(2015-12-26) Empty Carbs
Empty Carbs
Summary: Terry and Sophia head into town to do some scavenging, and stretch their legs.
Date: 12.26.2015
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Law Office

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T'was the day after Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… well, unless you count Terry Collins. The man wanders about the office, decked out in his usual scavenging gear: Danner Radical 452 GORE-TEX Hikers, faded blue denims, a gray undershirt, black cotton overshirt, a black Alpha Industries M65 field jacket, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. His usual Walther PK380 is holstered at his right hip. He moves about the office like a man on a mission, pulling books off of the shelves, opening desk drawers, turning over every proverbial rock in an attempt to suss out potential hiding spots for loot.

Sophia offered to come with Terry. It's odd she would, but she also seems on a mission, she's opening drawers, although she's moving slower than he is. She's had luck, but it's all been of the junk food type. Not exactly what she was hoping for. "Well…I guess this is better than nothing…" Junk food, that is.

Terry, too, comes up with junk food. A look of disappointment, perhaps disgust, crosses his face. "I used to frequent these kinds of places. It doesn't surprise me. You might think these guys would be the 'salad and protein shake' type, but ~no~, these guys *love* their high-carb dental nightmares." He holds up the Snickers bar, car magazine, and Oreos. "You know anyone who likes cars?" He holds out the magazine.

Sophia grins, "I loved them." The short worm reaches for the mag, a small look of longing on her face, "I was saving up. I wanted a Jaguer." Yikes, expensive! Her dark eyes flicker to the junk food, "Do you not want it?"

Terry briefly lifts up his shirt. (Don't look, it'll sear your eyes out!) "I'm not too big on empty carbs. Gotta keep *this* up." He flexes his abs, indicatively, and then pauses. "…You should have seen my ride. Chevy Impala, '67. Won an IOU for it at a card game back in '01, picked it up the week after I got back. Had to ditch it back when the proverbial hammer fell and everything went down the tubes."

Sophia looks, why wouldn't she, he's showing her. She laughs though, "I've fund that, especially now, there is no such thing as an empty carb." her eyes light up though at the mention of the car and she nods, "Bueno. I love older cars too. So much character."

Terry nods. "If we ever have a reason to head back to Fremont, assuming it hasn't been found, I'd love to show it to you. I remember exactly where I dropped it off.. as you're coming into town on highway 30, make a right onto North Yager, there's a body shop. Parked it in the alleyway to the right of the shop, tossed a blue rain-tarp over it." He smiles as he reminisces about the old beast. "That thing has a lot of memories in it.."

Sophia listens, although she doubts they'll even go back. "If we do, I would love to see it." One of her warm grins, "I don't see why it wouldn't still be there." It may have been broken into, but it should still be there. "Perhaps come spring. I would like to go north again and see if there's anything left of my place." She had a stash of booze that wold be really welcome about now.

The sound of a tin can being kicked echoes from the nearby window. Terry instinctively draws his handgun, chambers a round, and moves to the wall nearest the window, trying to get a look outside without exposing himself. After a few seconds, he moves away from the wall, and starts heading to the door. "I don't think there's anything left for us here. You ready to head back?" He stops, and glances to the woman.

Sophia frowns, she has a rifle with her, but instinctively grabs her head baseball bat instead. She nods, "Si…perhaps it's time to move on…" She'll let the man lead, he makes a great shield if bullets start flying.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Small bag of Chocolate Chip cookies
2 Fun Size Snickers bars
1 Small bag Chex Mix
1 Snickers Bar
1 Car Magazine
1 Small package Oreos

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