(2015-12-23) A New Hope
A New Hope
Summary: After party cleanup leads to a we need to talk moment
Date: 12.23.2015
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As far as Christmas Party during an alien apocalypse goes this one was a success. It's finally over though and everyone has went off to their own apartments to get some much needed rest. Now all that is left is the clean up. It didn't seem right for Kayla to do any of it since she worked so hard to decorate and set everything up so Piper (maybe with some assistance even) insisted the woman go to bed and she would tidy the place up. The candles are starting to burn down so she turns on a light or two (yay for limited power), keeping them dim. With all the children crashed on the floor sleeping she doesn't want it to bright. Moving around the room humming she starts on picking up pieces of wrapping paper. Larger pieces she stacks on the coffee table, that's good drawing or craft materials for the kids, small pieces get tossed into the garbage bag in her hand.

Quinton knows his sitter well enough to scoot her out of the club house after the party. She's exhausted and hates cleaning anyway. Quin's working on the paper plates and cups, although he still has a cup of coffee on a table that's still warm that he's working on. He player Terry's guitar near the end of the night, although it wasn't very good. he's hoping it was because he wasn't familiar with the instrument….or he's gotten out of practice. He should do that more. He's trying to be quiet as well, the sleeping children are stepped over as he moves to grab some plates on the floor near Piper.

Gift wrap everywhere! There weren't /that/ many presents but it still seems like a paper factory exploded in the room…especially where the kids unwrapped their gifts. Hardly any of that is salvageable. "Here." Piper steps closer to hold open the garbage bag for him "Kayla seemed happy." the happiest she has seen the woman in awhile really.

Quinton nods, "She likes orchestrating things like this. She's feeling …lonely." The pause isn't a brain issue, he glances back towards the door making sure no one else is there. He got yelled at enough, no need to add fuel to the fire. "She's used to being the center of everything, and it's not so much that here." He shrugs softly, turning back to smile down at the woman, "Happy christmas so far?"

"She did good." Piper looks around again at all the decorations, even in the dim light it still looks festive. There is a nod of understanding, she knows the center of attention feeling, but she is glad to be out of it "She'll adjust." the tone suggests eventually. "It's…" she starts to say but then nods to his smiling face "Yes," and she is being truthful for the most part, "Just unex-pected." and she doesn't just mean tonight.

Quinton chuckles, bending down to grab the plates, 'She told me she was jealous because I was more popular than her…" Hisw head shakes, his much shorter flops easier now. "I think she has a squed vision of the past." He was always more popular than her. At least since he went to college. The positive response has him smiling and he stands, "Well…we have a few more days of it, so that's good." His head tilts then, "Why is it unexpected?" They've been talking about christmas for like 2 months.

The expression pretty much says 'huh?' in that disbelief kind of way, "That's…" Piper shakes her head "rid…ridic…silly. That means no-thing now." her head tilts thoughtfully, "Roman..roman-ta-sizing it." people do that with the past all the time…look at how pirates are viewed. She shoves down the sadness that comes with the reminder that her time for secrecy is nearing its end and puts on a smile for a moment before explaining, "Things happen." the explosion, the Silencer attack, who knows when and what will be next.

Quinton nods, agreeing with a grin. "Right? I think it's everything, and she just latched onto that." He nods again as his hiss smile fades into something more thoughtful. "Not everything though. Somethings stay the same." Turning away to keep cleaning he goes quiet for now.

Since she is the one with the garbage bag Piper stays close so he can throw things into it. Stepping over little bodies she adjusts a blanket on some child of other if needed as she picks up paper, cups or the odd piece of dropped food "Not the things you want." the statement is a lucid one but said a bit softer than her usual conversational tone. "Music?" she asks, as she gestures to the record player. She has new records, may as well listen to one while they clean.

Quinton silently turns to watch her, the comment making him press his lips together in some thought he's not sharing. The garbage twitches in his hand briefly before he steps over to her to throw it out. "If you want, sure. It won't wake the kids up?" It always amazes him how little she is, or maybe it's how tall he feels, next to her.

A glance is thrown in his direction, she isn't sure if he heard her or not and his expression doesn't give her any idea. Holding out the bag as he throws the stuff away, Piper's dark, blown out eyes, move to the sleeping children "No. Keep it low." it's quiet, they don't have to blast the music to hear it. Handing the bag to him for the moment she goes through the motions of picking a record, and setting it up to play on the old crank-style gramophone.

Quinton blinks, taking the bag and turning away. He's not at a word loss, but… this is delicate stuff. He lets her deal with the music while he picks up as much as he can. He assumes it's going to be the opera, but he'll wait and not ask. Finally he'll ask softly, "What do you want, Piper?" That's an open ended question.

Crank. Crank. Crank. Once they have more power she could probably listen to cds and such, but to her, that's just not the same. Piper prefers the sound of music from vinyl if she can't listen to it in person. The question comes from out of the blue, talk about unexpected. The surprise of it has her fumbling with the arm and she barely keeps the precious needle from scratching across the equally precious record. Momentary speechlessness is covered as she sets needle to record a Beethoven's 9th quietly fills the room. Not opera or the '80's pop she had previously stated. Turning she looks at Quinton, studying him a moment, trying to determine what exactly he means by the question. "I want…" oh how to put it, her hands tug at one of her braids in a nervous fashion, and she remains glued in place near the record player, "realness.." her brain has totally derailed with the question, "this." she gestures between the pair of them. Is that confusing? She has no idea.

Piper's nervousness is picked up by Quin. He's always been aware, but never thought he was sensitive about that stuff. Not until her. He swallows, a stray plate is tossed away but he nods. The hand motion between them has him finally looking up at her. It's probably harder to read his expressions on good brain days, he has more control over his emotions it seems. He doesn't move closer, but does eye the space between them. "Is this it?" He's not complaining, he knows there's issues, and honestly, he's not the greatest catch. "I'm happy with this,I am. I just….I want to know what you want." Finally a soft, warm smile forms and he'll study her.

The question is confusing for a moment, but Piper doesn't answer it immediately, she isn't sure how at the moment, not with that is looming in the future. "You deserve better…more." More? More of what? Seems she is pretty much thinking that she isn't the greatest catch either, and her evidence to that is a lot stronger than his "What is this?" she has her own ideas of course, but she is unsure if his are the same.

Quinton chuckles, setting the garbage bag down, "I want to do this when we're both…able." She seems to be having a good day, he's clear today. Hell, he's even gotten most names right today, even. There's a head shake, "No, Piper. Stop that. You're better, more than I could hope for." He's unaware of what evidence she has, so…the math in his head is working out to him being the lesser catch. He steps a few feet closer, but doesn't close the gap completely, not wanting to spook her. "This? It's…possibility. Hope. It's life continuing. A chance for something more…" She did ask a poet, on a good brain day.

As nice as the words are to hear Piper knows they aren't true..or believes they aren't true, but debating it would be pointless and she isn't ready to open the can of drama at the moment. She hasn't budged and she doesn't when he draws closer, though she is liable to pull the braid of her head if she doesn't stop pulling at it "I don't…." wrong words "I won't…" bzzt nope "I can't make you happy." close enough.

Quinton's head tilts, and obvious disbelief and amusement flitter across his face, "Are you serious? I was so lost, and the only time I feel grounded, connected, is when you're near me." He wants to reach for her, to touch her face, but he doesn't want to scare her, so instead he opts for her hand to save that braid. "If this is it, it's enough. I just…I want you to know that."

When she actually gets a chance to think about those words it will be mortifying, the implications and all. For now though it’s more of her disbelief, her head drops as Piper blinks back the tears in her eyes. She refuses to become a crying mess…again. When he is taking her hands she is a bit surprised that he's right there, but doesn't shy away. "Hope is good." she tells him as she looks up at him. Its Christmas, she'll give him that.

Quinton's really hoping for no tears. he studies her, a little confused by her reaction but….he did just say it was enough. He nods, quirking a smile, "Yeah, hope is good." Her hand is squeezed and he's unsure if he should hold on to let go. Deciding to not push her anymore than that, "Want to let the kids just sleep here tonight? I can get a little more wood on the fire."

Piper finally lets out a chuckle at his response to her words and the takes a breath in and out. His question sends her gaze to the children and she nods, but she isn't quite ready to let go of the conversation just yet. Tugging him closer she lifts herself to her tiptoes and goes totally non-verbal as she presses lips to his. He certainly wasn't going to do it. Not that she really blames him after the first time.

He looks over to them as well. While they're not his, he feels compelled to protect. Must be an end of the world thing. He takes a half step closer at the tug, looking down to her just as she goes tiptoe. He keeps it soft, but can't help his free hand going to the side of her face, cradling it. He is more than happy to stay like that, kissing her for as long as she lets him.

Moments like this never last long enough and end way too quickly. Piper is trying though, she's come a long way in six months, and she lingers longer with this one then with the last one, by a few seconds at least. There is trembling when she pulls away and she catches his gaze, "Promise to remember, this is real." an odd request…but she's an odd woman.

Quinton's eyes are closed, and he stands there, letting the moment just be. His thumb caresses her cheek briefly before her words sink in and he smiles, opening his eyes, "Of course it is." He's thinking she's thinking something completely different. His head shakes softly, keeping eye contact, "I'm not going to force you, or hurt you ever. I promise." He's way off base on what he thinks she's referring to.

It's not the words she wanted to hear, but she'll take them. They are the best Piper could hope for and more than she thinks she deserves, "I know." now if only she could promise the same. Leaning against him she puts her arms around his waist, taking a moment to listen to the thump of his heart. It's a comforting noise. "Will you stay?"

Quinton's arms almost instinctively go around her as she leans against him. His heart is steady, it's probably the only thing on the man that's not questionable. One hand to the back of her head, the other on her back rubbing softly, "If you want, yes." he glances over at the couches, "I think there's a few more blankets." No more pillows, but he'll survive, and she has her hair.

"I do." she nods against his chest and is reluctant to leave the warmth of his arms, but from this angle she can't help but see the mess that still needs to be cleaned up. "I'll finish here." Piper gestures to the room, "You get firewood?" she'll give him the job that requires going out into the cold, dark night.

Quinton nods, holding her a second longer before stepping back. "Alright, firewood it is then." He smiles, and will grab a coat as he heads out. He'd rather be out in the cold than her, anyway. It helps clear his head a little, and gives him time to think.

A smile is sent back as Piper watches him get his coat and head out. As the door shuts behind him she gets to work, moving about the room with purpose as she picks up plates, cups and paper. Checking on the sleeping children and babies as she goes. There is a moment of distraction as one of the cats rubs against her lap and she gives him a scratch behind the ear before resuming her task of cleaning up. Thankfully they were near to done when they got distracted with their talk so it is a quick task to finish the job.

Quinton will be out longer than it takes Piper to clean up. There's not lots of firewood to burn, they need to come up with a better solution soon. Maybe they should have kept the candles burning. Either way, when he comes back with an arm load, his breath is visible and his cheeks are pink. No hiding behind the beard for now!

The place is nice and tidy and Piper has already started to make up one of the sofas into a place to sleep warm, if not moderately comfortable. A blanket tucked into the cushions and she is unfurling another for coverage. Letting it settle where it will she hurries over to help him unload, "Shaved to soon." she comments to him on seeing his pink cheeks. Just because she hasn't said anything about it doesn't mean she didn't notice.

Quinton nods absently, he was thinking the same thing. Although he admits, "I was starting to feel like a mountain man." The wood is piled, and some onto the fire to keep it going. "I can't even imagine what it would be like if we had stayed both." Not that they had much choice, but it would be so much colder. He'll flex his hands, trying to warm them. He didn't put on gloves, thinking he'd be fast.

"Sorta." she admits, though she liked her rougish adjective better, "I can." Piper says as she puts a log on the fire and stirs it up to get it crackling again "/Much/ colder, lots of snow." she'll take his hands and warm them with her own "From there." she told him that once, she isn't surprised he doesn't remember, and the fact doesn't bother her "Winters awful. Better to be here." still cold, but not as bitter and no snow!

Quinton nods in agreement, taking the moment to shrug out of his coat before hunching forward closer to the fire. A chuckle, "Don’t let me get you cold." His hands, that is. His gaze travels around the room and he agrees again, "Yes…it's much better here." Probably for different reasons, but still.

"No." she isn't sure how else she should respond to that, not without being way to more flirtatious and implying things that she is far from ready for. "We should show the treehouse tomorrow." to the kids of course…that bit seemed to not make it into the sentence. She sends another glance to the peacefully sleeping children, probably imagining their reactions to such a find.

Quinton wasn't meaning it flirty, so his mind doesn't even go there. Instead he just laughs softly, "Sure. Can we bring Kayla too?" Better for Quin, anyway. Less drama and more including can't hurt.

"Of course." Piper is hardly going to get in the way of the siblings relationship, she never wanted to or intended to..if that's what happened, she doesn't know, nor needs to know as long as they are past whatever complications they had. She covers a yawn with a hand. It is late, past midnight probably and the day is starting to catchup with her "Anything else for tom…." she pauses a moment "Or later today…" she knows it's past midnight at least.

Quinton hopes they are. He doesn't think he can handle her freaking out every week because people talk to him. The yawn gets an eyebrow raise, "Come on, you should lay down. It's late and the kids will be up at dawn." He'll start to stand, offering her a hand to help her up. "Bed time."

"Yeah." she looks at the sleeping kids, they look so innocent now, but Piper knows better "Kinda miss sleeping late." something she rarely gets to do…if ever. Taking his hand she gets to her feet. She never really finished making up the sofa, but it'll do for one night. She takes a moment to turn out the couple of lights she turned on and blow out most of the candles. Enough is left burning so Quinton won't trip over anything or anyone, they will burn out by morning.

"Me too." Although that's for different reasons. Quin lets her lead, unsure if they're crashing on the same couch or not. Either way, she gets a sort kiss to the temple, and if they are, she'll wake up with an arm around her protectively.

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