(2015-12-24) First Encounter
First Encounter
Summary: Quinton's scavenging endeavor at the trailer park brings him into contact with a trio of stranger.
Date: 12.24.2015
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Mobile Home Park

As one would expect here there are lines of mobile homes that fill this large multi-acre area. The space between the mobile homes are generous leaving room for vehicle parking and a small green space for growing things, be it just grass or a few flowers or vegetables.
Of all the areas in town this is by far the worst off. Drainage isn't good here so puddles of water and sewage both large and small dot the area. Many homes stand open and there is lots of evidence that wildlife has already moved in.
Thankfully though this area is free of any human remains. It was probably one of the first places hit by the plague so there were still enough people around to deal with them.

With the setting sun in the west, Brinkmann reaches to his face to remove his sunglasses. There won't be any need for those in about an hours time when the land is once again plagued into darkness. The man scans around him from left to right to make sure Sarah hasn't wondered to far. When he spots her he calls out to her in his German accent, "Maybe an hour of sunlight left?" He returns to his chore of prepping firewood, or in this case, any sort of wood that isn't waterlogged from the snow. His collection consists mostly of partical board and other loose articals of wood that have been collected onto a tarp.

Off into the distance, Sarah is wandering the edges of the road, studying the plant life that continues to grow even in this frigid cold. She knows enough to walk with care, so doesn't dilly dally unnecessarily in her searching, but ever so often she will stop and crouch down to collect a few greenery that people, even before the first wave hit, tended to overlook as something edible. Her fingers, cold, she quickly tugs out some of the leaves from off the plant, before looking back over her shoulder towards where Brinkmann continues to work.

There's days where the weather gets to you, but this close to Christmas, and the celebration they had planned for the children, Quinton's mood isn't going to be broken. The thin man is dressed in several layers, a baseball cap on his head. He seems to be scavenging, near an end of the trailer park. That doesn't mean he's not alert though to voices and he tenses, head coming up to scan the area trying to find who's talking, and to whom. His backpack seems heavy as he slowly starts making his way over. His jacket hangs loose to be able to grab for his gun, if necessary.

Brinkmann slips his sunglasses into a cargo pocket for safe keeping while he looks over the small pile of wood. Perhaps only an hour or two worth of fuel, but long enough to fall asleep to the warmth before it would die out. It would be enough to suit their purpose. Taking a hold of a corner of the tarp, Brinkmann begins to drag his cache of wood through the snow, slush, mud, and other nastiness that the weather has bought with it. Calling out to Sarah again with his harsh constants, "You almost done out there? Oder?"

With a bundle of edible greeneries in one of the plastic bags that Brinkmann had found the night before, Sarah decides to head back to the trailer which they now occupied. The icy winds force her to pull the sweater about her shoulders in tightly just as she slips the baggy of foraged bounty into her backpack. "I'm on my way!" She calls out, before making her way towards Brinkmann in a light run before she pauses just before where the German was working. "I found a few things that we could eat. Nothing like having fresh meat or any meat for that matter. And definitely not enough for more than one meal… per person. But we will have a nice sized salad, nevertheless."

Quinton's only able to pick up a few words but it's enough to have him frowning and then purposefully shuffling his feet as he gets closer. His hands raise, showing he's not got anything in them, but also isn't hiding the fact he has a weapon on him, "…Over hear…not….hostile." He sounds weirdly out of breath, or like perhaps he's having to struggle to get the words out.

Brinkmann looks at the bounty and smiles at the young woman, "Well done. I'm sure this will be far better than what we ate last nigh."

Upon hearing an unfamiliar voice, Brinkmann freezes in his tracks. The twine that he was holding to pull the tarp is dropped to the ground and his hand slowly goes for the lead pipe fastened to his waist. The weapon isn't drawn, though Brinkmann leaves his hand on it should he need to use it… not that it would hold up in a gun fight. He moves to stand in front of Sarah to protect her should Quinton do anything. Calling out to the man, "Who are you? What do you want?"

They were only there for a night and now most of a day and Sarah had not seen a soul in the area. But just like herself and Brinkmann and the others, people were always moving, whether it's to find a shelter for them to use for the night or out looking for food. So when an unfamiliar voices calls out, the teenager freezes as well, before stepping closer to their chosen trailer, before turning around to face the wide expanse of space, where other trailers loom ominously in the distance and piles of useless trash can be found here and there. In a quiet tone, she turns to look up at her traveling companion and asks, "Is it Nathan…?"

Quinton keeps his hands up, "..Quinton." His head shakes, the baseball cap on his head is the chicago cubs, very far from home. Although he's not got the Chicago drawl. "Live here…group." He swallows, taking a moment to breath in deeply to try to vocalise better. Too bad today is a bad brain day for the poet, never good when meeting new people. "Open for trade…"

Brinkmann isn't entirely sure what to make of the situation or if he should trust Quinton yet. His eyes narrow on the man keeping him the focus of his attention while speeking quietl in German for Sarah to hear, "Keep an eye out incase there are more of them. If we get split up, we'll meet back at the school we squatted in two days ago."

"Who else is out here with you?" Brinkmann calls out to Quinton, this time in English. He doesn' appear to be interested in trade at the moment as so much getting control of the situation.

Sarah has gone through so much since she left her community in Pennsylvania, including the chaos which followed the very first wave. And yet, perhaps due to her sheltered lifestyle, she may be seem far more trusting of strangers than Brinkmann. Everyone she's met was English, there was no denying that, so here she was, thrust into the world of the English and despite some villainous sorts, most of the people, she wanted to believe, were good.

Understanding a good portion of her companion's German, the young woman returns in her own Pennsylvania Dutch which sounds a little like German though holds a slightly different dialect. "He doesn't look like a bad person. He said that he has a group…" For all of their running and hiding, Sarah was hoping to run into more people, people who wouldn't sneak off with their food throughout the night.

Quinton pauses, he just said a group, or does the man mean currently? He'll assume that. "…no one." The German is listened to, his head tilts but he doesn't say anything. Seems like maybe he's been in this position before. He waits giving them time to discuss.

Brinkmann tries to de-escalate the situation by standing in a non-threatening posture. Still, the man doesn't let his guard down to the stranger. In German, "Do you trust him? I wish I shared your faith in people." Switching back to English, "We don't have much to trade, only what we have on our backs."

Not wanting to look as if she were being sneaky, Sarah suddenly steps out from behind where Brinkmann stood before her in protection. Her own hands are up now, to show that she does not possess a weapon of any sort. Or at the very least, isn't holding anything. Switching from her Pennsylvania Dutch to English, she responds to the man beside her, "I don't know, but we can't be afraid of everyone." Half turning her head to look up at Brinkmann, she then inquires further in a rhetorical manner, "Can we?" Her gaze then returns to the man in the distance and here she calls out, "I'm Sarah."

Quinton's eyebrows draw together taking in the appearance of both people. "There was…attack…month ago. No drones though….you?" If they don't want to trade, he's not going to force them, but he would like info, if they have it. The drones are still a mystery, but they hide from them never the less. The girl gets a nod and soft smile, "Sarah." He'll never remember that! He then motions to his backpack, "….Can I?" he's asking to take it off, perhaps show them something.

Brinkmann does a quick scan to his left than his right to make sure there are no others in the area. Feeling confident that there is no one, he lets Sarah take the lead. To him, this is the blind leading the blind. While Sarah was an American, he knows she lived a very isolated life in the states… and he was a foreigner. He was going to have to trust her on this one…. so he introduces himself, "I'm Brinkmann."

Sarah didn't truly understand what a drone was, not by name, though she had heard it mentioned before. So there is some confusion on her features when the word is brought up once again. "We made our way here from Las Vegas. Lost a few people along the way." Just as Brinkmann does, she looks at her surroundings but sees no one else either. "You said that you had a group? Here? Did you mean in this lot?" When the stranger then motions to his backpack, the young woman once more turns to give Brinkmann a curious look, before her eyes fall upon Quinton once more, giving the man a single nod as a way to say 'go ahead'. "What is it?"

Quinton repeats the name, "Brinkmann," in hopes it will stick. He waits for the nod before slowly shrugging it off. It's clearly got something in it, "No…not….here." In the lot, anyway. He keeps his hands forward, and moving slow, so there's no surprises. Except maybe the bag of beef jerky he pulls out. He must have over heard their dinner plans, "Good faith?" It's offered over, they can trade for it later. Or not. She looks like a kid, and he's got a soft spot for wanting to make sure kids survive.

Brinkmann begins to feel that the stranger doesn't pose a threat at all anymore, still in this new harsh world it would be difficult to tell since all the social rules and constructs have desinigrated. Well at least as far as he was concerned. He makes sure to stay close to Sarah and follows her lead.

When the beef jerky comes out, he eyes the bag with a hunger in his eye… his horrible poker face clearly shows that he is a hungry man. In German, "Is that jerky?"

Despite giving the man her trust, Sarah can't help but feel a little nervous at allowing him to reach into his backpack. Perhaps she had made a mistake and maybe he was reaching for a weapon in there. Her eyes remain locked on him to observe each and every one of his movements as she stood there in a cold stillness, feeling the chill of the rain pelting against her skin.

It is when the jerky is brought out that her eyes light up and soon enough, she once more turns in Brinkmann's direction and gives the man a firm nod. However, she didn't want to look so eager and rush over to snatch the jerky out of the man's hands, so she continues to approach in a slow, cautious gait. "I'm afraid that we have nothing that we can offer. Except books, for we have found very little." And it might show, for both of these survivors were thin and pale.

Quinton nods, "Books…good" He likes books. He smiles again softly, seeing their nerves so the bag is set down and he backs away a few feet, zipping up the backpack as he does. "Protect…humans. Important." His brow furrow, frustrated with his own lack of verbage today.

Brinkmann simply nods and says back to Quinton with his German accent, "The books might be worth something the right people." The man shrugs a bit unsure of what value last nights find could be worth, but he isn't hopeful that he could get anything of real value from it. "You said you were with a group?"

The way in which Quinton speaks makes Sarah believe that he's just as nervous about them as they are with him. Still, she proceeds forward before crouching down beside the offered bag, gracing the man with a friendly smile of her own now. Carelessly, she turns towards Brinkmann as he follows behind her to show him a few of the jerky sticks that were in the bag. If she were more guarded, she would never turn her back on a stranger. Returning her gaze to Quinton, she asks, rising slowly with one of her jerkys in hand before handing the other to her companion. "Thank you. This means so much."

Quinton's got a backpack that he's slowly shrugging back on. The thin man nods, "Yes." he's not going to give more info than that just yet. The young woman gets a nod, "…been there. Understand." He's a hopeful stuttering poet. "Another group…trades candles, clothes…" He inhales, motioning into town, "We're….careful. But…friendly."

Into the trailer park comes Nathan, he's got a backpack that's seen better days over his shoulders, and a ratty cowboy hat atop his head, probably some fingerless wool hobo gloves on his hands as well to finish things off. He finds himself after a short while approaching the little group of Brink, Sarah, and Quinton.

Brinkmann nods as he follows along with the info Quinton is passing along, "How big is your settlement?" He had more questions, but is interupted by some movement that catches the corner of his eye. Quickly he reaches for the pipe at his belt in fear that he may have just walked into an ambush, but upon seeing Nathan, his guard goes down.

Brinkmann waves Nathan over in his direction and is glad to see another member of his group had found the trailer park. "Hello Friend." he calls out towards Nathan. He emphasizes the word friend for Quinton's benefit.

Sarah's eyes widen at the mention of the candles and clothing. As a girl, she liked both of those items, but as a survivalist now, having candles to the light the way and fresh clothing to change into seemed like heaven. "If we only had more to trade." She laments aloud, as she idly toys with her jerky before taking a bite out of the tasty stick of meat. It's been a while since she's had anything like it and this was the most delicious thing in the world right now. Letting Brinkmann do the talking now, her attention is drawn in the direction of Nathan, when she notices his cowboy hat approaching from the distance. Unlike Quinton, the young woman seems a touch more guarded at Nathan's appearance, for a brief moment. After a while, she is all smiles again and waving him over all the same.

Quinton's not going to blurt out too much, not that he really even can today. He starts to give a vague answer, but then the German man is reaching for his pipe. Luckily Quin's not trigger happy, although his hand does go towards his gun until he hears the words from Brinkmann. Quin's pretty observant though, pale green eyes flickering between all three people. It's dusk, Quin's been out scavenging all day, which is normal, but he should have been heading back by now.

"Brother, Sister." Nathan says, giving a bit of an eye towards Quinton as he closes that distance, "What have you found here?" he asks, looking the man over slowly, "A lost lamb looking for salvation, perhaps?" he asks, nodding his head towards Brinkmann, and Sarah in turn before turning his attention back to the stranger, "You have nothing to fear from us, lest you wish to make violence yourself." He inclines his head towards the hand reaching for his gun, "Violence begets violence, after all." He pauses for a moment, "Which begs one to ask, are you a violent man?"

Her brother had mentioned he was going out scavenging in this direction, and so Kayla had thought she might catch up with him - it's easier to find people now, at least, no hunting through crowds. Having done some scavenging along the way, Kayla's backpack cllearly has a few items weighing it down against her back, though it's nothing too large by the look of the bag. Rounding a corner, the site of her brother being approached by a stranger draws Kayla up short.

Brinkmann is glad that Nathan had arrived at the gathering. He had always been a beter talker than Brinkmann, especially when dealing with strangers. Perhaps it both Sarah and Nathan had more faith in humanity than he did, still he would always be on guard with strangers in this situation. You never know…

And then Brinkmann heard something… his eyes dart in the direction of Kayla as he sruggles to see into the darkness… in German, he says, "Something is out there…"

Closing the distance between herself and the new arrival, Sarah breaks off part of her jerky stick and hands half of it to Nathan. "I'm not sure if you found anything to eat along the way. Brinkmann and I have been scraping along for food. as it is." The young woman turns her attention back to Quinton now, watching the man's reaction to Nathan's arrival and everything else that may be going on. Unlike, the Brinkann, she doesn't notice another lurking in the shadows until it is brought up, in German. Returning in her own version of German, Sarah says as she tries to find what exactly Brinkmann had seen, "Perhaps it is one of his." He, meaning Quinton.

oh…no no. His hackles weren't up before, but the new arrival's words put him on edge. Quinton's eyes narrow slightly, eyeing the man before flickering over towards Brinkmann and Sarah. "Only…if I …need …" Ouch, seems like the easy he's had for the past few days is gone and he's back to choking out words. He may not know german, but he can read body language and turns to look in the direction everyone is looking. He recognises enough to call out, "Kayla?" and will start moving in that direction. If it's her, and this group is twitching, he'd like to be near her incase things go badly. He tries to keep everyone in his line of sight.

"Quin?" Kayla calls, tone uncertain, as she hears her brother's voice which prooves it's him She starts forward, gaze flicking from Quinton to the trio and back. "You okay?" Her hand twitches down towards the hunting knife she keeps on her hip. She doesn't know precisely what's going on…

The jerky offered is accepted by Nathan, and he bows his head in thanks to the woman, "You should let love and tolerance into your heart, you risk letting the demon inside you consume you." he says, taking a bite of his jerky, watching Quin back off, and Kayla approach their little gathering there in the trailer parks.

"Looks like it…. but she is armed." Brinkmann states in German as he watches Kayla from a distance… or at least as much as much as the night time ambient light allows. The odds are stacked three to two, and the two are armed. The German clearly feels uncomfortable in the situation, but continues to follow the lead of Nathan and Sarah.

Sarah turns from Nathan and back to Brinkmann: The adults in her group! But sensing that the situation may be escalating, the teenager holds her hands up once more, with the jerky grasped within one of them, "If the other is one of yours, let them step forward so that we may meet them. We are not here to hurt anyone." She even takes a step back away from where Quinton is already retreating as a show of this. In Pennsylvania Dutch, she says to Brinkmann without looking at him, "If she is not pointing her weapon at any of us, then she must be on her guard."

Quinton's hand raises as he approaches Kayla, in a fine motion. "Good…trading." Well, maybe. Sorta. A peace offering, anyway. He turns to look at the 3, much more guarded now that the woman is there. He states in spanish to the newest arrival, "They're being odd. They know we have a group. Leave it at that. We'll leave, if they stay we can talk to them later." It's too dark, and he's having too much trouble with his words, strangling not the spanish ones though. He looks back to the group as he settles near and slightly in front of Kayla, in English, "Mine."

Kayla ohs softly at her brother as he explains the situation. She looks past him to the tri once again before lowering her hand to relax at her side once again. "Hi…just…come to collect my brother," she calls past him to the folks she doesn't recognize.

"Perhaps we are being odd, but we are not the ones reaching for our pistols." Nathan says, inclining his head towards the fellow, his attention shifts then towards the woman at his side and he raising his hand and gesturing her forward, "Come, join us girl, if you would like." He offers, gesturing broadly in front of him, "We always welcome good folk at our camp."

"Of course, your brother is lucky to have one such as you looking after him." Nathan says, inclining his head towards the two, his attention shifts then towards the woman at his side and he raising his hand and gesturing her forward, "Come, join us girl, if you would ike." He offers, gesturing broadly in front of him, "We always welcome good folk at our camp."

Brinkmann was following the conversation with ease till Quinton stared speeking in Spanish. Now no longer being able to follow the conversation, he says to Sarah, "Do you know what they are saying now?"

The German continues to focus his attention on Kayla and her hunting rifle as he comment further in German, "I know you trust them, but its not that easy for me. At least these our your countryman."

Brinkmann looks towards Nathan as he continues in German, "They said there are more of them out there. I'm not sure how close we are to their camp. Its night fall, so it cant be to far off."

Unfortunately for Sarah, she doesn't understand Spanish so when Brinkmann asks if she can understand the pair, she simply shakes her head. In Pennsylvania Dutch, she responds, "I'm afraid not, but can they be worse off than we are? Do you think?" Here, she turns to the German man now, looking him in the eyes, continuing to speak in a tongue that he can mostly understand, "We are always on the move and have constantly been lacking for food. What if there is something better out there where we can finally settle down?" At least the young woman had hope in her heart. She then speaks out in English to both Quinton, but especially Kayla, "We are grateful for your brother's generosity." Here, she waves the beef jerky in her hand. She then realizes something and asks, "You are lucky. To have family with you."

The more they all talk in a language that Quin can't understand, the more he doesn't like this. He nods softly, "Go….back in …morning?" It's an offer, if they want. It is odd, to have actual family that survived the plague. Although some would argue that neither Wells sibling 'survived' whole. He nods though, knowing they are. He can't offer them more than what is his, but he can tell that they need even that amount of food. "Trade…books. Morning light." Everything is better in the light of day, right? Kayla gets a look and he jerks his head, indicating they should go.

Girl? That has Kayla's chin jerking up sharply; she bites her tongue, however. The female of the trio helps ease Kayla a little more, and she flashes a mild grin at her sibling. "Very lucky," she calls back in English. To her brother, in Spanish, she adds, "You okay? They okay people?" Reaching, she tries to hook her arm through Quin's. "I'm Kayla…just came out looking for Quinton. We need him back at…camp. We can come back in the morning." she agrees with her brother's offer.

"We will be here if we are destined to meet again." Nathan says to the two, his gaze slowly drifting from Quin to Kayla, "If we are, we can certainly discuss what we can do for one another." He adds, turning his attention back towards his companions, his brow lifting ever so slightly as he listens to them chatter back and forth for a moment longer, offering a slight nod before looking back at the two strangers.

Brinkmann appears to be in aggreeance with Nathan as he looks towards the two strangers, "Lets meet in the morning and trade. Its dark out and the weather doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon." This being said is is normal german accent filled with harsh constants. He grips his the hoodie of his jacket pulling it tighter around his face to keep the elements out.

Kayla nods to Brinkmann, and then to his two companions. "Good night," is her simple offer as the Wells siblings turn to head off, back into the dark of night to…well, wherever their camp is.

Sarah looks content by all of this and she, too, draws her sweater tighter around her form to better ward off the cold. Her eyes linger on Kayla and Quinton as they make their departure and rather than watch where they may be going, like her other companions may attempt to do so, she turns around to address them both, "I thought that they were quite nice. And generous, remember." And here, she takes another bite from her jerky. "I hoe they will find some use in the items that we've collected so far. Perhaps, I shall continue to look for useful things before it gets too dark."

Nathan watches Kayla make her escape before turning his attention to his companions, unshouldering his bag and reaching in, pulling out a book which he offers over to Brinkmann, "I found this earlier today, I thought you would enjoy reading something in your own tongue." He says, "And something for you as well, Sister Sarah, should you want it.." He says, rummaging around in his bag some more, pulling out the panties he scored, holding them up for inspection.

With the outsiders now out of sight, Brinkmann completely lets his guard down and lets out a sigh. "I really was unsure of their intentions. They did offer food, but I'm not sure I trust them fully yet. I think you too could be a little more cautions when confront stragers." This isn't said a if talking down, just more of a rambling to kill the silence.

Brinkmann turns his attention in time to receive Nathan's gift. The man beams wide with a smile, "Thank you." THe book is quickly tucked under his jacket to prevent it from getting wet from the rain. Looking at the pair he notes out loud, "Probably should get out of the rain before we become soaked ja?"

"I have lived in a community that held some form of distrust towards outsiders." Sarah starts, before biting into the jerky once more. "Now I find myself in the care and protection of the English and I do have to wonder sometimes if all of this, the outside world. Is it truly so terrible?" Her gaze then follows the book being passed from Nathan to Brinkmann, rather curious as to what it was about. "I would like to think that we are able to trust people again."

Her cheeks then color when Nathan extends a gift for her and she quickly takes it and tucks it away into the pocket of her backpack before Brinkmann has a chance to get a better look at it and to simply get it out of sight. "Thank you, Brother Nathan. One can never have enough clothes." With that said, to Brinkmann's suggestion, she starts off towards the trailer to slip into the dry comfort inside, "Welcome to our new home."

Mobile Home

This doublewide mobilehome isn't all that different from any of the rest of the homes in the trailer park. The only difference between it and others is that all the windows toward the back are covered with black garbage bags.

Upon entering you are right in the living area, which is divided from the kitchen by a laminate counter. Underfoot is either dirty rug, or sticky gold linoleum.

There is a bedroom in the front with an actual nice sit in bay window and a bedroom in the back…at least it's supposed to be used as a bedroom, whoever lived here though seemed to be using it as some sort of lab, and not the nice lets save people with science kind, but the Walter White, let's cook up some Meth kind.

"I found a wedding band, and a copy of the Kama Sutra as well." Nathan says as he moves to follow the two into the relative dryness of the trailer, "They could be useful as trade stock, should we decide to trade with these strangers." He says, reaching to remove his hat once inside and he looks around slowly, "We should be cautious with these people, the man was possessed of the demons, but perhaps not irredeemably so."

Once inside the warmth of the trailer, Sarah takes the time to relax and settle down on the floor with her legs curled to the side as she finished off the rest of the jerky. She was starving from last night, so this was a much needed feast. "I also gathered some edible plants that were growing along the side of the road, so we'll have some sort of salad if we were still hungry later." She informs Nathan more than Brinkmann, who she had already told earlier. At the mention of the wedding band, however, Sarah is all the more curious, "May I see it?" But it is the Kama Sutra that sounds foreign to her. "The Kama Sutra? Is that a book?"

"The Kama Sutra is an Indian text on desire, love, and sex." Nathan says, setting his bag down and pulling the book out, offering it over for example, "This, of course, is an english translation." He adds with a shrug of his shoulders. "And edible plants? That is rather industrious. You'll both have to tell me what you've learned of this area so far."

Dusting off jerky crumbs from her hands, Sarah can only blink at the description of this book. "Why would anyone need to write something on such a topic? You English are strange." And this she says with a laugh, though takes the book when it's offered and flips through it. Eventually she stops, a shocked and amused expression can be seen on her face with one hand lifting to cover her mouth. "I.. What is this?" She turns another page and looks just as surprised as she was last time. "My goodness." Another page is flipped and then another before she shuts the book altogether and hands it back to Nathan. "Do you think anyone would wish to trade for that? I.. I am not even certain as to what I was seeing. Those images." The poor Amish girl cannot help but fluster with color and laugh like a giddy school girl. She then calms herself to responds to the question posed. "In my community, we not only farm but learn what plants that grow in the wilderness are good for cooking and we gather those up alongside our harvest. I found a decent variety of things that should make a good spring salad."

Nathan reaches to accept the book as it's handed back over, "That book is older then English, Amish, even Christianity itself." he says with a shrug of his shoulders, "Perhaps it is worth something if just for the historic value. Perhaps not." He adds, stuffing it back into his backpack. "Perhaps we can do some work for these strangers in exchange for food and supplies we may need, not that your salad and foraging are not appreciated, of course, but we will not survive the winter on just salads, I think."

Gesturing to the unlabeled can that remains sitting in the middle of the floor, Sarah decides to mention, "There's also that, if you know what it is. Brinkmann and I had decided that it wasn't edible at all, but if you want to taste. I do warn you, however." In the kitchen section of the trailer, the teenage homemaker begins to sort out the pieces of the salad, using her own bottle of water to rinse it all out as the faucet of the trailer no longer worked. "I think that is a marvelous idea. To do chores for them, perhaps? Maybe one of them will have a vehicle that can take us to the east."

Nathan picks up the can, eyeing it a little bit, and then finally shrugging his shoulders, "It may not be good, but it probably can be eaten.." He says with a hmmn, "And yes, chores, construction, any number of things. Perhaps we'll speak with them in more detail come the morning."

Quinton and Kayla Haul

1 Tuxedo
6 Bottles of Dish Soap
1 Old Nokia cell phone
1 Box of "Hello my name is _" Stickers
1 Concert Flyer
1 Jogger's heart rate monitor
2 Childrens? Pants
1 Cardigan Sweater
1 Ceramic Elvis bust
2 Votive Candles

Brinkmann, Nathan and Sarah's Haul

1 Book - Nonfiction - Kama Sutra
2 Panties
1 Gold Ring
1 Book-Fiction-German Language
1 Pair of Earrings
1 Broken Flip-Flop

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