(2016-01-26) Dumas or Bust Prt 1
Dumas or Bust Prt 1
Summary: A break during the trip to Dumas
Date: 1.26.2016
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Somewhere in West Texas

To say this is the middle of nowhere is an understatement. There is nothing for miles. Not a house, barn or any other building save one. Just a lonely stretch of road with overgrown or fallow fields on each side connecting one town and another.

The one building that is here is a combination of gas station, small grocery store and diner. There are a few semi-trailers as well as pickup trucks in front of it, so while the place is the the middle of nowhere, it was clearly a busy spot before the invasion.

The interior of the store/diner is virtually untouched by human hands. Being so far away from any towns, or any population centers, probably made it inconvenient for looting. Time and animals though haven't been kind to the place though. Dust covers everything and there is the distinct odor of mold and staleness, but any rotting smells from food or other unsavory things has long since dissapated.

The building is divided by a halfwall with wooden spindles that go up to the ceiling. And archway connects the two halves. One one side the store and the other the diner, with dusty booths and a counter to eat at.

With the recent events at the complex the medical supplies are quickly dwindling…there wasn't that much to begin with. There is no real hospital in Stratford and the only medical clinic is a deathtrap after the explosion ripped through that part of town.

The closest hospital is south, in Dumas, a 10 hour walk from Stratford…a few hours less when on horseback, which thankfully the group of volunteers from Stratfor to go to Dumas are. An old fashioned buckboard wagon is in use and two more horses pull ATV trailers. Plenty of room for supplies to be hauled.

The group of volunteers have been traveling since right after dawn and after five hours of that a rest break was called when the small grocery store/diner has come across.

Kayla has settled at one of the tables in the diner, taking time frst to have made certain the building was unoccupied other than by vermin. She'd even found a cloth and dusted off the table and booth benches before seating. She has her meager lunch set before her, along with her canteen of water. Her horse has been loosely teathered at a pile of grass where Kay can see the mare out front.

Sophia came along, needing to do something different after cleaning up the bar she's claimed for the past few days. She's happy though, looking around the diner as well. "This place has not even been touched!" There's so much here!

Elijah had joined the expedition, leaving the treatment of his patients in the hands of others at camp in the hope of finding anything that might help them. Help them all really, should the plague make a comeback. The doctor had been quiet most of the travel, speaking if spoken too, but otherwise spending most the time pouring over notes in a set of notebooks he brought with him.

Currently, as they stop for a rest period, Eli too finds his way inside the diner. Sophia's exclamation brings a smile to his features, his own gaze moving around to admire the surroundings. It was a nice change…the preservation of times before.

Bob's been on the mend the past few weeks, and has been able to move around pretty well. Still, riding a horse is more work than most would think, so the several hours on horse back has him a bit worn out. Despite that fact, Bob's been a grizzled old hard ass too long to let a horse ride make him need a nap, so he powers through.

After dismounting, Bob ties off his horse, grabs his rifle and takes up a spot near the front of the building to keep a watch while the others start to check things out.

Kayla looks up as she hears Sophia's exclamation, and smiles faintly. "And yet all I found over here were some mayo packets," the younger Wells laments as she sets the to the end of fthe table not to be forgotten.

<FS3> Elijah rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Bob rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kayla rolls Alertness: Success.

As the group starts rummaging around the diner, those of the astute nature hear some motion in the back. It's a shuffling, crinkling noise.

Sophia shrugs, laughing at Kayla's words. "Those are usefull. One day we'll have sandwiches again." The woman doesn't seem to hear the ruckus.

Kayla is too distracted by the mayo.

Elijah walks around, slowly making his way to the counter and eyeing some of the stock on the nearby shelves. On one of the shelves were six jars of pickles "Wow…that's a lot of pickles." His observation is cut short at a sound coming from somewhere in the back, the doctor looking in that direction and lofting a brow. "Anybody else hear that?"

Slinging his rifle over his shoulder, Bob takes slow steps inside the building and towards the back room. The rustling seems to attract his attention and pulls his pistol out of its holster. He starts now towards the back room building with slow, measured steps. He doesn't alert anyone else, but does interestingly enough stoop to pick up a plastic bag on the floor with some boxes of brownie mix, chocolate chips and a razor in it. He could finally shave! Also..chocolate.

The bag is secured to his belt loop and he continues moving on the location of the sound. When he reaches the doorway to the backroom he slows to a halt, leaning to listen more closely. A hand is held up, in a fist. It's a signal for anyone watching: Hush.

Now that Bob has signalled for quiet the noise can be heard by everyone. There's more crinkling sounds, almost like a potato chip bag.

Kayla's head snaps around and she goes still as Bob's motion is made. Mayo packets left on the table, she turns to watch Bob move, her shoulders tensing. She isn't sure if she'll run into the fight or away (Oh, who is she kidding, of course she'll run in).

Sophia's trusty baseball bat is with her and she hefts it, moving closer to Bob. Her head tilts and she flashes the man a confused look and shakes her head.

Elijah obeys the command and is silent, letting the others move forward. Not like he'd be much use in a fight…unless perhaps he utilized one of the pickle jars. Still, he'd let Bob and the others move forward first, looking around to make sure the rest of their surroundings seemed secure.

Once he's settled Bob goes into cop mode. He's done this more times than he can count. He pushes away from the wall, turns an plants a foot into the door, kicking it open. It wasn't locked, so it nearly flies of the hinge at the force. Once it is open, he rushes through, sweeping left, then crouching as he sweeps right to create a variance in height to make up for not having a partner to sweep the opposite side from him.

What he uncovers is a family of raccoons that glare and snarl before scattering. While some run, others rush at Bob to attack.

Kayla remains back with Elijah, for now…wouldn't do for the doctor to be ambushed from behind by rai…er…raccoons?

Sophia lets out a small scream as the raccoons charge, her bat held higher and she stumbles backwards.

The raccoons scatter, screaming some raccoon war cry as they go through the door. One between Bob's legs, two to either side. The one senses Soph's fear and continues pressing her, the other takes off towards Kayla and Eli. There's still movement in room.

Kayla jumps forward and swings her foot towards the raccoon that charges at her and Eli. "Not. The. Pickles!" Kayla mutters as she tries to connect…or at the least, scare the creature away by not simply backing down.

Oh, Rocky raccoon doesn't want the pickles, he jumps on the table, making a wild grab for one of the mayo packets. It hissing at Kayla's foot.

When the raccoons start their charge, Eli reaches for the closest 'weapon' he had. A pickle jar! Lifting it over his head he pauses…looking to Kayla as she gives her exclamation. Right…the pickles are carefully slid back onto the shelf. Elijah then looks around, trying to find something to distract the raccoons with. Hey! Raisins! "Hey! Chk-chk-chk" or whatever clicking sounds might attract the raccoons, Eli makes them while shaking one of the boxes. Oh the glorious sound of dried fruit pellets.

<FS3> Bob rolls Melee: Good Success.

<FS3> Kayla rolls Melee: Success.

Bob turns and drop kicks the raccoon rushing at Sophia back into the wall. It's meat, so if it dies, it feeds a few people…in a stew…that's been cooked a long, long time. "Just open the doors and let them run out. Don't let them bite you." Or scratch. These bastards carry rabies sometimes.

Bob slides the gun back into the holster, no sense in shooting these things. That'd just waste bullets.

Sophia swings, but since Bob's already kick the beast, she hits nothing. "Buen Dios Todopoderoso!" The tiny woman is not happy, the bat trembles as she holds it out in front of her defensively.

"Hey!" Kayla dives towards the racoon and the mayo packet. "Not my mayo!" A phrase she never thought she'd say…ever. But that stuff is hard to come by now. Kay doesn't want to hurt the animal, but she's not giving up her food source, either. Sadly, she manages to get the ones on the table but not the one the little bugger has already

Rocky doesn't seem to excited to have Kayla stealing it's mayo. That's good eats! It hisses again, making a clicking noise, almost echoing Eli.

Rocky's bro though, isn't doing so well. It lets out a pained cry, and then spits .It's tail bristles. and it claws it's way to a sitting position.

And the third raccoon stooge, the one that ran between Bob's legs is making a beeline for the shelves, where the precious pickles are.

Seeing the raccoon is having none of Kayla's interference, and hearing Bob's command, Elijah gives a decisive nod. Shaking the one box of raisins once more, keeping the other tucked in his pocket for now, he empties it into in his hand and makes the noise again "Chk-chk-chk-". It is a softer noise, attempting to get the raccoon to come towards him. Eli keeps his hand open and lowered enough for them to see the little dried grape pieces…the doctor making his way towards the door.

<FS3> Bob rolls Animal Handling: Good Success.

Bob moves back through the door to the main room, pulling Sophia with him if necessary and then closes the door to keep that third one down. Then he turns and starts towards the one going after the pickles. He looms, makng himself as big and imposing as he can to scare the raccoons off. Basic animal psychology really. Be scarier than they are and they tend to back down.

Sophia's happy to put Bob in-between her and the raccoon. Her bat is still gripped rightly and she's muttering something in spanish under her breath.

Soph's Raccoon , clearly hurt, starts to claw towards Eli. It's sputtering and making pained noises.

The pickle going creature stops short as suddenly there's a very large man between it and the shelving unit. It's beady eyes go wide and it jets back towards the back room.

Kayla is keeping that damn mayo! "Yah!" Yelling and waving her arms, Kayla also tries the 'be big and scary' approach, being that lunging for the food didn't wok to scare the creature away.

And Rocky hisses at Kayla, but sits down and bites into the mayo packet, squirting the condiment in it's mouth and down it's chest. Messy. Around the mouth full of mayo, it makes a slightly insane noise. Maybe it wasn't expecting the taste? Either way the packet is dropped and it casual heads toward the injured raccoon.

Elijah furrows a brow as he sees the injured raccoon making it's way towards him. Poor creature. They did just want food after all…not that different from them. The doctor bends down, placing a few of the raisins ahead of it enough to make a trail as he then opens the door. The remaining raisins are then tossed to land scattered outside. He stands back up, holding the door open for the raccoon and standing behind it to not threaten the creature further.

Once the one he scared runs, Bob sighs just a bit and looks around at the others, "Anyone bit?" Even if there are others still being aggressive, it's down to one, so a slow, measured approach is best. "Start baggin' the food up. If it gets more aggressive, I'll scare it off. Let it have that packet and grab the rest."

Kayla sighs as she watches the creature waste the mayo packet, but she lets him go in peace. She had not intended to hurt any of the creatures - they did just want food! She moves in the opposite direction - if he was interested in that back area, so is she…and so she's off to see what she can find. So much for lunch.

Sophia stays close to Bob, "They are so huge!" Racoons are big. But she shakes her head, no bites or scratches that she can tell. She'll move, carefully, toward the counter, but then stops and makes Bob go with her. After glancing behind to make sure it's critter free, she starts poking around, pulling out 2 bottles of ketchup and something else which is pocketed immediately.

Elijah closes the door once all the critters are out, giving a shake of his head as well. "No bites here." With everybody returning to their searching, he does as well. Not so lucky this time though…nothing exciting found.

Bob goes back to searching, though he gives that last raccoon space to do what it is going to do. He finds mostly basics. Salt, salad dressing, shampoo and body wash…nice. He also finds some chips, coffee, a coffee pot and … coconut oil. That's gonna be gross by now.

"Got salt…" and then he hands the shampoo and body wash to Sophia. For the stash. "And coffee."

Scavenging Rolls

4 Packs of Raisins
9 Mayo Packets
1 Steak Knives
6 Jars of Pickles
1 Razor
1 Bags Chocolate Chips
2 Brownie Mix
3 Cans Cranberry Sauce
1 Banadana
4 Red Plastic Cups
5 32 oz plastic cups
1 Bags Chips
1 Vac Pack of Ground Coffee
1 Coffee Pot
4 Jars Coconut Oil
1 AA Batteries
1 Bug Repellant
1 Bottles Salad Dressing
2 Boxes of Salt
1 Travel Size Shampoo and Body Wash
4 Large Fry Pans
2 Instant Noodle Bowls
2 Epoxy
1 Bags of Pasta
2 Bottles of Sauce / Ketchup
1 Snickers Bar
1 Key Chain
1 Bottles of Vinegar
1 Bug Repellant
2 Jars Applesauce

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