(2016-01-10) Coming Clean Prt 2
Coming Clean Prt 2
Summary: Piper tells Kayla, not knowing she already has been told
Date: 1.10.2016
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8th Street

8th street is a lengthy one, with lots of tall trees, unlike most of the town. Probably why the complex is named as it is.

The street doesn't quite make it to Texas Street, a few blocks off from joining up with it. It is all residential, with the apartment complex at the west end and both multi-family homes and single family dwellings running the length of it.

The last four days has found Piper being a more like her pre-move self, non-communicative a bit twitchy and sleep…well she isn't getting much of that either. Today is a better day, she can actually string words together in a semi coherent fashion and she has things to share. She said she would, and while it has taken her a day or two to get up the nerve, she is. Having asked Kayla if she would like to take a walk, sans any children who were left with Mama Bea, she walks in silence for a bit until they get a few blocks and out of ear shot of the complex.

Having agreed, Kayla had made some excuse about needing to stay nearby the apartments because she was keeping an eye out for Quinton. She walks in silence, herself…waiting.

While the woman would rather go somewhere more private for what she has to say, she wasn't going to debate, this was going to be hard enough as it is. Piper is clearly anxious, and as much as she wants to inquire about Quinton she doesn't. That would just set off the waterworks, and no one wants that. "I'm sorry." she starts out as she glances over her shoulder and then around to make sure there are no eavesdroppers near enough to hear, even though she speaks in a voice that doesn't carry, "My fault..Quinton is…" she struggles a moment for the right word "freaked." she glances at Kayla then but eye contact at the moment is hard for her.

Kayla bites back a snort; she knows it's Piper's fault, but she wants to hear what the woman at her side has to say about things. "Yeah, well…" She trails off, and shrugs. She really doesn't know what to say.

Piper of course doesn't know that, if she knew that Quinton beat her to it she would be upset, deservedly so. Taking a deep breath and then exhaling it she speaks again "Start beginning." she says and begins to tell her story. She keeps the intro short. Born, raised by loving parents, school, graduation early, Julliard, performing, yada, yada, yada. Words are dropped here and there, but she is able to string them together well enough to make it understandable "In September 2014, concert, singing large crowd…voice…" she taps her head, "in here. Telling me things, awful things. Freaked out, breakdown. Didn't want to kill…/didn't/ kill. Fought the voices, warned…tried to..aliens coming." the voice being the alien conscince trying to merge and take over. "Psychiatric hospital." she pauses, glancing at Kayla to see if she is understanding what she is trying to say. She probably should have taken this approach with Quinton, freaking hindsight.

Kayla is understanding, oh that much is clear. Her face is pale, and shoulders tense, as she listens. She stares at Piper, in silence, simply listening. She doesn't know what to say - hasn't since she first heard about this. "SO now what? What am I supposed to say to that…?" she answers, quietly.

There is a shrug, "Nothing? Listen, not done." another deep breath and she continues "After treatments," her voice shudders a bit, so whatever the treatments were, they weren't at all pleasant "Voices stopped, but new memories, not mine, alien, abilities too.." she swirls her finger around her temple to indicate her mind. There is a long pause before she continues, "Supposed to be Silencer, but broken, not one, not really. Human in body, mixed in brain. Confusing."

Kayla has stopped walking, and crossed her arms over her chest. "Not helping me know what to say," she repeats, hugging herself.

A few more steps are taken by Piper before she stops as well to look at Kayla directly "I can't speak for you." now that the admission is done, and the other woman hasn't freaked out like her brother did she is becoming less anxious and more melancholic, and talking a bit easier, "Know I'm sorry. He wanted more from us. What we had was real." there is a sigh "Can't build more on a lie." even if it is one of omission, "I'll be leaving soon. Won't be welcome once everyone knows." she seems to be planning on telling everyone, then taking off.

Shaking her head, slowly, Kayla exhales slowly. "I don't know what to do, or say, Piper. I…you could have killed us, any time. But you haven't. If you're waiting to do it, there's some scheme here I can't see. But…I don't know what to think or feel, Piper." she admits, quietly.

Piper frowns "People here family. Took me and children in. Didn't have to. I owe them life not death. Never want to kill." and she hasn't, even when it came to the Kamo Kids she has only shot to wound, never to kill. Not to say she wouldn't if it mean protecting anyone here, but it wouldn't be her first choice. "No scheme. No danger." not from her specifically, and there is no guile or dishonesty. Kayla said it herself, that Piper is an awful liar and there isn't any of that going on. "It doesn't matter, leaving anyway." she has accepted that as her fate and will see it through.

"Why?" Kayla suddenly blurts out, her face still pale and a mixture of uncertainty, fear, friendship and anger on her face. "Why wouldn't you just tell us from the start? And why now? If it doesn't matter, why?"

That's more of the reaction she expected so when it comes she is prepared though she does take a step away a bit of the nerves returning "Tried…failed…" she isn't proud of it "Scared…terrified of reaction." a hand goes to the braid to tug it out of nervy habit "Told you why. Can't build /more/ on a lie." she means a real relationship, the way Quinton and her were going "That's why it matters. Knew it was risky, but he deserves truth and someone better than me." she's said that to Kayla before, and why she said it is perfectly clear. "He can have that now."

Kayla sighs, heavily, before shaking her head. "I…I'm sorry, Piper, I…I have to go. I need…time. To think." She's glad Piper did decide to tell her, even if she already knew, but…it doesn't help her know what to do. She's still lost on that front.

Piper nods knowing that she has probably lost another one of her few friends in the group, "Understand." and she does "Sorry too." she turns then, wiping at her eyes to dash away the tears that are forming and she continues the walk, giving Kayla all the space she needs.

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