(2016-01-12) Raider Troubles
Raider Troubles
Summary: It's a highway robbery…sort of
Date: 1.12.2016
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Beyond the reservoir a few miles are a few farm houses surrounded by overgrown fields. With all the houses in town there wasn't been any real drive to check them out further than making sure there weren't any hostiles hiding there when the first arrived and after the few incidents in town. With the weather being pleasant enough though, amoung other reasons for wanting to be away from people in general, why not….

Quinton didn't know this was going to be such small group when he agreed to go. He certainly wouldn't have gone if he had known the doctor was one of the two. But his word was given so here he is. Scavenging with Eli and a red shirt. He's been quiet unless spoken to, his sentences more together than not, but none of the names are right today. And the poet doesn't even seem to notice that. "I guess….we'll just check out as many as we can." He'll absently scratch at his shoulder through his sweater.

Elijah likewise was uncomfortable…but hopefully this outing with the group would help lead to a 'patching up' of sorts? Or you know…everything getting irreparably worse. Whichever! He stays quiet for the most part, his cane with him though he wasn't leaning on it heavily. Good days and bad, as with any recovering injury. His doctor bag is with him as usual, slung across his shoulder and resting against a hip. As they get to their destination, the doctor helps look around, nodding at Quinton's words. "Sounds good."

As for Bear, nicknamed that not only because of his size but also because the copious amounts of body hair…talk about Mountain Men, he makes Grizzly Adams look freshly shaved…and he looked that way before all hell broke loose too. Well he is following a few paces behind, he is more of a hunter than scavenger but this far outside of town its easy to do both. He can be quite chatty at times, but with the other two not in the talkative mood he just stays quiet watching for game and/or danger.

And it seems danger is in the cards today. Two shots fire out from the buildings near the nearest collection of farm buildings. One slams to the ground right before the party, the other though slams into the beefy shoulder of Bear, who stumbles backwards.

"Stop right there!" a clearly male voice yells out. "Toss all your weapons this way as well as your backpacks." seems you all are being robbed.

Quinton does stop, but his gun is already in his hand and he's moving to step between the houses and Kayla. "Get low." He's not sure that's going to help, but that's what they got. He takes to a knee, "We don't want trouble…but we're not giving anything up!" No one just robs people anymore, and he's already lost Kayla once to creeps. that's not happening again. In a lower voice, "Check on Bull." poor Bear.

At the shot, Kayla curses before dropping instinctively down to a knee…and she reaches to lay a hand on her brother's shoulder. And then she turns to dash, bent low, to Bear. "You okay?" she wonders quietly, even as she moves to press her hand to the wound to try and slow the blood.

With the shot hitting the ground in front of them, Eli instantly hunches over and his hands fly up. With the second shot hitting Bear, the doctor tenses before seeing Quinton move forward to try and negotiate. Or…something. He uses this moment to move with Kayla, in a crouch, to check on the wounded man. "Keep pressure on it. That's good. Give me just a second," the man works on getting into his bag for gauze and bandages. He looks to Kayla "Check the back of shirt to see if it went through."

"If you didn't want trouble then you would have done what you're told." the hidden male voice calls out then another shot rings out to aimed at Quinton, who has taken one the responsibilities of group spokesman "Can we do this the easy way now?!" the voice calls out.

Despite the wound to the shoulder Bear is struggling to get his own weapon up, but the wound is in the shoulder he would be bracing the gun against. "I'm fine." he says in his gruff voice, trying to push off Kayla and the Doc so he can do his job to defend the group.

Damn it. Damn it all. Quinton hears the sound, that loud pop before he feels anything. It's unlike last time, where he was running and had adrenaline pumping through his system. His father's pistol is up and aiming, and as the red starts to blossom across his belly, he squeezes off two shots of his own, pale eyes narrowing in on something in the building that the voice came from.

The sound of the second shot has Kayla's head snapping up…and she dashes without thinking. "No…NO! Quinton!" she screams, as she reaches towards her brother. "Stop shooting!" she adds, voice shrill and edged with panic. "Eli…Eli, dammit, no!" With one hand already bloody from pressing against Bear's shoulder, she works to try and press to Quin's stomach even as she bodily puts herself between him and the house.

Elijah watches as Bear pushes through the pain to move forward. This group! It's like for every wound they got they gained stubbornness. No wonder Bob was so bad! Eli's eyes then go wide as Quinton gets hit. The doctor moves towards the poet, not threatening to the others and holding no weapon…just focused on trying to get to the injured party.

Quinton's shot gets off before Kayla manages to come to his aid, there is the sound of glass shattering, a pained grunt and some cursing from another shooter.

Bear roars, much like his name sake when the poet gets shot and he shoots from the hip with his rifle, in his injured state the recoil drives him back, though he is starting to look shocky as most would after a gun shot wound

There is another pained cry as Bear's shot takes out one that was darting from one building to another after Quinton's lucky shot.

More shoots ring out from various buildings, either out of or from behind…cover fire as the raiders make a get away. They didn't expect retailition and even though they outnumber the four they have already taken casualties, and would rather live to fight another day.

As the bandits flee, Kayla focuses in fully on her brother. "Quin…hey, look at me." Kay looks to her brother's face, blinking back tears as her trembling hand presses to the wound. "You're gonna be fine. It's just a scratch…nothing, really." she murmurs.

"God damn it!" Why is Kayla in from tot him blocking his shot? He grabs her with his left hand, his right with the gun is starting to shake but he takes a few more return shots. "Don't…in front of me…" It's a good thing he's already mostly on the ground as he sways slightly. He doesn't seem to notice anyone approaching, the only two things are Kayla and the people firing at them. And possibly the bullets slamming into the ground near them. He grimaces as his sister presses into the wound, drawing attention to the warmth that seems to be leaving him. Unintentionally he repeats himself from his last gunshot wound, "….I'm wet…"

Elijah lets Bear fire off at the bandits, somehow managing to avoid getting injured himself. Which was actually an accomplishment! Getting to Quinton, he focuses fully on the poet, kneeling down by Quinton and setting his bag between himself and Kayla. "Is there an exit wound?" he asks to nobody particular, leaving either sibling open to answer. Meanwhile, he starts getting gloves out of his bag, as well as a few other items to start treating the wound.

With the raiders beating a hasty retreat they are quickly out of shooting range, and the group is safe to deal with wounds and figure out how to get their wounded back.

"I don't know…!" Kayla isn't quite blubbering, but she's fighting back tears as she continues to press on her brother's stomach. "Quin, talk to me…Bear, you too!" she calls as an afterthought. She doesn't want them to go into shock, either of them

Quinton seems a little, surprised at Kayla and Eli suddenly next to him. "It's…scratch." That's what she said, right? The gun is suddenly very heavy in his hand so it sinks to the ground and he grimaces. Maybe at the pressure or the cold or the sudden need to sleep. "Is….he ok?"

Bear is stubborning his way through his own shock and pain with the fortitude one would expect of a man of his size and well hairy manliness. With his meaty hand pressing against the wound he nods to the buildings "I'll check on their wounded…make sure none are hiding anywhere.

"Bear! You need to stay here…your wound…" oh why did he bother!? Then, his attention has to go back to Quinton who seemed to be worsening. Kayla's worry gets a direct look from the doctor, Eli using a calm but firm tone. "Kayla I need you to listen to me. I am going to do everything I can do help your brother right now, but I need you to help me. Can you do that? We need to make sure he is stable enough to move back to camp and I need you focused and calm with me. Alright?"

The man's gaze is then back on Quinton as he speaks to the poet, "I need to lean you forward and check for an exit wound alright? Kayla is going to keep pressure on your stomach so it will hurt, but it is helping you. Do you understand?" It wasn't meant to be a condescending tone, but rather Eli trying to gauge Quin's level of awareness and coherency. Even if he were having an 'off' day, Eli would be able to tell what was from that and what was from the wound or blood loss.

Kayla inhales deeply at Eli's words but she nods as she bites down on her lower lip. She presses firmly when she gets direction from Eli, though her gaze flickers to Bear for a brief moment.

Oh, it's definitely a combination of both now. Definitely a bad day, and defiantly blood loss. His pale green eyes don't quite focus completely on the doctor but he manages to grunt between now gritted teeth as Kayla puts pressure on the wound, "Don't….demean…." yeah….he's starting to lose focus. The poet sways slightly into his sister's arms, "…ruined….another…"

Sniffing, Kayla manages to smile tightly. "Yeah, well, I'll find you another shirt," she assures Quinton quickly as she keeps her hands pressed into the wound, covered in her siblings blood. NOT a good day!

Elijah nods to Kayla, somehow managing to give the girl a calm and sincere smile despite the chaotic situation. "Thank you. Don't worry. We will help him." Hey, this is what he was actually good at. Once Kayla was focused on helping her brother, the doctor focused on examining the wound. Greeeat. No exit wound. Keeping his expression even and his tone calm, Eli looks back to Bear. "We need to get him back to camp now. Keeping him as stable and motionless as possible. I need to get him to the Infirmary and treat this wound."

"It's all clear." Bear says as he returns with a large blanket in his free hand. "We'll have to send someone out to deal with the bodies." he hands the blanket over "We can carry him back with this." Between the three of them they can get Quinton on the blanket and get him back that way.

It's not a shirt, it's a sweater! That's….somehow important. Quin frowns, his left hand still on kay's arm, although there's no strength in it. "I'm….k." he certainly doesn't sound it! "…walk…" Yeah…no. That's definitely not happening. But in his own mind he can! He doesn't put up much of a fight though. they can easily get him on the stretcher.

First Aid/Medical

This three bedroom apartment is nothing exciting. The inside is a decade or two more modern than the outside at least, but drab. Beige floors, off white walls leaves the place looking a bit institutional. At least the previous occupant tried to liven it up a a bit with modern furnishings.

The kitchen is divided from the living room by a breakfast bar and a window lets in light from outside. Three furnished bedrooms and bathroom lead off the living room.

Two bedrooms are used for patients, the third for the doctor on duty. The two patient rooms are furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

It would be several hours after their run. Several very long, very tense hours. Elijah had sent everybody out of the main Infirmary room once they got Quin situated, except Anita who was working on Bear and helping him when able and needed. As for Kayla and any others who wanted to be nearby for updates, he directed them to the third bedroom of the apartment. This one was obviously set up to be for the doctor on duty, a certain level of 'home' and furnishings there as well as a shower and other such amenities.

If Kayla needed to clean up she had been told she was welcome to do so in that room as well, or leave and return. Up to her. As for the rest of camp, some had seen the party return so word had no doubt spread about the injured parties and the seriousness of their injuries. If any others needed to be informed, Eli would worry about that later. More pressing matters now.

It might not be a good idea to stay too close. Unfortunately with the lack of medicine, Quin's in quite a bit of pain. So that unfortunately means in his unfocused state he's screaming….a lot. Thankfully the digging of his insides seems to be over and he's laying on the bed, bloody and bandaged, panting shallowly. He seems almost in a daze, staring at something across the room.

Piper hadn't quite left yet when she heard the news, there were a few good-byes she had to say first, but then she was going to be gone. It seems fate though has other plans. She snuck in halfway through, but stayed out in the living room, sitting against the wall next to the door, hands over her ears, using every bit of will power she had not to do something drastic to make the screaming stop. Even after its over she doesn't move from her spot, just sits on the floor, outside the door out of sight of the two in the other room.

Elijah had stayed focused and concentrated on getting the surgery done as fast and gently as possible. As if there were anything gentle about digging a bullet out of somebody. Especially seeing as how the doctor had trouble finding it there for awhile. Which no doubt had added to the volume and quantity of screams. As soon as he's able though, he had stitched Quinton up and given his body a break. Moving to wash his hands in the sink of the kitchen area, the doctor keeps his focus and attention now checking on his patient.

Right now he couldn't afford to let that focus waver. The doctor had Anita hook Quinton up to an IV, trying to keep fluids in the poet and keeping him hydrated. After a moment, Eli would be back by Quinton's bed. "Quinton?" He had to gauge the man's responsiveness. His shock.

Quinton didn't even react to the IV, but he does blink and his dazed eye turn towards the doctor. He doesn't say anything, but does try to focus on the man.

Pulling her legs up to her chest, Piper wraps her arms around them and rests her chin on her knees. She isn't going to head in just yet, she will wait, bide her time. As she listens she can't help but have flashbacks to the first time he was shot and had a bullet dug out of him…and the argument they had about her not being there when it happened. She'll wait a little while longer.

Elijah manages to give Quinton a small smile, speaking in an clear even tone. "Would you like some water?" While he talks to the man he'd also watch his reactions and behaviors, looking for any warning or troubling signs in reaction to the surgery and shock.

There's a reason he didn't want her there. If he knew she or Kayla was close, was aware enough, he'd have begged Eli to send them away. But he's barely aware of Eli currently. He sallow, almost testing because he has no idea. Finally he gives the smallest of head shakes, his voice to raw from screaming to talk.

Piper bites her lip giving a shake of her head in disbelief. She doesn't need to be in the room to know what that question will be answered…she's been in Eli's position enough times to be able to guess accurately. Good thing she is staying put, water would be mandatory otherwise.

Elijah nods "Alright. I'll put some by your bed just in case though. For later." He then does just that. As he places it on the table near Quinton, the smallest amount of stress can be seen on the doctor's features. He straightens it out though before looking to Quinton, standing beside his bed. "Rest now. It will help your body recover…and start healing." Eli's thoughts trail for a moment. Then return. "Anita or I will be in here. Whenever you need anything. Let us know."

Quinton manages to take a little deeper of a breath, swallowing again like he's trying to work up the strength to say something. he opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. Closing his eyes in pain and frustration, he'll try again, forcing out, "….hurt…?" Whatever he means, it's clearly a question of some kind.

The woman thinks real hard at Elijah, but, yeah, that's not how her abilities work so it is a futile effort on her part and Piper knows it. Her head cants when the injured man finally speaks up, she may or may not know what he is talking about, but she isn't going to show herself to explain it.

Elijah 's mind goes to what the man might mean by the question. "Kayla is fine." Well, considering. She wasn't hurt and that's what was important. "I told her to leave while I worked on you. Bear is in the other room. Asleep and recovering."

Quinton's head nods and he sighs softly, that's exactly what he was worried about. There was so much blood on her… he didn't know if she had been shot. He gives a small shiver and then moans softly in pain from the movement. It's certainly cold in here!

Oh good, the doctor understood and Piper stifles a sigh of releif so as to not give herself away. The mention of the man in the other room has her glancing in there though just to make sure that the large hairy man is indeed asleep…and yes he is. Bear could talk a wall's ears off, she doesn't want to be given away because someone is feeling talkative.

Elijah sees the shiver, noting the moan of pain and frowning. "I'll be right back." He walks towards the other room now, entering. He sees Piper, but whether due to being tired or having just expected somebody to be in there, he does not seem surprised at her presence. Given her posture against the wall though, he decides to just give her a nod in greeting and a thumbs up with a head motion to the other room. Quin would be alright. He doesn't bother her past that, moving to get a pillow and blanket from the bed and moving back into the room with Quinton.

Coming to stand beside his bed again, Elijah looks to the poet and offers out the pillow, "Rest this against your stomach. It helps absorb your body's movements. Less pain." He then holds up the blanket, "Cold?"

This is completely different pain than his shoulder. The poet is exhausted, fighting through that surgery was on par with the red tsunami. His hand trembles, but he'll take the pillow before choking out, "….cold…."

There is a tensing when the doctor spots her and Piper starts to put finger to lips to ask him for quiet but when he doesn't say anything she drops it. A glance is given in the direction of the room and then she shakes her head, giving Elijah the 'look' at his suggestion. That's not how this works…though really she is unsure how it works anymore, but she can't very well leave with Quinton in this condition.

Elijah watches the man take the pillow, nodding at the confirmation of him being cold and gently laying the blanket over the man's legs. From there, if he wanted it pulled up further he could, but he figured start with that. Trying not to aggregate the stomach area too much.

Combat Rolls

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 4: Failure.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 5: Good Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Raider2=firearms Vs Quinton=reaction

< Raider2: Good Success Quinton: Failure

< Net Result: Raider2 wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Raider2=reaction Vs Quinton=firearms +50

< Raider2: Failure Quinton: Good Success

< Net Result: Quinton wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 5: Good Success.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 4: Failure.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 4: Good Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Raider=firearms -1 Vs Kayla=reaction

< Raider: Failure Kayla: Success

< Net Result: Kayla wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Raider=firearms Vs Quinton=reaction

< Raider: Success Quinton: Good Success

< Net Result: Quinton wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Raider=firearms -1 Vs Elijah=reaction

< Raider: Failure Elijah: Good Success

< Net Result: Elijah wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 4: Success.

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