(2016-01-15) Strangers in the Rain
Strangers in the Rain
Summary: Pied-Piper runs into someone new and then someone else new is brought in
Date: 1.15.2016
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The south side of town is more rural in nature than the rest of the town. There are a few small farms, including what was once a petting zoo, which is now used to shelter the Camps various farm animals.

Further east is the trailer park and between the two on the opposite side are are run-down homes and commercial places.

Well at least it is warm…well for the middle of winter it is warm, which isn't saying much really. The rain falls from the grey sky, drumming on the ground with a staccato beat. Having been pushed out of the infirmary and from caring for her…well whatever he is, Piper really isn't sure at this point, so he could be sponged down, the petite woman with enough hair for four people and her 12 week old passenger held to her chest with a bandeu snuggie leaves one of the houses lining the street. She doesn't look particularly happy and a shudder goes through her body as she buttons up her coat against the cold, though not all the way, the back of the baby's afro covered head peeks out. As dressed as she is for the cold weather though, she is sans any footwear, no shoes, no socks, nada.

Draped in a heavy duty cloak, with the cowl covering her head, Fiona has a slightly down trodden stride. She watches her step and scans around, but the stride is slow, strained. It stops altogether when she spots the shoeless woman. Her head lifts with a hesitant sneer locked on the child. "You are going to catch pneumonia. What a boring and dull way to die these days." A faint shrug and huff, "Then again, at least you will have chosen."

Dark eyes fall on the stranger as she walks past the house that Piper was left. There is a moment of frozen wariness as she slips the nearly empty pack onto her shoulders. It's not been a good day for scavening for her, to many thoughts fighting for control in her head. "No." she replies, her tone as wary as her expression is. What exactly she is saying no to is questionable. A hand does slip into her coat, but it doesn't seem a threatning gesture for the moment. Her brow furrows for a moment as she gives a nod in the direction Fiona came from "W…w….wh….where?" she stammers, struggling to get the word out.

The motions are followed, but she keeps at least a bit of her gaze on the woman. A cough and she seems to delay her own reply, "I am new.. from the Ozarks." The statement true enough, true as it can be for a traveler. "Fiona, that is my name." She adds, attention returning to the child, her head tilting to a side as she compares the kid to the woman. She starts to step again as if that made all of what she needed to say.

Piper doesn't look like much, way to pretty for her own good, but with her size and the infant, she could easily be considered harmless, and for this instance it would be a fair assessment, "Piper." she gestures to herself, and then puts her hand on the baby's head "Quinn." the baby is still to young to make gender easy to guess at, and the name doens't really help. There is a resemblance though, so mother/child is obvious. "Stay-ing? Go-ing?" the two syllable words are broken down to make saying them easier. She is either simple minded or has some mental/speech issue. "Com-pound…" she gestures north "Warm. Dry. Cof-fee?" the wariness has left her somewhat, she doubts the woman would introduce herself if she was just going to kill her, take her stuff and run, to be replaced by a veil of stoicism.

"Coffee?" That is followed by a nod, "Yes, please." The cloaked figure says, halting to be guided on to the coffee. Fiona makes no rapid motions, just the steady pacing of one weary from walking. "Maybe staying. For a bit." Her words smooth, a hint of a southern accent, but very faint. No mid-westerner speech shifts that would be local to her claimed home.

The mask of stocism lifts slightly when a ghost of a smile comes at the other woman's ready acceptance of Piper's generous hospitality. Piper's hand is removed from her coat and she nods as she gestures to be followed. "You trade?" she asks leading the way up the street. A turn onto 8th has them greeted by a makeshift wall, an armed guard stands a few yards away, who she gives a wave at.

The large, hairy, bear looking man sizes up the stranger and goes to move a peice of the wall away so they can pass through."Don't cause any trouble." the large man warns in a deep voice as he waves them through.

Piper just gives him a nod and moves along, leading the way toward an apartment complex, specifically the large club house like building that is in the complexes center.

"Trade? Skills. Woodwork. Carvings for toys. Carpentry." Fiona says, taking on a bit of the broken style of the woman, or possibly just discouraged by the implied cost of hospitality. She walks along, tilting her head up to study the guard. Her pace picking up when she is just motioned on and not searched. She doesn't hesitate, but only looks back once they are through.

There is soon a look around, and a rustle of hands and arm shuffling slightly below the cloak. "What is that?" She questions as they more towards the building.

SGA Club House

This large building dominates the center of the complex. It serves several purposes. First and for most it is a gathering spot where the apartment residents can socialize and gather for various reasons. There is a large sitting area, with sofas and chairs surrouding a large marble coffee table. They all sit within a comfortable distance of a large fireplace which has a large flatscreen TV hanging above it. Adjacent to that is a small kitchette area, separated by a marble topped bar with barstools sitting in front of it.

On the other side of the large gathering area is a small office area, accessed by a windowed door where the manager and apartment staff did there business for the day. There is also another windowed door that leads to a small fitness room with the usual workout machines as well as some nautilus machines and free weights.

It seems the clubhouse has a few new occupants, four young cats. Three calico cats and one gray striped. They are always seeking attention. The gray is named Ramses, the others are Bug, Sweetie and Pickles.

Piper nods at the list and hmmms in interest as she continues through another gate and toward the large building "Good." these are probably skills the group is lacking "Stay-ing…" there is a beat and her mouth moves but nothing comes out for a moment before the talking starts up again "con-tri….con-tri…" the large word is refusing to come out, "will-ing to help?" she goes for alternate words. Definite speech problem.

A glance is given from Fiona to the club house at the question, "Home." she states simply enough. "Twenty-five…ish live…" she points to the individual apartment buildings A, B & C. "Meet-ing place." by then they are at the door and she is pulling it open to usher the woman into the dry warmth, provided by a large fireplace.

"Yes, I will pitch in. Help out. Maybe teach." Fiona says as she switches strategies on this side of the gate, more useful, especially alive than the sum of her gear, or worse yet the weight of her body. "Good then." She says as she opens the cloak. She has a messenger bag crossing her body and a school looking backpack over her shoulders. Likely in this time period, more interesting is the machete in its case on her hip, the quiver of hand made looking arrows and the modern black compound bow, rather fancy looking. She pulls off her gloves and slips them into her belt, then holds her hands out to the fire. "Whose in charge? Boss, chief?"

The coat is removed and hung up before Piper steps into what was once the office but now it is used as a storage area for various sundries. A holding area for scavenged items to go before they are sorted and handed out or stored in a permanent fashion. Two towels are grabbed, one handed over the other she runs over her hair. Another ghost of a smile, that never really reaches her eyes, is given at Fiona's ready willingness. "Bob." she supplies a name to the question "Wounded. Last month. Silencer." she does seem to take a visual interest in the arrows, but none of the other weapons or gear the woman has. The backpack is removed and the towel draped over a shoulder as she moves to get mugs from the bar and then to the fireplace where a camp style coffee pot sits near the banked flames to keep warm. "Sugar." she points to a bowl on the bartop with little sugar packets in it.

Fiona watches her cloak placed away, her hands remain clear of the machete, and too low to quickly draw the bow. The towel is taken and rubbed at her misted auburn hair and the braid. She wipes at her face and hands next, then scarfs it around her neck The blue eyes settle on the sugar packets, and she takes two. Just what is polite, but it finds a pocket, not added to the coffee. When the mug is offered, she cradles it in her hand for a bit to warm herself. With better vision, she scans the room a bit more. "What do I need to do?" After all, might as well pay rather than running too much credit. "A Silencer? How do you know that? How can you tell them apart." So far as Fiona knows, they are rumors, gossip, and excuse for the horrors of humanity driven past the breaking point.

Piper watches the woman pocket the sugar, but says nothing of it, instead the adjusts the snuggie a bit as the baby starts to squirm around to get a look at the source of the unfamiliar voice. A hand gesture is made, the one to indicate talking as a sip of her own coffee is taken "to Bob. Final say." that's understandable that the guy in charge would want to speak to any new comers. There is an uncomfortable shift from one foot to the other at the trio of questions. "Yes. Silencer. Two." she holds up two fingers for emphasis "Killed each other. One….lived long…told." there was probably more words in there, but not all of them make the trip from brain to mouth. She sticks to that explanation, since that is pretty much how it went down that day.

It takes a little bit, but the newcomer finally lifts the coffee to her lips, after Piper does. "Right, the boss." Fiona replies, taking another sip and wincing at the bitterness, still it is drinkable, and welcomed. Sugar could make edible something that isn't. "Why would they attack their own? That makes no sense. I don't understand." The expression and tone genuinely more confusion than doubt though. "Do they really look so much like us? Is there a way to tell them apart?" Some how a more 'alien' alien is more comforting.

"Pro-tec-ting us." Piper says, rocking back and forth a bit as she absently rubs the infants back "She was…." her brow furrows slightly "part…" she gestures around to indicate something..the club house. The group that live here. "Left…" another gesture to indicate way outside, like this supposed woman claiming to be Silencer was part of the group, left for awhile "then died in fight." another sip of her coffee is taken. She is clearly uncomfortable with this conversation, but she continues to answer the questions. "They are us." she drops that like a bomb "Doctor..autopsy…Silencers augmented humans, have things….controlled." she taps her temple, suggesting what, some kind of mind control is at work?

Listening to the story, Fiona sips at her drink. Her brows knitting, and there is that sudden rush that accompanies caffeine entering a system after a long absence. There is a faint sigh, another sip. Talking is just difficult when faced with that sort of knowledge. "I don't.. Thank you for telling me." News is news, and valuable, despite the questions generated. Are aliens humans, or are Silencers stolen humans? Which would be worse? Sip and hea shake, she seems to empathize with the woman's difficulty explaining. Her hand lifts to run through her hair. "When can I meet Bob?" She'd ask about the doctor, wants to better understand it, but watching a few dozen episodes of Bones and CSI wouldn't make a real autopsy understandable any way.

Explaining it when you don't have speech issues would be hard enough, doing it when you can't easily complete a sentance is even harder, and this is a good day! Piper nods "Need to know." it is valuable information and every little bit helps. There is a shrug "Sleep-ing. In-firm-ary." she points out the window to building B, though not much can be seen through the foggy, rain covered windows. Outside it's still rainy and gray. "Chest wound..still…reco…recov…" a frustrated sigh. The petite woman moves toward the fire, a bouncy step to appease the baby snuggled against her chest and refills her coffee mug, the pot is then held out offering Fiona a refill. With the weather being rainy an just generally unpleasant, it seems the two woman have retreated where it is warm and dry this afternoon, thanks to the bank fire in the fireplace.

Fiona turns to the door at the gesture, nodding. Sleeping, that means a no go for meeting right away. The warmth of the fire plus the coffee improving her formerly huddled posture. "Well, anybody I should talk to while he is recovering?" She asks as she holds her cup near the pot to be freshened. This time though, she doesn't 'lift' any sugar packs.

Drenched, shaking lightly, and looking and smelling like a wet dog is Eva 'escorted' into the building by one of the guards who found her outside. With her teeth chattering is she still saying something as she follows the gentle nudges of the guards, though once she is inside and out of the rain is she much easier and happier following those simple nudges. Still doesn't prevents her from talking her mind about the weather outside, "N-noom de D-d-dieu de pu-pu-put-put-tu-tain de bordel de merd-d-d-de de saloperies-s-s-ssd-d-d-d-de con-n-n-nards d'encul d-d-d-de ta m-m-m-mre." Her arms are wrapped close around herself, and though the leather jacket has kept her dry to some degree could it only do so much, leaving the rest of her utterly soaked in cold, cold, cold wetness." The guard gestures towards Piper, "We picked her up outside skulking through the rain."

Fiona's cup is refilled when it is held out and Piper takes that as a chance to think about the question asked "Sophia…Terry." she offers two names to the woman and returns the coffee pot to the fire. Eyes widen in surprise when the guard comes in escorting another woman in. Two in one day…then a frown at the woman's state or the fact she has no idea what the Evangelyne is saying. Where is Quinton when you need him…oh right, in the infirmary…where she should be, but isn't for..well reasons. A nod is given to the guard she gestures her thanks to him. Looking at the mug in her hand she approaches the newcomer and offers the steaming cup of coffee to Eva before fetching a towel from the storage room "Fire…warm up." she makes a shooing gesture in the direction of the fireplace.

"Where are they?" Fiona looks back to the door at the commotion, brows lifting in surprise. "Umm." The lips pressing tightly together as she starts for Evangelyne. The towel she was wear over her shoulders is tugged off. A quick motion and she drapes it over the woman, "Eva, why didn't you get something warm." The first newcomer asks in concern as she pushes the second towards the warmth of the fire place. "I know her." As if that counts for anything as Fiona is as much a stranger.

Scooting as close to the fire as possible without burning herself holds Eva her hands up towards the flames, after politely taking the cup of coffee and just holding it in her hands to warm herself up. "D-d-damnablle w-w-weather…" she adds, her teeth still very much shattering as a small puddle of water forms around her from her dripping clothes and she scoots just a tiny bit closer towards the fire. "T-t-t-t-thanks for t-taking me in." before giving a thumbs up to Fiona, "G-g-got surprised by the rain."

Piper hmmms thoughtfully at the question as the newcomer is situated by the fire. Is there surprise that the two know each other, yes, but it quickly passes. She can only assume that the pair meet on the road and travel together but got separated in town somehow. Either way she doesn't question it. She'll leave that to Bob. He's better at the putting words together thing. "Sophia, infirmary or." building C is pointed to out the window, "Terry, wall." must be on guard duty. "Yes." she nods to the gratitude from Eva but her expression as gone back to wary as she looks between the two women, her hand once more going to rub on the wiggly baby's back.

Fiona frowns a little more at the 'reason' for Eva traveling so poorly equipped. She steps back though, letting Evangelyne warm herself. "Thank you, Piper. I will try to talk to them soon." Easier to ask around than make the stammering woman give a description. For the moment Fiona is fairly content to let the other to get to know each other, but she at least introduces them, "This is Piper.." She says with a motion to the local woman, "Piper, this is Evangelyne." Then back to her own coffee for sips.

Raising a hand and fingerwaving at Piper keeps Eva shivering and dripping water, although there is slowly some color coming back to her cheeks. "M-Merci. P-please to meet you Miss Piper."

Much easier…that is if the people in question don't hunt Fiona down themselves. News travels fast in small places like this one. The introduction has Piper studying the french woman, but her wariness doesn't fade with the name exchange this time. Not when she is outnumbered with two unknowns, "Same." she says with a nod to Eva "You…dry clothes?" another word dropped but enough is there to get the point of the question.

Fiona is fully aware that two new arrivals is a more suspicious, especially knowing each other and arriving separately. She watches the tense local, returning to drinking at her coffee, now quite comfortable, especially given that she had worn a protective cloak and remained mostly dry. Fiona just remains quiet, moving to give a little more space rather than crowd Piper and her 'papoose' Quinn.

Nodding a bit replies Eva, "D-drying and getting warm. B-b-better to stay in warm wet clothes t-than dry ones. S-survival o-o-one oh one…" Admittedly that doesn't stop her from shivering and basking in the warmth of the fire at the same time.

Nodding a bit replies Eva, "D-drying and getting warm. B-b-better to stay in warm wet clothes t-than dry ones. S-survival o-o-one oh one…" Admittedly that doesn't stop her from shivering and basking in the warmth of the fire at the same time.

It's a good day for the woman, so her nervous twitchiness is kept in check, but there is a bit of relaxing when Fiona steps away from her and her son. Piper isn't going to push or debate with the woman. She has little room to talk, she walks about barefoot all the time, regardless of the weather outside or how cold it is. Even now her bare toes peek out from pants nearly too long for her shortness "Hunt-ers, others…." she gestures outside, her face forming that concentrating look as she struggles to puts words in a lucid order, "back soon. Wel-come," she gestures to the pair "to eat."

Fiona looks to the door, listening to the announcement. She makes the guess that food will soon be here, coming in fresh with hunters. "Good, thank you." Never turn down food, at least not the sort you can identify. Avoid the 'strange meat' though, more importantly though, avoid becoming the 'strange meat.' "Better Eva?" She questions the drying Frenchie.

Still clutching the warm cup of coffee in her hands takes she finally a long sip from it, "Y-yes. A bit. Mon dieu, the weather outside is just horrible. Didn't expect it to get bad that quick Fiona. J-just how you handle that sort of weather down here I w-will never understand."

Another nod from Piper, "Stick…" she makes two fists, thumbs on top instead of around and brings the heel of palms together then circles them around, a sign for something "or they win." They? The aliens perhaps? Glancing between the friends a moment she lets them talk as she moves back to the store room, digging around it a few moments before returning with a ziploc baggie containing personal hygiene items, comb, small toothpaste, toothbrush, trial size deodorant, a few feminine things, etc. She offers one bag to each woman. The way she does it makes it seem that this is standard practice for newcomers or passers through…though it isn't practiced all that often, sadly enough. "Not snow." she says picking up the tale end of what Eva says.

"Thank you." Fiona says as she looks the items over, including the zip-lock bag. It is hardly a time to discount the value of an air tight and water tight container. "This is very kind." She states as she holds it up and studies the contents.

Still shivering and recovering Eva takes the baggie, "T-thank you." she replies, her teeth not clattering as much as they did when she came in, but its still audible that she is cold.

"Wel-come." now days it's the little things that seem to matter most, even something as trivial as a ziploc bag can make a difference now. The back door is pushed open and other child rushes in, shaking rain off her poncho. Her eyes widen in surprise at the new comers "Oh! Hi!" she greets quickly but then focuses on Piper, "Doctor said you can come back now. Quinton's fever is spiking, doc needs help." the words fever are enough to cause Piper to blanch in worry "Stay here. Warm…dry. Others back soon." she says to Fiona and Eva, then a nod is then given to the young girl and she hurries to get her coat on and is out to deal with the medical emergency.


1 Broken locket
1 Broken Snips
1 Plague Corpse
1 Sweaters
1 Handful of Thistle
1 Blackberries
1 Handful of Primrose leaves/flowers
1 Goldenrod leaves/flowers
1 Handful of Mushrooms

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