(2015-12-23) Waiter, Dog Food for Two
Waiter, Dog Food for Two
Summary: Two nomads, Brinkmann and Sarah share a meal after scavenging at the trailer park.
Date: 12.23.2015
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Mobile Home Park

As one would expect here there are lines of mobile homes that fill this large multi-acre area. The space between the mobile homes are generous leaving room for vehicle parking and a small green space for growing things, be it just grass or a few flowers or vegetables.
Of all the areas in town this is by far the worst off. Drainage isn't good here so puddles of water and sewage both large and small dot the area. Many homes stand open and there is lots of evidence that wildlife has already moved in.
Thankfully though this area is free of any human remains. It was probably one of the first places hit by the plague so there were still enough people around to deal with them.

The need for survival has kept Brinkmann trudging along in search of food and water. The man appears to be holding his own against the elements… for the most part. Whenever a strong nothernly wind blows, the man wraps his arms accross his chest in order to preserve heat. When such a wind blows, he turns towards Sarah, "I thought Texas was supposed to be hot? Oder?" His german accesent while not very strong, still clearly doesn't sound anything native to the USA.
The young woman beside Brinkmann is bundled up as warmly as she possibly can be, being forced to wear the clothes of the English, for she had only brought a very small amount from her own wardrobe for her visit to Las Vegas. Her thick wavy locks are tied back into a puffy ponytail and though she wears a warm beanie over her head, the hood of her borrowed puffer jacket adds even more protection against the elements. "Winter is winter wherever you go." She says before blowing at her frigid fingertips in an attempt to warm them. "Unless you were in Hawaii or somewhere." Leaning forward against the wind, she tries her best to give a good look-around. There is no use looking through the snow-covered ground for anything useful, but she can only hope that some of the trailers in this park have not already been looted. "Finding somewhere warm to duck into might be a brilliant idea, I think."
"I used to live in Austin a few years back." Brinkmann states as a bit of a reminder to his travelling companion than contiues, "It used to never get this cold down there…." he trails off in his speech as he points towards one of the trailer park homes, "That one could work. Ja?" The trailer home in questions looks to be in alright shape compared to those in the vicinity of where he is standing. His head swivels from side toside seeing if there may be better shelters that he may have overlooked the first time.
"How was it like?" Sarah starts, pausing in her words, before clarifying, "Living in Austin? This is the first time that I have ever been so far from home. It was exciting to cross the country and see all of the wonders which I have missed." Pressing onward, she lifts her chin to peer in the direction pointed out to her. "Anywhere is better than out here. At least the walls will protect us from the wind chill." Continuing in her forward trudge, she adds as she squints at the trailer to see if she can find any fault in its structure at all, "Hopefully."
Brinkmann turns to face the trailer and begins walking in its direction. His feet crunch the snow with each passing step and occasionally the snap of splintering ice emits from under his boots. "Austin was nice. All and all, a little to hot for me." Brinkmann turns to Sarah and smirks, "I would trade everything right now weather like that." As he continues to close th distance to the trailer, he reaches back over his shoulder and pulls out a short lead pipe from his ruck sack. "Hopefully the place is empty. You think we should annouce ourselve prior to going in? I doubt anyone is here, but I don't want to spook anyone that might be there."
"You and me both." Sarah says in agreement to her companion's words regarding a change in the weather. "In Pennsylvania, it gets cold like this. My sisters and I would spend time in front of the wood heater, warming up our clothing there to before we are sent out to face our wintry day chores." Her own words then remind her of her family, wondering in silence whether any of them were alive. She does not bring this up, however, knowing first hand of Brinkmann's own loss during their travels together. Once near the trailer, she quiets down to give it a listen, before stepping off to the side of the door, less the trailer were occupied by an angry occupant. "It would be best to do so." She murmurs, before calling out on her own, "Is anyone in here?"
Brinkmann nods as he listens to Sarah recant her days in Pennsylvania. "Probably for the best." he says in agreeance with her as she announces their presence to the trailer. Give any occupents a moment to respond and not hearing a response, he taps his lead pipe against the sheet metal door. The clanging is loud enough to be heard by anyone in the trailer. Briefly turning towards Sarah, he says, "Just incase they were sleeping." He shrugs a bit and reaches out for the door in order to be the first one inside.
There's always a fear that someone will hear them whenever they call out to inquire of a presence. Lucky for them, that had not been the case in recent moments. Sarah knows enough that there are dangerously greedy people out there and it would be best if they avoided those sorts altogether. So with baited breath, she listens for a sound, a response to her question and just as she is about to finally breathe, the clanging of Brinkmann's pipe against the side of the trailer jolts her enough that her body freezes completely where she stands. "You scared me!" She musters out, feeling her heart racing within her chest. "I thought…" She then shakes her head quickly, "We should move inside in case there's someone who may have heard us. And.. because it's cold."

Brinkmann hadn't meant to scare the poor girl with his clanging, but he had to make sure that whoever was inside knew they were coming in. He reaches for the door and attempts to pull it open… its jammed. He turns towards Sarah frowning slightly, "Stand back, I don't want you getting hit by this." Using the pipe, he wedges its flat edge into the door jam and prep to pry it open.

He nods his head towards a corner of the door where ice has built up along the front door, "Pipes probably broke and flooded the inside."
Despite it being so cold, Sarah step away from the trailer when told to do so. As much as she would like the looming structure to shield her from the chill, once Brinkmann has the door open and when they are inside, things will be much better. So as he gets to work, the young woman knows enough to stand as look out, giving the area a thorough look over, just in case there are others watching, or even worse, coming for them. Or even better, this gives her the time to spot something useful. Fortunately and unfortunately, neither of these happen. "Do you need any help with that? Do we have anything that will help melt the ice from the door?"
Brinkmann shakes his head from side to side letting Sarah know he has it under control, "It is a small problem." With the pipe wedged securely into the door frame, he pushes forward ino the pipe giving it everything he has. The door gives rather easier than expected with a loud crack causing poor Brinkmann to tumble forward into the trailer face first into the ground. A thud and a deep exhale are emitted on impact. Having lost his breath, he takes a sharp inhale and just rolls onto his back with his hand resting accross his stomach. "Ughhh…" is all he manages to get out as he lays there. Tired, worn out, and just having the wind knocked out him, Brinkmann struggles to find the motivation to get back up onto his feet. "I think I might just lay here for a moment…" he says trailing off a bit.

Poor Brinkmann. Sarah doesn't miss a beat at once the man pries the door open and takes a spill inside, she quickly darts through that very same door if just to get out of the path of the cold gusts of wind. Hopping over the sprawled out man, she attempts to pull him inside of the trailer completely as she is hoping to shut the door closed in some fashion. "Let me just ward of the ice and the wind for the moment. Otherwise, all of that cold air will just stream into this place." Taking a quick glance around, she has to comment, "It's not bad. Decent amount of space for the time being."

Mobile Home

This doublewide mobilehome isn't all that different from any of the rest of the homes in the trailer park. The only difference between it and others is that all the windows toward the back are covered with black garbage bags.

Upon entering you are right in the living area, which is divided from the kitchen by a laminate counter. Underfoot is either dirty rug, or sticky gold linoleum.

There is a bedroom in the front with an actual nice sit in bay window and a bedroom in the back…at least it's supposed to be used as a bedroom, whoever lived here though seemed to be using it as some sort of lab, and not the nice lets save people with science kind, but the Walter White, let's cook up some Meth kind.

Brinkmann takes a moment to catch his breath before raising to his feet. Dusting himself off he says, "Oh man. I didn't expect that door to give so easily." He quickly scans around the room trying to decide if this place will be suitable to squat at for the night, "Ja. This will do fine for tonight." Glad to be out the wind, yet still disappointed by the bone chilling cold Brinkmann says, "We should try and start a fire or something to stay warm."
Sarah puts all of her weight against the door to get it to shut, but once that is done, her lithe frame slides down so that she is settled into a seating position right at the door's base. "A fire would be nice." She says, finally able to relax. But soon enough she is up again, looking through various drawers and the like, but coming up with nothing. "I have yet to find anything useful. It's as if the place was completely looted… which isn't surprising." Giving up, she finds somewhere to settle down once again, this time to remove her backpack so that she retrieve the bible within, "I was just hoping that we would eventually find a place left forgotten and untouched." Opening the book up and flipping through the first few pages, she adds, "If we could only get to Pennsylvania, but I'm afraid that things there may have been looted too."
Brinkmann doesn't bother to remove his rucksack quiet yet decideing to leave it for the moment. There is just something about having it pressed to his back and acting as another layer of insulation that he just isn't ready to give up yet.

Taking his que from Sarah, he begins ransacking the kitchen for supplies, food, water, or anything for that matter. Turning up a few plasic bags, he tosses them into the middle of the room. "These might turn up useful. Place your clothes inside these, than inside your ruck sack. It will keep your spare set of clothes dry the next time it rains on us." He continues to tear apart the kitchen finding nothing of any value or pratical use to him. He smirks as he points towards a small bookshelf with a few books on it, "Cantonese… Surgical Anatomy? Whoever lived here must have been an academic or maybe a squatter just became to tired to carry them further." He shrugs and continues searching…
Sarah's fingers were freezing and she felt as if they would simply fall off. This made turning the pages of her bible all the more difficult and from time to time she would stop just so she could breathe hot air over her hands for warmth. Brinkmann would know by now that this bible reading was a nightly ritual for his young traveling companion and whenever they find a place to settle down in, if temporarily, Sarah can usually be found praying in thanks for their good fortune.

She is, however, non-plussed when she looks up from her book to find that while she had failed to locate anything, Brinkmann had come across a few things — useful or not. Closing her book shut for now, she drags her backpack to where the plastic baggies were tossed and begins to sort out what clothes she did have — the Amish garb which she wore when she first left her community and the rest were filled with English clothing, either ones which she had bought or scavenged once the first wave hit. All of these, she places neatly within the plastic bags. "You are having far better luck than I." Looking thoughtful, she adds in, "I am hoping that it was an academic, but I can't imagine how useful the items in here would be if it were."
Brinkmann shrugs his shoulders as tears through some of the kitchen cabinets, "They probably didn't have room after finding all the good items." A grin slowly creeps across his face as he turns up a dented can that still is sealed. "No telling what is in here…" he says trailing off and taps his finger against the can where a label used to be.
"If we could get back to Pennsylvania," Sarah starts this up again, "My family, no. The entire community have always been prepared. We had food stored away for moments like this. There would be houses of them." This enthusiasm for scavenging barely masks the true reason for her return home, but finally she murmurs, "And maybe my family will still be alive. Or someone." She doesn't dare look Brinkmann in the eyes now and instead, she shakes her head, trying to put on a lighter expression to ward her own melancholy away, for such dark thought would help no one. At the can shown to her, she says with a wry smile, "There's only one way to find out what's in it. I'm hoping it chef-boyardi. Or whatever it's called."
Brinkmann has been holding onto wishful thinking all this time. The news leading up to the events were mostly US focused and the state of Germany, or Europe for that matter, is mostly unknown to him. He absently fiddles with wedding band without realizing it as he thinks about home.

A moment later he snaps out of it trying to focus at the task at hand and a growling stomach, "What's Chephf…Chef…" he pauses trying to focus on saying the word correctly, "Chef boyardi?" While a pretty strong English speaker, once in a while a word or two will throw him for a loop.

Walking over to Sarah's spot on the floor, Brinkmann does a rucksack flop. Slinking back into the ground, kicking his legs out, and using his rusk sack as a backrest. The man lets out a sigh, "Its good to be taking a break." He truely does seem relaxed for the first time today.
Knelt beside the bag of… baggies, Sarah is still working on neatly putting her clothes away protected in plastic. "It's a canned pasta meal that the English eat," She takes pause before correcting herself, "In the United States, that is, since it seems as if not many of them like to cook. It's not all that terribly, but nothing compared to a good home cooked meal." Once she has her clothing all zipped up in the baggies, she returns them to her backpack, before stuffing a few extra bags in as well. More than likely, one bag will be for her bible.

As it was a cold, exhausting day, Sarah understands how Brinkmann feels, completely. The captured air in the baggies now adding more cushion to her backpack, she places it on the ground, using it as a pillow before she takes up her bible once more. "How far will we travel? Where will we go?" She has to ask. "There must be people out there somewhere and not the wicked people who tried to steal our things several months back. No. There just has to be good people out there."
Brinkmann reaches behind in into one of the easier accessible pouches for his ruck and pulls out a can opener that has seen better days, in fact the thing appears to be on its last leg. Taking the can opener to the can, he struggles to get the can open, but after a few tries the blade catches the lid and it begins cutting. "I think our plan of pushing through the South is still the best course of action. A lot more flat and we get to avoid…" he pauses to think about something for a moment, "…two or three mountain ranges. Plus, we will be on the coast and should be able to pull fish from the ocean."

Brinkmann mindlessly cuts through the entire lid severing it from the can and blurts out, "Sheisse." It was an accident to sever the lid as he wanted to be able to close the can again at a later date. "Oh well." he says as he removes the top. Unfamiliar with many of the US canned food products he stares at the canned meat chunks inside, "People eat this here?" He then turns the can of Pedigree dog food in your direction for approval then offers it up, "I don't know how the Americans eat canned food." He shrugs and holds the can out for you, "You can eat first, just save me a few bites at the end."

<FS3> Sarah rolls Alertness+mind: Good Success.
<FS3> Brinkmann rolls Alertness+mind: Failure.

Shifting over to her side for added comfort, Sarah takes notice at how ratty and worn Brinkmann's rucksack was becoming. With her bible now lowered once more, she muses, "I can try to repair some of that if you like. Just minor stitching, it won't help for any worn out and thinned pieces, but it will continue to hold in any case." Setting the book down, she draws herself back up into a sitting position once more. "I'm used to repairing my family's clothing and belongings. It won't be all that difficult a task."

She then listens to the man's plan, nodding slowly at that. Going south wouldn't get anywhere near Pennsylvania, but she had hopes that they may run into people who could return her home. "Having some fresh fish would be nice. Or just about anything." Already, once the lid of the can starts to tear open, the teenager can sense that something was odd. Her stomach was about grumbling at this moment too, so to her chagrin, she takes one sniff of the contents within the can and wrinkles her nose. "I'm not even sure if that smells edible." Fishing out her lone spoon mixed in with the rest of her belongings, she carefully pokes at the substance, before taking a taste test. "Bleh. I'm not exactly sure what this." But something about the smell was very familiar!
Brinkmann takes his eyes off the food to look over his shoudlder and asses the condition of his rucksack. Not that he has good view of it behind him it doesn't stop him from discussing its condition, "That would be great. Some of the stiching along the shoulder pad is giving way." This is followed up with his hand tapping the location which has seen some were and tear, "Its been a long enough day though, maybe you can fix it in the morning or even the day after. The old girl should hold out for a few more days."

His attention is refocused on Sarah as she comments about the quality of the food. Not knowing any better he just throws out the comment, "Probably past its expiration date. Maybe that is why they left it behind." He shrugs at the thought and hopes thats the case. "This is a trailer park, I doubt these people could afford quality food oder?"

<FS3> Sarah rolls Awareness+mind: Failure.
<OOC> Sarah says, "Obliviousness is zen."

With the spoon in her mouth, though she obviously isn't savoring the taste of the mushy thing, Sarah nods slowly. "I can do that. If we find a suitable place to settle down, somewhere with…" And here she looks at her spoon and at the can of mess again, "Something far more edible, then we can have a longer down time and I can find time to work on some random repairs. I know that I have a rip in my other jacket, which makes it useless."

For a long while, she is debating whether to go in for a second serving but as she's famished, a little bite isn't going to hurt. So in the spoon goes, she doesn't dare scoop up a large heap of the stuff, but just enough to coat the curved tip of the spoon for taste. "This really isn't getting any better. Though maybe it's jut an acquired taste."
Brinkmann lets out a yawn as he listens to Sarah talk and tiredly nods his head as he listens to her talk. "I didn't realize your jacket was ripped. Lets stay here all day tomorrow, rest up, and see what we can find in town. We can patch up our gear." He pauses for a second, "Plus I'm guessing we are about a days travel a head of the others. We can give them a chance to catch up."

The Entire time he is watching you try to put down the food, "That bad eh?" He shivers at the thought of eating another horrible meal, but is left with little choice at this point.
Having had enough of the mystery meat in the can, Sarah places the severed lid back on to cover it, before pushing it aside altogether. Maybe at some point, out of hunger and desperation, she may resort to eating more of it. Perhaps even wolfing it down, but for now, she resists. "If you want to eat your share of it, be my guest. I think I will persevere through the rest of evening just fine." Reaching into her backpack again, she pulls out a light travel blanket and wraps herself in it before laying back with her head against her sack once more. "I may try to get some sleep, so I don't have to think about eating." But the idea of how she will feel tomorrow does hit her and once more her gaze lingers on the mystery can in the distance.
"Sleep sounds really good right now." says Brinkmann as he slips his rucksack off of his shoulders. He gets up onto a knee and begins unfastening his bedroll and sleeping bag from his pack. He carefully unroll each and places them on the ground to set up for the night, but before diving into his sack, he eyes the suspicious food. Contemplating if he should eat it, his hunger gets the best of him and he reaches out for the can. He decides to go all in taking a huge spoon full of the canned meat and delivering it to his mouth. Best to get it over with one one swoop he thinks…then the taste of the mushy meat sets in. Brinkmann makes a disgusted face and gags at the taste. His hand immediately goes to his mouth to keep anything from coming up. He struggles to chew it and force it down not wanting to spit it up, "Oh my god…" he chews again… "This is horrible…" Managing to swallow the first bite was enough and he dares not go back for seconds… yet. As with Sarah, he too seals the lid and places the can in a safe spot where it wont get knocked over.
Sarah was nearly about to fall asleep when Brinkmann's stirring brings her to full waking once more. Quietly, she watches as he makes his way back over to the horrible can and then she waits. And waits. And… It's difficult for her to contain her laughter at seeing the German's face scrunch up once downing a good sized portion of the stew. "I told you, didn't I?" That was the much needed entertainment that will keep her spirits lifted until morning when hunger will more than likely set in again. "Hopefully," She says as she contains a yawn, "We'll find something else that's edible… but for now…" Her voice finally trails off as she finally gets some sleep.
Brinkmann initials starts to laugh and is suddenly hit with a bit of a lingering after taste from the food. His face torques again and the thought that people actually bought this on purpose. He shudders at he thought as he begins to climb into his sleeping bag, "I was…" he trails off as he sees his travelling partner drift off to sleep. He quietly says "Gute Nacht" as he zips up his bag and is soon drifting off to sleep himself.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Book-Fiction-Cantonese Language
1 Book - Non-Fiction -Hug Therapy
1 Plastic bag filled with plastic bags
1 Book - The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanual Kant
1 Book-Fiction-Spanish
1 Book - Surgical Anatomy

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