(2016-02-04) Bar Prep
Bar Prep
Summary: Sophia is working on getting the bar set up when Piper stops by
Date: 2.4.2016
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The Dive Bar Stratford

Thu Feb 04, 2016 — Thu Feb 04 11:56:55 2016

Despite the name on the window and on the flashing arrow sign in the parking lot this bar isn't as divey as it is rustic and honky tonk like.

Toward the back is the requisite wooden bar with a dusty, cloudy mirror on the wall behind it. Cushioned stools sit in front of it, a couple knocked over into the floor. There are numerous empty beer and whiskey bottles strewn about amoung tables and chairs as if someone decided to throw one last party and didn't clean up after themselves. Dust covers everything.

A stage sits to the side, a few dusty instruments on it as if waiting for someone to pick them up and begin to play. Near it an old Wurlitzer jukebox with an out-of-order sign hanging from it, but there are still old 45 records contained within, all country from the 50's and 60's.


It is winter. The weather is cold and fair.


Pied-Piper - 5'1", small frame, early 20's. Light brown skin, dark eyes and hair but otherwise racially ambiguous. Lots and lots of long, dark, kinky hair pulled back in dual ponytails at the nape of her neck.

Exits: [O] Cedar St (CdS)

Special: +detail - Details available


It's been a while since Piper introduced the Dive Bar to Sophia, and since then she has pretty much left the woman to handle the place. Soph's the expert when it comes to that, she hardly needs advice from a woman who won't be legal drinking age for another couple months. Not that it matters anymore. Things like that kind of went away when the Aliens debuted.

Piper is curious though to see how things are going and how soon the place will be open for 'business' so to speak. After a bit of scavenging in the nearby neighborhoods she wanders into the bar pack on her pack stuffed to near bursting and humming some tune or other.

Sophia's done wonders with the place. While she definitely doesn't have enough lanterns to light the entire room, with the door and windows opened, it's light enough during the day. It's cleaned, straightened….seems like it should ready to be opened, but the woman hasn't made any kind of announcements just yet. Currently she's behind the bar, organizing a things from a box she found downstairs. It's mostly useless stuff, but in Soph's head she figured they would eb able to use the bar as a secondary storage place too. So she's not bothering moving anything she finds. Besides…she'd like to be able to make coffee here eventually. Even if that means stealing one of the grills for here.

Sophia looks up when Piper steps inside, "Piper! Hola! how is everything?" the woman seems in a good mood and smiles warmly at the big haired mother.

Of course the first place Piper's gaze go is to the instruments and the jukebox. She has still refrained from taking anything and since this is Sophia's place now and therefore everything in it is her's, if that whole possession 9/10's thing is in play it would be kind of rude for her to do so now. There is a slight shrug at the question "Asi-Asi." is her reply in Spanish. Her gaze then takes in the cleaned up, dust free interior and she nods moving across the room to sit down at the bar. "It's good." she comments as she gestures to indicate the interior.

Sophia chuckles, "Gracias! I think it has turned ut nice. Even Roberto hasn't complained too much!" She's been sleeping in the office, which he's not happy about. But having whiskey tends to sooth that beast when it rears it's head. "I have a few more things I want to find and then we will be open!"

Piper nods, turning half circles on the barstool as Sophia speaks "Much?" the question and facial expression with it either meaning, not where you can hear him, or compared to how much he usually complains? "He's," she hmmms to herself "a lot." she taps the side of her head to indicate mind probably. And with two raiders in jail he probably is a bit preoccupied. Turning a curious eye the bartender "Like?" prompting for what the woman still needs.

Sophia sighs, leaning against the bar, "Well…not as much, anyway. i think he has been distracted." Which has been good for Sophia! "I could open without everything. But I think getting the stuff to be able to start brewing before opening is kind of important." It might never get done , otherwise. "And I want a dart board." It's dumb, but she does.

"That too." Piper agrees with Sophia's assessment about Bob. "Oh. Still." she remembers now that the woman wanted to start brewing her on alcohol. While she doesn't have a clue what goes into making one of those the dart board is a little easier, "Could be…bowling." she recalls slot machines and other gambling stuff, could of been a dart board, she didn't really pay attention to what as on the walls.

"Bowling?" Soph just looks confused, "No…i don't think we could bowl in here…" She's not done a lot of exploring of the town, clearly. Her head shakes continuing on, "I am going to make a list I think, of things needed. I may see if I can get the better scavengers to find the parts for me." There's a hesitation, "I could go and get the things from my old bar, but that would be a several day trip…and I don't think Roberto would go for that." Maybe, if he thinks they're going to run out of booze!

A short sigh comes out at the misunderstanding "Bowling. Alley." she points north "Bar stuff." Piper gets out with minimum effort "List is good." as for better scavengers, she isn't one of them or else she would volunteer. "Snow." she says at the idea of going back to Nebraska, which would be in the middle of winter right now. No thanks.

Sophia blinks, "Ohhh….yeah. i didn't realise there was one!" The brunette grins, "That's a great idea." A soft chuckle, "Not right now, come spring maybe."

"Yes." she nods enthusiastically "Gambling den." she adds to give a bit of an idea of what else could be found there.

This afternoon the two women can be found at the bar. Sophia unpacking a few crates found downstairs and Piper sitting at the pair, trying to make conversation as she watches, so far she hasn't been doing half bad. She hmmms a moment in thought "Road trip."

Oh! That sounds exciting! Soph is leaning against the bar, grinning at Piper. "That's very fun. i would like to start a poker night here once I get it open." It's not much, Soph seems to be separating ketchup and mustard packages. "Si…road trip. If I am lucky I will find people to go with me,a nd we can take some horses."

Removing her backpack she digs through a few side pockets and pulls out a blue poker chip and slides across the bar, "Have more." or Piper knows where she can get more, one of the two. "And wagon." they have one of those now, it just needs a few repairs.

Sophia's eyes brighten at the poker chip. "Perfecto!" She laughs, the silly item bringing her more joy than it should. "Perhaps I can set up some type of trade in….for special nights, or choice of entertainment…" Well, that will work better once the juke box is working, but still! Fun! her head bobs, she agrees, "Si…the wagon. We will not be able to bring everything back otherwise."

"Like…" Piper has to think for a moment, find the comparison, "game tickets?" arcade game tickets that is, get enough trade in for a prize. That actually could work, and while more could be found, by anyone they aren't easy to counterfeit. Eyebrows move upward at the mention of choice of entertainment. Does she even want to know what those would be? "Everything?" the tone suggesting she is asking how much is there.

Sophia nods, "Si. It would give it more weight." And is silly and harmless, but fun. Soph just laughs, "Si…everything!" She eyebrow waggles, finding Piper's reaction funny. "I need to get one of those alien batteries. I would like ice. And music." Well, beyond live music, which she will tap everyone for as well.

"Ask Bob." they took down a drone a few days ago, if the battery hasn't been utilized yet he would be the one to go to "Have one." they could even have two more. They had two when they arrived here hooked up to the school buses that transported them. A smile comes to Piper's face, "Always music." she wants more of that too.

Sophia's face scrunches, she's been debating. She doesn't think Bob will give her one though. "Maybe i should build a wind mill like everyone keeps talking about." And not doing. piper's smile brings one to Soph's face, She's like that. "Would you like something to drink, Piper?"

Piper nods in agreement "Should." prove to everyone that it can be done. The offer of a drink has her looking a bit wary, "Eva help." the two mechanics really should get their heads together, show everyone how its done. "Water?" she knows that Sophia has plenty of booze, but not so sure about non-alcoholic beverages. Cradling her arms she makes a rocking motion, "Nursing." good reason as to why she shouldn't be drink anything boozy in nature.

Sophia will ask her when she sees the woman next. She just nods, pulling out a large bottle of water and pouring Piper a glass. She probably bottled it herself from rain water, but still, a glass! Fancy! "I just…I feel like if we start establishing ourselves…it will help. Remind everyone what we're fighting for."

Taking the full glass Piper takes a few sips from it. Drinking from a glass is much better than from a plastic bottle. "Need radio…uhm…CB." isn't that what Quin called it? She doesn't know much about that sort of thing, just that it was pre-cell phone technology, "Reminder…shouldn't be needed." but sadly it is. It is something that she muses on as she takes another sip of water and gets up to help Sophia get the bar organized.

Scavenging Rolls

4 Spoons
3 Kiddie Menus
1 Ketchup Packets
1 #10 Cans Green Beans
1 Small container Baking Powder
14 Mustard Packets
1 Coffee Urn
6 Bottles of Dish Soap
1 Partial tube of Antibiotic Ointment
1 Wind-Up Watch
1 Hello Kitty duck tape
1 Wok
1 Box of Twinkies
1 Beginning to Knit Kit
2 Khaki Pants
1 Book - Boy Scout Manual
1 Cardigan Sweater

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