(2016-01-06) Rough Day
Rough Day
Summary: Nora comes upon Quinton having a rough time
Date: 1.6.2016
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Quinton didn't sleep, how could he. As soon as possible he grabbed his backpack and left. Rummaging in the dark probably wasn't the brightest, but he couldn't not be doing something, or he might break even more. And he can't do that to Kayla. He's already drug another corpse to the pile, a small part of him envied it. It's at least over for them. What was even more disturbing though was the body wasn't sick, the woman had been shot. A while ago, but still upsetting. She had very little of use on her, perhaps who ever shot her already had riffled through her things. A few candles, creepy duck tape.

Light is starting to filter through the sky as morning comes and the tired poet stumbles his way into the day care. The children always need stuff, and he can't think yet on any of the implications that what Piper is could mean about the kids. Poor baby Quinn, The elder didn't think to ask if the baby was clean or not of the alien tech. He stops in the doorway, peering in with his good vision and unslings his backpack. He should drink some water, luckily he has that. Not granola bars to snack on, but he has water.

Nora has learned that if she wants to run without being stalked by an overprotective awkward nerd, she has to do so before he wakes up in the morning. Which means early in the morning. The teenager doesn't mind, when she is out on her trips she is always up this early…even before hell broke she was. Thump, Thump, Thump, her tennis-shoed feet pound against the street as she runs at a steady, nothing is chasing after me, gait. Hey she isn't limping anymore either! At least it isn't noticable when she runs. Seeing the man she has always called Cheif heading into the preschool she changes her path to head that way. "Heya Chief." she calls as she approaches the preschool. She's about to ask how it is, but she has eyes "Damn, you look rough."

Joggings always one of those things that Quin said he'd like to get into….tomorrow. And now that the end of the world has happened, there's other things to do. Like dig through donation bins with aliens. He lets out a soft sigh and forces a small smile at the girl, it's not her fault(Or is it?!?). Blood shot eyes that clearly had a good cry study her, but when he opens his mouth nothing comes out. Seems he got broke good last night. Instead she gets a shake of his head. He's still in yesterday's clothes, although that's not a completely out there thing. Not wanting to worry her, Quin motions to the inside of the building, almost welcoming her in.

"And rougher than you look." Nora says as she heads into the school and looks around "Please tell me there was drinking involved…no one should be looking as rough as you without booze being involved somehow." way to go, leave it to a teen to encourage alcholism! "Looking for things for the kiddos?" something she doesn't seem all that interested in herself.

Quinton does manage a soft chuckle, he wishes he had been drunk. His hand reaches and goes through his hair before he nods, "…better….no….bodies…" that definitely didn't help his brain. He steps inside fully now, eyeing the room. It seems almost usable. Maybe Kayla would want to keep it like this?

Nora has never taken the time to learn Quinton so she is unsure whether the laugh is a yes or a no, but his words are at least a little easier to interpret, mostly because no one likes finding bodies. "Doubt you will find any in here." she holds up a hand and crosses her fingers though. She begins to move through the room looking at it all in a curious fashion "It's so cute I think I am going to be sick." the preschool decor, the artwork hanging on the wall, etc, dusty yes, but cute. The girl is joking of course.

God, Quin really hopes not. Adult bodies are hard enough. He inhales, taking in the dust and cuteness before nodding silently. It is rather sickening. He moves over to the office, if there's anything not preschool ish, it will be in there. Maybe he should get drunk. Teachers keep booze in their desks, right?

The girl continues her disinterest in scavenging the preschool and instead of looking for anything, or even following Quinton, Nora goes to sit on one of the little tables, stretching her legs out in front of her "I was thinking of heading out this week, but not sure with some unknown taking pot shots at people." she is talking about the incident last night, but from the looks of it he may not know about it yet.

Quinton doesn't. His head snaps up from where he was poking around the teacher's desk, "what?" He stays crouched, but all his attention is on the teen on the kids desk. She kinda looks like a giant, doing that. "Shots?"

"Oh yeah." Nora nods at the shocked look on the man's face. "Last night. A couple of people were returning from scavenging and they got shot at. No one was hit. But someone in camo was spotted running west." she gets up from the table, not being the sort that can sit still for long "A ran into a patrol going out this morning to look for them. They suspect it was Kamo Kids."

Quinton sighs, his hand rubbing his face. He had hoped they wouldn't find them. Fighting people , aliens, is hard enough, but kids? He'll need to go check on Kayla then, he thinks she was out scavenging… "…too much…" He sighs again and opens up the draw, which unfortunately has only teaching stuff in it. and some stale gum.

Nora shrugs, "No one is sure though. Could have been a scared nomad or bandit. Jumping to conclusions doesn't do any of us any good." since she really doesn't understand what he means by the words she just smiles and nods before continuing "If the patrol comes up with nothing I think I'll head out tomorrow for a week or so. Maybe check out one of the settlements southeast of here."

Quinton's lips press together, he can't even process it right now, really, so he just nods. The gun is picked up and rubbed in-between his fingers before he looks at her, "…safe…" Especially if there's rogue bandits or kamo kinds around. "…Tina….candle group." Good luck with that sentence!

Contextually Nora gets the comment about safe, "No, but it never is really." and hell if she is going to let that stop her. A bullet wound to the hip sure, but not worrying about her safety, she has people that do that for her. The rest she is clueless about and the girl looks at him in confusion "Sorry Cheif that one went out into left field."

Quinton just wanted to offer it, so he nods and looks down again at the drawer. how many pens does a teacher need, anyway? He inhales, closing those pale eyes and forces a few different words, "Camp…candles….Ren…."

It takes a few more moments for Nora to figure out who he is talking about. "You mean the red-headed british woman?" the teen girl doesn’t remember her name either, but for a totally different reason. "I could hit that one, sure. If they are all those ye olde days people they probably would have some useful stuff to trade in." she thinks for a bit "I should be able to find trade goods myself between here and there…lots of towns to go through."

Quinton nods, indicating yes, her. He then offers, "…stuff…." and he makes a motion from himself to her, like he's wanting to hand her something. Or give her stuff to trade. A handful of the pens are gathered and placed in his bag with his other loot. He was really hoping for booze or cigarette, but he'll take what he can. It makes him feel marginally better, knowing the direction Nora will be going, hopefully.

"Stuff?" Nora repeats watching as he gestures "You want to give me stuff?" she questions, to make sure she is understanding him correctly, because in the past she has gotten in wrong more often than not "Not really necessary. Unless you are wanting me to trade for specific items for you?" as she talks she walks around the room, her restlessness finally getting her to start poking into cubbies, drawers and play areas. Oh look, a few sealed packs of play-doh. Fun! She holds it out offering it to the man, since this is his scavenge turf for the moment.

Quinton nods, he's got more than enough, "if…want…" He's also not going to force anything on her. He then shrugs, it was just an offer. He nods, and then motions to his backpack that's on tern desk. If she wants to fill it, she's welcome to.

"I'll see what you have." Nora might not take anything, she prefers to leave without to much stuff and collect as she goes, but she probably knows by now that the poet has some choice stuff collected up "You have a state map?" sounds like she might not have one. Moving to the desk she puts the play-doh in it and glances around before heading to the reading area, to peruse the children's books on the shelf.

Quinton nods, but doesn't vocalise the response. Instead he holds up 3 fingers. Giving up an anything really useful in the desk he stands up with a huff. Instead of moving though he places his hands on the small of his back and stretches, wincing. Maybe a chiropractor will come into town. He needs it. Or maybe he just needs sleep.

"Well since you are offering stuff, I'll take a map." Nora examines the various books, taking those in the best shape. She doesn't keep track but she assumes the kids are at the age where they can read….some of them at least. Those get taken an put in the backpack as well. Or yoga! But she isn't going to suggest it. In her experience people get all weird when you mention exercise as a viable health option "Last thing I want is to get lost." and that has happened…thankfully it has never been of the permanent sort.

At this point, he'd probably try yoga. No need to defend his manhood anymore. Who's he got to impress, an alien? He grimaces, his brain hurts, and is being horrible with only letting him focus on the negative today. "No lost…" She can have a map.

Nora takes that as a 'sure, you can have a map, the last thing I want is for you to get lost'. "Shi-Shi." the girls replies, some may recognize it as Mandarin for thank you…others might not. Wandering into the baby room she takes in the dusty cribs lined up against the wall "Huh." she lets out wondering it there is a use for the cribs or the sheets besides the obvious…and kindling.

Maybe he should learn Mandarin. Might be easier than worrying about all this other stuff. He's quiet as he moves around, although he does end up in the baby room with Nora. "…no more….babies…" Pessimistic, or just meaning no one else is pregnant, so they don't need them?

It's hard to say how Nora interprets his words since she just nods "They'd be a bitch to move anyway." they don't even have wheels on the legs. "Did you want to look around more or move on?

Quinton sighs, rubbing the scruff on his chin, "Done." Here at least. He'll probably hit ups few more places. He can't go back. Not till he gets his head better. He then offers her a sincere smile, "Jog….later, map." he'll get her set with whatever she needs before she goes. He can do that, at least.

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