(2016-01-05) Bin Diving
Bin Diving
Summary: Piper breaks into a donation bin, Quinton takes a dive
Date: 01.05.2016
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The town center isn't like most for small towns, but quite normal for small farm towns in the panhandle of Texas. There are no fancy town greens or historical buildings like the court house or town hall.

On the east side of the street is a Dairy Queen, boarded up with overgrown grass growing through the concrete of the outside eating area. Near that is the Stratford Inn, a small strip motel with a dozen small rooms.

To the west are grain silos and a rail road depot flanking the railroad tracks that run through town.

The occasional stray dog, cat or other wildlife can be seen or heard roaming through.

All is quiet on this early afternoon in Stratford. In a nothing bad is happening kind of way. Hunters are hunting where ever it is they want to do that at and scavengers are scavenging. Breaking the silence of wildlife is the occasional call from the defensive perimeter a few blocks west about how nothing is going on or what not.

Piper got a late start this morning, children issues the likely culprit. She and her usual passenger are finally out and about now though. She's around the side of the thrift store, crouching in front to the clothing donation bins, screwdriver in hand as she tries to jimmy the lock to get the thing open.

Quinton has not had the same peaceful morning. Two bodies found, so he spend the morning dragging to the burn pile. Not a happy start. But one had a very nice travel backpack and strangely a pair of nunchucks. He found another house with basic stuff, music boxes, pencils, and 2 new hats. One which is now on his head as he lost the last fedora when the Reyes' building blew up.

Currently he's frowning as he comes up the street, his old backpack in the new one. Bodies are never good mood makers. Even in his grumpy state, his eyes are scanning, the hat reminding him of bad things that can happen.

There is a whole lot of concentration going on as Piper wedges the business end of the screwdriver in the crack between the lock and the doorframe of the bin. "Come on." she cajoles, herself? The lock? The screwdriver? Who knows. Wiggling the screwdriver deeper into the crevice she smacks the heel of her palm into the handle. The result the sound of metal bending and lock cracking. She's probably going to have a bruise on her hand, but at the moment she is to happy at her success to care "Yes!" the screwdriver is tossed aside as she pulls the creaky door on rusty hinges open.

Well, with all that noise and talking to herself, how could Quin not hear her? The poet moves forward, shuffling his feet so he doesn't surprise her. His head tilts and it takes him a few moment to figure out what exactly she's doing. But then he guesses it's as good a place as any to loot. "Hey Piper, need a hand?"

At the purposeful moving noises the woman glances over her shoulder at first warily, but then relaxing when she sees who it is. "Hey Quinton." a smile is offered and she is once more peering into the darkness of the bin "Actually, yes," she holds up a hand to be helped to her feet "You want crawl in and see what's in there or hold Quinn so I can?" complete sentence, no stammering or twitchiness, seems her mental block has broken, for the day at least.

It's a miracle, as Quin answers back in a full sentence as well. "I will. No need for you to climb around that." As he talks he starts unshouldering the new backpack. The baby gets a smile and he pauses to wiggle a finger, "Hey kiddo. How's the day going?"

Piper figured that would be the answer "I'll hold the chute open. Let more light in." she eyes the new backpack "Did your other one finally explode?" she looks from the pack back to him a smirk playing across her lips. As for the baby, he gives his usual response, babbling and trying to grab at the finger being wiggled at him. It's a happy day for him too.

Quinton stops playing with the baby and shakes his head, "No….it's inside." She gets a quick flash of a smile, how meta, carrying his backpack in a backpack. "And yeah, more light is better. Who knows what will be in there." Possibly another corpse, knowing his luck today.

"Likely story." she jests as she steps onto the base of the door frame so she can reach the chute easier and holds it open. "Nothing that bites I hope." she peers down the chute instead of through the door, but all she can see are a few plastic bags. "I banged on it a few times before I opened it, didn't hear anything." she is convinced it is safe at least.

Quinton eyes her a moment and then sighs, deciding to take off the sweater he had on, just in case there's anything sharp that it can snag on. The t-shirt has a band logo for someone called The Tailor and the Giants. He eyes the drop box a moment before nodding his head to himself and climbing in half way. He stops, as it's kinda full and just sits straddling the edge. "I'll throw some bags out?" From his position he can also seem some broken stuff…is that a TV?

In response to the sigh he gets a sincere "Thank you." and Piper will take the sweater, holding it so it doesn't get any dirtier than it could already be. "A few sounds good." she agrees readily enough "Anything in there besides bags of clothes?" she drapes the sweater over her shoulder, placing a hand on his shoulder to help her balance on the edge of the doorframe.

Quinton gives Piper a softer smile of thanks, he's been going through sweaters faster than he cares to admit. Perched on the ledge he leans over, steadied by her hand and start tossing out plastic bags. "Looks like someone tossed a TV in here, it shattered…" good thing Piper didn't hop in then, with her bare feet and all. His head tilts and he adds, "There's a fancy looking white box on the bottom…I'll need to unbury it first…." A few more bags are tossed out.

"Seriously?" Piper shakes her head "I guess they thought all the bags would cushion the drop." clearly whoever that was thought wrong. "Be careful then." hands can get cut just as easily as feet. She watches as a few bags are tossed out. The mention of a box has her making a curious noise "It's not to smooshed is it?" though if its clothes in the box, it probably won't matter, the box probably taking more damage than what's inside did.

"Or they were just being jerks." or dumb. Who knows. Quin knocks a few pieces of glass away with his booted foot as he nods, "Yeah…I’d rather no more stitches." He's had enough. "It's…a little bit…looks like one corner is.' Where the tv landed. I'll need to get in all the way for it. He starts pulling up his leg to swing it in.

"You and me both." Piper replies to the stitches comment, "You don't have too…" she does inch over though to make room for him to get through the opening. "I mean we have plenty of bags to go through already." not that she isn't curious, she just doesn't want him to go through the trouble in case it isn't worth the effort.

Quinton chuckles, only a hint of snark in his voice. She's definitely had more stitches than he has. He hops down, and the sound of glass crunching under foot can be heard. One hand goes to the side of the metal death box to steady himself, as the terrain inside isn't the most stable. '"Won't know what it is if we don't get it.' He's a little interested too. The old Tv is pushed off with only a small about of trouble and he'll comment as he tosses the box out, "Feels like clothes." Maybe it's another fur coat or something.

Not that she has the scars to prove it, though her arm and legs, hidden by shirt sleeves and pants legs are not completely healed from her last incident. In no position to stop in the just watches through the chute, leaning to the side to get a better view. There is a dull echoing thud a few times as a baby foot kicks against bin "He concurs." Piper says laughing a moment before placing a peck of a kiss on top of the baby's head. Her gaze follows the box as it flies out, her eyes narrowing at it. She feels that it should be familiar, but with the holidays just past all she can come up with is a discarded Christmas gift that someone didn't want. "Or someone didn't want a bunch of socks for Christmas."

It's never dawned on him about Piper's lack of scars. Maybe he just assumes he's looking at her through his poet's eyes. "ok ok, I'm hurrying Quinn." Sounds so weird to say his won name, like that. Weird, but kinda cool. Quin's head pops out and he leans for a moment inside the bin, "Maybe? But it felt solid, big, whatever it is. Maybe a tree skirt?" After the 5 second break he'll start climbing out. No gashes or bleeding seems to have occurred, thankfully.

There is another laugh from Piper and more wiggling and noise from the baby at his name. With Quinton coming out the chute is closed and the woman hops down. "I don't know." she eyes the box a moment, glancing from it, to the poet and back again. "Only one way to find out." she hands the sweater back once Quinton is out and tackles the box. Opening it is rather easy, she pulls it open from the squished in…"Okay I did not expect this…" she pulls the pristine white gown from the box, letting the latter fall as she uses both hands to hold the wedding dress at arms length, the only way she can take it all in…so much lace, crinoline and tulle!

Quinton wipes his hands on his thighs, trying to get some of the year old funk off of them. His sweater is draped over his shoulder, he'll put it on in a minute. He blinks in surprise, "oh." Soemtimes he's a typical dude. "That's…..very fancy."

"Someone wanted to be a pretty, pretty princess for thier wedding day." or they were one…no telling if the previous owner ever got a chance to wear it. "Either this was dropped in the bin by mistake..or someone wasn't at all happy." there could be a story, one that they will never know. Draping it over her arm she moves back toward the poet his expression has her giving him an amused smile "Did you want to go through these here or back at the complex?" she gestures to the bags at are scattered around.

Quinton makes a yikes face briefly. He's pretty certain that wedding dresses at thrift stores are sad endings. "Maybe." He'll reach and rub the back of his neck, thinking, "Probably here. No need to bring back useless stuff, right?" That definitely sounds like Kayla not wanting more crap in the apartment, more than Quin.

Piper nods, though she is unsure which category the wedding dress falls under..of course there is a lot of fabric there, maybe Caitlin when she swings back through "Right. To much to carry all back in one trip anyway." she rips open one of the bags and the first thing pulled out is a sweater, which is immediately handed over to Quinton "We can come back later with a couple of wagons to haul the rest." and then the sorting of clothes begins!

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