(2016-02-02) Friendly Debate
Friendly Debate
Summary: Quinton gets into a discussion about power and how to deal with the aliens with Evangelyne.
Date: 2.2.2016
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Thrift Store

Once upon a time this was a clean and tidy place where people could come in and either donate or purchase gently used clothing and other second hand items. Now everything is dust covered, rummaged through and scatterred. Except those items by the broken windows, that's beyond redemption, moldly and water damaged.

Despite clothes being tossed around and racks being knocked over there are still usable items if one just takes the time to look around…and get past the smell of mouse and mold.

Ewww. Moldy shirt. Toss. Moldy shirt. Toss. "Gah!" it's another day and Piper is out doing what she can to contribute to the community that has been built in town. Today is it looking for clothes. At the moment though she has found a mouse nest and the folks seem to be home. It's not that she is afraid of mice, they normally don't bother her, but when you pick up a shirt and all of a sudden a bunch is running around, well it is surprising. Another shirt is tossed aside and her search continues.

"Bonjour!" comes the cheerful greeting of Eva as she spots a familiar figure in a shop and makes her way over towards her, "Looking for more things to work out in the ca-oooh, a miniskirt! Impractical, but definitely looking good." The mice are just regarded idly for a moment, "I used to have a pet snake at home. Ah, Howard I used to call him. He was so cute and adorable." Smiling and putting her pants into her pockets adds she, "Or are you looking for fuel to burn in the oven?"

Piper doesn't know French, but she does know what Bonjour means…she's been to France an all. Looking up from her searching the woman straightens, said miniskirt in hand and looks from it and back to Eva "No." she shakes her head, a look of distaste given the clothing to make it clear that's what she is saying no about. It still gets shoved in her backpack though. A snake called Howard gets an brief amused smile but another shake of head "Clothes….children." she has six she has to keep dressed and they grow /so/ fast!

Evangelyne taps her chin idly and looks over the clothes, "Looking for any particular clothes, yes?" she asks as she holds up one of the discarded shirts and furrows her brows when a mouse runs away after she accidentally disturbs its resting place under the shirt, "Children, hm. Could always use bigger clothes and tighten them down a bit. Then, when they are grown in… uh… What is the word… Untighten? Unsew?"

The young woman's gaze turns quizzical as Eva continues to talk to her, but her scrounging doesn't stop. Searching through a bin of various things she turns up a bracelet which she hmmms at and places on her wrist "Can't…" she mimes a sewing motion. Oh flip-flops…Piper doesn't wear shoes but she is sure someone can make use of them, especially when the heat of Texas summer arrives. "Caitlin…" uhm "done..before." but Caitlin comes and goes between here and the Rennie camp so she isn't always available for sewing needs.

Frowning lightly holds Eva up a Diamond ring wrestled from the mouth of a mouse who just wanted to run away with it, "Ah. That is good. Always handy to sew things, especially when they tear. Also good for fitting smaller people. Not that I know." She grins lightly, "Never learned it myself though. My mother used to, ah, but she is quite far far far far faaaaar away."

Okay, watching Eva wrestle a mouse for a diamond ring, is amusing, and Piper lets out a silvery peal of laughter at the sight. It's surprising to her too. It's been a long time since she has laughed.

This morning the pair can be seem scrounging around the thrift shop. The petite Piper seems to be having better luck at the finding things today than she has. The bin she is digging through has a few more shirts, in near excellent condition, one with tags on still so those get shoved into her half full pack as well "Can crochet…" she hand wobbles though, perhaps to indicate that she isn't all that good just yet.

"You can? Wow. I am only good when it comes to fire and steel. Gimme a forge, some metal, and I can hammer something in form and make it something decent. It admittedly makes more holes in clothes than it fixes buuut…" replies Eva with a little smirk as she pockets the ring and then holds up the sweatpants, "No Yoga pants. Well, those are far more comfy anyways."

Quinton went out earlier with Kayla, foraging and he came back with a goose. Strangely there were no sounds of a gun shot and he didn't have a bow and quiver on him, so….who knows how he killed it. The poet was a little shaken so here he is, doing what he does better, finding things. His backpack is already full, but the sweater clad man makes a detour into the thrift store, who knows why? The door jingles as he opens it, pale eyes narrowing as he lets them adjust to the marker store. What they really need is to find some windex. Seeing the two women he blinks surprised, but then raises a hand, "Hey….room for one more?"

"Little." Piper holds up a hand with thumb and index finger centimeters apart, "Found kit." it's a relatively new skill. Listening to Eva her brows arch up, she looks suitably impressed. Even in the previous modern society female blacksmiths weren't all that common. "Useful." a lot more useful than most of her skills. A thumbs up is given at the finding, and then Quinton is coming in and greeting them with complete sentences "Hey." she greets in return, nodding her head to answer his question.

"Not as useful as trying to set some rudimentary outhouse or anything, though that is by itself easy enough. Hm. I wonder if we the contents of those dixie toilets still work. Not sure if the chemicals break down or anything… but if we gather enough we -could- make a decent outhouse that is not to dirty. Flowing water would of course be better, but we might just get medieval on it and place the toilet in the highest place of the house and then let gravity take care of the dumping of the contents." Waving towards Quentin when he arrives nods she, "Always. But anyways, a fire should be easy enough as well. Suitable hammer should be somewhat workable, though the anvil will be much more of an issue."

Quinton flashes both women a smile, the kind he used to have before the end of the world. Today must be a very good head day for the man. Full sentences and smiles? Look out aliens! "Running water would be really great. Not just for sanitation reasons." But those too. He steps over to a bin and using his strangely high scavenging chops pulls out 3 pairs of decent children's pants. "Eva, are you one of the folks that was going to work on the electricity?" The pants rate offered over to Piper, she's the only one with that need.

It's been weeks since Piper has seen that smile, and she can't help but reciprocate, though there is a bit of confusion in her return smile. Agreement is given at the idea of running water, "Shower…" that's what she wants. She is pretty OCD in the cleanliness department, and that would certainly help both her and the kids, especially if it is a warm one. Moving to another bin she begins to look through it only to have some kid size pants handed to her "Oh, thanks." taking them she looks them over before folding them and putting them away in her pack.

"More along the lines of rigging up cars and seeing if we can get them to work again. Its not real electricity but it is as close as we can get I wager." replies Eva with a little shrug of her shoulders, "Probably needs some hotwiring to use the stuff as well. Overall it should be possible. We just kinda need all the equipment first and find or repair one of those engine blocks."

Quinton's feeling good, he wants to smile. He'll worry about internal drama later. piper gets a small nod and then he's turning back to Eva, "Have we decided against solar power and wind power?" His yea stilts, causing his shaggy bangs to flop slightly. "We found an old barn that had a…windmill that was producing electricity still." Seems kinda wasteful to not use the wind, if it's there. Same with the sun. Oh look, shoe pile! There's at least 5 pairs that seem in good condition. Quin starts to shrug off his backpack to fill it the rest of the way.

Piper listens to the conversation about electricity as she searches the bin, pulling out a couple of VHS tapes. Those get an odd look, no one has used VHS tapes for years. The reminder of the farm with the windmill has her giving a slight shudder before she pushes the mental image of what else was found there away "Far south." she gestures unerringly to the south to indicate where said farm was.

"Well, there is nothing speaking against it. Getting the windmill over to here though will be problematic. Same with solar panels. We would have to dissemble them first and get them over here. Plus they wouldn't produce any power in the night. Wind is kind of mercurial too. And the power output of them is not that great. They are good supplemental but otherwise…" says Eva as she hms lightly, "Plus if we can fix a car engine can we fix a car as well. Which would allow more coverage and faster transportation of heavier goods. Overall are they good ideas but they are not very adequate to produce any big power."

Quinton stops and then raises both hands in a what do you want, "It's more than we have?" but the poet isn't being snarky, well, he's trying not to me, "Solar seems to be doing ok for the club house so far." There do ahem some working panels, enough for a fridge and some lights. His bangs sway again as he shakes his head, "No…we would…make them, not move it….make a bunch….We could use them as decoys, throw off the aliens some." Pull a Blazing Saddles on them, in a way. "And when we run out of gas?" If it's even still any good.

If there ever was a time for eye rolling now would be the time, and as Piper listens and searches more she does so. With her back to the pair though it would go unnoticed. This is an argument that has been going on back and forth for awhile between people here. "Power is power." she says in a tone that suggests it shouldn't matter the source as long as they have some. Solar, windmills, generators, doesn't matter. Do them all, more power. A pearl necklace is found and she twines it in her fingers as she examines it, before winding around the wrist the clunky bracelet she found earlier is on.

"When we run out of gas. Well, industrial gas that engines take can be stored without any further ado on our side for half a year before it starts to evaporate without added chemicals to stabilize it. By that time we probably have, or should have, some better infrastructure build up again. And if we don't then the aliens really just need to finish us, cause we probably ran out of bullets a long time ago as well." replies Eva before pausing, "But she is right. As long as we got sustainable power."

Quinton's a poet, so he just shakes his head. It's been over a year since the invasion started. He's not a defeatist, usually. "We need to attack this from several angles. The need for power, civilization….a counter attack." Yes, he said counter attack. He's been thinking about this for a long time. "We need to rally humanity." Like a poet do. His hand twitches as he pulls out a sweater. The man loves his sweaters. "I've been thinking…about King's book The Stand…..I think we should set up a radio or CB station….reach out…" Sure, there's bad people, but also good ones too. Shouldn’t they be trying to find the good people?

Another shirt and rain coat is stuffed into her already full pack and Piper fights to get it zipped up while the conversation goes back on forth between them. She's been avoiding looking at the conversing pair but hearing the poet speak of what needs to be done has her gaze going to him. The woman usually isn't sure what to make of fully functioning Quinton but today she does, could that be a bit of pride in her expression as he speaks his mind about his ideas.

"What about bombing them from Orbit? Certainly that is the only way to be sure?" suggests Eva and can't help herself but to smile, "Just as long as it doesn't end like the book. I really would prefer to stay alive and all." she adds then with a shrug of her shoulders. "Maybe something more like Postman?"

That's beyond his wheelhouse so Quin just shrugs with a smile, "I don't know much about bombs…it's why we need to reach out, gather everyone that we can…"Maybe they'll get lucky and find an bomb maker? Who knows! Pale eyes drift to Piper and his smile softens. "We have to try." But then Eva joke makes him chuckle, "Yeah…no giant hands…."

Staring blankly at Quin for a few moments sighs Eva then, "Come on… 'Bomb it from orbit. Its the only way to be sure'. Doesn't that ring a bell?" before pausing and adding, "I was more thinking about the movie version actually. The part where the father drives away with his kids and wife in the jeep, but there is no safety in sight. So he shoots them and when he wants to kill himself he realizes he ran out of bullets. And then he just sits down and waits to die… only for the military to arrive and fight the fog. Turns out he has been driving away from them the whole time."

Piper looks surprised at the idea of orbit. A few have had ideas to bomb them from the ground but orbit is a new one. That would take, pilot, airplanes and missles, oh my! But she supposes it could be possible…it would just take the right people, which they could have…or find in the right place, where ever that is. They have a few military minds they could ask though. When Eva speaks up again she looks confused. She didn't get the reference either. And from her expression she doesn't understand the rest though she gets that it came from a movie, since Eva came right out an said it.

Quinton's having a good day, not a great day. He frowns, not liking the whole idea of unwinnable. "Let's just use the stuff that's helpful, yeah?" He turns back to look into the bin and something catches his eye as he's shoving clothes aside. Down at the bottom, there's a necklace, a chain of some sort. When he pulls it out, there's two silk scarves wrapped around it as well. "We have to try, other wise why are we even bothering to try to survive."

"Because its in our nature?" muses Eva with a shrug of her shoulders, "I mean, man has been one of the sturdiest bastards that this planet has produced. Without counting the little whats-they-called-it again that can survive radiation in the atmosphere, being frozen and then melted up with volcanic temperatures and more. If there wouldn't be the slightest chance of hope we wouldn't even fight, would we?"

Piper bites her lip as they both are pretty much saying the same thing, just using different words. At least that is her interpretation of how the conversation is going. "Same thing." she gestures between the pair and moves her hand in the talking motion as she points that out in the only way she is capable of at the moment. As the scarves are pulled out she eyes them in that interested manner, that is quickly tamped down. With her pack full she begins to shoulder it, pulling the straps on.

She's being awful negative in her positive let's try statements! Quin's eyes narrow, but he smirks at Eva shaking his head. "Then….start with the power. Let's get what we can." Quin looks down at the tangled mess in his hands and sighs. He'll unknot it later. Into one of the shoes it goes. "I should go check on Kayla." Things have been better, tentatively. Bets to keep that a positive. Especially on a good brain day.

Eva nods, "First we get power and then. Then we will see." She grins, "Will be fun to get that all working up I say."

She can't help but agree that power is a priority, so Piper nods. Without that they can't try to reach out for help. Of course that depends on other people being out there that have power too, but one issue at a time. Heading out herself, she carefully avoids the glass scattered across the floor, still with the barefeet, as she moves to the door, there is a pause though when she hears that Quinton is heading back as well, and she will wait for him, perhaps if they walk back together some of his good mood and braining will rub off on her.

Scavenging Rolls

2 Miniskirts
3 Childrens Pants
3 Pairs of Sneakers
1 Mouse chewed pants
2 Silk Scarves
1 Pendant Necklace
2 Pairs of Sneakers
1 Cardigan Sweater
1 Charm Bracelet
3 Sweatpants
1 Diamond Ring
1 Khaki Pants
3 Shirts
1 Chunky Bracelet
1 Moth Eaten Shirt
3 Pairs of Flip-Flops
2 VHS Tape Movies
1 Mouse infested pile of clothes
1 Tank Tops
1 Pearl necklace
1 Raincoats
1 Miniskirts

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