(2016-01-07) Awkwardness
Summary: It's been two days and things are understandably weird
Date: 1.7.2016
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Thrift Store

Once upon a time this was a clean and tidy place where people could come in and either donate or purchase gently used clothing and other second hand items. Now everything is dust covered, rummaged through and scatterred. Except those items by the broken windows, that's beyond redemption, moldly and water damaged.

Despite clothes being tossed around and racks being knocked over there are still usable items if one just takes the time to look around…and get past the smell of mouse and mold.

Quinton's not been around, at all lately. It seems th poet has been scavenging, or hunting the past few days by himself. He's not talked to anyone yet. Not really. He's only slept a few hours, and that's only when his body forced him. Instead he's kept himself as busy as possible, so he didn't have to think. It's not worked out as well. Currently he's kicking over boxes with moldy clothes. It doesn't help that there were sweaters in the box. The sweater he has on now is fraying, quickly falling apart. No fedora today, he's thinking maybe they're bad luck.

Longest two days ever…it feels like an eternity in some ways and just a few minutes all at once, since she fled, fighting tears after spilling her awful secret. From the looks of it she hasn't had much sleep either. Has she noticed the poet's absence, yes. Was it unexpected, no. If space and/or time is what he needs, she'll give it to him, though all out avoidance isn't what she is doing, but she isn't actively looking for him either. Having spent yesterday in her own form of seclusion she is out wandering yards and parks, foraging for useful plants. On her way back she hears the commotion from inside the thrift store and unsure of the cause, naturally goes to investigate just in case it’s an unfriendly, but nope, it's the source of her own angst. She stands frozen for a moment peering through a broken window debating, but decides quickly that it's too soon, especially if the outburst she is witnessing is any indication. Turning to leave she gets less than two steps before her infant passenger decides it's time to start in on his babbling noises and baby giggles. So much for trying to sneak off.

Quinton snarls at the box, as it just kinda collapses on itself, a horrible metaphor for his life currently. He has to yank his booted food back, just in time to hear that familiar baby noise. Is it sweet, comforting? Or a knife through his chest? Hard to say, he looks up and through the very window Piper was watching him from. There's a long pauses and he finally says, in what might be an alarmingly steady voice, "Don't bring him in here. Everything is covered with mold." Mad or not. Alien or not, Quinton doesn't want the baby sick.

The woman's tired, stoic expression barely shifts when her own child betrays her presence while she tries to sneak off. The relief she feels at Quinton speaking coherently without her being around to influence him may flash by, but it is just that a flash. She shakes her head at his words, she really wasn't planning to, but he wouldn't know that "I'll leave." she says, she may be able to keep the sadness from her face, but never from her voice.

He's having an unnaturally good streak. A hint of guilt as maybe she wasn't doing anything, but he looks down, stomping his foot a few times to get some crude off. "You don't have to. Just don't bring him in here." He grabs his backpack that has the few sets of clothes that can get cleaned shoved into it. Unfortunately the only sweater has been chewed on, so it gets left. "I'm leaving anyway." The store? The group? Who knows, his voice is still even, although he's not looking at her.

Looking past him Piper takes a closer look at the inside of the store, she can't help but wrinkle her nose at the sight and the smell coming from it "No." she's definitely not going in there with the baby or any of the other children "Kayla…" she gestures in the direction the complex is in, "break time." she won't mention that his sister is freaking out (probably) at his disappearing act. He feels bad enough she is sure. Her own gaze remains firmly on his chest…her eye level.

Quinton moves to step out, not particularly wanting to be in the store any longer if he's not actively scavenging. Now that he's closer, the weariness is pretty apparent. He's faking it till he can make it, but he's not really an actor. The mention of his sister has his shoulders slump slightly and he glances towards the buildings. A low sigh, that definitely tells more than he'd like about his mental state, escapes the man. "I'll talk to her later." You know, when he figures out what the hell he's doing. His sweater has definitely seem better days, he must have snagged it on something pretty good.

"Tell her," she gestures to him "okay." he may be good with the words, but Piper is struggling to get them out in a coherent fashion. The state of his sweater does get a slight frown and her eyes dart up to his scruffy face briefly. She shifts nervously giving the infant an opportunity to grab her braid and wave it around like he is fond of doing which give him a bout of giggles. He's oblivious to the tense awkwardness of the two adults.

Quinton lies, "She knows." He's not even trying to make it sound truthful. They're further apart than they usually are when they talk, but not so much that he's obviously scared of her. Luckily when she looks up, he's distracted by Quin's hair waving. He doesn't smile like he usually does, but there's a softening of tension around his eyes.

If she knows he is being dishonest it doesn't show, Piper will find out soon enough anyway, not that it matters in the larger picture. "Hungry?" she begins to shrug off her pack, she always has some kind of snacks. Even with the huge gulf between them she still wants to take care of him, but then again it's not her world that has kicked out from under her.

He meant she knows he's ok, not…Quin frowns, huffing slightly, "I didn't tell her yet. I thought you'd want to." There's a touch of anger in his voice, but he's trying to squish it down. Almost child like he crosses his arms, that frown staying. He lies again, "No, I ate earlier." Not in the club house. He's gonna lose the weight he's gained and go back to being a stick if he's not careful. His voice breaks slightly as he adds, "Save it for the kids."

Her head tilts in confusion a moment, though her face blanches at the suggestion she tell anyone else. It seems the ground becomes really interesting all of a sudden, "Tell them all?" she tries but she can't keep the fear of that prospect from her voice, "It's right." the right thing to do? Even if it means bad things for her.

Quinton can't answer that for her about everyone, or even if it's right, but he will say, "Kayla's going to know. Either you tell her, or I will." It's not so much a threat as he just can't live keeping something like that from his sister. There's that pulling and he's now angry at himself for the desire to protect her. His arms tighten, "If Bob knows, you can tell the others. No one is going to hurt you." Well, probably. Hopefully. Looks like Quin may get into a fist fight after all. Damn it. His head shakes slightly and he'll glance away towards the apartments, feeling like a fool for this entire situation.

She figured that was going to be the case "I will." most likely to both "Kayla first." it's times like this she wonders if fighting to be human was such a smart idea after all. There is a nod "Elijah told, when he discovered…they confronted me." she only tells him so he doesn't think that she told them first, not that it would help. The rest she seems unconvinced of. She is in pessimistic mode today. "Be safe." she says and turns to head back to the complex, once more giving him the space he needs.

Scavenging Rolls

3 Denim Jeans
1 Mouse chewed sweater
3 Panties
1 Pairs of Boots
5 Boxer Shorts
1 Pair of Earrings

Foraging Rolls

5 Winecup tubers
1 Raspberries
1 Goldenrod leaves/flowers
1 Handful of Beefsteak Weed leaves
1 Handful of Wild Carrot stems/roots/leaves
1 Handful of Thistle

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