(2016-01-21) Search For Meds
Search for Meds
Summary: Kayla and Piper go out to look for medicine
Date: 1.21.2016
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It's a cool morning but with the sun being out, there is an illusion of warmth at least. It's enough to make Piper restless, the fact that she has cooped herself indoors the last few days certainly doesn't help. With backpack on the woman wanders into the infirmary, after making sure the children are fed and in the care of Mama Bea. "Kayla?" she says in a soft tone as she wanders through the apartment made hospital toward the room where the male of the Well's siblings has been staying.

Kayla isn’t in the hospital wing this morning, which is odd. In fact, she hasn’t been there nearly as much since the night Piper and Quin fell asleep together. If Piper looks for her, she’ll find Kayla in the Wells sibling apartment, curled up and asleep on the couch.

Well since she is there a quick check on the patient..sleeping and the fever isn't as high, so that's good. Then the hunt for Kayla starts. The clubhouse is first. Not there so off to the apartment the siblings share she goes. She isn't going to barge right in, she knocks first, once more calling the woman's name "Kayla? You home?" only if she doesn't get an answer will she try the doorknob.

The answer comes, although no immediately – the knock startles Kayla from her sleep (the first really deep sleep she’s had in a while), and she blinks several times, not immediately recognizing where she is. Only when she hears her name does she lift her head and call back ‘Huh?”. A hand lifts to rub at her sleep deprived eyes as she tries to gain her senses. With her extra special hearing, Piper might well have heard the quiet, slightly confused ‘huh?’

Whether she heard or not the knocking comes again. She is pretty sure Kayla is in there, she asked around, no one has seen the other woman leave..or at all that morning. Opening the door a crack she pokes her head in and spots the blearly eyed Kayla "Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you." she is quite articulate today, unlike the tongue tied state she has been in the last few days.

Seems both she and Quinton are less tongue tied! Kayla waves a hand half heartedly before she calls, “You can come in…you don’t have to lurk in the hallway.” Shifting on the sofa, she tosses the blanket aside and swings her feet down to the floor.

Piper is still unsure where she stands with the woman, but she complies, tentatively entering the apartment and gently shutting the door behind her. "I was going to head to that pharmacy, see if I can find something useful. Did you want to come?" everyone knows when it comes to scavenging the Well's siblings are pros, while Piper is lucky if she could find her own shadow most days.

“Huh? Oh…sure.” Kayla mumbles before pushing up off the sofa. Barefoot, she pads to the kitchen and snags a small breakfast of one of the granla bars they have stashed there. “Let me just grab my bag, and…stuff.” Morning bathroom break and such! She heads off towards her bedroom, leaving Piper standing at the door, as she closes her own.

She’s gone for a good ten minutes, but when she comes out, she’s dressed in ‘fresh’ clothes, has shoes and a jacket on, her backpack on her back and her hair brushed and in a ponytail. “Ready?” she wonders.

Piper is still where she was left. Either she is uber polite or just doesn't feel comfortable going any further into the apartment without express permission. Either was she is as patient as usual and pretty much hums to herself as the waits. A tentative smile shows when Kayla finally reappears, ready to go. "Yes." she replies to the question as she turns to head out "Did you want to stop, check on your brother first?" she leaves the choice up to Kayla as to that.

Kayla gives her head a slight shake after a long hesitation. “No, I’m sure you already did.” She keeps her tone carefully neutral as she offers that observation. Tossing the wrapper in the garbage as she moves past the kitchen, Kayla opens the door. “After you.”

Even if she wasn't still staying in the infirmary, in her own bed, not sharing, her apartment is right across the hallway so well yeah. "I did." she admits "Sleeping. His fever isn't as high today." may as well share it since she knows. Kayla may not be showing it but Piper has to assume the other woman is worried. The tone in which she was answered has her quiet for awhile as she leads the way out of the building, and across the complex to head west toward the center of town where what passes for a business district is.

There is a flicker of relief as Piper mentions the fever is down – granted, this happened before and then it spiked again, so Kayla tamps down on that emotion fast. Nodding, she then follows Piper towards the center of town. For Kayla, being quiet is rather unusual, but today it seems she’s taken up her brother’s usual role of ‘silent brooder’.

The Rite-Aid Pharmacy is pretty easy to find and get into. It had been boarded up at one time, but the wood has been yanked off and the windows shattered, the glass doors that was the usual entrance though are still locked. Why bother using them when it's a small step over the window sill to get in. There are a few puddles inside and out from the recent rain, but those don't stop Pipe. The glass has her hesitating and stepping gingerly around the larger, more sharper looking pieces and piles "Careful." like the barefoot woman has room to talk.

Kayla simply quirks a look at Piper before pointedly stepping on one of the chunks and cracking it further. “I’ll take the pharmacy,” she offers as she moves towards the back of the Rite-Aid building. As she moves through the aisle, she swings her bag off of her back and drops it nearly silently on the counter.

The young woman isn't sure what to make of the look or the purposeful cracking of the glass, but ultimately decides not to make anything of it. Her whole barefoot thing isn't a recent development. She wasn't know as the "Barefoot Diva" in the opera circuit for nothing. Her feet are tough. Stepping over the sill she nods in agreement. Kayla is the better searcher let her search the area where the thinks the group desperately needs are, while she searches the less important area "Good luck." the place looks like it was hit and hit hard, a few times, but if anyone is going to find something it would be Kayla. She starts behind the cashier counters, before poking around other places. Oh look a bottle of shampoo. That's handy.

Kayla wasn’t really trying to make a point, other than ‘I can look after myself’. Which is likely good, sa she has a feeling things will go back to what they were before the ‘bomb’ was dropped by Piper, so being able to look after herself will be a good thing.
“Thanks,” Kayla answers, before she gets to work. This isn’t going to be the easy sort of scavenging – medicine never is. Kayla makes a mental note to start going from house to house to see what can be found in medicine cabinets or bedside table drawers, but for now, she begins to sort through the kicked over shelves and cabinets. It’s hard work, bodily moving things to get into nooks and cranies that haven’t seen the light of day in ages.

She never had a doubt that Kayla couldn't. The other woman has both skill and luck on her side. Skill to survive all the waves and make it on foot to Camp Hope. Luck because it just so happened her brother was there too. As far as Piper is concerned Kayla is the 'golden child'.

Piper is having shelf issues as well, but with her tiny frame, and scant muscles she can't manage to lift it more than a few inches. Improvisation will have to do. It takes her a bit more looking around but a broom is found and she uses that instead to prod anything out from under the shelve. It must have been the snack and candy aisle, because all that is swept out is a bag of skittles and animal crackers. Well at least the children will be happy.

Kayla never really saw herself that way – it’s amazing how two people can view the same thing so differently!
Several small bottles are found and put on the counter as Kayla digs through to the back of the pharmacy – two small bottles of antibiotics, some basic pain killers and even an anti-inflammatory drug. Kay doesn’t really know what they all do, but they’re pills so Eli should be happy.

Piper continues to sweep under shelves, and even crawls under them to get at things it there is enough room. In some cases there are, others it's the broom. Fingernail polish remover…hairspray…more snack foods, including a small pack of oreos and.."Kayla!" she is all smiles when she hurries to join Kayla in the pharmacy area to show her the Kit-Kat candybar she found, "Want split it? Or save it for later?" of course she can't promise it will last until later.
Kayla spins around as she hears her name, and then blinks when she sees the candy bar being shown to her. She flashes a grin, a hint of her old self, before she hesitates. “You don’t want to split it with Quinton?” she suggests as she comes back to the counter and puts another bottle of medication down, this time children’s cold syrup.
She isn't capable of blushing, but her expression does a similar job, that was probably her first thought. "He'd probably throw it up." He hasn't had solid food for a week, a candy bar isn't a good place to start. "I think he would be okay with us sharing it?" A statement posed as a question. She thinks she knows the answer, but Kayla does know him a lot better than she does.
Quinton probably would tell Kayla to take it, but she tries one more time (maybe she’s digging?), “You sure you don’t want to save it to share with him?” She reaches to blindly stuff the medicines into her bag, though she’s careful with two precious needles in sterile wrapping that she’d found.
She makes a thoughtful humming noise. "I could…we could split the Oreos instead?" Piper holds up the small pack of cookies. " Either way is a win for all." seems all the bases are covered and Kayla is getting something chocolate today. Her choice which.
It seems Piper is prepared, and Kayla chuckles for a brief moment. “Sure, let’s have a break,” she jokes (badly), playing on the old kit-kat song.

“I found a few things, but this place is pretty cleaned out.”
Piper smiles at the chuckling, even if it is brief. It has been to long since either Wells sibling has laughed, that she is aware of, and it's good to hear the sound again. Her own findings go on the counter to put stowed away later and she peels the wrapper partially open before snapping the bar along the center groove. "Here." she lets Kayla take the first half and she takes the other. "Meds?" she asks hopefully as she breaks her half into two pieces and takes a bit, closing her eyes to savor it. It might not have been her favorite candy bar back before, but any chocolate is good now.
“Some pills, and kids cough syrup,” Kayla answers. Not a doctor, and the looooong names don’t mean much to her but she’s sure they will to Eli. “Three bottles of pills, and one syrup, and some syringes still in their wrappers.” She takes the bar, and breaks her half into two bars before nibbling on the first one.
Piper nods as she slowly eats the candy bar. No telling when she will find another, make this one last. "Maybe we should head back. Let Elijah look at them. If they are antibiotics the quicker they are given to Quinton the better." and if not, well still good for him to have as soon as possible. She begins to pack her findings in the pack, pausing to rub her nose. All the dust is getting to her.
Kayla isn’t in a hurry to eat hers, either. In fact, after eating one half of one of the two bars she had, she carefully tucks the remainder into a small baggie in her backpack. Sure, ther’es a few crumbs from her last treasure in the bag but it still works! “Yeah,” she agrees, casually before zipping up her pack and hefting it onto her shoulder…it almost feels empty, other than the rattle of pills.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Bottles of Shampoo
1 Small bag of Skittles
1 Bottles fingernail polish remover
1 Small package Oreos
1 Bottle of Water
1 Kit-Kat Bar
1 Small bag Animal Crackers
1 Cans of Hairspray
1 Small Bottle Antibiotics
1 Small Bottle Painkilles
1 Bottle cough syrup
3 Ind. Wrapped syringes

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