(2016-02-02) Raider v Silencer
Raider v Silencer
Summary: Not sure who started the fight, but Bob certainly finished it.
Date: 2.2.2016
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About four or so miles north of town is another farm house that is in serious need of checking out. So a group got together, saddled up, brought the ATV trailer just in case choice stuff was found. The farm house can be seen in the distance and it seems that there is movement around it, but what is more alarming is the occasional burst of gunfire.

Kayla has come without her brother - the last time he joined her, he got shot. She isn't about to let that happen again. Which means she didn't tell Quinton that she was coming, either.

As Bob's been up and about more often, and getting in better shape, he's been more and more willing to go on these excursions. Hell, just the other night, he helped take down a drone that came by town. Of course, the problem is that there was a drone just by their town. So this means they've likely been found out. The silencers will likely be coming soon. So Bob is even more willing to go on this excursion. The four mile trip to the farm house is relatively uneventuful, but when they can actually see it he pulls his horse to a slow trot and then starts to kick into a gallop at the sound of gunfire. "Let's get a move on!"

Sophia has her bat and rifle with her, having decide to go with Bob. She sticks close to the leader, having been quiet through out the trip. The bartender's been nervous and will do as told, urging her horse forward.

At a galloping pace the farm house quickly gets closer and closer. Soon enough it is easy to see what is going on. Seems at first like some kind of football game? No that couldn't be, there is no shooting in football and the teams are a bit more even. This one seems to be one guy against eight or nine. Nope, not football, but there is definitely tackling going on. One burly looking man rushes the other, knocking him to the ground. A few other guys leap into the mix, trying to pin the guy, quite unsuccessfully. There seems to be a major struggle, some rolling around. The dogpile is ended rather abruptly when the burly guy is thrown through the air and the guy that got tackled leaps away from the remainder of the attackers. A normal person shouldn't be able to jump that high or that far.

Kayla draws up short as she sees the goings on closer to the house. She doesn't have a gun - just her hunting knife - and she's smarter than to simply race into an unknown situation. So she looks sidelong to Bob, waiting to see what he decides.

Bob slows his horse as well as the situation unfolds. He directs his horse to the side of the road and slides off in a moving dismount. The horse is tied off to a tree and he nods to the others, motioning for them to follow. He unslings his rifle and looks through the scope to get a better view of the guy who's being attacked by a host of enemies and seems to be winning. That's their silencer. "Tie off the horses, let's move in behind cover." And so he does that, moving through the trees and grass towards the house at a cautious pace.

Oh….screw that. Sophia reaches for her rifle before mumbling, "Not human….we need to help them!" She quickly dismounts and will follow Bob and the rest, tiring off her horse. "We much hurry, before it kills them!"

The Silencer, a young man that looks to have just stepped from the pages of a GQ magazine, has taken a few gun shots, but none seem to be lethal or slowing him down. It's hard to tell who found who, but it is rather pointless to ask since there is fighting going on. A knife appears is the Silencers hand and from one second to the next it goes from being in his hand to sticking from the throat of a raider, with just a quick jerking motion of his hand between. The knifed raider's hands going to his throat, a gurgle is let out and he collapses. This makes the rest of the raiders pause, but only for a moment as three rush him from the front and the rest move around to flank him from behind, all brandishing some sort of weapon, be it knife, bat or chain.

As Bob and the women move toward the house they happen across the body of what was probably a raider guard, and no, his neck isn't supposed to be turned around like that.

Shit…Last one of these Bob ran into shot him clean through the chest in a heartbeat. This one isn’t even all that injured. As he passes the body on the ground, Bob pulls out his backup piece and holds it out towards Kayla. It's a .38 snubnose, but at least it's loaded. He keeps his rifled trained towards the action and then takes up a position behind a tree. He waits there for the others to take cover as well. "Get to cover before we start shootin'." He pauses, keeping his voice down, "Once it knows where we are, this gets a lot worse."

Kayla hesitates before taking the pistol. But better safe than sorry! Moving a short distance from Bob, she crouches behind a relatively wide tree, peeking around to watch the fight.

Sophia's shaking but does as instructed. She's small enough to find a small cluster of thin trees to get behind before she kneels down and tries to aim. She waits for Bob to fire first.

One would think that a fight like this where it is seven against one would be unfair, but when that one is a Silencer, with nanites augmenting the body and an alien piloting it, it’s the raiders that this fight is unfair too. Another raider goes flying as the Silencer brutally counters his attack, to turn it against him, snap his neck and toss him to the side as if he weighed nothing. One of the flanking Raiders slams is baseball bat into the Silencer's back, it does stagger the alien controlled human, nearly taking him to his knees, which the Raiders take advantage of by getting a few good kicks and jabs into until the Silencer is once more brutally countering and attacking everything they throw at him. It's gone from football to movie fight scene.

Kayla remains behind the tree, wincing as she watches. As muh as she hates the raiders, she isn't a huge fan of Silencers either. She doesn't know who to root for..but she also isn't firing.

Bob has his back pressed against a tree, and is taking slow, deep breaths for about five seconds. He peers around the tree once, returns to his position, takes five quick rushed breaths and then pops out around the tree, crouches, sights down through his scope and without any other hesitation he fires off a single round from his rifle and immediately moves back behind the tree before looking for new cover. He doesn't even look to see if he hit the target or not.

When Bob fires, Kayla takes her cue from him and, with a quick lean around the trunk, she takes a shot. She also isn't waiting to see who she hits, if anyone..

Sophia takes a deep breath and lets it out as she takes a shot at the Silencer. She tries to keep an eye on the raiders as well. While they're human, she also know sweat they're capable of as well.

The Silencer is down to just three raiders left, the rest are dead or will probably be soon from the smack down that is being laid down upon them. As the Silencer attacks the first bullet hits, slamming into the side of his head, the bullet leaving a much larger exit wound as it explodes outward in blood and grey matter. The force of impact spins him so the next two bullets, slam into his chest, causing him to stagger backwards and fall to the ground. This sudden change of circumstances for the raiders have them looking quite surprised and moving away from the now prone Silencer.

Well…the Silencer seems to not be destroying people anymore, but…dammit! The Raiders shot her brother, and that seems to lead Kaya to getting some revenge. Out she pops, and fires off a shot

Bob likely heard the impacts, he knows that sound well enough. He pulls back the rod, opens the chamber and when the spent shell flies out he slides a new one in. He takes another deep breath and comes back around the tree, scope centered on the now prone silencer. That may have been a head shot followed up by two bullets to the chest, but another round to the head should make sure there's not enough brain matter left for that alien to use to control that body…however it works with little mini robots.

Bob doesn't jump back behind the tree this time, instead he rolls and moves behind another tree, loading another round into the rifle on his way. Standard cop move, no big deal.

Sophia holds her fire, but trails one of the raiders. "Roberto? Orders?" She stays where she's at.

Well if the Silencer wasn't dead before it certainly is now with another bullet in the brain. As for the raiders, well Kayla's bullet seems have found a new home in one's chest and he topples over, surprised as hell. The other raiders, drop whatever weapons they have in hand and raise hands in surrender.

As a shot is fired at one of the Raiders, Bob frowns. He wasn't going to order their execution at range just yet. They may not be the bad guys here. Still, Kayla just shot one. They're not going to be inclined to talk. "Hold your fire…" he calls out and he slings his rifle over his shoulder and draws his pistol out. "Keep em in your sights, but you don't shoot unless they start it. You got it?" this is more to Kayla as he starts towards the Raiders. "Down on the ground!" he shouts at them, "Hands behind your head! You move nice and slow and no one else needs to die."

Kayla grits her teeth as she is, essentially, chastised by Bob. "They shot Quinton," she calls back, but doesn't shoot again. Yet.

Sophia shifts slightly, but does as told. "They shot Quinton?" Soph frowns, aiming a little sharper. Obviously Kayla was there, she would know.

The two raiders that remain, immediately comply, dropping to their knees and assuming the proper position, as if is something they have both had to do before on occasion.

Kayla straightens and steps slowly from behind the tree. She looks towards the Raiders, pistol held up, but doesn't fire. Again. Yet.

Bob eyes Kayla as he walks past and moves towards the two men. He keeps his gun trained as he does so and then calls back, "Tie these two up. If they shot yer brother, I'll see that they pay. But we ain't gunnin down two men in cold blood without cause." And then he looks to the two men, gun trained at one of their heads, "One of you shoot her brother, huh? I find out that's true and you lie to me here, I'll take back what I said about killin' in cold blood." And then he starts towards the silencer's body. He'll keep the gun on the two men, but he intends to bring that silencer back as well.

"Not cold blood when they shot at us first," Kayla mutters, though its mostly under her breath. She shifts her weight from eft to right foot and back, glaring at the two raiders.

Sophia frowns but will hurry and get some rope from the trailer. She stays quiet, but studies the raiders as she steps up. Finally she'll tell Bob, "You will have better knots than me, Roberto…." She can cover him while he ties them up.

The two raiders look at each other, not putting up any sort of fight as they are secured by whoever does it "If you're talking about that guy who Joe," he nods to one of the guys laying a few feet away, the one with the knife growing from his neck, "said he shot. We weren't even there. We was back here, guarding this place."

One raider is the same as another - one group does the same crap that another does. Kayla remains back by the trees, hands shaking on the gun.

Bob takes the rope, looking to Sophia, "What do you think?" he asks quietly, motioning to the two men. He then starts to hogtie them, because he doesn't have handcuffs anymore. A glance is spared for Kayla. She may just shoot them regardless. "We got a problem here…My people figure that the best justice fer folks like you comes at the end of a forty five. You get me?" The ropes are cinched up tight. He isn't messing around with that. "I ain't inclined to shoot you in the head right here and now either. So what would you do if you were me?" He pauses just a moment, "And I was a cop fer twenty years before the world ended. I can smell a lie."

And once they are tied, he moves to the Silencer, searching his body for anything useful.

Sophia sighs, switching to spanish, "I think they are in shock. And afraid. There is too much else going on to get any kind of tell from them." She keeps the gun trailed on them, switching back to English, "Are there any more of you? In the House?"

"That's a loaded question. You are going to do what you are going to do, no matter what we say in the matter." the other raider says as he lays on his side, tied up like a calf in some rodeo competition.

A nod is offered to the man who says that and Bob finishes searching the body of the Silencer. "Guess that's a fair point. I'm takin you in. We're gonna try at some fair bit of justice. Yer gonna answer some questions, and then we'll see how things go." He then rips some of the silencers shirt away, and then another section. He uses those torn pieces to blindfold the two men.

Sophia huffs, a hand resting on her hip in a very sassy and annoyed stance. Depending on how old the raiders are, they may have seen such things from bartenders in the past. It might be the last thing they see for some time, "We are not murderers. It's monsters like that Silencer we should be worried about, not Bandidos…"

The raiders are in agreement to that. Not that they have much choice in the matter. "Whatever you say." good thing there is a nice jail in town that the pair can be locked up in until that fair bit of justice can be served.

Just civilizing the world, one scumbag at a time. Bob listens as Sophia speaks and then nods to her once, "Aye." and then he nods to Sophia, "Go grab the horses." he states quietly, "Let's get them locked up."

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