(2016-02-19) Wolves
Summary: Wolves go after the horses. Thankfully they are stopped, but not without some injury
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The wolves were spotted this afternoon, milling around watching the farm and its bevy of delicious farm animals…well delicious to the wolves. They have stayed out of range of rifles for most of the afternoon and the farmhands have been busy trying to keep the horses from panicking and stampeding everytime the wind changes and brings the smell of the wolves to their sensitive nostrils. With the sun setting though the wolves are getting desperate and are getting steadily closer to the buildings and their precious livestock.

Terry had spent most of the day moving back and forth between the various buildings surrounding the zoo, figuring out vantage points for guards, so as to maximize protective coverage without wasting manpower. He figured that, eventually, some wild animal (or animals) would try to sneak in or rush the zoo, and potentially deprive the camp of the animals' usefulness, and thus the sooner guards could be placed the better off things would be. As usual, Terry's rifle is strapped to his back, in its protective case, and his handgun is stashed in the waistline of his jeans.

Kayla has had something of a death wish of late, volunteering for the most dangerous jobs possible. Tonight qualifies, especially since she doesn't have any gun in her hands or strapped to her body. She has offered to hellp at the farm, with the news of the wolves.

You invite Bob to meet you for RP.

Piper serves a dual purpose here. She's pretty good with a weapon sure, but she has some middling skill at dealing with animals. Honestly she's probably better with the weapon but it's as all hands on deck situation so she is helping with the horses. She stands next to one of the smaller ones, rubbing the creatures neck and soothing it with both touch and soft words. For the time being its working.

Bob's been in the bar basically every day and night since he and Kayla got into it. If you needed him, you came there to see him. If a decision needed to be made, it was done so between shots. Let's just say, Bob hasn't been at his finest. Still, the camp hasn't imploded with him being absent.

Eventually Bob had to leave, or they'd run out of booze. Plus he knows more about animals than most in the camp, so he likes to spend time at the Zoo with the animals. Today's visit apparently will be met with wolves, and here's Bob without his rifle. At least he's got his pistol. Bob keeps his distance from the others, checking the fences around the perimeter of the holding pens where they keep what livestock they have.

Despite the number of people around, the animals outnumber the two legged humans by a good margin. And when some of those animals are both bigger and stronger, things are going to happen. One of the farmhands lets out a yelp of pain as a large horse trods on his foot. The noise startles the already spooked horse and it rears, letting out a panicked whinny, spinning around and begins to bolt. This sets out the other horses which begin to take off as well to the west. The wolves have slowly been slinking forward, from the south, staying low, but when the horses start to run predator instinct is immediate, the chase is on. The air fills with the noises of wolf howls and thundering hoofs.

Kayla can't keep up with charging horses or running wolves. She has no gun to shoot with. So she does the only thing she can think of…she tries to be a distraction. Grabbing a handful of rocks, Kay runs to the side, she lifts her arms and waves, as she shouts "Hey! Stupid wolves!" And then she throws pebbles at the last of the pack…if she can get some of them to leave off the chase….maybe it'll help…?

Terry 's reaction is immediate: he goes for his rifle, finds a good shooting position, sights one of the wolves, and chambers a round. He does some quick mental math, figuring for the variables in taking the shot, and squeezes the trigger. If he misses, one of the other guards hopefully won't.

As soon as the horses startle and begin to run, Bob starts to run off in the same direction as them. He's been around horses most of his life, so he knows enough to avoid getting hurt in situations like this. He runs along side the fence, and mid run, plants a foot on one of the fence cross beams and uses the extra height to jump onto the back of the one of the horses. Unsaddled as the horse is, the landing is less than comfortable, but Bob's ridden a horse bareback more than once. He leans in close to the mane to keep his weight centered and uses his knees to keep his balance. He'll ride the horse out to keep on the outside flank of the escaping horses, between them and the wolves. Bob draws his pistol, but doesn't fire yet.

With the horses both bigger and stronger than her Piper isn't about to try to stop them from running. She has no intention of getting stepped on or trampled. A mad dash is made after them though, heading in the same direction, unstrapping the rifle from her back. As she hits the fence she climbs up it and raises the rifle to take her own shot.

The wolves are masters at hunting. The pack quickly pick two of the slower horses and begin to herd them away from the rest of the group. There is a yip as Kayla's rock land, but that only slows the wolf down, but doesn't stop it. Blam! Goes Terry's weapon, and there is a pained yelp as a wolf goes down. A second Blam! from Piper's rifle, takes down another one. Two down out of fifteen or so though isn't going to cut it. The main group is still herding the two horses back to the south, or trying anyway. One of the horses manages to run fast enough to get past heading back to the safety of the corral.

Kayla hs no gun and is of little use with the shooting, but she CAN be there to make sure the gate of the corral is open..and closed when needed. Breaking into a run, she heads to do just that, reaching to tug the gate further open to allow any returning horses to more easily get in.

The sound of the bullet exploding forth from his rifle is like music to Terry's ears, and as the wolf goes down the rifle-jockey allows himself a smile. With the ease of a practiced hand, he cycles the weapon, loading in a fresh round, before sighting his next target, and enacting the oft-used mantra: front-sight, trigger-press, follow-through.

Riding out after the other horses, Bob misses that there are horses getting pulled off from the herd, instead he's focused on getting the other horses moving back to the corral. Scattered as the horses are, Bob has to focus on groups. So he rides to the right of three horses, edging them back towards the corral. He pulls out in front and relies on the natural instinct of the herd to follow. At a gallop, he starts leading those three back towards Kayla.

Bob will pull up short and let the three horses ride in, then he'll turn and ride back out. Kayla gets no acknowledgement from Bob.

Piper lets off another shot, even though the wolves are starting to quickly get out of rifle range. Blam! Another yelp and another wolf goes down.

At the same time Terry get's off his shot taking out another wolf, this one in mid-leap at the horses neck. The wolf gets knocked off course and gets trampled under the horses hoofs. Enough have gone down now that the wolves are starting to panic. The horse isn't as easy a meal as they hoped.

The wolf smell is still strong and the howling and barking going on that the horses are hard to get into a large group, but Bob manages to herd a few at a time. A few are panicked still and gallop toward the open gate and straight at Kayla.

Kayla stands towards the side of the gate, holding the gate open. She gives Bob as much of a note as he gives her…actually, less (if that's possible), actively working on NOT looking at him. She doesn't shout or jump as the horses come towards her - that would only spook them away from the corral, which is against her purpose. So she waits, ready to close the gate

"Keep it up! We've got 'em on the run!" Terry calls out, racking another spent round from the chamber, and plugging in a fresh one. It's a good day to go hunting.. and it seems today the hunters are becoming the hunted, at least in one respect. He takes aim at one of the remaining wolves, and sends the round down-range.

Once the group Bob was leading is corraled, he turns his horse and starts off towards the next group. He likely missed seeing the impending stampede of doom headed towards Kayla…they were going the right direction, Bob didn't need to lead them! Instead, Bob rides off to start bringing the horses that have gotten the furthest ways away back.

The galloping, still skittish horses are jockeying for position as to which one is going to go through the gate first. There is a bit of pushing and shoving from the horses and with those quickly coming up behind them there will be quite a bit more of that to come. Racing horses, that are knocking each other around are not safe it be around, or in the path of. Which Kayla is in her position by the gate. She's close enough that a flank of a random horse rams into her easily knocking her down and quite possible under the hoofs of other horses.

The last of the wolves that are in range is taken out by Terry. The rest racing back to where ever they are denning and well out of range of firearms now.

You know, she really should have seen that coming…but Kayla had honestly thought she was far enough out of the way. Horses are smart animals, they should be able to go through an open gate, right? Or not so much, as it turns out. The younger Wells' sibling lets out a yelped scream that is cut off as she is tossed in amongst the horses hurrying into the corral where she is lost amidst the dust…

"Kayla!" Terry calls out in alarm, not being able to do much else, given the degree of separation between the two. A look of worry flashes across his face, as he sights the rifle on the last known location of the Wells girl, trying to see.. anything.

Bob didn't see what happened to Kayla, since he's off riding into the sunset…or the tree line anyway, after the horses that haven't started back for the corral yet. He'll track them down to the last horse at this point. They need all the horses they can get, and Bob isn't about to let them become wolf fodder later on out in the wild.

Terry isn't the only one yelling out the woman's name, Piper is to "Kayla!" oh god, Quinton is going to freak out if his sister gets hurt. Jumping down from the fence she races through the milling horses, not caring about trod on feet or being trampled. She uses elbows and the butt of her rifle to good effect as she makes it to the woman's side as the horses pass over her in a hurry.

When the dust settles, Kayla is found curled in the middle of the area, dirty and limp. If one looks, they can see her chest still rising and falling…but the prints of hooves can also be seen on her shirt and pants.

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