(2016-02-08) Reconcilled
Summary: Kayla and Piper seem to have patched things up
Date: 2.8.2016
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The weather is cool this afternoon, but sunny. Definitely a day for sweaters, which Piper is certainly wearing, the sleeves rolled up, a bundled up baby Quinn in his snuggie on her chest. She is busy at work on the patio stripping leaves from a stack of plants on a table and stuffing them into small mason jars. A few partial bottles of booze sits on the table as well. She must be working on some herbal remedies of some sort. As she works she hummms a upbeat tune a bit of a smile on her face. It's been quite awhile, a good month since she has showed any signs of contentment, let alone happiness. Guess she is having a good day today.

Kayla is bundled up well enough, but the fact that she’s spent the morning away from the building walking and moving things has kept her warm enough in a t-shirt and sweater over top. It may be cool, but it’s a hell of a lot warmer than the winters she was used to up north! A heavy looking backpack is on her shoulders – she must have had a decent haul that morning to be back so early in the day.

Pausing as she comes up on the patio, she watches Piper for a moment or two in silence.

The baby is sleeping contently, the humming and movement doing a good job of lulling him into dreamland. Continuing her work the leaves are quickly stripped from the plants and jars full before she starts to pour the alcohol over them. It takes her a moment to notice the arrival of Kayla and she glances up. There is a moment of staring. Piper knows where she stands now with the woman's brother, but not with Kayla, but a nervous smile is given anyway. "Hey." she greets, her tone matching her expression.

As piper notices her, Kayla offers a faint smile and a bob of her head. “Hi,” she returns before hitching up the backpack on her shoulder with a little half-hop and moving forward again. “What’re you working on?” she wonders.

The positive response is enough to make Piper relax a bit and her smile to become more genuine. She glances down at her project realizing that she is about it overflow one of the jars and quickly stops pouring, "For allergies." she replies to the question. Putting the bottle down the taps the thick book she has on hand, opened to a page about making stinging nettle tinctures "Was Harmony's." but the woman left before the book could be returned so now Piper is putting it to good use "Good haul?" she asks gesturing to the backpack Kayla carries.

“Oh,” Kayla glances down at the book for a moment before she ohs again and looks over her shoulder. “Decent.” Shrugging out of it, she sets it on one of the other chairs at the table an dmoves to unzip it. “Peanut butter…this is like the seventh jar I’ve found in the last week!” She grins as she pulls out the container.

Piper nods and begins to cover the jars with squares of wax paper before putting the proper lids on. Kayla is watched out of the corner of her eye, that is until the peanut butter is pulled out. That brings the young woman's full attention. She's one of those really picky eaters, put peanut butter is one of those foods that she loves. She pretty much lived on that and crackers when she was pregnant, and it seems that over indulgence of it hasn't lessened her liking for it, "Seven?" she questions, then gestures to the clubhouse "Storage?" asking if the other woman kept them for herself or shared them with the community.

“Kept two for Quin and I, but put the other four in storage, and…” Kayla hesitates only a moment before sliding the jar across the table towards Piper. She noticed how the woman had perked up at the mention of it.

“I think I’m keeping the TP for myself, though! That stuff is better than gold now!”

This is one of those times where Piper isn't going to question. Her last jar of the nutty goodness ran out last week. Taking the jar she smiles broader and has a moment of spontaneity, leaning over the hug Kayla quickly "Thanks!" She doesn't seem to be at all bothered that Kayla is keeping the TP for herself. Sitting down at the table she digs a spoon out from her stuff on the table and wastes no time in partaking of her treasure, straight from the jar "What else?" she asks between bites.

The hug startles Kayla and it takes her a moment before she offers a light squeeze back. She’s still getting used to the idea of Piper now, and also to the idea of her brother and Piper together (No one has told her otherwise!). “Uh…” Kayla begins pulling things from the bag. “Some books…another of Quin’s, and a Spanish and a German fiction novel. A ski mask…” A pause as she tugs out more items…no wonder her bag was so heavy! “A scented candle, some boxes of votives, and three pairs of boots.” And the TP, of course.

Yep, they are back together, no labels yet though. But that's relatively new, they reconciled over the weekend after getting locked into the projection area of the local theatre. An noise of amusement comes from Piper at Quin's book "Missed one." she gestures to it with her spoon "Tried to find to burn." she tells the woman, then clarifies, "He did." she doesn't quite get why he has an issue with his book being found. She wrinkles her nose at the boots, (ewww shoes) but nods in approval at the other stuff she pulls out "I took kids…" concentration "yes-ter-day. They had fun." she doesn't mention that Quinton was there too, a happy accident that time, she doesn't want to push Kayla's goodwill.

Kayla smirks at the ewww expression on Piper’s face, and moves to start packing items away again. “Yeah, he hates his old books…I think they remind him of what he doesn’t have anymore.” She mutters before she nods. “The kids usually can find the fun in almost anything.”

Piper hmms at Kayla, giving a shake of her head "Still has it. Just…" she is thoughtful as she tries to decide on a word "harder?" that isn't it either, but it's the only way she can describe it with her limited speech abilities "He wrote one…for me." she is still touched by the gesture. "It was game. Who finds fastest." which probably isn't the best way, but they are kids.

“I agree with you but he doesn’t usually see it that way.” Kayla answers quietly as she zips up her bag. “He used to write award winning poems in his sleep – it frustrates him.” That said, she picks up her bag once more and swings it over one shoulder. “Do you need anything specific for your jar things?”

There is a frown, accompanied by a nod, she noticed that recently herself. Kayla sees more of that side of him that she does. Piper says nothing more of the poet. Capping the peanut butter she glances at her project, still half done. "Yes." she pantomimes writing "List. Later." baby Quinn begins to stir and she rubs his back a few times. Getting to her own feet she is about to start filling jars again, since it seems Kayla is departing, when she comes right out and asks it "We'll be okay?"

Kayla blinks at the question before she nods, slowly. “If Quin trusts you, I do.” She says, simply. A beat, and she adds, “But I don’t want to get in the way of you two, so…uh…don’t tell Quin but I’m starting to collect stuff for my own apartment.”

That certainly looks to be a relief to Piper and it shows "Not stealing him." there is worry in her tone as she says it "Needs you." The admission of Kayla and her own apartment has her looking confused and she isn't quite comfortable keeping secrets when they just worked their issues about but she nods, miming zipping her lip..or at least she will try.

Kay knows full well her brother will be annoyed ta her, and she’d like to minimize the drama too, thank you very much! “I never said you were stealing him, but…like he wants his kid sister hanging around if he’s trying to be smooth with a pretty girl.”

"Won't tell. If asked…." Piper isn't going to lie about it if he catches on and asks her. That gets a real laugh from her, she has never heard the word smooth used in such a way before, though she has to agree "Guess not." but usually there is a lot more awkwardness than smoothness going on with the two of them, but somehow they make it work with their brokenness and all.

Their brokenness is part of what makes them work, but Kayla doesn’t point that out. Instead, she offers a smile and a nod of her head. “Let me know if you want me to take Quinny while you two have a date night,” she offers before waving and turning to head into the building.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Fiction Book - Spanish Language
1 Ski Masks
1 Book-Fiction-German Language
1 Book - Poetry - Author: Quinton A. Wells
1 Package of TP rolls
1 Scented Jar Candles
1 Mysterious Dead Corpse
3 Pairs of Boots
1 Jars Peanut Butter
2 Boxes Votive Candles

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