(2016-01-19) To Many Questions
To Many Questions
Summary: Fiona and Eva question Quinton about the attack
Date: 1.19.2016
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First Aid/Medical

This three bedroom apartment is nothing exciting. The inside is a decade or two more modern than the outside at least, but drab. Beige floors, off white walls leaves the place looking a bit institutional. At least the previous occupant tried to liven it up a a bit with modern furnishings.

The kitchen is divided from the living room by a breakfast bar and a window lets in light from outside. Three furnished bedrooms and bathroom lead off the living room.

Two bedrooms are used for patients, the third for the doctor on duty. The two patient rooms are furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

She can't spend all her hours in the infirmary, Piper has responsibilities, to the group, to the children, and with both Quinton and Kayla off duty, she is taking up some of the slack. She usually will be gone and back before anyone wakes up in the morning, is this morning an exception? Who knows. With baby Quinn sleeping in is snuggie on her chest and her somewhat stuffed pack on her back she slips in through the door on quiet bare feet.

Quinton's feeling better this morning. Enough that when he found himself alone, he's been working on trying to get out of bed. So far the thin poet is sitting up and socked feet on the floor. He's bare chested, so the bandages around his stomach stand out. There's a sweater laying on the bed next to him, but he doesn't think he could manage to slip in up and on without crying out. And he definitely doesn't want to draw any attention. His blonde hair is a messy example of a fine bed head, and the scruff on his face is starting to be less scruffy and more beard.

Fiona enters the room after Piper, she probably would not have notice the stealthy woman, save the timing of entry. There is a machete tied to her thigh in a cheap rubber sheath. Her bow is not in sight, but her archer nature is clear in the quiver and score of apparently well fashioned homemade arrows. At first she seems more interested in studying the visible gear and supplies than the people. She does speak up though, "Hello." She offers generalized to begin with, not too loud.

Despite Fiona coming in a few moments after her, the patient gets top priority. Shrugging off her pack she begins to head into the room he is in, "Quinton…" she shouldn't be surprised, but she is, especially considering how he was still feverish yesterday. The pack is basically dropped to the ground with a thud and she quickly paces to his side. Is she vexed? Annoyed? Hard to say..certainly concerned. For various reasons. The noise of the door opening and the greeting does distract her a moment…"Here." she tosses out to Fiona in the other room.

Damn it. He needs to move faster! Quinton's still feverish, but at least he doesn't seem to be hallucinating like yesterday. For whatever reason, his mom is on his mind though. "Just….stretching…" With a bullet hole in his stomach. How ones does, yo. The greeting has his pale eyes go up and to the doorway to the room he's in. He can't see the entrance to the apartment and then frowns, not recognizing the voice.

Fiona steps to the other room, scanning over the the wounded man, and then looking to Piper. Fiona has only recently entered the infirmary, more as an assessment. Quinton appears to be a patient from his bandages, and Piper seems to be here in some functional level. "Seems unwise." The cool tone a bit dead pan, and more a common sense appraisal, with a Captain Obvious nature to the comment. "Did you need something Piper?" She asks with a more helpful tone.

The look given to Quinton pretty much says 'yeah sure', but she gives him a nod. Piper can't blame him for wanting to get up. He's been bedridden for a week now, she'd be itching to get up too. "Sit…" she gestures into the living area "room." for as articulate as she was yesterday, she isn't today. She bends to offer to help him up and into the other room should he want a small change of venue. Fiona gets a bit of a grim smile at her offer and a nod is given to the woman "Help…" she gives a nod to the other side of the injured man. She can get him out to the other room on her own, but with help it won't be as painful for Quinton.

Wandering into the Medical part of the apartment looks Evangelyne curiously around the room after fingerwaving to Fiona, "Mon dieu, I will never get used to these weird houses and apartments you have over here." she says towards Fiona before smiling at the other two in the room, "'ello."

That's….not the way to get on the feverish poet's good side. he's sitting on the bed, only dressed from the waist down. His stomach is wrapped in bandages. Quin sways slightly, looking from the unknown Fiona to Piper. The offer though gets a nod, he'd very much like to sit in a different room. He looks unsure about Piper just offering for some unknown person to help him, but isn't going to argue. If Fiona does help, it's clear he's running a decent fever, he's already shivering from not being covered up in bed. When Evalngelyne wanders in her frowns again and looks to Piper, "How long…?" Is everyone new? how long was he unconscious for?!?

Fiona walks over to the opposite side of Quinton, moving to help wrap arm over and assist the man in moving to the nearby area. "Ready when you are." She states as she gets set and awaits the signal to go. There is a faint wince at the contact with the fevered skin. Her attention going to Eva, "Hello Evangelyne. We are just moving him between rooms."

An arm around his waist Piper grabs the sweater and afghan from the bed in her other hand and gives Fiona the nod and begins to make a slow trip to the other room. "Sev-en." she answers Quinton's question, his continued fever has her worried, but at least he isn't delusional today "Fiona." there is a nod to her "Eva..Evan…" the name is to long for her at the moment but there is a nod toward her as well…will he remember or even be able to call them by their names later…maybe on a real good day, but still she bothers because she cares.

"Evangelyne. A pleasure to meet you Monsieur. Eva will however do." says Evangelyne cheerfully while standing idly by. Nothing to do or to help, and to many cooks spoil the soup, as they say.

7. Days? Weeks? He hopes not weeks. The thin (Too thin) man lets the woman help him, his face only breaking into a wince a few times from the movement. Pale eyes swing from one new person to another before he sighs, nodding softly. "….sorry…no….red carpet…" Well, he's feeling better enough to make a joke. that's a good sign, right? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, he eyes the couch which seems impossibly far away.

The leather armored Fiona takes as much of the man's weight on her as she can. She probably could be gentle, but his fevered state creates a nervous urgency in Fiona. "Quite alright, just so you heal soon." She says trying to 'breath' away.

"Possibly twenty eight weeks later, non?" asks Eva with a little smile, "No zombies though. As far as we know at least."

A brief ghost of a grateful smile is given to Eva for offering her name up, "Few. Steps…" she doesn't get out the last word as the trio makes it to the sofa. While Piper feels some relief that he is actually feeling well enough to joke, she really doesn't laugh or show any sign of amusement. Easing the man down, she shows Quinton the sweater in her hand holding it so it is more prevalent than the afghan, clutched in the same hand. "On?" she asks him, a similar grateful smile goes to Fiona "Thanks." she says to her.

If Quin notices Fiona's nervousness he doesn't respond. He's too focused on getting to the couch! Eva though, "28 weeks?" He's still feverish enough to not get the joke and turns his head almost panicky towards Piper. But then the blessed couch is there and he's eased down with a painful grunt. He eyes the sweater, trying to weigh the pain of getting it on verses the cold. "….no…" Lifting his arms would just make him ache more he thinks. He does reach for it though, shivering. Maybe holding it will help calm him down.

Fiona is helpful, but once Quinton is down, she is in retreat to wash her hands, "Welcome." She calls over her shoulder as she starts to clean her hands, and the wash her face in the cool water. Once finished she keeps a little distant from the fevered man. "Hi Eva." She states as draws closer to the French woman, "How were you injured, or I guess the question is by whom?"

"It was a good movie." explains Eva with a nod of her head before fingerwaving to Fiona, "Hello Fi~" she says with a big smile as she moves over to the other woman and gives her a tight hug. "Raiders maybe?"

A frown is given to Eva at her joke, not cool, mostly because it gives Quinton a freaked moment, had it not she probably would have found it amusing, "Days…" she reassures the man as the sweater is offered and then the afghan is wrapped around him as he settle back onto the sofa. Then she is moving to get the mug of medicinal tea from where it is kept warm on the mason jar lantern. Since the man seems more capable of speech then herself, even in his fevered and injured state she focuses more on caring for him then answering, a nod is given to Eva's guess though. The mug is handed over to Quinton as she sits, curling up beside him to offer him not only something to lean against should it be needed but warmth not only from her but the little baby blast furnace that is sleeping on her chest despite the commotion.

Quinton frowns again, his eyebrows creased together. The mug isn't something he particularly wants, but knows it'll be a fight to not drink it. Thin fingers wrap around the mug, soaking in the warmth. "Raiders….Kayla was…." He looks between the two new woman, his words not exactly helpful so he tries a different approach, "Shot me…I think I…." He looks to piper for confirmation (Not that she was there), "I shot one back…." And then almost like a kid, "They started it." His eyes settle on the baby and he frowns more, agreeing some with Fiona's nervousness. "He shouldn't….be…" If he gets Quinn sick, he'd never forgive himself.

Fiona nods, it is not the details she would have liked, however; it is some what narrative. Her eyes turn to Piper at the name, "Kayla?" She inquires as she gets hugged and returns the gesture. She turns to Quinton, "I am Fiona, by the way." Yes, she should provide her name, especially given she is not sure she has.

Humming softly looks Eva between Fiona and Quinton, "Where did they attack? Is it a place that is important and or where we people have to travel through a lot and often?"

Piper wasn't there, but between Bear and Elijah she knows the whole awful tale from start to finish. Raiders are damn lucky she wasn't there, she does have a certain capacity for violence, though thankfully few have seen it. "Yes. Shot." she confirms, "Not plague." she stresses when he shows angst about the infant being around. "Sister." she gestures to Quinton, taking a moment to eye him and the drink in his hand. Eva's trio of questions has her glancing at the woman and shaking her head at something in there, but no telling which one it is.

Quinton shifts slightly away from Piper and babe. But it's Fiona he answers first, "Quinton." Last names seem so moot anymore. "Kayla…sister." He'll finally raise the mug to take a sip of the medicine, his nose wrinkling. "Further away….scouting…"

Fiona lifts her right hand's thumb and index finger to pinch her nose gently as she blinks. "Please excuse me, I just got a bit of a headache. I need to lie down a moment." She says and gives a nod before turning to step out.

Glancing after Fiona sighs Eva softly before she looks back at the other two, "They were or you were?" she asks curiously.

Piper opens her mouth to say something to Fiona but nothing comes out, and she frowns a bit frustrated at her lack over verbosity today. There is nothing to be done as Fiona leaves. She'll send one of the kids later with something for the other woman's headache. The shifting of the poet goes unmentioned, she won the tea battle, she isn't going to push her luck, and she knows he means well…at least she hopes its his plague delusion and not some other reason. "South." she gestures, most likely in a southerly direction.

Quinton lifts a hand to tap gently on his chest, "Us." As in the scouters. He watches Fiona leave before looking back to Eva, "You?" That's a broad question! Another sip from the mug and another nose wrinkle as the poet shivers.

Evangelyne shrugs lightly, "Wanderer. Used to be a Mechanic. Fixing Cars and other vehicles, visited some acquaintances here in the US when it all started. Kinda hard to catch a ship back so far, oui?" She gestures after Fiona, "Met her. Followed along with her. Two are better than one in this dangerous place."

She is sitting right there so the shiver gets noticed and she is up to go get another blanket from the other room. While she is doing it she takes the opportunity to put the napping babe in is makeshift bassinette, which at one time was a laundry basket. She's making do. Rubbing her shoulder where the fabric of the snuggie dug into her shoulder she returns to cover Quinton with another blanket before settling once more beside him "Use-ful." she comments about Eva's pre-Arrival job and she nods in agreement and taps her temple to indicate..smart maybe.

Quinton nods slowly, his hair a mess from the week nap he's had to take. "Two better…" He then blinks, something catching in his fever brain, "Mechanic?" that's…very useful. The second blanket takes precedence and he offers Piper a brief soft smile of thanks. Seems whatever issue he had with her he's nbot dwelling on. he just doesn't have the energy to think about it just now.

Nodding a bit glances Eva a bit around the room, "Already thought up some things. A bit of an outdoors shithole. Maybe find a way to make toilet paper too. But most importantly work on trying to fix one of those engines. Maybe find one of the older models from the sixties. They are still very reliable after all. Hook that up as a generator, turn back on the power."

Piper listens, at the moment she is better at that then talking, just as the was when she met the other woman, but she tried harder to get words out then, than she does now. The smile is returned though the words from Eva seem to reminder of something. And up she goes again to fetch her pack from where its was dropped and kicked across the floor. Once she is settled back down the opens and begins to pull out the efforts of her early scavenging, first off five rolls of toilet paper, which are stacked in a partial pyramid on the coffee table. The rest is left in the bag for now, the rolls seemed to be making up the bulk of what was in her backpack. Five rolls is a good find, if this were a MMO it would certainly be a blue drop. She hmmms at the idea from Eva, "Gas?" its not a bad idea, but there is that small issue of running out of gas.

"Should be enough left in a lot of cars for us to Syphon out and it won't decompose until a year or so passes, so we are still good.. Transporting it anywhere in large quantities is the issue at hand, though we could use a sled if it snows. Makes transporting easier for the moment, so, snow would actually be beneficial for once. We could also make some biodiesel, though I'd have to look up how to do that in a library, and that would take some time." muses Eva as she rubs her chin and goes into full planning mode, "Depending on how much we use we could lengthen the use of whatever fuel we have. We don't need power twenty four seven after all."

Quinton frowns, like he knows something important but can't remember what. Finally he gets out, "Sun…" and a hand rises up, like he's pointing at it. Very helpful. Piper's TP tower gets another soft smile and nod, although it makes him wish he could go out and do it himself. He's so useless like this!

Thankfully Piper speaks fluent Quintonese…when she isn't angsty about this, that and the other thing "Solar." she offers. There are solar panels on the clubhouse roof and one or two are actually working and providing a trickle of power to work just the lights in the clubhouse. Not all of them and dimly, but its a step in the right direction. They definitely need more power "Snow?" she shakes her head "No." this is Texas, it doesn't snow…sleet, ice, freezing rain sure, but snow, rarely, and if it does it only lasts a day at most before it is gone. That's why they moved here.

Eva nods, "Solar energy would of course be an alternate option as well, but its not really much of a sunny place so it would be at best a supportive action, leaving us with a primary way to harness power. Wind or water power might be usable, depending on the locations. But we will have to see about that."

Thank goodness for translators. Quinton nods in agreement with what Piper says. His head keeps nodding though, he's been saying windmills since they got here. He shivers again, his free hand pulling the blanket tighter around him. He's managing to drink at leafs some of the mug. it's better than he has been at least.

"But first we will have to work on some indoor heating. An oven, a few holes in the wall to get the smoke out, so that everyone will be warmer." muses Eva, "Anyways, I will have to read up on some things to make any of that work." before she quickly heads out.

The thought of warmth not provided by candles brings a slight smile to Piper's face, the oven a bigger one. Cooking on grills is okay, but eventually everything starts to taste the same, like smoke and char. A nod is given to Eva as she departs the room. That seems to be the case now, research and study to get things to work. The shiver is noticed and her smile fades into the usual concern "An-o-ther…?" she plucks at the blanket then puts a cool hand on his forehead and cheek to check the state of his fever. "Should've broke." his fever of course.

Quinton quietly watches Eva leave, blinks slowly. The move to the couch tired him out more than he wants to admit. It takes him some time to refocus his gaze onto her, "I'm fine…" he lies. Her cool hand causes another shiver. "Quinn shouldn't be here…" he knows what everyone keeps saying, but…that fear will always been in him, till the day he dies. Which might be soon if the fever doesn't break.

She doesn't believe that, that much is obvious, but she doesn't have the words to argue nor the heart to do so. His insistence that the infant is in danger has her looking a combination of hurt and insulted. "Never bring if thought danger." does he think she is that bad of a mother, that she would willingly put her son at the kind of risk he is assuming.

Quinton doesn't know, he's just scared. He frowns at the tone though, picking up on some of it. Instead of arguing back he sulks, leaning into the couch more. A little for warmth, a little so he doesn't fall over. Heaven knows he doesn't want to give Eli any reason to poke around inside of him again!

Piper takes a breath, the sulking making her start a bit and rethink the words. They are both in a similar boat, he fears he is going to infect everyone like some big germ monkey, and she is afraid he isn't going to get better and will himself to death. She reaches over to give his hand a squeeze "Get, pil-low..blanket." she tells him as she gets up to go fetch the items so he can be more comfortable in his new location.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Gold Ring
2 Ties
9 Tubes of Sunscreen
5 Ind. Rolls of toilet paper
3 Ace bandages

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