(2016-01-24) Thoughts to a Cure
Thoughts to a Cure
Summary: Ideas are bounced around and the sick are cared for
Date: 1.24.2016
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Three days…it's been three days since the Red Tsunami resurfaced in the Wilcox family. And in that time Frank has succumbed to the disease. His body removed under the strictest of protocols that could be enforced considering the primitive circumstances and burned. The other three, Maggie, Brad and Lacey are still alive, Brad the worst of three.

As the only person that is definitely immune to the disease, Piper has been offering a helping hand when needed in caring for the three left. She too has taken all necessary precautions when coming and going. Slipping into the infirmary she announces herself with a soft "Hey." before heading directly into the 'Clean Room' to change into the scrubs that were scrounged up.

To say tensions were high would be an understatement. The family grieved their loss. The survivors continued to fight the disease. Eli seemed to be in a constant state of activity, between treating the patients or working around the office or…whatever. Ever since Frank had passed, unless addressing the family, he had just become quiet. However, a nod in greeting is given to Piper as she enters "Hello…" as he then jots something else down in his notebook at the desk.

Closing the door of the Clean Room and securing the plastic tarp that serves as a precautionary barrier over the door, Piper comes out, tucking her braids under the surgical cap. She's not taking any risks. The last thing she wants is to infect baby Quinn. The other children aren't as big a worry, they were exposed the first time and didn't get it…but the worry is still there. Brows furrow as the concentrates on the words she wants to get out as she gestures to the sick room, "How?"

The question causes the doctor to glance back to the room as well, before turning his attention back to Piper. "Brad is not doing well. His condition has been worsening. Lacey and Maggie are showing beginning symptoms. Without any bleeding…" for now. "So I've been monitoring them closely." Elijah has two notebooks open on the table. One looks newer, or less worn at least, and is what he is writing in. The other is opened beside it, more worn and filled with more writings, and he glances at it occasionally between scribbles into the new notebook.

Piper nods as she listens to the update from the doctor and glances worriedly into the sickroom. Moving over to where he is working she looks at what he is writing briefly before moving to the cabinets to take down the jar of willow bark so she can start to prepare some of the willow bark tea "Think-ing…" she starts as she pours several mugs of water and sets them on the candle heaters to begin to warm. She has an idea but not the words to articulate it all at once.

Elijah lofts a brow, remaining focused on his notebooks, but responding to Piper. "Oh? About what?"

As Piper strips the inner bark from the pieces of willow she has, she is clearly in thought. It's just an idea and having no medical knowledge isn't even sure it would work, but desperate times. Putting her work down for a moment she moves back over to where the doctor is working and gestures to the notebook "Pa-per?" it will probably be easier to explain this in writing, than with words.

Elijah glances up as she comes over, looking to her before nodding. "Of course. Here…". He turns the notebook he's writing in to a blank page, folding it back and then offering the notebook and pen to her.

Taking the notebook and pen Piper begins to write out her idea. "Could a blood transfusion work?" is the first thing written "I was immune from the start, so there is something, either antibodies or the nanites that prevented me from getting it. Could giving them some of my blood transfer that?" she re-reads quickly before handing the notebook and pen back over to the doctor. He has probably thought of it too…maybe, but for some reason or other hasn't brought it up. The fact that it is risky and has its own complications reason enough not to.

Taking the notebook back, Elijah reads over it. "Yes. I've thought of a transfusion…but there are so many factors and risks. Compatible blood…it goes beyond just blood type with something like this…but there are ways to test that with the supplies I have. At least in theory." Elijah thinks a moment, "I don't know about using your blood just because of the nanites. We aren't certain how they work and for all we know transferring them into a new host could reactivate them in some or all of you." The doctor sighs, running a tense hand through his hair and looking to her. "I just…I don't…I don't know…" He didn't know if it was a good idea. He didn't know if it would work. He didn't know…what to do. Even if he didn't voice all of that, the admission was hard for him, Eli quickly turning back to face the desk and his back to Piper. "I'll figure it out. Don't worry. It will be ok."

Piper hmmms after she listens to what Eli has to say about the idea. A frown comes at the idea of the nanites being reactivated. She knows that it won't effect her mentally, that she won't become this violent, kill all humans creature, but she isn't keen on being even more different than she already is. "Test?" she asks, though doesn't offer up her arm for any bloodletting just yet. Don't worry? That's all she does is worry.

The doctor nods, looking over some notes, but speaking back to her. "Yes. I'll run some tests. I'm immune as well so…I'll use my blood to start." Ready supply. Willing donor. Easier access. Elijah frowns at a portion of the notes, rubbing his eyes before pushing the notebook away for the time being. He turns in his chair to look back at Piper. "If that doesn't yield results then we can look at other options…other people who are immune or survived it possibly. If others are willing to help." Another thought crossed his mind a moment…hrm.

But not her. Piper gets it, she doesn't like it, that much is obvious, but she understands his hesitance and why he doesn't want to do it. "Okay." she says to him as she watches him a moment then goes to pour him a mug of water and brings it to him.

When she walks away, Eli lowers his gaze a moment, brow furrowing in whatever thought he was having as a hand goes to rub the back of his neck absentmindedly. At her return, the doctor looks up and sees the mug. "Oh…thank you." He takes it and drinks.

"Eaten?" she asks him, asking of course when the last time he ate was. She's brought food a few times and others leave it outside the door, so Piper isn't sure of the answer. She does recognize the look though "What?"

"Yeah…I ate awhile ago," That's not a clear specification of how recently, but he HAS eaten. So there's that. "What?" Eli looks back to her with her inquiry, confused.

Arms cross over her chest giving indication that, awhile ago, isn't an acceptable answer, and the eyeroll is further hint, but there is little she can do about it at the moment. "Think-ing?" she gestures to him "Other…" she taps her temple then makes a sign for something…idea?

Elijah blinks at her posture change and then the eye roll. He was about to respond when she asks about his thought, that getting his response now. "Ah…yes. I was just thinking of the day I found that rat by the river. Remember?" He rubs the back of his neck with his hand again in a tired motion. "I was debating…if I could find another. Or more. It might help…with testing." Finding a cure? If there was one. He wasn't comfortable with the idea. That had never been his field of medicine, but…it would be better than nothing right? "I wouldn't know where to start with that though…but I have to try."

She's a female, it's what they do when males are being stereotypically male. There is a nod, she took a spill in the river, how can could she forget that. "Easy." she says as if catching rats would be the easiest thing in the world, "How….many?" she must know of a place where there are numbers of them.

Elijah lofts a brow, "Yeah?" Easy huh…well he wasn't going to ask. "Um…one to start should be alright. Then add from there if we need to?" He suggests.

There is a nod of confirmation "Pie." she says, using the cliché for how easy it would be. "Farm." her eyes lift from him though as a soft call for the doctor comes from the sick room from one of his patients.

"That's true…the farm would be a good spot." Elijah's gaze goes to the sick room, his brow furrowing again with worry as he stands. "Stay here…" It isn't a command, but a soft request from the doctor. He heads into the sick room, seeing what was wrong.

It seems Maggie has woken up and her own nose, while not gushing like Frank's was is seeping crimson and her fever seems to going up. Her cheeks are certainly flushed and sweat covers her face "I'm thristy." she woman says as she dabs at her nose with fingers "I'm going to die, aren't I?" her voice is soft, but not weak sounding. Maggie had heard all about the plague from various people within the group and knew how deadly it was.

Piper isn't very good at taking orders or requests really, she never has been and she follows but doesn't actually go past the plastic tarp that seperates the sick room from the rest of the apartment. She is close enough to hear though so goes to get a mug of water.

Seeing the blood, Eli's heart sinks. However, you wouldn't know it by the calm demeanor he approaches Maggie's bedside with. First he gets refills her mug of water by the bed, "Here." Then, reaching to a nearby bedside table, he grabs a tissue, holding it out to her. "Let me take a look." To her question he shakes his head "You can't think like that. I've seen people succumb to it…but I've seen others who recover." Pulling from his medical bag, he gets out some equipment to check her vitals. "Let's focus on here and now, not what might or might not happen. Alright?" he looks to her, offering a small smile.

Maggie isn't buying it but she takes the water and gulps it down then takes the tissue and holds it to her seeping nose. "As long as the kids survive I don't care what happens to me." A true mother, putting her children before herself. "You've seen more die though…alot more." she glances to where her two children lay sleeping, concern painted across her face. She looks into the empty mug then up at Elijah "The now right. Not easy to do when it's so awful."

Elijah looks to her, making mental note of her vitals and then putting his supplies back. "I understand…" His gaze goes to the two children as well, the doctor then looking back to Maggie. "I promise, I will take care of you and your children to the best of my ability. I won't stop working towards getting all three of you better."

Handing the empty mug back Maggie nods as pink tinted tears fill her eyes "Do whatever it takes. Whatever you can." her voice becomes horse and the coughs begin, pink dotting more tissue used to cover her mouth. It won't be long until her mind starts to degrade from the burning fever, but for now she falls back into a fitful sleep.

"Yes, ma'am…" It was all Eli could bring himself to say with her display of emotion. Watching her fall back asleep, he returns to his work.

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