(2015-12-31) Unfamiliar Plantlife
Unfamiliar Plantlife
Summary: While out foraging, Elijah and Piper find plants they can't identify
Date: 12.31.2015
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5th Street

What as once a neighborhood with rows of houses and a fenced in condo complex is now a debris filling crater spanning multiple blocks. To the south at the edge of the crater is Stratford Park and to the north Wall Street where houses have felt the brunt of the explosion. There isn't a window, car or tree that hasn't been shattered, flipped over or uprooted. The creek that flowed behind the neighborhood, now flows into the crater, collecting slowly and will someday make a pond.

Days like this is the reason that everyone packed and moved to Texas. There wouldn't be any warm days back in Nebraska. It also makes it a perfect day to spend outdoors. Instead of going house to house and scavenging, foraging for plants is on Piper's agenda so today she has headed east of town, where the creek…or small river runs past the town. Currently she is meandering through backyards north of the crater, looking through the various landscaping for useful plantlife.

Elijah had joined Piper today, not minding helping in the foraging and also not liking the idea of the woman going out alone to do so. Buddy system and all that. The stick-crutch-cane was with him, as seemed usual for the doctor now, but he wasn't leaning on it too heavily today. He doesn't crowd them woman too much, choosing an area a little away from hers. He kept his attention alert in case she needed anything, but other than that he searched.

Distance keeping is good. Ever since the drones the other day Piper has been twitchy, silent and pretty much keeping her distance from almost everyone anyway. Though she is hardly alone, she has the baby with her, like she usually does. Not that he would do much good. Crossing into a yard with several trees in it she pauses to look up into them spotting first the orangey fruits hanging from one, which she isn't sure about, but the other she seems to grin and without saying anything points both out to the doctor…she's a bit short to be able to reach the fruits to pick them.

Not having much luck in his area, Elijah glances up as Piper motions to him. "Find something? Be right there." Making his way over that way, he looks back at the backpack on his shoulder. It was different than the loaded doctor bag, which he had left back at camp to come foraging. The backpack would help carry what they found back to camp and the doctor didn't anticipate needing all of his gear out here anyways. However, he had assembled a basic first aid kit to go in there. Better safe than sorry! Approaching where Piper was, he looks up to the fruits with a grin. "Good find! Could you hold this please?" Handing his cane to her, he'd pull the backpack off with one hand, reaching up to grab the fruits with the other.

Piper nods at the doctor absently, taking the cane from him. As he picks, she circles under the avocado tree to see if she can see any more of the delicious fruit that the tree grows, but no such luck there. Seems that two is the only ones she can see on it. Pointing to the loquat tree she looks quizzically at the doctor.

Elijah packs up the fruits, making sure they are secured in the bag before looking back to Piper. At her pointing, his gaze going to the loquat tree. The lofted brow is perhaps an indicator he is just as unfamiliar with the tree as she is. He looks to her, shrugging, "I'm not sure what they are, but somebody back at camp probably does. We can pack them separate from the other fruits just in case they are not safe for consumption?"

A hrmming noise comes from the woman when the doctor admits he doesn't know what exactly they are. But hey, avocados, they recognize those at least…though there may be a bit of a debate back at camp about who gets to have the second one. Piper nods, giving her nose a tap, her way of either agreeing or saying it’s a good idea. She puts her hands together and then opens them like a book, a sign for something, and then pantomimes reading her hands.

Elijah watches her pantomime, furrowing a brow as he tries to put together what she could mean. He'd think blink "Oh! We can use the book back at camp…it might have some information about what they are?" he offers. He'd take his cane back now, not wanting to bother her with having to hold it any longer than he needed her to.

The doctor is watched briefly as he works through what she is trying to tell him. When he gets it in a few moments Piper nods at his correct guess then hands his cane back to him. If it isn't in her book or any of the other ones, there is a library that they could use to figure it out. With the two trees picked clean the moves into the next yard, which seems to have more of a Texas dessert feel with its rock beds full of various cactuses. These seem more familiar to the woman and she carefully relieves one of its fruit as well, gingerly holding them out so they can be put in the pack "E…e…eat-en?" she gives the prickly pear a shake to indicate what she is asking about.

A smile is given by the doctor, followed by a nod. "Agreed. We can check the book when we get back, great idea." If needed, he'd help her pick the tree, otherwise he'd just hold the bag open for her to deposit the fruit in. When she displays the prickly pear Elijah nods again. "I do recognize that one. It's a prickly pear. Safe to eat and use in cooking. Also helpful in a variety of medical uses."

A frown comes to Piper's face and she shakes her head. "No." That must not have been what she was asking. She doesn't ask anything else though and she puts the fruit into the pack with the others. A slight sigh comes from her and she moves to pick some leaves from a sage plant that must have went to seed over the summer from a herb garden in another nearby plant bed. A gesture is made to the creek and she makes her way in that direction.

Well, he was batting 1 for 1 in the 'understanding what Piper means' game today. At least it was an improvement from how he started. Eli doesn't say anything or take another guess as the woman seems done here now, gathering the fruits he had found before he goes to follow her towards the creek.

It's a short jaunt to the stream…it's just /right/ there and Piper begins to walk across the slippery rocks and pebbles that line the bank as she searches the water's edge for any edible plants. There are quite a few fish, swimming in the water, and she wishes she would have brought a rod with her…but that can be done later. There is a quick unreadable look given to the doc and then she is noticing a few plants growing near the water and she goes to check them out, to make sure they are worth picking or not.

Not wanting to risk slipping, Elijah stays more near the rocks and upper part of the stream's edge rather than closer to the water itself. Letting Piper look around, he checks things up here. Wedged between some of the rocks, he sees a cap with some sort of logo on it. Moving over he curiously lifts the cap before giving a startled, "Oh my!" followed by a quick number of steps back.

A rat could be seen scurrying across the rocks to a new shelter now that Eli had wrecked his home! Gathering his footing, leaning more on the cane now, the doctor looks back to Piper with an apologetic smile and giving a chuckle. "I think I scared him almost as much as he did me…sorry about that."

Piper doesn't recognize the plants, but she goes to picks them anyway, root and all. She can look them up later, and if they aren't edible, toss them. The exclamation from the doctor has her looking up quickly as she pulls at one of the plants. It comes up way to easy from the loose soil and backwards she goes, splashing into the cold shallow. It is startling for both her and baby Quinn, who starts to wail.

As Piper goes into the water, Eli instantly drops the cap and cane. Hurrying to the stream he drops to his good knee near her. "Here" offering his arms out to help her up or to take baby Quin, whatever she needs.

Well thankfully she went backwards instead of forwards, so the baby didn't get submerged like she did. It barely ankle deep where she is but its enough to get her soaked. Spluttering she reaches out to take the assist up, the plant with its tuber like root hanging from her hand.

Elijah takes one hand and grips her firmly by the upper arm for better support, other hand moving to try hover behind her back for added support should she need help balancing as she stands. "Are you alright? Is Quinn alright?" he asks as he seems to be looking over them both.

Besides being dripping wet, she seems fine and her nod says the same as she gets to her feet and moves out of the water and onto the grassy bank. "Shhhh." she pats the screaming baby gently on the back as she begins to rock back and forth "Fine." she manages to get out about thier states.

"Alright…here step this way." He guides her over to the more level area of the stream's edge, helping her walk up to get away from the water. Then, seeming to catch the fact he's still touching her, Elijah jerks his hands away now that she's standing and walking on her own. "Sorry…" He steps back from her again, still not seeming convinced they are ok as he looks over them once more. Then, a clearing of his throat, "What did you find?" he looks to the plant in her hand.

Under the circumstances Piper was tolerating the necessary touching, but she does seem relieved for it to be over. Looking up from Quinn who is quickly settling down under the ministrations of his mother she shrugs, holding out the plant for him to look at. She has no idea what the thing is.

Elijah takes it from her, looking it over. "I…don't think I know this one either. Sorry…" he frowns. "Here," he unzips his backpack, putting it in separate from the other selections. "We'll check it with the other when we are back at camp." He looks back to Piper, "We should head back so you can change. Then head out again later if you want."

Piper hrmmms and then nods as he puts the plant with the others. Squeezing water from her braids, she looks in the direction that the complex is in "Yes." she agrees and begins to lead the way back, already starting to shiver. It may be warm but it isn't that warm…and she's soaked.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Halloween mask
1 Obviously Fake-ID
1 Shell Casings
1 Huskers Cap
1 Rat

Foraging Rolls

1 Prickly Pear Fruit/pads/flowers
2 Arrowhead Stalks (Found near/in water)
2 Handfuls of Sage
4 Cow’s Tongue Cactus fruit/pads/
1 Handful of Lemon Bee Balm flowers/leaves
1 Prickly Pear Fruit/pads/flowers
1 Ground Cherries
4 Loquat fruits
2 Avocados

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