(2016-02-10) Taking A Break
Taking A Break
Summary: Elijah is taking a break from the infirmary, a short chat is had
Date: 2.10.2016
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SGA Club House

This large building dominates the center of the complex. It serves several purposes. First and for most it is a gathering spot where the apartment residents can socialize and gather for various reasons. There is a large sitting area, with sofas and chairs surrounding a large marble coffee table. They all sit within a comfortable distance of a large fireplace which has a large flatscreen TV hanging above it. Adjacent to that is a small kitchenette area, separated by a marble topped bar with barstools sitting in front of it.

On the other side of the large gathering area is a small office area, accessed by a windowed door where the manager and apartment staff did there business for the day. There is also another windowed door that leads to a small fitness room with the usual workout machines as well as some nautilus machines and free weights.

It seems the clubhouse has a few new occupants, four young cats. Three calico cats and one gray striped. They are always seeking attention. The gray is named Ramses, the others are Bug, Sweetie and Pickles.

Of course as soon as the sun starts to go down the freezing rain that had been falling off and on all day would stop. Of course with the sun going down it just gets colder. With the fire blazing in the fireplace, the clubhouse is the warmest place in the complex, most likely, so Piper and her flock have taken it over, or at least the small area around the coffee table, where a lot of giggling and coloring is happening. Even the young woman is laughing as the kids try to out silly one another with their drawings. The only ones not drawing are the babies of course. Troy, nearly one now, as far as anyone can guess is sitting next to the woman playing with plastic cups, stacking them or banging them together while Quinn sits on her lap watching it all as he waves one of his mother's braids around. How domestic.

Finished with the day's work in the office, Elijah had ventured out for some fresh air. Or, you know, freezing rain worked too! Luckily it seemed to be tapering off as he made his way across the grounds. Lately, the doctor had been trying to grant himself regular 'time off' or away from the Infirmary. A balance. It felt odd still, but…good as well. Soon his steps lead him to the Clubhouse, Eli opening it's doors and entering to close them again quickly against the cold. Shaking off what moisture had managed to cling to him, he runs a quick hand through his hair and glances around at those gathered. "Good evening…" he offers, giving the usual nod and smile.

A chorus of voices ring out to greet the doctor and Jack does his usual fist raising "Yo." such a boys boy. "Hey." Piper greets as well, in that one word method she has. At first glance she seems cheerful, more so that she has been in awhile actually. A glance is given to Troy and she catches him right before the tosses a cup through the air. "Busy?" she asks as she focuses eyes back on the doctor.

Elijah smiles a bit more at the greetings, gaze going back to Piper as he makes his way towards her seat. "No…" he says with a shake of his head, giving a half grin then. "You'll be happy to know I have taken off for the evening. Medically. Unless something urgent arises." Stopping near enough, but still giving the woman some distance, he inquires "Why? Need help with something?"

"Good." she nods, though she is already pretty happy as far as that goes. "No patients?" that's what she was actually asking when she asked if he was busy. His own question has here looking at the children in turn and then shaking her head "We're good." she babies get tickles to which more giggling ensues "Aren't we?" where did this Piper come from?

Another shake of his head is given as the doctor finds a seat close by. "No new patients. Aside from the regular business that is." Relaxing in the seat he removes his satchel and sets it on the floor beside the chair. Elijah's attention then goes to the babies and a smile spreads again. "Glad to hear it," about them being good that is.

The children might be living in a post apocalyptic style of world, but besides having second hand clothes that is the only way they are suffering. They most likely eat better than Piper does, they certainly don't look malnourished, the babies especially so. "Spring coming." she says to the doctor, picking up a stubby crayon and setting it back on the coffee table "Made al-ler-gy tinc-ture." because with spring comes allergies.

Elijah again looks to the woman as she speaks to him, grinning at the news. "Excellent! I should probably start thinking about that shouldn't I…" With new seasons came new sickness and new patients. "Thank you. Do you need help gathering supplies or making more?" he offers.

Piper nods at him, agreeing that he should be thinking about these things. They have been finding antibiotics and painkillers but no antihistamines. Go figure. "Yes. Stinging nettle." she replies informing him what she is using for the tinctures.

"Right" a nod is given as Eli pulls a notebook out from his bag along with a pen. Always prepared! Jotting down the note he looks back to her "Anything else? Supplies even? For the camp or just to have?" See! He was trying! Expand his services…and all that stuff.

While he digs out pen and paper Piper looks around at the kids praising all the silly drawings that they are making and then bringing her attention back to Elijah when he once more is speaking. "Lots. Alcohol." she pantomimes drinking so she means that kind not rubbing "Honey." and they have hives so that's easy to get. "Beeswax." see previous statement "Have list."

Elijah nods with the woman's words "Alright. Well I'll take a look at that and make a copy of my own…so that way you can keep yours and add to it as you need." The doctor looks around at the drawings the kids were working on, smirking and giving a small chuckle as he looks back to Piper. "Seems you have a room full of budding artists eh?"

"Okay." Piper says, though that will have to be given to him later, she doesn't have it on her at the moment. "I guess." she replies following his gaze to the children. Caro is the only one of them with any actual drawing talent, the rest are just typical childlike drawings. He question though has her thinking though and recalling something, "Planning." she says gesturing to Elijah "You..future." she's trying to say something specific but can't get the words out so reaches over to put a hand on Caro's.

Caro looks up from her drawing to Piper and stares for a moment before turning to the doc "She means that you should plan on taking an apprentice. I'm Jade's. She's taught me all sorts of things about treating animals."

Elijah tries to follow what the woman is saying, but he wasn't quite sure. He should be planning…his future? Well right now that just consisted of staying alive and keeping others that way! However, his gaze goes to Caro as the young girl explains, Elijah then lofting a brow. He looks from Caro back to Piper, "You want me to take one of the children as my apprentice?" While he could see the benefit of that…most of his mind was screaming how that wasn't a good idea. Granted that could have just been due to the memory of recent events still being fresh.

All that information exchanged between the woman and Caro at just a touch, but maybe it's just because they are used to each other. Piper shakes her head at Eli's leap "No. To young." there is no argument or griping from the kids about it either. "Later. Not now." she said the future, clearly she plans on having one.

Oh good! The doctor seems to be relieved as he nods again and gives a small smile, "Right. Later. Sure if they are interested." Elijah then gets to thinking, "Or even if you want me to teach them basic practical treatments and such now. I know they are young, but there is still some basic first aid I may be able to show them. Or whatever you think they might be interested in. If it would help?" Definitely save the intense stuff for later though.

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