(2016-01-09) Wise Words
Wise Words
Summary: They don't stop the bleeding
Date: 1.9.2016
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This large building dominates the center of the complex. It serves several purposes. First and for most it is a gathering spot where the apartment residents can socialize and gather for various reasons. There is a large sitting area, with sofas and chairs surrounding a large marble coffee table. They all sit within a comfortable distance of a large fireplace which has a large flatscreen TV hanging above it. Adjacent to that is a small kitchenette area, separated by a marble topped bar with barstools sitting in front of it.

On the other side of the large gathering area is a small office area, accessed by a windowed door where the manager and apartment staff did there business for the day. There is also another windowed door that leads to a small fitness room with the usual workout machines as well as some nautilus machines and free weights.

It seems the clubhouse has a few new occupants, four young cats. Three calico cats and one gray striped. They are always seeking attention. The gray is named Ramses, the others are Bug, Sweetie and Pickles.

It's mid-afternoon and the clubhouse is a bastion of warmth on this cold and stormy day. Piper certainly isn't going out into that kind of weather, so she has settled into her rocking chair near the fire. To keep her hands free she has her infant son in his snuggie rocking him while she works on a crochet project. Staring at her hook and yarn in her hand she frowns in concentration as she slowly makes yarn into something else. It's to early though to tell exactly what that something is yet, just that it is starting out gray. Naturally she looks like she hasn't had any decent sleep in days and she seems to be more like the woman she was back in Nebraska, twitchy and with few words.

Elijah had planned to try and go out to scavenge for something. Anything for the Infirmary. However, he had not been prepared for how quickly the weather got the better of him. Between the added cold and his leg, it didn't take long for the man to seek shelter. The Clubhouse was the building of choice, the door opening as he enters and tries to close the door back as quick as possible. One hand grips his cane tightly, his other shutting the door before he turns around and gives a tired sigh. Well that was fun. He doesn't seem aware of any other inhabitants currently, just shaking off the cold for a moment.

The door opening and closing breaks the woman's concentration and she looks up to see the shivering doctor trying to shake off the inclement weather. There are no words of greeting she simply gets up, quietly pours a mug of coffee from the pot on the fire and on quite barefeet brings it to him, holding it out to him at arm's length, her face a mask of stocism.

Being distracted with the task of getting inside and trying to make sure his belongings aren't too waterlogged, Elijah doesn't see the woman approach. So when he looks up there is a bit of a jerk back in alarm, but only slightly as his leg wouldn't let him. "Oh. Piper. I apologize…I didn't realize anybody was in here." Looking to the mug of coffee he smiles, reaching out with his free hand to take it. "Thank you…"

A sip turns into a long drink as the liquid warms him. Then, taking the mug from his lips the doctor nods to the woman, "So…did the storm send you here as well?…" The awkward realization of their last interaction dawned on Eli…what do say? What to do? Did she hate him too?

She doesn't mean to startle people, but the whole moving around silently is something out of her control. They aren't called Silencers for nothing. She really needs to start wearing a bell or something. A nod is given to his gratitude though her expression doesn't falter, his followup question has her verbalizing one of the few words she doesn't have problems saying, "No." she does head tilt at him, giving her the air of confusion at his sudden expression of what, mortification? Worry? Both if possible?

"Well…I'll stay out of your way…just needed to warm up some. So I'll stay by the fire." Regardless of what her behavior may be towards him on any given day, the doctor always seemed to choose the default action of giving her space. Better than risking causing her distress. Holding the mug in his free hand, his other works the cane as he walks over to the fire. A grimace hits his features, Elijah not taking into account how quickly the cold would sink into his leg. Ouch. However, soon he was close enough to the fire and set his mug on a nearby table…then focusing on the task of trying to remove his jacket while balancing supporting himself with the cane. One arm then the other. The jacket was hung up to try and dry out.

The talking wakes the dozing baby and he turns his head to blink sleepily at the doctor. At least baby Quinn is getting plenty of rest even if his mother is not. Moving back to her chair Piper absently rubs the baby's back then gathers her crocheting stuff to sit back down, "O-kay?

"O-kay?" she asks, maybe noticing his wince while he moved. Her darks eyes remain on him as he removes his coat. No offer of assistance, as they would involve touching and she still has lots of issues with that.

Elijah does glance back to her with her inquiry, "Hrm?…Ah. Yes, I'm fine." After the jacket is taken care of he stays be the fire, positioning his stance so that his injured leg is facing the heat for now. His gaze goes down to the leg with a frown, the doctor speaking back to her, "It aches worse with the cold…that's all."

"S…s..s..sure." she says even with her stuttering she is able to make it sound disbeleiving. Piper's eyes then focus on the yarn and crochet hook in her hands and she returns to hooking and threading the gray yarn into the panel of the previously tamed yarnage. An idea strikes her and she glances up "Hot…" her hands are full so using them is out of the question so she is going to have to struggle with getting words out "bottle." she she looks pointedly at his injured leg.

His gaze goes back to the woman with her suggestion, the doctor giving a small smile. "Yeah. That could help…may be worth going back to the doctor's office or store. See if they have one there." A glance is given to the door, "Though for today it'll be fine. Not worth heading out in this storm." Elijah looks back to the fire. He is silent for a moment…wanting to say something. Anything. Unsure of what to say though. Finally, he clears his throat, "…I…am sorry. For the other night. I'm afraid I didn't help the situation as much as…I had hoped to. Or much at all really…"

And there it is, the huge elephant in the room. As much as Piper tries to forget the confused and devastated look on Quinton's face, it haunts her, keeps her up at night. The fit and betrayed look she experienced later doesn't help. She crocheting is lowered a moment as her head hangs, dejected then a nod "Me…" the rest doesn't come out, but she is probably agreeing that the other night was a disaster. Much more of one that she expected. The baby seems to be able to sense his mother's despair and begins to fuss himself.

Elijah looks confused at the woman with her response…unsure what she meant, but her demeanor seemed to be in accordance with his own. The doctor usually kept to himself and kept busy anyways, but the days since the meeting had seen him even more withdrawn than usual. Who knew what he had been up to, but if he wasn't in the Infirmary pouring over notes he had been shut up in his apartment. It was no secret he didn't handle conflict well. "I'm sure he will come around…it is just a lot for him to take in right now." He tried to assure the woman. "He cares for you."

Piper wishes she had the luxury to wallow, but she has no such thing. Not with children to care for and skills that keep the group feed and protected. She has been keeping herself busy as well. Were it not for the weather she would probably be out now on patrol, hunting or foraging. She shakes her head, setting the chair to rocking and patting the infants back gently in a futile effort to sooth him. Of course she is pessimistic, the one person she thought would show at least a little understanding rejected her "Angry at…." she gestures to herself.

A frown is given with the woman's gesture and words, Elijah only nodding. There were no words he could offer to the woman that she did not already know to be true. No analysis of the situation or Quinton's reaction that wasn't already understood. Unfortunately, it just had to be hard…at least for right now…and there was nothing to do but endure it. "If you need…to talk. Or just sit…Anything. I'm here." The doctor knew her feelings towards him and knew it was an offer that she'd probably never take him up on. Still, he had to offer. It was his nature.

Her eyes lift to look at him and she laughs, but there is no humour in it, more like wry amusement. As if to point out when has she ever been able to talk in a coherent fashion around him. The only person she was able to do that with is avoiding her like she has the latest plague. She studies him a moment, her own communication issues giving her a more intuitive nature in reading the subtleties of body language "No hate." it's not who he is that bothers her, it's what he is.

Elijah glances up at her, a small sad smile coming to his features. "I know. I do not think you hate me…but I also realize you do not feel comfortable around me." He sighs, rubbing the back of his neck, managing a small chuckle. "You think I'd be used to that reaction as a doctor by now. Nobody -likes- seeing us. It's never for anything fun…"

No time for self pity, his hand drops, the man shaking his head. "I won't say I understand what you feel or are going through…that would disrespect you and everything you've overcome. And while I honestly do not ever expect you to feel comfortable with me…or my assistance… I will always be ready and willing to give it should you ever need." His words are sincere even if his tone is heavy, "And I do view you as one of my few friends…" for however messed up that was. Even if she didn't view him the same.

Well there are few people she does feel comfortable around, so it's not like its just him or just men either. Even the females get a similar response. Quinton let some of what she has overcome slip the other night, being kidnapped and going through some form of trauma in the process is certainly enough to cause all sorts of emotional and mental scarring. Being well aware that being friends with her when the truth gets out to everyone she shakes her head yet again, "S…s..sh.shoul…" try as she might she can't be the word out and her frustration at that is obvious.

Elijah doesn't understand what she's trying to say through just the brief sound…obviously trying to decipher, but settling on offering her a more reassuring smile. "Don't worry about what has happened. It's in the past." Regardless of what she was trying to say…it was good advice. Even for the current situation with Quinton. So it worked right? "All we can do is move forward. Maybe it will be okay. Maybe it won't. We don't get to know that. All we get to do is decide our own actions." Regardless of the actions of others.

The expression she gives him is clear, easier to say it than do it "No wise words gonna stop the bleeding." its said in a silvery sing-song voice not only hinting that they are song lyrics, but that she has some mad skills in the singing area. Much like in her flute playing. She must not have much problem getting other people's words out, just her own..or singing is different. A deep breath is taken in and let out in an effort to control herself if only to keep Quinn from going over the top into fuss mode, because he's still fussy and whimpering. There is a nod from her in the end, his words reminding her of another advice quote that she probably can't articulate.

Listening to the lyrics, the doctor gives a small smile at the sound. Not the words, but…enough dwelling on the sad. Elijah watches as Piper calms Quinn, "You have a pretty singing voice…" He had only heard it on rare occasions, usually through accident or only humming. Still, he could tell the skill was there.

The compliment is frowned at. There was a time Piper loved hearing the compliments about her talents or beauty, back when she was a diva, before she became what she was and the Aliens. That is no longer the case. "Op-e-ra." she points to herself. A couple of people know of her pre-alien apocalypse career, one she told, the other found one of her cd's, and since her worst secret has come out what's the point in keeping others. That would explain her listening to the few opera records she has as much as possible, which isn't often enough for her…now if she only had more than the three.

Elijah lofts a brow, "Really?" A smile then spreads on his features "That seems like one of the more difficult styles to practice in…" He shakes his head with a chuckle "Not that I have any experience to speak from, but just from what I've heard in music. It sounds more…involved?" he tries to explain.

"Yes." another small word that comes easy for her. Her tone though is flat, as if it is no big deal. Her musical skills isn't going to help win any fights, just the skills that scream out she isn't what she seems, also ones she tries to keep a lid on, but are more important now more than ever. She breathes in and out audibly and moves a hand up with the in and down with the out, maybe suggesting it takes a lot of breathing control or lung power. Both certainly.

A nod is given with her action, "Breathing…and rhythm?" Close enough! Kind of. "Both would help I imagine." Again, not like he had any experience though. Elijah looks at the fire, moving around just enough to try and gauge the dampness of his clothes. Eh…dry enough. "Mind if I sit?" he motions to a chair near her, "while we continue to talk. Or would you rather I let you get back to your needlework?" Either was fine by the doctor.

Yep, close enough. When your communication skills are mostly non-verbal you take as close as you can get without debate. There is a shake of head and a gesture to the seat to further indicate that she doesn't mind. She's not anti-social, she just has a hard time with socialization. Her attention is brought back to her crocheting and she once more takes it up "Sweat-er…Quinton." he may be a big ball of confused mixed emotions, but her feelings haven't changed and the last time she saw him his sweater looked awful, so a peace offering once or if he decides to at least start talking to her again.

Elijah moves over to take the seat at her agreement, lowering himself with one hand secured on the arm of the chair and the other remaining on his cane. However, it seems the fire's warmth helped as he doesn't grimace with the motion. Once seated, the stick is leaned against the wall beside him as his attention goes back to the woman and her project. "I'm sure he'll appreciate that." Especially with how cold it has been."

With the rocking and Piper starting to get control of her emotions, the baby once more falls into a doze. Frowning at her project she unravels a few stiches that weren't tight enough and does them over. With him seated she seems to relax a bit, it can't be comfortable to have him seemingly looming over her, seated is much better. "Hope." she nods, his appreciation is the most the can hope for really. She is far to experienced to think that one little peace offering and poof problem solved.

Watching her for a moment longer, Elijah would then lean his head back in the chair and close his eyes. Giving a tired breath, he just enjoyed sitting for a moment it seems. However…somebody had other plans! A few moments after the doctor had relaxed, a small mew is the only warning given before the grey fluff-ball known as Ramses leaps up and claims Eli's lap as his new domain. Lifting his head, Elijah just lofts a brow before chuckling. "Well hello again, Ramses…" A gentle finger moves forward to scratch behind the cat's ear. Ramses responds to the affection by promptly sprawling out across Eli's lap in a typical awkward cat fashion.

The cat mewling has Piper looking from her work in her hands to see the only make cat of the group find a new resting place. A look is sent around to count the rest and make sure they are still present. Yep, four cats accounted for. A ghost of a smile comes to her face, a rare thing these past few days, as she thinks back on the day the cats were brought to her and the kids, back before she was able to articulate to anyone. She has certainly came a long way since then, since they moved here even. "Quinton found…" the gestures with her chin to Ramses and the other cats, in case he didn't know.

"Ah…well they are a happy addition to camp." Eli still called it camp. Habit. As if in response to the man's acceptance, Ramses closes his eyes and starts to purr gently as he enjoys the affection coming from the doctor. Switching now to use his entire hand, Elijah strokes down the cat's back before moving back up to Ramses' head. Ear rubs. Best thing ever.

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