(2015-12-28) Hardware Store
Hardware Store
Summary: Terry needs a few things for a project, he has an audience for his searching
Date: 12.28.2015
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Hardware Store

This quant little mom and pop hardware store seems to have been a popular place if the worn stairs and worn wooden floor are any indication. Shelves and displays fill the store and near the front is a counter with a single cash register. On the back wall hang bins still full of nails, screws, nuts, bolts and other misc hardware.

The place seems to have had a selective pick through. Though there are quite a few tools and what not still hanging on shelves collecting dust.

Oh gawd rain! That was sudden and without warning! And it came down like a deluge out of the blue. The closest place to take cover was the hardware store. It seems that it hasn't been touched all that much, rodents and roaches scurry into hiding, but shelves and racks still remain upright and some even have dusty tools and the like hanging from them. Shaking droplets of water from her hands, Piper looks a bit chagrined by the sudden downpour "That…" she shakes her head "surprise."

For once Quin isn't the first one a building. He's a little more soaked than Piper, but grins at her, nodding in agreement, "…yes." A small shiver and he pulls his t-shirt away from his torso and squeezes it, drops of water fall to the floor. "…shop….here?"

Terry ducks into the hardware store, using a newspaper as an improved head-covering, and begins hunting around like a man on a mission. The rain gave him an idea, and he'd like to build a prototype to show off.. or, at least, to get his point across so those with the real know-how can. Today, he's decked out in a new outfit — brown boots, dark gray denims, a black short-sleeve shirt, a tan jacket, and a blue cotton knit cap.

Piper's hair and rain don't mix…at least it is still in braids…well sorta. it was trying to escape, but now it's all kinda plastered to her head. Tiny, drowned rat, only not as gross looking…not at all gross looking…that probably isn't even remotely possible really. "It's dry…" is her answer to the question and they may find /something/ useful. She gives a glance around and begins to poke around almost as if she has never been in a hardware store before.

Quinton blinks, looking over at Terry, "Hi?" The man maybe on a mission, but he can at least acknowledge they others. He nods to Piper, "…dry.." Must be a hard words day for the poet. He'll move off to the side, looking as well. The plastic bucket is grabbed, always useful. And paint. they have apartments to keep up. He seems pleased with that and will set the three buckets next to the entrance.

Terry blinks, glancing up from his 'mission'. "Oh.. Hi, guys." A beat passes. "Nice weather we're having, eh?" He resumes his hunt, keeping an ear open to conversation, wandering up and down the aisles of the store, looking for.. "Bingo!" He swipes a few containers of silicon watertight sealant off of the shelf, and tosses them into his kit-bag. "Washers.. washers.." He mutters to himself, hunting up and down the aisles.

There is a slight frown…it is weathering quite a lot outside…not sure if she would call in nice…but at least it doesn't need to be shoveled. The woman looks breifly between the two men, and then shrugs at Quinton "Man with plan?" she questions mostly Quinton but Piper speaks in a normal tone and her voice carries quite well. Not really having a clue what it would be she checks out the opposite aisle. A few things the recognizes, like a hammer so the grabs a couple…they are multipurpose. Hit a nail, hit someone's head…multipurpose.

Sometimes it's good Quin doesn't know what piper thinks. He does offer a small smile to terry and whatever he's plotting before going back for the hedge trimmer, there may be parts of it they can use. Maybe. Quin has no idea.

Bingo. Box of rubber washers located. Now, just need the metal ones. Hunthunthunt, like a bloodhound. Terry glances over to the pair. "You two need anything? I'll keep an eye out for it.." A pause. "I'm looking for some hose-clamps, some metal washers, spigots, and some landscaping fabric.." He blinks. D'oh. "And some trash cans.. not the little foot-pedal ones. The sturdy, regular-sized ones."

Having made it to the plumbing aisle Piper looks at the various things that can still be found on the shelves and racks. She spots a book that could come in handy and grabs it. They will eventually want to get the plumbing working right? All the dust is making her nose itch and she wrinkles it to try to hold back a sneeze, with no luck, she covers her nose and mouth with the crook of her elbow as the dust wins its battle with her sinuses. She does catch the trashcan part…it would probably be the only thing she would recognize immediatly on his verbal list of things anyway. "There?" she points to where she saw some trash cans and other storage containers a few aisles over.

Quinton listens, but isn't seeing anything Terry rattled off. "Just…stuff…" he's not building anything. The poet keeps looking though, sometimes things are found in the oddest places.

Terry disappears into the back of the store, and returns with a large push-cart. He begins loading some trash-cans, and making little 'kits' so things are organized.. Garbage can, a can of sealant, a roll of teflon tape, a box of rubber washers, a box of metal washers. "Alright! Now we're cooking.." He whispers gleefully to himself. "Spigots.. landscaping fabric.." He resumes searching.

It's a hardware store…not really much here that Piper finds either fascinating or worth grabbing herself. They know where the stuff is should it be needed, and it's conveniently stored on shelves and racks already. Instead of keeping her fruitless searches she heads to the checkout counter and hops onto it to swing her legs back and forth as the other two continue to poke around.

Quinton blinks and then looks over at Piper, unsure what Terry is doing. Finally he'll just ask, "What…building?" After some more poking he heads towards Piper, bending down to retrieve a bottle of Pepsi and a bag of cheese-its from underneath a shelf.

"A rain barrel." Terry explains. "Looks like we might get a little misting, so I figure now's as good a time as any to try it out. Less need for us to go scouting for bottled water." He offers a shrug, pointing out the basics. "Drill holes here and here," near the bottom for the spigot, and the top for overflow. "Secure spigot to bottom hole with washers and sealant. Cut a hole in the lid of the can, secure some landscaping fabric under the lid, close the lid… and wait for the rain. Good stuff." He continues hunting for supplies.

A glance is given out the front window and the rain coming down like buckets. If this is misting she would hate to see what he thinks real rain is. She doesn't comment though as she listens to his idea, wrinkling her nose at the idea of drinking rain water. Piper hasn't gotten that desperate yet. Lake water sure, after it's been boiled and cooled she does see the benefit though "No hauling…"

Quinton just nods, "..good." No hauling will be nice. "few." As in they can use a few. He keeps digging around, but doesn't seem to be having as much luck as he normally does.

Terry resumes hunting around for more stuff.. bingo! Spigots and fabric, just what he needed. He swipes a few boxes of spigots off of the shelves, along with some rolls of landscaping fabric, and loads them onto his cart. "I'm gonna head back to camp, get working on some food, and then get working on the rain barrels. You two gonna be alright?"

Piper watches Terry gather the last of his things, like a person watches a strange and unusual creature at the zoo…curiosity mixed with confusion. Her eyebrows quirk at his question. They've been all right up until now, she doesn't foresee that changing "Fine." she answers as she slips off the counter "Stay dry…" impossible with the rain "Run across.." she then says to Quinton as she points to the house across the street. It's one they have scavenged before, so at least she knows its open, they can stay dry and see what else they can find.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Bottle of Pepsi
1 Small bag of Cheez-Its
1 Pruning Shears
1 Hedge Trimmer
2 Cans Interior Paint
1 Buckets
1 Hedge Trimmer
2 Hammers
1 Basic Plumbing Manual
1 Staple Gun
1 Hedge Trimmer
1 Drill
Stuff to make rain barrels

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