(2016-01-29) Taking Cover
Taking Cover
Summary: Another drone and the connection between drones and Silencers is given
Date: 1.29.2016
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Elijah had been given the day off, by order of…Piper of all people. He had gone back to his own apartment last night, falling asleep and not waking until the afternoon. Currently, he sat in the Clubhouse, in one of the chairs closer to the fireplace.

One hand takes to the task of petting the grey cat Ramses, who seems to have a fondness for curling up in the Eli' lap whenever he is seated long enough. His other hand rests atop the arm rest of the chair, bandaging around the top knuckle area of his four fingers, a bandaid on the thumb. The doctor's gaze in on the fireplace, but his thoughts seem to be somewhere else.

The clubhouse is peacefully quiet and with the fire certainly warmer than it is outside. Most of the settlers are going about their business, out guarding, hunting or whatever it is they do to contribute to the little society that has been created. So disturbances are few. That is until now. As usual the buzzing starts as a feeling, a vibration across the skin before it is actually heard. That can only mean on thing. A drone. The timing is unusual though, they are most often seen in the mornings.

That feeling…the vibration. No. Elijah's brow lofts as he sits a bit straighter and stiff in the chair. This causes Ramses to meow in protest before hopping off his lap. Then, the noise becomes audible. A frown spreads on the doctor's features as he stands, looking around. What could he use?

The squeals of children and the concerned voice of Piper hurrying them into the building heralds the arrival of her and the flock of children. The door opens and just as quickly closes as the group takes shelter from the drone that buzzes around overhead. Outside the sound of gunfire can be heard as those pulling guard duty fire on the alien spying machine.

Right. The sound of troubled children has Elijah reaching for the fire poker. He'd make it work! However, just as quickly as he was heading to the door, children and Piper were filing in. Then, the sound of gunshots. Ok so…that meant they had it covered right? Bandaged fingers still grip the poker, but it is kept at his side, the doctor looking to Piper "Are you all alright?" His eyes quickly do a scan over her and the kids, checking for any visible injuries.

Piper seems alright, terrified and over burdened, but okay. She has Quinn strapped to her front, Troy strapped to her back and a bawling Becca with a skinned knee on her hip. Kira and Jack are pretty much clinging to each other and Abbie clings to the woman's one free hand. The only on that seems to be remotely calm is Caro…but someone has to be right "Just shaken and stirred Doc." Caro answers though she is kind of at a loss as to how to deal with the situation.

Elijah gives the Caro a nod, "Thank you, Caro. Can you try and help get the other kids to sit down somewhere?" Glancing again at all the the worried kids. "Hey kids. It's alright. We're safe in here." He tries to give a reassuring tone, trying to help Piper out but realizing they probably wouldn't be as responsive to him as they would her. Still…he could try right?

Well the other kids might have a problem listening to the doc, but Caro is smart and knows when she should listen to what she is told and when she can get away with not. This time listening is in her best interest and nodding to the doctor she ushers, Jack, Kira and Abbie to the couch.

Piper on the other hand is having a bit on an issue getting Becca to let her go and gives a look to Eli that definitely says 'A little help here.' or maybe screams would be a better word.

The fire poker was set back against the fireplace as everything seemed to be settling. Good…the kids were listening to Caro. Right. Becca. Okay…how should he go about this? "Hey Becca…" Elijah takes a knee, looking to the girl and giving a small smile. "I know you're scared right now and that's ok…but I need your help. Ramses got scared too and he is hiding. He is small…and I am big. So I'm afraid he won't come out for me."

The doctor looks back towards the chair where a timid Ramses was peeking out before ducking back again. Eli looks back to Becca, "Since you are small I think you will make them feel safe. Can you please help me?" he holds out a hand to the girl.

"T..t..t…take her." Piper stammers as she lifts Becca off her and pushes her at Eli so he will take her instead of just talking to her. She would probably find Eli's method reasonable if she weren't terrified herself, making her a lot more impatient than she would normally be. As the buzzing continues outside as well as the gunfire, she woman quickly moves further into the clubhouse and away from the windows.

"I…" Elijah stands up and quickly finds himself holding a Becca. "Oh. Right…sor-" he stops though as Piper walks ahead. The doctor frowns. For all his bedside manner, you'd think his people skills would be a bit better. Shifting Becca on his hip, he holds her more firmly with his non-bandaged hand. "Alright, Becca. Let's go find Ramses…and look at that knee huh?" he looks to the girl and walks towards the chair he had been sitting in.

The bawling Becca doesn't care who is holding her at this point as long as she is being held. With a deathgrip now on the doctor she just nods, sniffling as tears run down her cheeks.

With children huddled on the couch, Becca in the Doc's hands, Piper begins to unburden herself of babies. Thankfully they are two young to understand, but Troy does know something is wrong, and while he isn't crying is making noises to indicate that he doesn't like how the others are acting. Unstrapping him she kneels and slowly slides him off her back to his feet. At nearly a year (best guess at his age) he is already toddling around on his feet, but hasn't started talking yet, besides simple ony syllable words. He makes a beeline to the sofa where the rest of the kids huddle and Caro helps him up. Quinn is in a similar situation, not knowing what is going on, but can sense that his mother isn't happy which is making him quite a bit fussy as well. The sound of buzzing drone and gunfire continues to be heard outside…at least at the moment.

With the girl's cries of fear, a realization comes to the doctor. Words wouldn't help Becca. Distractions of cats and whatnot wouldn't do her any good. The girl just needed to be comforted. To cry. So…Elijah lets her. His stance changes from being more tense, to more relaxed as he shifts her around to hold her against his chest instead of on his hip. Her legs wrapping around his waist.

A comforting hand starts to rub up and down Becca's back as he foregoes sitting down and walks around instead. "I've got you," Eli says in a hushed reassuring tone to the girl, hugging her close to him. "I promise I've got you. I'm here…you're safe."

The sound of the drone continues on for several more moments. The gunfire continues as well until there's the sound of something large careening towards the ground and the BOOM and SMASH of it hitting the ground. A few moments later, the door opens to the clubhouse and Bob moves through it, rifle slung over his shoulder and pistol in hand. His gun is aimed to the floor, as is proper in this situation.

His steps are slow as he moves in. Aside from a few scrapes and bruises earned in the firefight, he appears to be fine. "It's fine now…we're good for the moment." For the moment. The fact that it strafed them has broader implications.

Yes, that is pretty much what the toddler needs, just to be held and comforted and it isn't long before the sobs subside into the occasional hiccup as she clings to the doctor.

There is a flinch from Piper and duck and cover from the kids as the booming and crashing noises happen outside and when Bob comes in all eyes move to him. Getting up from her place on the sofa Piper doesn't look all that relieved at his words and when she speaks up the reason could be clear. "No. Drone. Silencer. Together." she hooks her index figures together indicating that they are a pair. The implication that there could be a Silencer somewhere nearby.

Elijah 's hand presses against Becca's back securely as the loud boom sounds, the doctor looking back at Piper and the other kids to make sure they were alright before continuing to rub Becca's back as her sobs subside. Bob's entrance gets a nod of greeting and a look of relief from the doctor. However, Piper's words quickly undo that relief. He just looks between the pair for now, letting them talk and continuing to focus on keeping Becca calm.

Bob's gaze flickers to Piper and while he was feeling pretty good about the work they'd just done, what she says brings a frown to his features. He nods once and looks back to the door. "Piper, are you armed?" He glances over towards her, then back to the door. His gun is raised and pointed towards the door now and he waits for her response. Last time he ran into a silencer, he was nearly killed after all.

Piper frowns right back at him, knowing exactly why he is asking her that question but she nods, then unstraps the infant from her chest, exposing the 9mm she has strapped underneath it. Quinn is handed to Caro, who carefully takes the baby. "Might…" she gestures out indicating distance "far." or might not be around at all, but she knows the truth of the drones so she isn't going to count on that one. She glances toward Eli who is pacing with Becca the toddler quickly calming now that the buzzing and gunfire has abated.

Bob slowly steps backwards towards Elijah, Piper and the children. "Doc, get the kids back behind the bar there. Gives you extra cover." He continues his slow steps and keeps his gun trained on the door. "Yeah…might be far. Might be coming in here too." Though odds are it's waiting somewhere with a sniper rifle. He spares a glance to Piper, "I'm open to suggestions here…"

There is a nod given to the kids and it doesn't take much prompting to get them to further cover. Piper isn't going to debate it, since what he is saying is true, could be anywhere "A sweep…" she gestures outside indicating the town, which is pretty much what he is suggesting anyways really, so no, no unique ideas from her.

The doctor nods, "Right…" quickly agreeing and complying with the plan. Elijah heads behind the bar with the kids, keeping Becca in his arms if she wished, but crouching down and making sure to do a head count for all of the kids.

Bob nods once and moves over to the counter top near where the Doc takes the kids. He reaches around to his back and pulls out a backup pistol. He sets it on the counter, "Take this." Then he holsters his revolver and unslings his rifle, looking to Piper, "Alright. Let's sweep. Send everyone back in here until we're sure it's clear." This is likely a losing prospect if there is a silencer, but it's safer than other options.

"It's okay." piper tells the children as they go with Eli to take cover. There is grumbling but they comply readily enough. Nodding to Bob she unholsters her own weapon, chambering a round "Right." she tells him and gets ready to follow the man out.

Once Elijah has the gun, Bob starts towards the door. Old training is old hat. He knows this sort of work. The rifle is lined up on his shoulder and he starts through the door once he has Piper following him. The rifle is trained towards the ground, but raised enough to be able to reflexively raise and shoot. Once out of the building, Bob will work his way towards the apartments. Need to sweep and clear those first.

Piper doesn't doubt the doctors words and she gives him a nod over her shoulder as she follows the former sheriff out the door, holding her own pistol so it is aimed downward. After months of living this life the woman has grown accustomed to the procedure…or the nanites somehow provide her the knowledge..it would explain some of her skill with firearms. As they start the sweep of the complex she stays silent, only speaking to announce the clear call.

Sweeping and clearing is a slow process. Room by room they have to check each room, under each bed, in every closet. Every nook and cranny. It will take some time. Still, best to do it in a small group like this. He'll call clear for each room he clears. Anyone in their room is sent to the clubhouse in a group. Doors are closed and locked after the room is cleared. It's as close as you can get to securing the buildings right now.

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