(2016-02-06) More Info
More Info
Summary: More information about Silencers and Camo Kids is shared
Date: 2.6.2016
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All is quiet this morning in Stratford. No night time attacks from raiders or Camo Kids. No drones buzzing through. There was a pack of feral dogs sniffing around, but a few well aimed rocks chased them away. Those that are guarding the perimeter, Piper among them are moving vigilantly through there areas, prepared to do what is necessary to defend their home.

Bob is often amongst the patrollers who move around the camp perimeter. Tonight, is a night much like those, and Bob is patrolling the perimeter with his rifle slung over his shoulder. On his patrol he happens upon Piper and starts to make his way over towards her. He keeps quiet until he's a few yards away and then offers her a nod, "Evenin' Piper."

Pacing her bit of wall, the young woman looks like she is ready for anything. Rifle cradled in her arms, gun on her hip with her wooden nunchuks tucked in her belt behind it. Nothing and no one will be getting past her without taking a hit from something. Socked feet don't make much sound on the pavement, so she has that going for her too. At the greeting from Bob, she pauses in her movement to look at him and lifts a hand in greeting. His appearance seems to trigger a memory and after giving a look around she takes a few steps closer "Minute?" she asks. While it is just the one word it comes out easily enough.

Bob arches a brow as her reply isn't just a nod, or a pleasantry. He glances around for a moment and then takes a step closer, nodding to her once, "Sure." He pauses, glancing down the street and back to her, "Here ok?"

Piper gives a shrug "Fine." despite the gesture she is okay with here, she still has a while before she is relieved so she isn't about to leave her post. She's dedicated "Male? Female?" there is a pause "The Silencer." was that information handed out, maybe, maybe not, if it was it didn't get to her ears. Of course when you are a killing machine bent on humanity's destruction gender is pretty moot.

For a moment, Bob falls silent. That wasn't a good night. They still have two raiders locked up, and he still has Kayla to deal with. "Male." He replies with a nod. "He took on eight or nine raiders. Killed most of em before we got to 'im." He watches her a moment and considers then asks, "That mean somethin?"

There is a sigh of relief at that bit of news "Not her." so yes it does mean something to Piper. That she knows another Silencer and that for some reason she is worried about her. "Good timing." for the camp..bad timing though for the Raiders…except those last two. They were just lucky.

Bob hmmms quietly and nods, "Not who? You know another silencer?" A beat pause, "Maybe another one that's like you?" He says this in a quieter tone and then shrugs, "We got lucky. Couple lucky shots, we took him down before he knew we were there."

"Like me," she nods at that "Not like…" a vague gesture is made to indicate something, other Silencers maybe "Camp before..not now." she chews her lip a moment in thought but whatever it was is pushed aside at what Bob says "Head shot." she was supposed to be one so of course she knows what they are capable of and how best to take one down quick and in a way that they won't get up. "Be more." maybe not soon, but eventually.

"Like you." Bob confirms and nods, "This one was killing pretty aggressively. Don't think he was like you." Bob looks over his shoulder then back to Piper, "Yeah, head shot. I did, twice." just to be sure. He seemed to have figured that out himself already. "And yeah…I figured there would be more. That drone the other night and then the silencer…They know where we are."

"No." that much she agrees with, that the one from the other day wasn't like her at all. Piper winces a bit, two shots would have done it certainly "Drones track Silencers." she hmmms at his worry about their location being compromised "If known, Camo Kids attack soon."

A frown crosses Bob's lips and he nods, "Alright. We need to go into defensive mode. Up the patrols, defensive stations by the apartments…" It's musing mostly. Things he needs to get down to keep everyone safe. "Anything you know about them that can help here?"

There is a nod and she lifts her hand to indicate a little by holding fingers an inch apart. "A…." Piper frowns as she thinks of the word "im-plant." she touches the back of her neck. "All have it. Controlled." the controlled part isn't exactly true, but it is close enough and its a lot easier for her to explain then what it actually does.

Controlled…Great. Bob hmmms and nods to her. "So they are being controlled?" He sighs and rubs at his nose. "Alright, I'll let the doc know about that. Probably not much we can use that fer. We just need to keep our guard up is all."

"Remove implant." Piper suggests then nods at his suggestion "Elijah, yes. He removed before." that was before Bob showed up perhaps, "Ask him." not sure if he was any more information but he treated the girl that had it "Guard yes." which she should get back too. Gesturing a thumb toward the wall she moves back to begin her vigilant pacing.

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