(2016-01-28) It Doesn't Get Easier
It Doesn't Get Easier
Summary: Maggie succumbs to the Red Tsunami
Date: 1.28.2016
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First Aid/Medical

This three bedroom apartment is nothing exciting. The inside is a decade or two more modern than the outside at least, but drab. Beige floors, off white walls leaves the place looking a bit institutional. At least the previous occupant tried to liven it up a bit with modern furnishings.

The kitchen is divided from the living room by a breakfast bar and a window lets in light from outside. Three furnished bedrooms and bathroom lead off the living room.

Two bedrooms are used for patients, the third for the doctor on duty. The two patient rooms are furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

In the last 48 hours Maggie has went from bad to worse, while sweet 16 year old Lacey is holding steady at bad, and creeper Brad, by some miracle is recovering. The latter has been moved into the other room, so he won't be disturbed by the fevered moans and rantings of his mom and younger sister.

It's been a rough day in the infirmary and Anita and Piper are taking in in shifts. Maggie is so far gone that the only thing that can be done is to make her comfortable. The young woman seems to be having a much better time of it than Anita did. The other doctor is napping in the other room as well. Sitting by Maggie's bed, one hand on her arm and the other wipes the blood the woman is sweating out from her face with a cool cloth. While she does what she can for the woman she sings. Neil Diamond seems to be the theme at the moment
"…Me and you are subject to
The blues now and then
But when you take the blues
And make a song
You sing 'em out again…"
it's not unusual to hear her singing in the infirmary, but it has always been to Quinton usually not anyone else, but it seems to work in keeping Maggie quiet. From the sounds of it though the woman has been singing for awhile, her voice is starting to get horse and scratchy.

The group had returned a short while ago. Given the quarantined nature of the infirmary, unpacking was taking place in a different area. Elijah made sure to stay long enough to make sure he was not needed before heading straight back to the infirmary. A few of the medicines had been packed into his satchel as well. Now, the door opens, Elijah entering and setting his bag onto the counter.

After making sure to clean up, Eli enters the patient area and his eyes land on Maggie instantly.

The singing continues, Piper seguing from one song to another without a pause. Honestly though the singing is as much to keep herself calm as to keep Maggie calm. Turning to rinse the cloth out in the bowl of blood stained water, the woman starts to thrash and rave about something that happened to her years ago, involving her mother and sister maybe. The cloth is wringed out in both hands and she notices the doctor returning and looks toward him. Gawd she looks tired. "She's bad." she tells the doctor before her hand goes back on Maggie's arm, causing the woman to calm right down within a few moments.

Any wind Eli had gained on the trip got knocked from his gut as he took in the woman's deteriorating health. Grabbing his bag again he walks across the room, reaching out a hand to attempt to reassure Piper…but stopping just a few inches away. Remembering. The hand goes to scratch the back of his head. "Thank you…Please. Feel free to get some rest. I'll take over."

Eli also didn't want Piper to see anymore than she already had. It was only going to get worse. Granted, at this rate all of them have probably seen somebody die from the plague. Still…

Piper shakes her head "I'm fine." she's certainly seen worse than this..and she has seen a number of people dying from the plague, this isn't her first rodeo, just the first time its happened to someone she /doesn't/ want to die a long and painful death. She does move aside though so Eli can do what doctoring needs to be done, causing Maggie to start mumbling and raving as she sweats blood.

Elijah offers Piper a nod, "Alright…thank you" he says again. Then, moving over to her bedside, Elijah sits beside Maggie and puts a hand on her arm to keep that comfort there. "Hi, Maggie. It's Elijah. I'm going to check some things alright?" Keeping the hand there, he'd pull the stethoscope out of his bag and proceed to check her breathing. As well as her heart beat. Sure, at this rate there didn't seem to be a point to checking such things, but he had to check the progress. Even if she couldn't understand, he kept talking to her as he worked. To try and give her comfort.

The doctor's hand just doesn't have the same effect that Piper's did, as he checks Maggie's vitals she tosses weakly, occasionally reaching out to something or someone only she can see. As far as vitals go her pulse is thready, her lungs sound like they are filling with fluid and the woman occasionally struggles for breath.

Piper shakes her head at Eli as he mimics what she was doing "You can't…you aren't…." she makes a motion to herself and then her head but she can't explain it easily "like me." its the best she can do for the moment.

Elijah continues checking on her before placing his supplies back in the bag. He'd then look to Piper, "I know, but…she's still here." For now. "So I am going to…" Anything to give her comfort. She was still a human being, she deserved that. The doctor then looks back to Maggie, hand remaining on the woman's arm. Standing up he starts to dab at her forehead again with the wet cloth. "Here we go, Maggie."

The young woman sighs, she knows the Doctor doesn't get it, even if he thinks he does "No." she simply says as she moves to go check on Lacey, who at least hasn't gotten to the raving and sweating blood stages yet. She removes the cloth from the girl's forehead, rinses it out and puts it back. The girl doesn't even budge from her plague induced sleep. She finds it weird how some victims go raving bonkers and others just catatonic. You'd think they would all be the same put nope "How long?" she asks as she returns to Maggie's bed.

"I…don't know." Elijah returns the rag to the bowl, rinsing and wringing it out before laying it on the woman's forehead once more. "Not too long though…" His gaze stays on the woman, a small frown forming.

Piper's brow knits at the uncertainty "Glad…parents…not like this." she hates to say it, but this is not a pleasant way to die, especially when it is someone as pleasant and nice as Maggie was. Noting the frown a questioning look is given "What?"

Elijah looks back to Piper, sitting back down, "What?" He didn't seem sure what her inquiry was regarding.

"Thinking…" Piper gestures at him "…hard." she looks from the doctor to Maggie as the woman tosses and turns, starting to kick the bloodstained covers off of herself.

"Frank." Maggie says as she smiles reaching out and trying to push herself up with the other hand. Her brain is so hot with fever she is hallucinating that her husband is here.

"Oh…" Elijah clears his throat, shaking his head, "Don't worry abo-" He stops though as Maggie starts to move. "Maggie…" His voice stays calm, but he does move forward, putting one hand on the woman's shoulder and gently try to get her to lay back down. "You're alright. It's alright." The woman couldn't understand, but he still tried. He tries to get the covers back over her as well.

Taking Maggie's hand Piper does what she can to help Eli get the ill woman laying back down. At the contact Maggie settles right back down, peacefully laying down.

Settling back down, Maggie continues to smile and stare at someone only she can see "Frank…" wheeze "You came…" wheeze "back." with a final wheezy breath the woman dies, the life slowly fading from her eyes.

Watching as the woman succumbs to the plague, Elijah's hand stays on her arm where it had been from helping her lay down. His other hand rests against the covers, gripping them tighter as the life fades from his patient. The doctor is silent, hand moving from her arm to cover her eyes and close the lids. Eli's head lowers for a moment, the doctor silent.

As the woman takes her final breath, Piper lets go of her hand and sets in on her (Maggie's) stomach. As Eli closes the woman's eyes she places a hand on the doctor's shoulder. That's a first, but she is better when she is initiating the contact than when other people are "Died smiling." she says.

A nod is given, Eli's head still lowered and she'd feel the tension running through his form when her hand rested on his shoulder. A few moments later he'd clear his throat, "We need to…dispose of the…" throat cleared again. "Body." Standing back up, his brow is furrowed, but he remains composed. "Kill the virus. Could you notify the others please?"

When he begins to speak, Piper drops her hand and backs away "Yes." she nods in agreement, glancing sadly at the woman, who still looks like she is just sleeping peacefully, except the not breathing part, "Get Anita." she begins to head to the other room to wake the other doctor, so they can deal with burning the body while Piper tells the others and works on cleaning and sterilizing the bed clothes.

Elijah lets Piper get on those tasks, working on cleaning the body the best he can in the meantime. He'd get it prepared the best he could before she was taken to be burned. After, Elijah went about the task of sanitizing himself. He stepped into the bathroom area of the apartment, coming back out in a pair of scrubs they had found on their trip. It was the only other clothes he had on him. It felt odd…but also good to be back in the uniform. He looks down at the scrubs, tugging at the shirt a moment.

Piper took the time to do similar. She isn't going to go out where the children could chance seeing her with bloody scrubs on, so she changed as well. When she returns it’s with a couple of mugs of coffee and she hands one to the doctor.

Looking up from his scrubs, Elijah takes the coffee. "Thank you…" he says in a quiet tone, taking a drink from the mug.

Glancing past Elijah into the sick room Piper notes the now empty bed with its stained covers that will need to be soaked in bleach. Piper isn't looking forward to dealing with that, or the teen girl if she gets worse "Okay?" she asks him now that he has had a bit of time to process and compose himself.

Elijah takes another drink, lowering the cup and glancing to Piper at her question. A glance back down into his mug as his swishes the contents around, a shake of his head. "No…" What was the point in lying? He never understood. Even if you weren't ok, but said you were…people could always tell. A glance is given to the door of his attached lodging, where the boy was. "I'll tell him…" Doctor and all that. Delivering the bad news was as much part of the job as delivering the good. He takes a longer drink of coffee.

Piper certainly can, she tends to have some kind of radar for that kinda thing, maybe it's because she over the last year she has spent most of her time not okay, than okay. She nods having no words of comfort that didn't sound trite and/or cliché. Maybe she should have spiked the coffee, but at the time she didn't think of it. "Thanks." she gives a shudder as her eyes follow his to where Brad is recovering "He's…" she shakes her head not finishing that statement. Needless to say she has avoided caring for the creeper Brad, focusing on the woman. He disturbs her in a way none of the other men around don't.

The doctor just nods. Whether or not he was aware of the woman's hesitation towards the other man, he didn't let on. Elijah runs a tired hand through his hair. Between the traveling to get supplies and now coming home to this…it started to hit him. "I have some notes to finish…but after that…do you think Anita would be alright taking over? Just until I can sleep for a little bit…?" He felt guilty asking her to continue after taking over for so long.

"Sure." Piper nods at him as she agrees to keeping an eye on the last ill patient. With Anita dealing with the burning process, she's the only one to do it anyway. And she is once more giving a certain someone plenty of space so she really has no where to be, not with the children in lessons or with Mama Bea "Go write…sleep. Got this." she then heads into the sick room to do what needs to be done.

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