(2016-01-30) Another Good Haul
Another Good Haul
Summary: Just another day of scavenging…
Date: 1.30.2016
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Mobile Home Park

As one would expect here there are lines of mobile homes that fill this large multi-acre area. The space between the mobile homes are generous leaving room for vehicle parking and a small green space for growing things, be it just grass or a few flowers or vegetables.

Of all the areas in town this is by far the worst off. Drainage isn't good here so puddles of water and sewage both large and small dot the area. Many homes stand open and there is lots of evidence that wildlife has already moved in.

Thankfully though this area is free of any human remains. It was probably one of the first places hit by the plague so there were still enough people around to deal with them.

Don't go out alone! That seems to be the settlements slogan as of late. Between the nearby raiders and now the threat of a true Silencer it's probably a smart move. There haven't been any drones today, nor any reports of strange sightings or raiders, but to say going out is safe wouldn't be accurate. The group still needs things, food is always a necessity and that is gone through quickly. Today the mobile home park seems to be as good a place to scavenge as any and the trailers are quick to check for lurkers as well.

With the various threats around Piper has smartly left children and babies with their sitters and has her pack on her back, rifle hanging from shoulder, pistol on her hip with her nun-chuks tucked into her belt behind it. She is ready for trouble, in the hopes that it will stay far away.

Quinton is also packing, but probably looks much less intimidating with his slow pace. His gun is on, over his sweater, a backpack with another backpack inside of it. Backpack inception! The folks that were staying here seem to have left, so it's time to see what they left behind. "Look for ….food too." His pale eyes haven't stopped moving since they left the safety of the apartments. Scavenging and foraging needs to happen though!

Piper's hands are clutched to the straps of her backpack as they move through the town streets and into the mobile home park. She really hasn't done much in this area but with all the landscaping each person put into thier little plot it seemed like a good place to forage at least. She's already been lucky in finding a persimmon tree, the fruit wasn't edible, but the seeds are viable so she tucked it into a baggie to dissect later. "Did you want to start, front ones or back?" she asks, she's been pretty quiet, but not because she isn't able to verbalize, but more about continuing to give the poet space, in this case verbal space if not so much physical.

Quinton's having about the same amount of luck. A few dried hibiscus plants. He snags the dried flowers, if they can grow from the seeds, they make tea. At least, he's heard that. Who knows. Maybe he'll poison them all. He doesn't look at Piper, but it's more because he's still scanning the area. "Back." Simple enough. that gives them the chance to eye the whole area, make sure they're alone (At least at a glance). And they can forage more too. He's not gained any of that weight back, but maybe moving around will encourage his appetite.

Heading past trailers and parked cars Piper moves down the road that leads through the area and toward the back. As they move she peeks in vehicles doing the 'checking for assholes in the backseat' kind of thing. You never know where enemies could be lurking, cars are a good a place as any. "Is the pain nearly gone." she gestures to his stomach in indicate his healing injury.

Quinton now purposefully looks away, eyeing an abandoned trailer. "Yeah." He's lying, but the doc kinda did a bang up job on him, he's lucky to still be alive. And telling anyone the truth will either make them upset at best, or force them to make him stay inside. And Quin really doesn't want that. He motions towards the end of the road, at a rather peppy looking yellow mobile home. It looks to be in good condition, well, compared to the rest. "…there?"

Whether she believes him or not is moot, he is already out and doing stuff and has been and Piper didn't stop him last time and he seemed to be in even worse condition then so… She looks at the bright trailer and nods moving in that direction. Her hands shift to her rifle which she keeps aimed at the ground. "You first?" she asks, curious if they are going to go with the standard procedure, he leads she follows.

Quinton sees no reason not to. If he gets shot again, so be it. He's feeling a little pessimistic lately. So the blonde just nods, moving towards the door. He pulls his gun though, while pessimistic, he's not suicidal. The handle is jiggled, and while it seems unlocked, it also seems stuck on something. That's never a good sign, he glances to Piper briefly and then gives the door a hard yank.

Piper just wants him to keep feeling useful and needed, not to mention it's what they normally do and she is all for maintaining normal. When the door doesn't open easily, she frowns the grip tightening on her weapon. She isn't any stronger than he is, so she won't have any more luck in forcing the door than he is. A nod is given. As the door is given a hard yank her weapon comes up and she readies herself in case its someone and not something on the other side.

yes. Normal. It's a comfort. Seems like there's been some vegetation that's grown in the doorframe making it hard to open, but with the yank the door escapes the grasp of the plants with a tearing noise. The air inside the trailer is stale, but not gross. Most likely no dead bodies. Quin hopes anyway. he doesn't think he has the energy to drag any out and burn. Inside the mobile home is just as cheer. pictures of an older woman with what are probably her grandchildren surround her. Doilies on all the tables and empty candy dishes. Quin stands in the door, gun slightly raised as he peers inside. "huh."

When the door finally opens and it is found that it is nothing but some vines keeping it from opening freely Piper heaves a sigh of relief and lowers her gun. "Doesn't look bad." she comments as she looks around Quinton and into the trailer with curiosity. "Shall we?" she gestures inside, putting some cheerfulness into her voice, even if she doesn't particularly feel it.

Quinton nods, slowly stepping inside. He waits for Piper, she has better eyesight than him. He's not going to even bother worrying about that anymore. "…blinds?" They're closed, maybe opening them will help? As he moves closer, it's dusty inside, his feet are kicking up some of the particulars in the cheap carpet.

Piper moves in after him, her eyes piercing the gloom "On it." she quickly moves to open the curtains and pull the cords that lifts the blinds. Gray light fills the room, highlighting cheap furnishings and old lady decor. Her nose wrinkles as she inhales dust and a series of sneezes are covered in the crook of her arm.

Quinton coughs, and then winces, his hand rubbing his stomach. With the added light it's easy to see that they place has not been touched at all. He moves to the small kitchen area and slowly shrugs of this back pack, to remove the secondary one. He's glad he brought two. Cabinets are gone through, looking for not expired food. Once he checks underneath the sink though he makes a pleased noise, pulling out the two hurricane lamps, "….good haul." Even with just those.

As Quinton does the serious job of actually searching, Piper studies the pictures that the former owner has sitting around. She's always been more interested in looking at people's stuff than actually taking it. After a few minutes of looking though she goes off to search bedrooms, but really doesn't find much that the group is in dire need off. When she comes out she is carrying a toy light saber "Jack would like this." and a pair of fuzzy slippers in the other hand. Seeing the oil lamps she nods "Those are great. You should claim one for yourself."

Quinton looks hop and nods at the sabre, a ghost of a smile tugging at his lips, "Or Roger." Poor Holden. He looks down at the lamps, the smile dropping at here suggestion, "…maybe Kayla." He feels weird keeping something so desperately needed or just himself. But if he claims it for Kayla, well then….it's in his apartment, at least. The lamps are set down as he continues the search. The little bathroom gives up a makeup bag some candles and a pretty pendant necklace, which he does pocket before Piper can see. He's still big old bag of mixed emotions, but is aware valentines day is coming up. And would like options, if he can straighten out his brain. Or feelings. Or both. Before he leaves the bathroom, there's a tiara sitting on the counter, like perhaps someone was playing with it. It's picked up as well and handed over to Piper as he leaves the room. There's a certain 3 year old that will lose her mind when she sees it.

It takes a few moments for Piper to work out who Roger is but since there is only one huge Star Wars fanboy in the settlement it doesn't take long. "They can play rock, paper, scissors for it." she says with some amusement in her tone. She pokes around a bit more finding candles and some baby cereal. Score for her! "Oh. Nice." she takes the tiara, yes Becca will be wearing that for a week straight, even to sleep in. Looking around a bit more she finally moves to the door, waiting for Quinton to do a final sweep before the continue on their way.

Quinton's final sweep scores the best of all. A model rocket kit. He doesn't even know who will be the most excited. But someone will! It's set carefully in his bag before he nods and head out the yellow mobile home, making his way to the next. Eyes now roaming for plants and snipers.

Scavenging Rolls

5 Votive Candles
1 Mardi Gras Beads
1 Wok
1 Spice packet
1 Fuzzy Slippers
1 Toy Lightsaber
1 Binoculars
1 Boxes Baby Cereal
3 Raincoats
3 Jars Queso
1 Pendant Necklace
1 Make up bag
2 Packs of Raisins
2 Hurricane Oil Lamps
3 Jars Applesauce
1 Prom Tiara
2 Taper Candles
1 Model Rocket Kit

Foraging Rolls

1 Persimmons
1 Hibiscus flowers
1 Rosemary
1 Skunk Cabbage shoots
1 Handful Cottonwood bark (inner)
6 Wild Plums
4 Sunchoke tubers
1 Willow branch/innerbark
1 Honey Mesquite seeds/leaves/seed pods
1 Agarita Berries

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