(2016-01-21) Leaving Day
Leaving Day
Summary: Lincoln and Nora leave to go check out one of the other camps
Date: 1.21.2016
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While Nora understands the necessity for bringing a firearm, she doesn't necessarily have to like the idea. "You don't expect me to use that thing do you?" she asks with clear distaste. Her usual form of protection is being able to outrun anyone or anything and if that fails a wooden baseball bat or nine iron, whichever comes to hand first. She does have both. His comment though has her arching her brows at him, giving her a quizzical air, "Was it?" she hmmms thoughtfully, "Is it to you?" she doesn't think he would have mentioned it unless it was.

"I'm not expecting to use this thing." Lincoln responds to Nora as he puts the gun into his pants in the back. "I'm thinking worse case a wild animal or something." He moves over to his bike and shoulders lift in a shrug. "Going on a trip with someone when you're fully exposed is kind of a big deal, you really gotta trust them."

"Is that safe?" she asks as he puts the gun away "Shouldn't you have a holster? So you don't shoot your ass off or worse?" Nora even says it with a straight face, which shows it is an actual concern and not a joke. "True enough. But I think out there trust isn't going to be our biggest issue. It's those raiders that's been hanging out in the area."

"A holster would be nice. But it's ok, the safety is on and I've actually handled guns for awhile." Lincoln affirms towards Nora, managing a smile at her. "Remember, I did survive out there without a camp or group for several months. I've just gotten soft with all these nice things around like a roof. But I'll be fine." His eyes do drift over the horizon, "We just gotta avoid the raiders."

"You could probably get one from someone, or find one in storage somewhere." Nora gives a shrug "But if you aren't worried about it…" she leaves it off there. "And a bed, and hot food…this is luxury compared to being on the road…" she leans in closer and lowers her voice "I'll admit that sometimes I will go out of my way if I know there is a cleared out house or hotel." heck she's even slept in a car or two. That's what she was doing the day they met. "Yeah. They certainly did a number of Chief. Poor guy. Stomach wounds are the worst."

Lincoln nods his head. "Yeah, they…" He sighs thinking about the stomach shot and shakes his head. "Got lucky there." A glance is given to the sky before he looks back at Nora. "The day is wasting… and I think you said you wanted to see me walk around sore for awhile, no time like the present." He moves to get on the bike. "Just no laughing at me when I get off and waddle around."

Securing the rest of the gear on the little trailer with bungee cords Nora gives a nod "Very." she replies. "Looks like we may have rain later, so yeah, putting miles in before it starts is a good idea." leaning over she tightens the straps on her biking shoes, "I can't make any promises." she smirks at Lincoln and then clips in as she mounts up "I'll take it easy on you the first 10 miles..after that…"

"After that, if you get too far ahead I'll eventually catch up. That or I'll just tie a rope to your bike and have you drag me along. Either way works really." Lincoln offers with a chuckle before he starts pedaling. "If it rains, we'll grab the tarp and try to find a place to hunker down. I'm more worried about a freezing rain or something happening."

"No..If you can't keep up I’ll have to match your pace. It's the safest way to go." Nora chuckles though "There will be no dead weight on this trip." she keeps the pace slow as they ride south through town. She is quite familiar with the concept of pacing one’s self "We'll have to. These tires don't have the tread to make riding on wet surfaces the smart move. Ever have a bike accident at 30 miles per hour…it's not pretty."

"I haven't had a bike accident since I was 12, because that was about the last time I rode a bike." Lincoln amends the last part quietly under his breath. "I can imagine though a good wipe out at 30 mph would be a rather bruising experience. And I'm far to heavy for you to carry around in the cart. You' have to leave me behind to fend for myself."

"Until recently at least." his further comment about bruising has her smiling grimly. "If you are lucky..usually it's more like a bursting and breaking experience. Not that I have had it happen to me, but I have witnessed it first hand." it's enough to cause her to give a shudder. Looking Lincoln up and down she gives a bit of an amused noise. "You're not all that heavy…I’ve carried heavier certainly."

"Yeah, but this heavy and this much of a precious cargo?" Lincoln quips back while matching Nora's early pace. "I can't be jostled or shaken too much, fragile goods and all. Besides, I think leaving me behind as dead weight to fend for myself is so much more poetic."

Precious cargo, that's funny and Nora laughs "You're not as fragile as all that." she gives a shake of her head as they bike past the trailer park and cemetary on the way out of town "Poetic justice you mean?"

"Poetic Justice?" Lincoln says back. "How would it be justice for you to leave me behind? I was thinking more along the lines of Shakespearian Poetry. Facing the decision of self and preservation over that of another." Realizing how he's talking ,the man laughs softly . "Sorry. You know how I get when I'm bored and the books and stuff."

"I don't know. Did you do anything terribly rotten in a past life?" she gives a shrug at her own question. "Oh gah, you sound like an english teacher." Nora refrains from mentioning that's what her dad was. Not going there. "Yes, I know. Maybe you should take up running instead." that's what she does when she is bored…or swimming..or anything active, not sitting around reading.

"Running makes my lungs hurt, then my legs, then my everything." Lincoln explains quietly towards Nora while keeping pace, at least he's not out of breath yet. "Besides, reading is important. After we beat them, we'll have to rebuild and that'll take some reading."

"At first sure. Just wait until we are doing riding today…then you can tell me about everything hurting…and wishing for an Advil." Nora has none of that "You'll just have to do what every coach has said to me walk it off." she glances over at him and gives a wink.

"See I was actually hoping for some kind of backrub. Or at the very least sympathy." Lincoln retorts while riding, leaning back some while he does so to stretch his back without hands before settling back in. The practice has been good for him, the phrase it's like riding a bike really is kind of true. Just not over massive distances. "A road trip this long, we either going ot have to be quiet a lot or come up with really interesting things to discuss."

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