(2015-12-29) Buzzkill
Summary: Three drones sweep Stratford
Date: 12.29.2015
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Purnell Ave.

The morning dawns cool, with a light hoar of frost covering the ground and other surfaces, cars, windows…what have you. With the almost completely over the eastern horizon though the frost is starting to melt. Like most mornings, various people or small groups are out, hunting, scavenging..foraging, whichever they are wont to do.

Whatever Piper had planned on doing this morning got hijacked…by a feisty injured sheriff and the doctors need to have some peace and quiet in the infirmary…or perhaps the infirmary needed a good cleaning, or Bob needed fresh air…whatever the reason the young woman, with baby strapped to her is wandering around this part of town pushing the older man in his wheelchair. While she doesn't seem overly twitchy or nervy she isn't being all that chatty. Her vocab mostly reduced to one syllables an yes and no.

Having needed to get out and about herself, needing a break from the chilly classroom, Kayla is walking along beside Piper. She's leaving the baby and mama in silence, allowing them their space

Terry follows along behind the group, kitted out in his usual grays and blues and what have you. T-shirt, pants, jacket, all-terrain boots. He has his rifle with him, since he's not just watching out for himself.

The grumpy old Sheriff really just needed to get away from life indoors. And since this is exactly what led him to needing further surgery, he's neglected to mention the outing to the doctor or Sophia, instead relying on Piper to facilitate his escape. Bob seems content to sit and watch as they move in silence. Being his paranoid self, he's brought his gun, which is shoved into the front pocket of his hoodie.

As if Piper really would have a choice under the circumstances…though she probably would have done it anyway…help him escape…she's done it herself a time or too, as well as helped others get free of the infirmary. She really doesn't like that place. Glancing from Kayla to Bob and then behind them at Terry, and points to the coffee place "Have…" she then does a signal for looking…meaning scavenging. She hasn't been to this part of town so its all new to her.

Following the direction Piper points towards, Kayla bobs he head once. "I onlyl got a quick look, once…though I found a couple of still sealed bags of coffee beans." she admits with a grin. After all, coffee is almost as good as gold now! She kicks a chunk of debris out of the way of the wheelchair so they can adjust their path

Terry perks up at the mention of coffee. "Coffee sounds good right about now." He mentions offhand, head on a proverbial swivel. His 'spidey senses' aren't tingling, though, so he's more relaxed than he would otherwise be.

Given that Bob is being pushed he doesn't really have much choice as to where he is going. So he instead looks to the coffee place and shaes his head, "Aint never been in there." Which is helpful, obviously. He glances around them as well, unable to stop being Bob in situations like this, always on the alert for possible danger.

At first the noise is one that is more felt than heard. Like that feeling of the hairs on your arms or neck standing up when there is to much static electricity in the air. A few moments after that though the buzzing is audible..faint at first…distant but becomes louder and much more of a droning buzz as the source(s) get closer.

Piper hmmms, nodding at what Kayla says "Won-dered.." probably where the coffee beans came from, assuming they were shared with the community. She begins to push Bob in that direction, steering him around a small pothole in the street. A shake of her head is given to Bob, No?" may as well look now since they are in the area. There is a glance back at Terry and she gives him a thumbs up, yep coffee sounds good to her too.

It's because he's crippled now…at least temporarily. That has heightened Bob's senses. Or it's because he's generally perceptive. Either way, Bob notices the sound before it's a sound, at the feeling, hair on end level. He glances around at first and then as it becomes a buzzing sound and Bob quickly hisses out, "Get to cover, now!"

A fraction of a second after Bob's hiss, Kayla's head snaps up and around. "Into the shop..go!" she urges Piper as her eyes scan the skies to try and find where it is coming in from. "Terry, help get Bob in there!"

Terry moves over to Piper, and grabs Bob's wheelchair, taking off at a good clip, straight for the shop, as directed. Once in cover, he begins surveying the surrounding area, looking for potential threats.

The buzzing drone noise gets louder. There is no question what the causes are, though now it is easy to tell it is coming from multiple directions. There is more than one of the metallic drones incoming. They must be flying low, they aren't in line of sight at the moment.

Dark eyes widen as the sound finally reaches Piper's ears. Oh yeah there is a lot of worry and fear in them. She hates the drones. When Terry barges in as Bob calls out to take cover, she quickly steps out of the way, rushing to the coffee shop, doing her best to keep the startled baby in his snuggie from wailing at the sudden commotion.

Bob grabs onto the arms of the chair as it is sped off towards the coffee shop. Sophia is going to kill him if he gets shot again. So if he does, best to get dead this time. Once inside the store, he reaches into his hoodie front pocket and pulls out forty five, setting in his lap. "Terry, check fer a vantage point." He aims his gun at the door once everyone else is in. "Kayla, look and see if they got a back entrance."

Kayla is sure to be the last one in - she wants the rest of the safe. She's grown slowly into a more protective role, even when her brother isn't around. "Got it," she calls to Bob as she out towards the back of the shop, behind the counter - there has to be another door, where deliveries were made…

Terry nods. "Got it, boss." He disappears to seek out a good vantage point. Since there's only the one floor, it should be easy.

Good thing fire codes were in place, otherwise Kayla's search for a backdoor would be fruitless. It's one of those that is always locked so you can't get in, but getting out is easy. One, two, three drones can be seen then, circling low and then high the small town. Hard to tell if they are searching for something or just zipping around randomly.

Once inside and Terry is dashing away to provide cover fire if necessary, Piper takes over the pushing and isn't none to gentle with it now. Or with the tables or chairs in the way. Behind the counter she goes, pushing Bob there was well. Crouching low, she quietly hums or makes comforting noises to the fretting baby Quinn.

As Bob is shifted around behind the counter he props his arms up on it, pistol still trained on the entryway. "Ok…Now we wait it out…" he says quietly. If it's just drones they have nothing to worry about. If it's drones that lead to something else, they have a bigger problem.

Kayla remains at the backdoor, peering through the opening, past the dusty glass, to the skies outside. It is time to watch, and wait - she can keep track of the drones on this side, at least.

Sniper rifle won't do much good in a closed space like this.. the noise from the shot would probably kill folks' eardrums. Instead, Terry detaches the scope, and tries to get a bead on one of the drones. Hopefully he's hidden well enough indoors. If not…

The noise of the drones criss crossing the town pretty much drowns out any other noise as they fly above. They don't seem to be concentrating on one set area, though there does seem to be a pattern to the flight. These three don't seem any different than any other drones that have been seen by the group. Same shape, size, color and featureless exterior.

Bob will continue to wait as he listens to the sounds of the drones make, "Anyone seein' anything unusual?" He looks over his shoulder to Kayla, for some confirmation there, and then over to Terry. He doesn't set the gun down, choosing to leave it trained on the door.

"Nothing," Kayla doesn't have to speak too loudly to be heard, only being a dozen or so feet from the rest of them. She remains with her shoulder not-quite-pressed to the door and looks out.

"Same cuddly little harbingers of doom as usual, boss." Terry responds, not taking his eye off the scope.

The three drones don't seem to be in a hurry to leave, there is some slowing in places, specifically northeast of town…hard to tell from here, but maybe the area where the Silencer shoot out went down? And there is significant slow circling of ground zero of the explosion. Through the front window of the coffee shop Terry can be seen looking through the scope of his rifle watching the drones in the distant. Bob maybe able to be seen, poking up from behind the counter, the two woman though can't be seen, at least not from the store front.

For her part, Piper just stays huddled behind the counter, keeping out of sight, even though she knows it really isn't all that necessary, but she doesn't always think rationally when drones are involved and with the infant protesting the commotion as loudly as his little lungs are capable off there isn't much she can do except try to sooth him in the hopes it helps her. Not to mention the 9mm she has hidden on her person wouldn't do much good against the drones anyway.

Bob may be visible, but there isn't much he can do about that now. Of course, he could have stayed in bed like he was ordered, but at least for now, the adrenaline pumping through his veins, he's feeling much improved.

Still, he can't exactly crouch, now can he. "Why aren't they leavin?" he mutters quietly. "Fuck…"

Terry ducks back inside, being as careful as possible to not get spotted. "Man.. I'd love to get a shot at one of those flying tin-cans.." He mutters.

"We just have to wait them out. They'll leave…eventually…right?" Kayla remains at her post, neck craned, chin pointing up, starng out the window in the back door

Quinton was late to the party, but maybe it's a good thing. He slowly comes up, hearing the drones and quick to spot the hiding place of the rest of the party. One drone he'd just take out(In theory) but he can't do three. His pale eyes scan the room, trying to make sure everyone is in there, and then scanning the area to see if anyone else is around. Or any other surprises. His short gun is ready though, if they need to try to shoot them all down, he wants to be ready.

One drone continues to sweep the northeast section while one zips to criss-cross the southwest section. The one that was sweeping the explosion crater finishes its sweep and begins to zip toward the section of town where the folks hold up in the coffee shop area. The buzzing noise of the drone sorta modulates a bit as it begins to criss-cross over the coffeeshop and surrounding area.

The sound of the drone coming closer causes Bob to frown more deeply. He sighs and heaves himself out of his chair and onto the ground. "Cover, now. Everyone hide!" he growls out. They can't alert them, they need to disappear.

Kayla is already hiding in the back - she's got no where to go!

Every fiber in his being is urging him to find a spot, hunker down, and take pot-shots.. but the idea is to hide, and not get painted by these alien mosquitos, so.. yeah. He's gonna hunker down and sit tight like a good soldier.

Well, hiding doesn't help Quin know that the two he's really looking for are safe. The poet frowns, shifting his grip on the shot gun and keeps trying to pick up who's in the coffee shop, while keeping track of the drones themselves and their paths. He stays against whatever crumbly wall he's found.

After a few more circles the drone that is sweeping the north area, where the Silencer battle was, zips north and is quickly out of sight, leaving only the two drones one south and one still sweeping their area. The one buzzing and strafing over them comes quite close to the coffee shop. Scary close.

Piper to can't do much more in the way of hiding. Behind the counter with the wounded Bob and babe in arms. As the older man takes the floor she gives him a frown and shakes her head "Not.." she says to him in a low tone, but now is not the time or place to explain…not that she can really articulate today anyway…and after this, she certainly won't be any better.

Not…Bob stares at Piper, a pained look on his face. That fall to the floor hurt. But he had to assume that they might have seen him sitting there. So…Not what exactly??

Quinton's hands tightens on his gun and he waits till the drone buzzing the area heads off. After that, and the second one heading away, he'll haul ass towards the coffee shop. He doesn't make any effort to hide himself as he approaches. At least not from anyone that could see him from the windows. Once inside he does a head count, visibly relaxing when he sees both women. Both drones can still be heard, but are definitely retreating away from the Camp Hopers.

The movement from the front door has Kayla's head snapping around, ready to dive for cover…but then Quinton proves to be the arrival. "Quin!" She breaths a sigh of relief, dashing towards him as if for a hug…and punching his shoulder instead. "Why were you out there -running-?!"

Piper stares right back, though she taps her temple at him in answer, giving him a look that seems to say later. Hearing the door open and Kayla's greeting she gets to her feet, still seeming shaken by the events, but the baby has stopped crying at least, but is still fretful. A relieved look is sent the poet's way but she will focus on helping Bob get up off the floor and into his wheelchair.

Later. Got it. Bob has already started inching towards his chair when Piper starts to help him. And despite having tossed himself to the ground, he seems to be doing pretty well. Once back in his chair, Bob sighs quietly and nods to the others, "Let's get back. Quickly." No more dilly dally.

Quinton winces, not expecting the punch. His free hand, not on the shotgun moves up to block anymore hits from his sibling and he shakes his head. The poor poet looks baffled at the attack, "…drones?" Duh. He just nods to what Bob says, although from the sound of it, they're gone.

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