(2016-02-11) A Thing
A Thing
Summary: Piper cheers Quinton up after his fight with his sister
Date: 2.11.2016
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East Main

This street looks like some kind of low level war zone. The houses are tilted or shifted off their foundations completely, trees uprooted, there isn't a window that isn't shattered and numerous cars are flipped on their sides. It's not a safe place to walk without shoes and the state of the houses makes entering them a bit on the risky sides too. The /only/ buildings that seem safe to enter are the church and the Diner that was farthest from the blast zone.

After waking to find a note, Quin went out himself. He's angry and upset about the fight, and honestly confused. He's still not sure what happened. Feeling out of it, he wandered over to the blast sight and has been poking about, although there's not much left to scavenge. It at least is keeping the poet busy. His hair is plastered to his head as he slowly makes his way out of a building. It's also got some dust from the ceiling.

Piper knows nothing about the argument between Kayla and Bob and probably doesn't know about the one between Kayla and Quinton. Though she might know something is off depending on if she has seen any of them between now and when stuffs went down. Her knowledge doesn't change the fact that she is out in this dismal, rainy weather, protective poncho on and her usual accessories…though not the baby. The last thing she needs is a sick one of those.

She's currently paused in front of a house that tilts precariously, her head tilted in the same direction of the house as she studies it. Movement though catches her eye and she spies the man leaving a building down the street. For a moment she just does her watching thing, reading him, but then moves in his direction, lifting a hand.

Quinton's having a very rare clarity day (Where was that when he needed it?!?). He spots Piper and raises a hand back, "Careful…there's glass everywhere." Instead of waiting where he is, he starts towards her. The thin man seems tired, but not the exhausted ,overwhelmed that he gets sometimes.

"Yeah." she replies, but seems less worried about the glass than everyone else is, even though she is totally barefoot. Rain and socks don't mix. She does step around some obvious shards of glass on her way to meet him, her feet are tough, but why risk it. "Bad night?" she asks as she stops in front of him worriedly searching his tired looking face.

Quinton hates that he wears all that right on his face and frowns. And then sighs, "You could say that. Kayla kinda had a meltdown…I don't exactly even know about what precisely." He then offers a sad, but glad Piper's there, smile. "In the fifth with the last Silencer, she shot one of the bandits….Leon said she did it after the shooting was over, Kayla says it was during. I asked her a few questions and now she thinks i think she's a murderer…" He rubs his almost beard and then his eyes. "She left a note saying she was going out, but I can't find her…"

Piper was just asking why he looked tired…and that explains it. She along with everyone else knows about the encounter with the Silencer and bandits. But this part was left out of the version she heard so she is naturally shocked. Once he is done with the quick explanation she reaches for his hand "Hiding? Sulking? Like you." he can deny it all he wants he has done one or other a couple of times since she met him.

Quinton's nose wrinkles, "I do not….she's so much worse." His thumb reaches up and hooks on his backpack, "She'll get over it and then talk to me." Hopefully while his head is still clear. He sighs and the tilts his head, "What are you doing out here?"

She feels that it is probably best to neither agree or disagree with which Wells sibling is worse in that department. "She will." that though she can agree too. As for what she is doing out here, besides getting cold and wet, "Looking." she gestures around "Things." then to him.

Probably the best, yes. Quin sighs, but nods in agreement. There's a beat and then he smirks, for a moment the gloom hanging on him dissipates, "Things? Am I thing?"

Dark eyes lift in at the question, there are signs of slight embarrassment at the misunderstanding, even if it was purposeful. In a better head space she may recognize what he is going this time, unlike last time "Best thing…" she then hmmms thoughtfully "Top three?" she nods smirking back at him.

Quinton scoffs playfully. "Don't lie. I'm maybe top 10. Top 5 on peanut butter finding day." Wow, on his good days, he's almost all the way normal. He'll reach for her hand, "Wanna walk with me?"

"Like pea-nut…" the butter doesn't come out so she gestures to him, giving indication to what he said. As she says it she nods in agreement, veiled amusement on her face. Like usual they aren't in sync, but only the multi-syllable words are an issue. But she is in a good mood, so there is that. "Yes." she replies, easy word with no hesitation and she laces fingers with his. As the start walking she glances around at the broken houses around them "I think," she starts to say, pausing of course to search for small words to put her though together with, "in ways," another pause, "life is bet-ter.

Quinton laughs, "I know…it's my saving grace, right?" Finding her peanut butter that is. He tries to steer their path away from anything that she could step on, and while he's enjoying holding her hand, he does keep an eye out for anything that could jump them. Bandits, lions…the usual. He will slow though and raise an eyebrow, "How so, Bethany?" Ouch. So close.

With one hand in his and the other hanging onto the rifle strap hanging over her other shoulder, Piper matches his stride and lets herself be guided around hazards. When is she going to start wearing shoes? She's vigilant too, it's one of the parts that aren't better, like having to walk around armed all the time. Wrong name, but at least it is a pretty one so she isn't going to balk about it, she knows that embarrasses him. "Focus wrong. Be-fore. Not…" she shakes her head, the words aren't coming.

Quinton smiles warmly, "Oh…I don't know. I kinda liked worrying about useless stuff and not having to think about where met dinner came from." Oh…the junk food he used to eat! His hand tightens on her's , his thumb stoking her wrist, "And I think we would ahem found each other." Ah, there's the poet!

"True." Piper will concede that point to him. And when you are feeding more than yourself the worry is greater, but she doesn't do to bad and with the help she gets no one is malnourished at least. She looks up at him, "Really?" it's a nice thought sure, but she isn't as sure about that one as he is.

Quinton chuckles and nods, "Yes, absolutely. Think about it, both into the arts, both in New York…meant to be." He'll leave out the fact it's different arts, nd they age difference.

She does think on that for a few paces "Ming-ling." that was the great thing about the art scene in NY. There was a lot of cross-over mingling going on, musicians, painters, poets, actors, all getting together to share their art. They could have passed each other many times I not even know it. "Fated?"

It's hard to tell if he truly believes it, or is spinning the tale out of some romantic notion, but he pushed it forward with that sharp smirk he gets on good days, "Fated, yes! Like Romeo and Juliet or Peeta and Katniss or…Ron and Hermione…?" Even he can't not break and laugh, as he tries to find the most ridiculous couples that pop into his mind. He seems to have no trouble with any of their names.

Piper eyes Quinton when the first couple out of his mouth is the ones that killed themselves because they couldn't be together. Ron and Hermione get a peal of laughter but the two in the middle she gives no recognition of "Peeta? Katniss?" she shakes her head, clearly not knowing who those two are.

Quinton's eyes narrow playfully, "Hunger Games? Do I need to find you those books?" Which he'll be happy to do, stuff to make others happy on his list is always better than not dying medicine. "Maybe we can have a …" For the first time he falters on his words, glancing away to check on their surroundings, "A date and read them…"

That gets recognition; she would have had to be living under a rock not to have heard of the movie at least "Oh. Yes." but is she saying yes to him finding the books are that she has heard of the movie. At his suggestion of making it a date she glances up at him, noticing both the faltering and his attention. "I'd like that."

There's an almost physical relaxation when she agrees. It's silly, what was he expecting? But still, he looks back to her and grins widely. "Okay, I'll find them then." It's no dinner and movie, but it's about as close as he can get to something like that for a while. "it's a date."

Good thing there is a library in town and that it’s his job to find them. Leave that up to her and it would likely not happen for a while, "How vic…vict…victorian." which is kind of true. Reading books to each other was one of the acceptable ways young couples back they could socialize…and she doubted there was going to be any fancy dress balls anytime soon. She's happy with it and briefly rests her head against his arm as they walk through town.

Quinton chuckles, "I'll try to find you a parasol too." He steps over a bunch of broken stuff, the only thing that might be worth anything is a broken penlight he scoops up. They really need a fix it guy besides Linc.

Piper laughs, holding out her hand to let the rail pool in it briefly "Use it." today especially. Her eyes scan the debris as well, but he grabbed the only really useful thing, and she has plenty of those at the moment. She gives a bit of a shiver as she shakes the water from her hand and droplets roll down her arm under her sleeve "Let's go…warm." walking around barefoot she is probably getting cold, and she doesn't really have a preference to where the warmth is so will let Quinton lead the way to where that place is going to be.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Pen
1 Trucker Hat
1 Broken Flashlight
1 Old Nokia cell phone

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