(2016-02-23) Game For Hunting Whisper To The Wind
Game for Hunting, a Whisper to the Wind
Summary: Monica goes hunting and is more successful than she's been in months.
Date: 2016.02.23
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Most people notice the face first. Blond hair and tawny eyebrows over light blue eyes look out from the devistation of the skin below, a mass of varicose veins that make her look more like a walking circulatory system map than a human being. Other than that, she's pretty ordinary. About 170cm tall, (5'7 for the metric impaired) she's wirey and emaciated, and doesn't have much of a figure.

That's a cavalry slouch hat she's wearing, pulled down low over her eyes in lieu of sunglasses, and yes, that's a battered duster she's wearing underneath it. It's unbuttoned today, revealing what looks suspciously like a surgical scrub shirt and worn, but clean, bluejeans. Slung at her right hip for a standing draw is a stainless steel, old west style (It's a copy of an 1858 Remington Army with a 5.5 inch barrel if you wondered) revolver, balanced by a cartridge pouch on the other side of her belt. The cavalry boots have been polished, at last. Also, perhaps less fortunately for others, her bandana is tied around her neck where it belongs instead of over her face.

This large area is overgrown with weeds and grass. It clearly hasn't had a child visitor in quite a while. A large wooden playscape takes a good 1/4 of the area as well as a swing set and a duckpond, which recent rains or some underground water source has kept fresh and relatively clean. A wooden picnic pavillion with picnic tables is near the playscape and provides a good amount of shade as do the evergreen and mesquite trees that dot the playground.-

Monica rides Chester out hunting. She makes her way to the playground, having seen geese flying overhead. She brought her shotgun, an ancient side-by-side percussion lock affair, loaded with birdshot in one, buck in the other, because you never quite know what you're going to find.

<Hunt> Monica hunts and bags:
1 Deer
1 Duck

She's out for a while when a duck flutters into the air. She raises her shotgun, leads the duck just enough and pulls one trigger. The right barrel fires with a loud /boom/ and the duck tumbles out of the sky. Not a bad catch for one day, but the shot scares up a deer. She tracks the other animal as it runs /toward/ her, and pulls the other trigger, unloading the buckshot barrel at the deer. /Boom/. The deer staggers and falls, its blood spraying out onto the grass. "Six weeks I've been eating squirrels and prarie dogs, and /now/ the big game just comes to me. Shit." She rides over to find the duck first, turns her face to the wind and pulls her bandana down to whisper something to the wind, then gets out her knife and dresses out the duck, and straps the carcass to her saddle horn. Then she gets back on Chester to ride over to the deer.

Monica reaches the deer, who is still thrashing in the tall grass. She slings her shotgun. It's empty anyway. Then draws her pistol. Again, she whispers into the prevailing wind, then shoots the deer once more in the head. It finishes dying presently, and she dresses it out carefully, leaving the bowel, bladder, and other mostly inedible parts for the scavengers in the playground. Monica's not very big, and she's lost a lot of muscle mass in her travels, so by the time she wrestles the deer across Chester's saddle and ties it down, she's exhausted. She crouches in the tall grass, and pulls a paper cartridge out of her pouch to reload the empty cylinder in her pistol, tamps it down with the tamper, then pops the used percussion cap off and stores it, to replace it with a new one. The pistol's hammer gets set to a safety notch, and she slides it back into the holster.

Monica finally gets up and takes Chester's reins to lead him and his cargo of dead animals back to Camp Hope. And boy, does Camp Hope live up to its name today. She smiles, despite that tooth that throbs every time she fires the shotgun these days.

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