(2016-01-05) Shots Fired
Shots Fired
Summary: Kayla and Holden get shot at, but who it is is a mystery. Conclusions are leapt to.
Date: 1.5.2016
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There is quiet and then there is /quiet/ suddenly there is a whole lot of that unnatural quiet. No birds, no chattering squirrels..and was that a shadow moving between houses…where there should really be one.

Holden looks up and when he sees Kayla, the pencil falls from his mouth, bouncing down the stairs. In his attempt to catch it, the map crinkles and then falls out of his hand, and he nearly tumbles down the stairs in the effort. He catches himself, and clears his throat, "Oh, um, hey. Hi." He glances away, then back at her. And then he tilts his head, looking around…

Something isn't right…but what, precisely…well, Kayla has learned to trust her gut since the end of the world "You know, we should go in and check on the kids," she suggests as she casually picks up her pace, jogging towards Holden. Inside In cover.

The branches of an overgrown shrub across the street and a house or two down rustle briefly, the feeling of watching eyes, at first slight increases as a shadowy figure can perhaps be seen moving past a window in another nearby house. Something definitely isn't right. People they know certainly wouldn't be skulking around in that manner.

Holden looks around a bit more. He shakes his head as he comes down the stairs, meeting her at the sidewalk. "No." He takes a step toward the house. "We need to catch it."

"We -need- better cover," Kayla mutters in response But she's not about to let him go of on his own on some suicide mission - her brother is going to kill her! She shrugs out of her backpack, and tosses it up the stairs. "I don't have a weapon, other than my knife."

Well there is no more movement at the moment, but that doesn't mean whoever or whatever it/they are isn't there, and the sense of being watched is still there.

Holden pauses, and he sighs. "Bob won't give me a gun," he states flatly, his eyes staying on the building. "Fuck." He clenches his good fist. "That man is gonna get us all killed…" He has at least stopped moving forward.

Kayla exhales slowly, and turns to scan the area slowly. "Look…I have my knife. Let's try the direct approach," After all, her suggestion to be subtle didn't go over so well, so why not try this! "Hey…I know you're out there." she calls, evenly "Come out, and I swear I won't shoot you." Since she doesn't have a gun

There isn't an immediate response though there is the sound of a door slamming, coming from the house that the shadow was seen moving in. Seems that being shot at isn’t something that whoever it is is all that worried about. Bang! A well aimed shot is fired slamming into side of the house behind Holden. A few more inches to the left and it would have let a nice hole in the young man.

Holden scowls as he ducks, "Sweet sassafras!" He looks at Kayla. "A silencer wouldn't have missed." Would they? He looks back at the house. "Fuck it." And he runs toward the door!

"Fuck's sake!" Kayla ducks too, startled by the shot - she really should have expected that response, but… "Holden!" Kay stares as he takes off and then she, too, makes to dash after him, muttering under he breath

Bang! Bang! A few more shots are fired off. Either the person firing is an awful shot, or they are missing on purpose. Either way, it seems to be cover fire, between the shots running can be heard and a few shouts, "We got what we need." "Go! Go! Go!" from the sounds of it two, maybe three. A glimpse of one can be seen running off between houses, ragged camo pants, faded black graphic tee. Short and probably at one time stocky, but rough living took care of that part at least.

Holden reaches the door in time to hear the yelling. He leans to the side to look between the houses, and he sees the quick moving runner. He grits his teeth and shakes his head. "Those militia guys," he says, drawing that conclusion. He sighs, his shoulders slumping a bit. Then he looks at Kayla. "Are you okay?"

Kayla comes up against the house, shoulder first, and nods. "Yeah…not hit. They…missed all their shots." S he sounds somewhat startled by that.

Holden looks her up and down, double checking that they did indeed miss. He grins, "So, um… That was pretty badass, huh?" He smiles widely, and laughs.

Kayla blinks at Holden before she grins, and then shoves at his shoulder. "Yeah, and stupid…Jesus Holden, we could have been killed!" She's grinning though, the adrenaline from the event causing her to laugh

Holden winces a little at the shove, but still laughs. "You were like, 'oh no, I don't have a gun' and then you were totally all, 'come out or I'll shoot you!'" He laughs, and then makes a finger gun at her, "Pew pew!"

Kayla laughs harder at the imitation of her tough act. "I was hoping it was just a scavenger!" she admits between her laughter.

"Well, it was," Holden reassures her. He sniffs, and he looks around a bit more. "We'll need to tell Bob." And then he groans, "Man, I hate that guy." He looks at her, "He's gonna get us all killed you know?" He purses his lips and sighs.

"Huh?" Kayla pushes off the house, and begins to make her way back towards the apartment complex. "How do you figure?"

Holden shrugs his good shoulder, "He's a grumpy old cop who's not looking at the big picture. I tried to tell him. He wouldn't listen." He sniffs, "I'm gonna try to gather a group to trek out to the nearest airport. We need to see if we can get a backscatter full body scanner."

"Uh…why?" Kayla looks at Holden, clearly confused by this entire conversation and growing a bit worried as the adrenaline fades.

Holden explains, "Okay, stay with me. So, in D&D there's this monster. It's a Tarasque. It's like, the worst of the worst. It lives to destroy. And it's SUPER powerful. Challenge level 30, the most powerful level in the Monster Manual. With me so far?" he asks, a little grin on his mouth.

Kayla uhs softly before she nods, uncertainly. "Okay, it's tough." she clarifies

"The toughest," Holden clarifies. "The Tarrasque is the most dreaded monster native to the Prime Material Plane. It's basically just a killing machine. It's fifty feet tall and seventy feet long and basically embodies wanton destruction and exists only to kill. The thing is, it can't be killed. When it hits zero hit points - um, when it runs out of life - it just digs down into the earth and sleeps for a while while it heals." He gathers his thoughts a moment, and turns to face her. "So I ran this game once where there was this city. No one would leave the city because in the mountains, there lived a tarrasque. The plot I was running was for the heroes to venture into the hills to seek out and slay the tarrasque. I ran this game for a month or so before one of the guys playing just looks at me and asks me point blank, 'The Tarrasque is the most powerful creature on the plane. Why is he hiding in the mountains instead of just rolling this city?'" He waits, to make sure she's with him on this.

Kayla uhs once again but nods. She's sure this si going somewhere, and sh might even figure it out if he continues

Holden smiles, she's smart. "Okay. Real world now. The aliens, they are threat level 30. They can make earthquakes and tidal waves. They can drop freaking plagues on us. So, if you want us all dead, why not just wipe the floor with us? Why make yourself look just like us to infiltrate our survival camps?" His brow lifts a little, "Something else is going on."

"Well…yeah, okay, I buy that, but what's that got to do with a scanner?" Kayla may be smart, but apparently she isn't that smart.

Holden nods, "Okay okay. So, we know they are looking just like us. Bob is convinced that if they look like us it's to infiltrate us so they can follow us to our base and then slaughter us. I think that's naive." He sniffs, looking around a bit. He uses his good hand to adjust his sling and then shoves that hand in his pocket. "They are infiltrating us to watch. To learn. To… to plan or whatever it is they're ACTUALLY here to do. We HAVE to find a way to test everyone and tell if they're an alien or not."

"And you think it's just like…what, a skin they put on? A ccostume?" Kayla wonders, tilting her head to the side as she collects her bag. "And the x ray will show that?"

Holden shakes his head, "I don't know. That's the other piece to this. We need to catch one. Alive."

Kayla blinks at that, and then shakes her head. "They'd have to tell us they're one…you think they'll dot hat?"

Holden sighs, "I don't know. Or maybe… I don't know. Maybe if we start running everyone through tests or scans or whatever, something will just show up." He shrugs once more, "I mean, it could be as simple as they have green blood or two hearts or something."

Kayla nods slowly, before she huhs softly. "Maybe. Can't hurt to try." she agrees.

Holden smiles, "I'll let you know when I have more of a plan." He heads back to the stairs and picks up his map before heading inside.

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