Alright. If you say there are no others I trust you." Whether or not that makes him a fool…time would tell. He knew Holden's worry. The worry of others. He also knew what he had seen with his own eyes. The nanites. As well as the help she had been since he first knew her. So…he trusted the woman.

He then has a thought. "If you and Qera knew that each other were. You can tell when others are then…" He frowns, "The other Silencer knew Qera was. If more do come…will they try and kill you? For helping us or…for fighting back?"

Her brow furrows, the first part acknowledged but Piper feels that any comment on her part is unnecessary. "Right." she then shrugs "I don't know." and she honestly doesn't know how any given Silencer will react to her, "Others will capture…kill.

His frown deepens. "We won't let that happen…" As if the doctor could pose any threat to such a foe, but his words were genuine and determined. With the throbbing in his leg having died down and the pain decreasing now, Elijah looks to his leg and then to the stick Piper had brought back over from the kitchen. "I think…I'm okay to try and stand again. Have work to do…and Bob should be waking up soon…I'll need to check on him. Thank you for your help…the tea helped tremendously." Offering a smile to the woman he reaches for his crutch stick, maneuvering in the chair to try and find the best angle to stand from.

As he moves to stand Piper nods at what she is taking as a dismissal. She probably wanted to leave awhile ago, but the more cooperative she is the better for her in the future. Bouncing the still fussy baby in her arms "Take…easy." she suggests as she heads out.

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