(2016-02-12) A Search for Something Special
A Search for Something Specials
Summary: It isn't found
Date: 2.12.2016
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Thrift Store

Once upon a time this was a clean and tidy place where people could come in and either donate or purchase gently used clothing and other second hand items. Now everything is dust covered, rummaged through and scatterred. Except those items by the broken windows, that's beyond redemption, moldly and water damaged.

Despite clothes being tossed around and racks being knocked over there are still usable items if one just takes the time to look around…and get past the smell of mouse and mold.

Piper woke up in a near state of panic this morning. In spite of that her words were clear and concise and there were four of them for Caitlin. "Need clothes. Come with?" sure it was phrased as a question, but the tone was somewhat pleading. With baby Quinn on her front and her backpack hanging from her shoulder she gave Caitlin time to get ready and grab breakfast and then she was off. She knew exactly where she was going, the Thrift Shop so made her way there at a hurried pace.

Caitlin's evidently perplexed - and still somewhat sleepy - but she is attempting to be alert and responsible while out of the comparative safety of the compound. Her bow's cradled in her arms, and she's endeavoring to spend more time scanning her surroundings than either yawning or worriedly studying Piper. But she refrains from bombarding her companion with questions, hoping that some sort of explanation will follow voluntarily.

Whatever the reason for her desperate need for something new to wear she doesn't say. Either from lack of being able to vocalize or maybe just not sure herself where this drive comes from. "Here." Piper says as they arrive at the Thrift Shop, with it's broken windows and piles of moldy clothes near them. Stepping through the window she glances around and heads further back. Broken glass…she walks right over it, barefeet an all, it crunches under foot and seemingly doesn't bother her at all. "In the back." she points to the doors that lead into the back of the shop, where the sorting and storage area is. Peering at the other woman she seems to notice her sleepy appearance for the first time. "More coffee."

Caitlin allows herself to be guided, though it's clear that her curiosity is mounting. Fortunately, it seems that she trusts Piper - in spite of recent revelations - and *isn't* reacting as if she's being taken to a convenient execution spot. "More coffee would certainly be welcome," she murmurs in reply, offering a rueful little smile, before heading for the indicated area.

The back of the store is cloaked in darkness, very little light coming through the open doors. Piper comes prepared though, in both ways. Kneeling down she opens her pack and first pulls out a thermos and hands it to Cait "Drink up." maybe she has gotten used to having tired people hanging about…or maybe she is the tired one some of the time. Then out comes a small mason jar with a candle, which she lights as well.

Caitlin laughs softly, ducking her head in gratitude before taking a long and evidently-appreciative drink from the thermos. "Mmmmm. Thank you. Truly. Very much appreciated. So… what is it that we're looking for?"

The candle in its jar is handed over to Caitlin then and Piper taps the corner of her eye, both of which are nothing but pupil. It definitely gives her beautiful features an exotically creepy look "Dark is light." make of that what you will. Looking around the large dark room for a moment she looks back "Clothes." she says it again "Something nice." yes, it's an alien invasion and she wants something pretty to wear. Weirdo.

Caitlin does indeed study Piper rather intently, before chuckling softly and gently shaking her head. "You look quite sickeningly good, with the under lighting," she grumbles amiably. "But yes. We can see what we can find for you. Is this for anything in particular? Dancing, running, sleeping in…?"

"All that way." she comments as she begins to sort through the clothes piled on a table. Seems that as soon as the lights went out the workers just left and never came back to finish the job "How you can tell." one way at least, not /every/ beautiful person is a Silencer but it is more likely. The question has her hmming and thank goodness it is too dark for Cait to see her facial reaction to the question "Uhm…reading."

Caitlin chuckles softly. "So… something comfortable for curling up in a good armchair? And… beauty's how you can spot Silencers? Damn. I'll never look at old movies with quite the same longing again."

"Or with someone." and there it is. Wanting to look nice, reading with someone. If this were victorian London that would be a date. With her luck that will be when the Camo Kids attack, but she has been trying to push that thought out of her mind "One way." she nods "Or trying to kill you." which is the main way. A skirt is pulled from the pile and she holds it up "Color?" she asks.

"Bear in mind that you'll want to have a good look at things in daylight," Caitlin cautions. "But that looks nice. And… *with* someone? Ooooh. Now I'm even more intrigued. But… seriously? Death and beauty? Feck. It won't happen while you're around, but some people think *I* look hot and dangerous. Rather than just odd and mad."

Piper nods and rubs her hands over the skirt then holds it up to herself. It's to big for her small frame and height and she frowns…still not knowing the color, but she can figure that out when they head back outside "All four." she gives another nod "Like The Bride." which she could probably be compared to as well, but only one person has seen her fight, and Terry isn't the type to brag about other people.

Caitlin has to think in silence for a few moments to get the reference, before wincing and nodding. "Eek. But… yeah. Ummm. Okay. How about we grab everything that *might* be of interest, and we can take it into clear light and see. Even if it's not good for what you want in particular, it might be good for something else. And I can take in waists or take up hems on quite a few styles, to help."

The reaction gets a bit of a chuckle from Piper and then she nods at the suggestion. Before she heads up front she digs through the pile some more but doesn't find anything that she is interested in "Thanks." she says of the offer and then gestures towards the doors leading out before she heads that way and through the door "Shorter yes." it would need to be shortened, the skirt hangs to an awkward place right below the knee.

"Just how much of an impression are you wanting to make?", Caitlin risks asking, flashing a grin. "I could make it *very* short, if you wanted…. But I think that we can do a fair bit to help you out. Make it clear you're making an effort, while still being comfortable."

Piper looks at the other woman sharply and then shakes her head "That's not me…anymore." maybe on time she would have done the really short skirts, but she is a different person now. She looks down at the skirt, it's navy…boring "Maybe not a skirt…comfortable yes with effort." she likes that idea.

Caitlin lifts her brows. "You used to, hmmm?" She hadn't expected *that* of the near-mute. "But yeah, we can work with that. Scarves, or shawls, could potentially help. And are fairly easy to find. You can use them for quite a few things. But we can see what you like, and what suits you. I'll be happy to help."

"I'm just somebody that I used to know." Piper recites the slightly altered lyrics in a sing-song voice. Caitlin has heard her sing, it's easy to guess what she was in her pre-arrival life. She's young. Was a singer or some kind of musician. Short skirts were probably obligatory. "No shawls." she says adamantly. Those are weirdly out of the question. "Scarves okay." she puts the skirt in her pack and begins to search around some more but doesn't find anything her that scream at her, though she finds a cute little charm bracelet that Becca would squee over.

"A hat might also suit," Caitlin muses, cocking her head and pensively eyeing Piper. Or her mane of hair. "Can do a lot with a hat, to frame the face and change outlines. What do you think?"

Piper looks around and spots a bunch of hats in a bin. Pulling one out she puts the checkered porkpie hat on her head. Were it not for her mane being in braid there would be no keeping it on…so much hair "Probably not." it is cute, but she is the type that could work a burlap sack dress "Let's try somewhere else." the hat does get put in her backpack too as she heads out, once more walking across the shattered glass.

Scavenging Rolls

1 VHS Tape Movies
1 Charm Bracelet
2 Childrens Pants
1 Pairs of Work Boots
2 Hats
1 Skirts
1 Childrens Shoes
1 Charm Bracelet
2 Hats
1 Pair of Earrings
3 Hats
1 Crock Pot

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