(2015-12-30) The Project
The Project
Summary: Terry works on rain barrels, in front of a live studio audience, or at least Laura and Piper
Date: 12.30.2015
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The patio has been cleared of all non-essential items, in anticipation of the day's project: creating rain barrels. Terry has a handful of Hopers assisting him, positioning the barrel while he drills the appropriate holes. And not a moment too soon… there's a drizzle on the horizon.

Stepping into the patio area, Laura comes like a ghost, her hair in that same ponytail, but luckily she's wearing something warmer. Though the rain is still falling and her hair is soaking wet, she is still holding her medical bag, though now it's over her shoulder.

Having spent most of her morning scavenging, Piper is now returning, moderately stuffed pack on her back, and her usual passenger baby Quinn tucked into his snuggie on her front. She would have liked to stay out longer but with it threatening rain she figured she may as well come back early. Hearing the commotion the small woman heads around the clubhouse to the patio instead of going through. Her stoic expression changes little upon seeing Terry and his helpers hard at work on the project he mentioned the other day to Quinton and herself.

"Hold it steady," Terry says, finishing the drilling for the spigot hole. He reaches into his nearby scavenging bag, removes a spigot, metal washer, and rubber washer, and then performs a test-fitting of the spigot into the hole, placing a metal washer over the threaded end of the spigot, followed by a rubber washer. He then reaches for the sealant, and begins fixing things in place..

Stepping into the light, Laura doesn't notice the other woman, watching Terry working on the barrel with mild fascination in her corn-flower blue eyes. Moving up beside him, which is very bold for her these days, she stands and tilts her head, as if to ask what he's doing.

Shrugging out of her backpack, Piper glances around to set it on a table, but finds that they have all been moved out of the way for the project. With no immediate place to set it she hangs it from the fence for the moment, the contents clunking inside in the process. Weight off her back she rolls her shoulders a few times, as she watches the rain barrels come together, at a much safer distance from the others than Laura is taking. She seems a lot more twitchy today. Maybe she is still disturbed from yesterday's drones visit.

Terry continues working on the rain barrel, drilling a hole, just under the lip of the barrel, for overflow. Another hole is cut, this time into the lid of the rain barrel, allowing water to fall into the barrel. He then lifts the lid away, and begins trimming a piece of landscaping fabric (a roll lifted from his scavenging bag) to cover the hole, so as to prevent detritus and insects from contaminating the water..

Moving slightly aside to let another man come past her, Laura leans down and picks up a washer from the ground and examines it for a moment, then drops it beside Terry's foot. She moves back into his line of vision when the man is finished helping, and coos softly, questioningly.

While Piper may be silent in her watching everyone hard at work, her son isn't content with being quiet. All the commotion and people moving about has the 11 week old looking around wide eyed and making his own cooing and burbling noises as he kicks his legs and waves his arms around.

Terry gives the barrel a good looking-over, checking for good seals and whatnot. Once he's satisfied with the structural integrity, he stands the barrel upright, and nods. "Houston, we have liftoff." He says, turning to face the girls.

Laura shows a rare smile, dimples showing in her cheeks. She claps once and adjusts her jacket, which looks a little big for the woman as she has her eyes hidden by the hood, though it doesn't cover her ponytail good enough. Finally, she just pulls the hood off and looks at Terry, making her pleasure known. Hearing the baby cooing, though, she turns and looks at him, another smile presenting itself on her face, before it vanishes.

Tilting her head as Terry finishes Piper looks at the finished project and then to the man and other woman. The baby continues to squirm, a waving hand clutching onto on her long braids. There isn't so much of a flinch when it is tugged on, something she must be used to. The woman doesn't even bother freeing it, letting him wave the braid to his hearts content. A game he seems to enjoy as he lets out some baby giggles. Finally, after just watching she moves toward them, closing the distance, but she is more interested in checking out the finished project and continues to warily keep out of arms reach of the pair. Yeah, she isn't have a good social skills day.

Terry steps out of the way, allowing unfettered access to his recently-completed pet project. "This is just the start. Soon, we'll have all the water we'll ever need. Who knows? We could get an indoor garden started.. we could use this to water the plants.."

Laura nods slowly as she goes around and inspects the barrel, then moves over and listens to Terry speak. She nods and shakes her head slightly, then looks slightly confused as she is apparently having a hard time following the conversation.

From the way she is glancing at Terry as he talks as she examines the completed barrel and then checks the status of the other ones, it is clear she is paying attention and understanding what he is saying. Though the stoic veneer cracks a bit and a dubious expression appears briefly at his idea of an indoor garden. She has a few large potted plants indoors, used for medicinal purposes. As she is looking the rest of her flock of kids come outside, must be a break from lessons for lunch. Giving a brief wave to Laura and Terry, she collects her pack and goes to take care of feeding hungry children.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Off Bug repellent
1 Pair of Nun-Chuks
1 Griddle Pans
2 Jar Candles
1 Container Protein Powder

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