(2016-01-04) Findings in an Old Barn
Findings in an Old Barn
Summary: While out hunting Quinton finds a your piglet
Date: 1.4.2016
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Not that anyone really celebrated it or mentioned it but it is a new year for the residents of Stratford. Things just kept on as they always do. The group doing what they needed to do to survive the next day, week…month. Today that is hunting and perhaps some foraging for Piper. It's been a week of little words for her, ever since the day of the three drones she has been tongue tied, with bouts of nervy skittishness. Today it's mostly the former, with little of the latter evident. She has her bow in hand but there isn't an arrow readied. All of those are still in the quiver on her back along with her pack. She seems more interested in what is growing from the ground today, than the wildlife that is present in the overgrown fields being walked through.

As usual, Quin and Piper are almost never on the same wave length. Today, he could recite every poem he's written (Not that he would)…not that he can get any person's names right though. Well, except Kayla's. He has his gun strapped on but also has a bow and arrow set. While Piper checks the ground, he keeps his eyes upwards for possible threats. His poor backpack is slung opposite of the quiver he's got on. He kinda looks a jumble. His voice stays low when he finally says, "I wish the weather would decide." It's almost warm out today.

The sudden words has Piper looking up to Quinton then around a bit. There is a nod "Yes." even if she isn't capable of much wordage at least she puts forth an effort to get words out with the poet. "Not fic-kle." there is a beat between each of the syllables to keep from stammering or to get the past whatever mental block she has been suffering with the last week. In the near distance is a barn that seems to be so old it has partially collapsed but has quite a few overgrown flowering bushes and shrubs around it. She makes a gesture in that direction, her indication that she wants to check the area out.

Quinton takes a second to glance down at her and offers a smile. He know son hard days it's easier to just not talk, so he appreciates when she tries. He follows her hand motion and then nods, "Sure. that looks promising." He'll even offer a hand to help her stand, but then stops it unless she holds on. No need to stress her out more.

Brushing the dirt from her hands Piper takes the offered hand and gets to her feet. Whatever she was digging for must not have been worth it, in her head at least. Probably just a non-useful weed after a second look. Lacing her fingers in his, she isn't so twitchy as to let go today. Piper looks hopeful as she nods in agreement. She doubts that there is anything in the shoddy barn, but the plants could be useful, and they can check out the wood to see if it can be used for something.

Quinton grins down at her before turning and walking towards the barn. Pale eyes scan the area, making sure they're alone. "I'll check inside, you check around?" Better to do that now, than get jumped as they poke about.

Piper eyes what's left of the sagging roof dubiously. She doesn't appear keen on the idea but she nods at him, giving his hand a squeeze before letting go so he can go investigate "Care-ful." she doesn't want to have to dig him out if the roof decides that gravity should win out today. While he does that she slowly circles the outside of the building, watching the ground as well as the bushes. Stepping on a rusty nail wouldn't be fun either.

Quinton smirks, it's almost boyish, and he replies, "Who me?" before he turns and slowly enters the barn. There's some soft noises as he pokes about and then silence.

Piper knows that where she is concerned he is pretty careful, but she isn't to sure when it comes to himself. Either way any smirk or eye rolling from the woman is held off until it can't be seen by the man. Keeping an ear out for trouble, she plucks a lone flower from a hibiscus bush along with a bit of the vine and takes a moment to weave the vine through her braid, securing the bloom in her hair. "Oh!" there is an exclamation of surprise from her as she finds a few unexpected lilies growing on the perpetually sunny side of the barn.

Finally there's some shuffling sound inside the barn, and a soft whine can be heard. and then out comes Quin, with something wrapped in his over shirt. He still has a t-shirt on, and he slipped his holster back on, along wight eh quiver and bow on his back now. The man is growing scruff again, seems he can't make up his mind on what he wants his face to look like. Pale eyes are now on whatever is in his arms though.

Hearing the noises Piper brushes a hand off on her pants, the other hand full of peices of green shoots of some sort. Seeing Quinton emerge with is swadled wiggling burden she closes the distance between them quickly, curiousty etched across her features as she glances between is face and the thing in his arms, "What?" she asks before she is really close enough to figure it out on her own.

Quinton's got a look between worry and amusement. In his arms is a single, boney piglet. Poor thing is nearly starved, but seems happy to just have the attention of the human who's holding it. "It's the only one alive.' Implying there's others that aren't. And that could solve how it's still alive, tuck. Quin shifts it slightly, so Piper can see it better and the baby grunts a few times at him in complaint.

And it's those facts that keep Piper from eating anything pork related…now. She does pull a bit of a face at his insinuation, but the fact that the little creature is all skin and bones tugs at her heartstrings and she gets that awww face to replace the yuck one. Plucking one of the plant shoots from her other hand she attempts to feed it to the supposedly starving pig, "Poor…" she was probably going to end that with thing, but the word is lost.

Bacon snorts, his nose twitching at the root before inhaling the root in negative time. Quin laughs softly, "Yeah…I think he's hungry." Poor baby indeed. "I thought….maybe we should take him and bring him to the others?" His pale eyes flicker up to her's taking in the flower before focusing on her again.

The inhalation of the food has Piper jerking back her fingers, she needs those intact thank you very much. "Yeah…" she agrees giving a bit of a laugh at the hungry pig as well. Though which part she is agreeing to is questionable, probably both. She feeds the pig another, this time being more careful of her fingers as the baby pig gobbles it up. "Now? she glances back up at him as she rubs the pig behind the ears. She is asking something of course and she nods towards the way they came from. Maybe asking if he wants to start heading back now or keep going.

Quinton inhales, glancing around and letting the air puff out his cheeks as he thinks, "If you want we can keep looking for a bit. It won't hurt him to be carried for a bit, I guess." Maybe Quin's arms, but not the baby pig who seems happy to nibble on the food and snuggle in the man's arms. The poet glances to his backpack, but doesn't think he'd be able to do the same as he did with the kittens.

The pig is in more need to food than the pair of them are so the rest of the lily shoots are feed to it. "'kay." glancing at her dirty pig slobber covered hands she once more wipes them on her pants. At least that doesn't disgust her. Though she will have to remember to wash her hands before handling babies. She begins to head in a westerly direction, they haven't seen much game yet, but there seems to be movement in that direction. Hard to tell what it is though, just that it is most likely a herd of something.

Quinton hefts the piglet, bouncing it slightly like he would one of the babies. Following Piper he'll softly say, "I like the flower. It's pretty." He then adds, "It complements your colour." If she looks back he'll smile over the grunting pig at her. For once he lets her lead.

A hand lifts to the magentaish bloom in her braid at his words, but then drops so as not to disturb it. "Thanks." Piper says sincerely, though an odd look, followed by a smile in return is given him when she does look back at him. Perhaps unexpected or how he put it so bluntly. A wistful look is given back toward the falling barn and the bush from which she plucked it. "Sum-mer." such a long time to wait for more blooms.

That smile. How own face brightens at it and while his voice is low, it's full of affection, "Spring will be here soon enough. Full of life and rebirth. And hope." Today he seems to be an optimist, with baby bacon in his arms.

On the optimistic/pessimistic scale Piper is pretty neutral today but she isn't about to burst his good mood, not with what she knows is coming. "True." she will mimic is positive tone as she slows so she can fall into step beside him instead of leading the way. "No rush." she wants spring to get here sure, but it can take it's time if the days between now and then are pleasant ones in more ways than just the weather.

The herd in near distance seems to be getting closer, but Piper's attention is drawn to some tall…almost as tall as her, plants with dried, long crimson seed heads…flowers? She isn't sure, she has no clue what it is, but she seems curious about it

It's warm enough that Quin agrees, no rush. He looks over. studying the plant that grabbed her attention, "That's…" the name slips his mind, "It's leaves are edible. and it's seeds are good too…" Well, good to eat, maybe not tasty. Quin's never tasted them before. "Roast them like popcorn." At least, that's what he remembers reading about, anyway. He'll let Piper poke around and see about pulling any, or if there's anything salvageable beyond the visible leaves. Bacon seems interested, anyway, his nose twitching.

"Oh." she seems a bit shocked at his knowledge of the strange plant, but Piper nods believing what he says about it. She has no reason to doubt him at least. He had her at popcorn, or so her grin in response to that bit of trivia suggests. Guess they will find out tonight…once she does her own bit of reading on it. It's gotta be in one of her plant books, right? "Not…you." she tweaks the pig lightly on the snout. Not knowing the proper harvesting technique for the plant so she just goes about digging around the base and pulling the whole plant from the ground. Good thing they aren't any taller or she would have some issues with that. "Miss youtube." because ya know, you don't know how to do something the howto was just a video search away.

Quinton chuckles, "You'd be surprised at the weird things I picked up for writing." Once can't wax on poetically about plants if they don't know them, right? Bacon seems annoyed at the poke and snorts loudly before starting to try to wiggle out of Quinton's arms to get to the food. "Hey…/hey! Stop that!' The poet has to reposition his grip on the beast. "Yeah…I miss it too. This would eb a lot easier with it." Or some boy scouts.

No arguing that, he has already proved he is a font of trivial…or not so trivial in this case, of plant knowledge. So she just nods as she rests the stalks on her shoulder to carry them that way. The pig going into panick mode has her looking a bit apologetic, since it was her fault. Leaning forward she catches the piglets eyes and reaches out to scratch behind his ears as she makes soothing noises at it. Apparently she is the pig whisperer too. Is there anything she can't calm with a touch?

Quinton, pigs….it's kind of the same. The man smiles down, watching as Piper does her magic. Maybe feeling a little calmer himself. "You're pretty amazing, you know that?" He'll not say anything else, not wanting to embarrass her. Instead he nods, "Wanna head back?"

In the time he has known her she has never believed that…or similar sentiments he has told her in the past, and that hasn't changed. Piper's only denial is to not acknowledge it, which is acknowledging it in a manner of speaking. No sense in having /another/ argument about it. "Yes." she says in a much more subdued tone, her gaze going from the piglet to the town in the distance. With both their hands full, not much more hunting can be done today anyway.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Piglet

Hunting Rolls

1 Pronghorn

Foraging Rolls

1 Handful of Amaranth
1 Hibiscus flowers
1 Handful of Canna Lily shoots
1 Rosehips

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