(2016-02-19) Mission: Failed
Mission Failed
Summary: No cheering up today
Date: 2.19.2016
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This week hasn't been so quiet as previous ones. A pack of wolves have been loitering, but besides taking out a sheep and a few chickens they are leaving the main human residents alone and giving them a wide berth. There was also the drone that buzzed through, it was shot down, crashing a few miles outside of town in overgrown fields. Neither has made a huge impact on the state of the camp, these things are pretty much considered normal and no Silencers have been found or spotted in the wake of the drone, so it's just the usual state of alertness from the guards.
Today Piper has a mission. Mission: Cheer Kayla Up! Of course she doesn't know if the Wells woman needs cheering up, but there is only one way to find out. If cheering up isn't necessary, well it becomes a different mission, though an equally as important one. The hunt begins for Kayla and once she is found the invitation is offered "You? Me? Out?" she pauses briefly and offers more details "Church? School?" which probably means by out she means scavenging for things.

Kayla has been quiet since the last major excursion, and since her fight with Bob. While Bob’s been drowning his sorrows in the bar, Kayla has been…very not Kayla like. She’s been remote, kept to herself – when she has gone scavenging, it’s almost always been on her own – when she returns, she drops off the things and then returns to the Wells’ apartment. Quinton may well have told Piper about Kayla’s attempt to ‘run away’. Whether she’s made good on her promise (threat?) that she would instead get Bob to lock her up if Quinton didn’t let her leave on her own is doubtful – she’s still free. Then again, maybe she couldn’t find Bob?
Either way, it’s easy for Piper to find her – she’d already had her backpack on and was just closing the door to the Wells’ apartment when Pipes appears. Hesitating a moment, Kayla considers saying no but rethinks, and simply nods. The door to the apartment remains unlocked (what’s the point in keys when you don’t have anything, really?).

"Auntie Kayla, looks to need hug." despite her monosyllabic intro, Piper seems to actually be verbalizing quite well, though she is talking to baby Quinn in his snuggie, in a baby talk kind of tone. The baby's response is just a kicking of his legs and gurgling noises. It's the only warning the other woman gets as the young mother moves to do just that, give Kayla what she thinks is a much needed hug. "Thanks, not leaving." of course she was told, enough at least to be worried.

Quirking an eyebrow at the comment, and being called ‘auntie Kayla’, Kay is taken aback when the usually ‘don’t touch me’ Piper wraps her in a sudden hug. She hesitates before lightly patting Piper’s back in return before pulling quickly back – she doesn’t reach to touch baby Quinn like she usually would, either. She shrugs in response to the thanks, but bobs her head to indicate she heard the appreciation.
That done, she turns and motions for Piper to lead the way.
Piper is slowing getting better at that, at least with certain people. Seems Kayla is one of those certain people. Since there was no indication to which location Kayla preferred she begins to lead the way to the nearby church. As they head there she secures the shawl a bit tighter around her shoulders, the one she was given for Christmas, to ward off the slight chill in the air. "It's okay, to not be okay." she glances at the other woman, saying the words almost like mantra "Can't fix it, but can stand by you, while you do." that's what she wants, so she assumes that is what Kayla wants as well, support. And she is willing to give it. The church is only a few blocks and around the corner from the complex so its a short walk and soon enough she is pulling the door open and holding it so the other woman can proceed her.

Kayla is still quiet – it’s eerie, really – she’s usually the chatter box that makes up for Piper and Quinton. If she’s fallen victim to the silence disease, then the trio are in some serious trouble. Ruh-roh, Scooby! Seems she had her fill of talking when she had vented to Quinton and had her small breakdown about Bob being right, how she was a murderer and deserved no better than the Bandits, and that she should leave the group because who would want her around if she was evil like that?
Stepping into the church, Kayla lets her eyes adjust to the dimmer light before she scans the room slowly. “Got left,” she offers, softly.

Piper swings to the right when Kayla finally speaks up, walking between the pews and the wall of stained glass windows. "Basement." she says gesturing to the door in the back that leads to other sections of the church. "Food bank down there. Pitch black, you'll need candle." she shrugs off her backpack, she carries that sort of thing with her, just in case, even though she doesn't need it.

“Okay,” It’s a simple response, but all that is really needed. Kayla moves over towards Piper, and accepts a candle when it’s offered to her. She knows Piper doesn’t need them, but she doesn’t have super eyes.

An encouraging smile is given to Kayla as the jar with its lit candle is passed over. "Did you enjoy the fish?" Piper asks her as she leads the way down the stairs into the dark basement of the church. Fishing was done yesterday, sure Quinton and her came back drenched and nearly freezing, but the poet caught /a lot/ of fish. Piper caught nothing. "Better than the stew, we've had." she is so tired of stew, but it is the best way to stretch food. Following the wall around to make it easier she passes a few doors leading into classrooms before entering another cavernous, dark room lined with shelves.
“Yeah,” Kayla answers simply as she follows Piper down the stairs into the dungeo…er…basement. As they step into the shelving lined room, she moves to start at one of the far ends – best way to cover more ground is to split up, right?

There is a stifled sigh from Piper at the one word answers she is getting from Kayla. "I'm so sorry." she says as she hits the other set of shelves, her eyes scanning the shelves as if she were looking for something specific and she probably is looking for certain items. There is no elaboration on what she is sorry for, but the sentiment is sincere "If you find marshmallows, grab 'em." as she turns the corner to start looking along the next set of shelves she finally finds one of the things she is looking for, bread mix, and pulls a few boxes down.

“For what?” Kayla’s answer comes, still sticking with the few short syllables as she had earlier. Stubborn is something BOTH Wells’ siblings can claim, it seems. If she can’t be locked up in the jail, Kayla is apparently locking herself up other ways. Self punishment is a dangerous thing.

"For that." she answers, shoving her findings in her backpack and then moving to where Kayla is "I did that." locked herself up for months "It only hurts, you, but mostly others, especially your brother. Locking out, running away. No different. Both hurts." so much for the cheering up mission, now it's the tough love/quilt mission "That what you want?"

Well, that does quite the opposite of cheer Kayla up! She pauses, mid-grabbing of several cans of fruit cocktail, and turns to stare at Piper. And then she tightens her jaw and turns a glare on the poor cans of cocktail that get shoved, a little too harshly, into her backpack. “You want a murderer watching your baby? Or other kids?” she retorts, voice soft and tone far too neutral.

Finally, more words. "You may have killed, yes. But I trust you, with my life," Piper says as she begins to remove baby Quinn from his snuggie "With the kids lives, with Quinn's." she holds the baby out, offering him to her to prove it. "You'd never hurt us." she truly believes that, "I've lost to many to let another go without a fight." they all have. "Don't let this one horrible thing define you, you're better than that."

“Talk to Bob.” That’s how Kayla leaves it. She looks to Quinn as he’s handed to her, and she hesitates before turning away. While she loves that little tyke, and all the kids, it is clear that she’s bought into whatever it was Bob has said. And the risk of ‘tainting’ the others in the community is what weighs so heavily on her – she’d told Quin as much, and how little she thinks about herself now that Bob’s made his points and she’s bought into them.

That's confusing. She doesn't know how Bob fit's into it, but clearly the man said something that is sending Kayla deeper into a shame spiral "I'd rather not." he's one that she really can't speak with easily…if at all "But if it helps, I will." she cuddles the infant to her since Kayla isn't taking him and looks around "Brownies…." she says in an abrupt change of subject "We might find a brownie mix here." because when hasn't chocolate helped at least for a short little while.

Kayla shrugs slightly at Piper’s response to saying she should talk to Bob. She isn’t about to explain it…she’s gone over it several times with Quinton, and again and again in her own head. It never sounds better.
“Maybe,” she returns as she goes back to digging, jumping now and then to try and see to the back of the top shelves. No more fruit cocktail, but she pulls forward a couple of bags of pasta.

"Word of advice." Piper says as she begins her search once more, "Don't shut out ones that love you." After that she leaves the other woman in peace as she stuffs her pack. For her silence is never awkward.

Scavenging Rolls

3 Cans Fruit Cocktail
3 Bags of Pasta
2 Boxes Bread Mix
2 Boxes Brownie Mix
2 Cans of Fruit
2 Boxes Goldfish Crackers
2 Cans of Condensed Milk
3 Bags Pretzels
3 Bottles Salad Dressing
3 Spaghetti Sauce
2 Cans of Vegetables
3 Boxes Crackers
1 Jars of Jam / Preserves
3 Jars Baby Food
2 Bags of Sugar
1 Bags Marshmallows
1 Spaghetti Sauce
1 Boxes Hot Cocoa Mix
1 Bags of Dried Beans

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