(2016-02-05) Houston
Summary: On their journey the pair stop to check Linc's home town
Date: 2.5.2016
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So much biking. In all sorts of weather. Today though is nice if not a bit overcast. After a quick stop at the two settlements farther north where contact was made and trading done. The pair continued south east, Nora insistent on seeing some ocean. She knew there would be devastation, but she wasn't quite prepared to see the wreckage that Houston had become. And from their view a top a highway over pass, they have a height advantage on how devastating the second wave was to coastal communities. The young woman just stands, holding her bike as she stares at what is left of the city.

There is no real way to describe Lincoln. It'd been an interesting journey for him along the way, seeing some sights and getting to experience the road life a bit better; helping him understand it more fully. And of course, getting to spend time with Nora which he already has done a lot of but its different on the road at least for him. But now, well now there really is no way to describe it. He hasn't spoken much the past couple of hours and now well, he is just sitting with his feet hanging over the edge of the broken overpass of the highway looking out over the city, his city. Nothing spoken or said but the demeanor about him is, well for lack of better word, dark.

If Nora knew this was going to what it was like, she would have never suggested this. Pushing the bike forward she leans it against the railing and then moves to sit down next to Lincoln. "I'm sorry." she says quietly, an arm going around him to offer comfort, "This is…" she shakes her head. There isn't any suitable words to describe the scene that spreads out before them "Where did you live?" she asks instead, glancing up at seagulls circling the much nearer coastline.

Quiet for awhile, Lincoln sits for a bit before finally clearing his throat and lifting his hand to point to the south east, where the new ocean lies. "About there. Called Clear Lake it…" He trails off before sighing. "About a mile away from the Johnson Space Center, NASA in other words." His hand lowers, resting on his lap. "I knew it would be like this, but seeing it…" Once more he trails off, falls silent.

Nora looks off into the direction he is pointing "It's under the waves like Cambria." which is her hometown in California. She never made it back. California is a lot further away. "I knew it would be bad. I've seen pictures of that tidal wave they had in Japan a few years ago. A little different seeing it in person." she turns her head to look from the wreckage of the city to him, "We can go. We could probably make it back to College Station before it gets to dark. If we don't stop to much.

Lincoln nods his head, as if affirming that it is a good idea but he doesn't move. Rather he just sits a bit longer before speaking once again. "You know, all I wanted as a kid was to go into space. To be an astronaut. Studied every science book, every math book. Forced myself to get into the Air Force Academy, never… never did anything that wasn't related to that goal." He looks out over the city. "I never went to football games, never played sports, never did…" He trails off and then abruptly Lincoln hops up and just strides over to some rubble, grabbing it and throwing the rock off the bridge, followed by another, and then a torrent of rocks just go flying off the side as well, apparently Lincoln does get angry and shows no signs of stopping as he is just rage throwing the rocks.

She stays quiet as she listens Lincoln go on about what he did. It sounds to Nora like there is a lot of regret in his tone at things he didn't do. Watching him as he gets up her eyes stay on him as he rages at the circumstances they have found themselves in. After letting him do that for long enough, she gets to her feet, cautiously approaching, not wanting to get accidently beaned with a rock, "How about you save some of that for the Aliens?" while the young woman is usually a live and let live borderline hippie, she has no such sentiments for their unwelcome visitors.

By time he's finished, Lincoln is panting from being out of breath, and he's certainly not out of shape like he was; he just exerted that much energy. Hands resting on the ledge, head hunched over with a bit of embarrassment at his display he finally looks up at Nora. "Save it for them how? They're up there. I'm down here."

"I'm not the brains of this outfit, but if you have the will there has to be a way." Nora goes to get him a bottle of water from the cargo thing and brings it over "I know there are missle silos scattered around the US." she refrains from mentioning the protests "One of them has to be viable. Didn't you mention one was in Texas?"

"12." Lincoln responds after taking a drink of the water. "There are 12 missile silos in the state, at least that were made known and I'm sure there's more. But they're hard to find for a reason, and if they were operational someone would have fired it off wouldn't they?" He takes another drink of the water. "Sorry. I'm kind of a drag on this trip, aren't I."

Nora looks a bit surprised at the number "That many?" she hmmms thoughtfully "All we need to do is find out. That would lead us to the others." she gives a shrug at his question "I don't know. There could be any number of reasons why they weren't fired. Does it really hurt to look?" she sighs then, shaking her head adamantly "No…up until this," she gestures at what is left of Houston "It's been great." and she really can't blame him for being a drag at the moment. She would be if the situation was reversed.

Once again, Lincoln is quiet for a bit until he nods, nudging a rock with his foot to send it off the overpass. "Won't hurt to look I suppose." Turning, he cants his head a bit and starts walking back the way they took to get to the top of the overpass while heading for his bike. "Get out of here?"

"Yeah." she nods in agreement about the leaving. Any survivors would be long gone by now. Nora heads over to her bike doing her best to not look at the city, focusing on Lincoln "Wasn't that why you wanted to go to San Antonio in the first place?"

"A bit, to see if there was anything, or anyone, of value." He offers while walking the bike through the bridge area. Lincoln waits a bit before finally his dour mood breaks some and he grins over at Nora. "The trip has been great, huh?" That one he might not let go for a bit.

"Just about anyone is of value now." there are far too few people in the world to think otherwise. There are a few exceptions, like those who kill you for a piece of beef jerky, but all in all everyone. Nora follows him as she pushes her bike as well "It could have done with less complaining about aching body parts at the beginning, but I was prepared for that one." she gives him an amused grin in return as she teases him.

"Well, I was sore." Lincoln grumps a bit, faking, as he continues to walk his bike. "It's been a couple weeks. Should we head back for a bit before trying to track down one of these new targets?" He asks it quietly before pausing and looking at Nora, "Unless you're wanting to stay out on the road, because back there is kind of.. home ish."

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