(2016-02-23) Refugees
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 2.23.2016
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Late afternoon and up until about half-hour ago all was same old, same old. Nothing exciting going on. That is when it was spotted…or should it be they. Two pick up trucks, moving slowly toward Stratford from the north. Taking the same route that the current residents of town took to get here. Flanking the trucks are a dozen men and women (six on each side) all armed and moving in that guarding kind of formation. Most are in ragged military uniforms, some are just in street clothes, ragged as well. The trucks move at the same pace as the walkers, and besides the driver have occupants in the cab and one or two each visible in the bed. There could be more hard to tell at a distance. What is easy to tell is they will be coming straight through town.

It has been a quiet few days for Kayla - but her bruises are looking more green and yellow than black and blue now, and she's been let out of the hospital. As if anyone could have stopped her when news of new people arrived. She comes with Quinton, stubbornly not holding his arm as the pair make their way out of the building, Kay's movements stiff.

Quinton sticks next to his sister, his pistol drawn as he scans the area as they approach where the rest of the Camp Hopers are. "Find cover, just in case, Kayla." The blonde man stops near the rest of their group, "What are we….looking at?"

A bit of a crowd has started to gather in the middle of the road. There is milling around, whispering and watching as the group draws steadily closer. At the edge of the crowd is Piper binoculars to her eyes as she tries to get a better view of the incoming group. She looks worried. When Quinton approaches with the question she gives him a grim smile and offers the binoculars to him "Fourteen…more."

Kayla gives her brother a rather dry look, and stays firmly planted at his side. How is she supposed to dive in front of her brother to protect him if she is behind cover? Yeesh!

Elijah had emerged from the Infirmary as well, curious about the crowd gathered. He has his satchel over his shoulder and across his chest as usual, standard slacks and sporting a sweater vest over his button up shirt today. Snazzy doctor. After getting the gist of what's going on from someone, Elijah makes his way towards the outer edge where Piper is. Hearing the woman's words he lofts a brow, looking out towards the approaching group. No telling what they wanted at this point…or if they meant harm. What if they had wounded? "Should we try to go out and meet them?"

Quinton takes the binoculars, peering through them, "We should….all take cover…" Quin shakes his head, "Not…all of us." That's his opinion, anyway.

Monica 's first thought when she hears the trucks rolling into town is "why, oh why do these things happen when I'm in the privvy?" She makes a mental note that her first priority is to get flush toilets working in this town. Sheesh. Quickly takes stock of her tools. One revolver, plus a loaded cylinder, and a pouch full of cartridges for it. Um… right. That would be it. Well… once she has her jeans belted back where they're supposed to be, she takes a breath and opens the door. "Hi," she says to the first guard who is close enough to hear her.

Since the wolves and the stampeeding, Bob has moved back into his apartment. Which would explain why he emerges out of complex B when the trucks start rolling in. Given that he emerges with his pistol unsnapped and his police issue shotgun kept aimed at a downward angle, but certainly at the ready, odds are he saw these trucks coming from the lookout posts in the apartment building. Bob's now several month old puppy, Whiskey is at his heel. Despite the dog's young age, she is well behaved, like any other trained hunting dog.

The former Sheriff starts out towards the road the trucks are moving down, on something of an intercept path. Which is to say, they'll intercept him eventually if they keep coming towards the outpost. Bob glances around at those who've started gathering as well. "Doc, get to cover with Quinton. Can't risk you gettin' shot if this goes south." To those on guard duty in the street, Bob motions for them to take advance flanking positions on either side of the road.

Kayla, bruises and all is noted and Bob offers a faint frown, looking to from her to Quinton, then to the Doc, "If you aren't gonna keep patients in bed, at least keep em out of danger."

Kayla doesn't even have her knife on her today, let alone a gun. When Bob appears, Kay quickly looks away, unable (or unwilling) to meet his gaze, and so she misses the frown. She steps a little closer to her brother. If, and only if, Quinton moves for cover will she do the same

Quinton frowns at Bob, "Someone should go with you…" The poet glances at the doctor nodding his head, "Take Kayla….find cover."

Piper has been watching the trucks and walkers come in all squinty eyed as the group around her discusses what they are going to do. She has to get closer though, she can't call them safe from this distance "I'll go."

Elijah lofts a brow, looking to Bob. "She is well enough to be out of bed…" he does glance to Kayla with the next part though. "However, I can't advise you taking part in a meet up that could have any potential of ending in further bodily harm." He knew better than trying to force the little Wells though. She was just as stubborn as her brother…which was saying something! The doctor glances to Bob, frowning a bit himself "What if they have wounded?"

Monica walks toward the guard slowly. She's left her duster open, and yes, that is a revolver and it is slung for a standing draw, but really it's not an aggressive walk. "You guys look like you've come a long way. How'd you wind up here?" Monica isn't usually stupidly brave, nor does she think of herself as much of a diplomat. The truth is, she was caught out in the open, and the privvy would be a death trap if shooting starts, so she doesn't see much alternative. Besides. She's new. Her heart does go out to these people, at least at first.

The oncoming group of course notices those from Camp Hope. One of the guards walking holds up a hand and the trucks come to a halt, worried looks exchanged amoungst the group. That same person, beckons one of the others to join him and the pair move forward stopping when Monica approaches with Bob, who beckoned Quinton and Piper to follow for now. Of course if anyone else does that is out of his hands.

"Traveling for a few days now." the man looks tired, "Came from the east…Arkansas." he would look wary too but, tired. "You're the first survivors we've seen since our camp was attacked." the man with him is quiet, he does look nervous, and the guards by the trucks do as well. Not to the point of aiming guns though.

Keeping her own council, Kayla doesn't say a word. She glares at ehr brother as he, once again, volunteers for what is likely a dangerous assignment. She remains with Eli, though…for now.

Bob doesn't really know Monica yet, but what he does know is that someone from his group has just engaged a potential threat alone. So, left without a choice, he moves towards the trucks. The motion to Quinton and Piper to follow is an acknowledgement of their respective offers and then a motion with his head indicating they should come along. He doesn't look back to see if they do.

To the man who speaks, Bob cants his head to the right, eyeing the others in the trucks. The nervous looks, the guns. Lots of guns. "Arkansas, huh?" Bob drawls out slowly and he keeps his shotgun dutifully pointed down to be less threatening. "Attacked by who?"

Quinton stays quiet, but he studies the group, trying to get a feel for if they're telling the truth or not.

With the rest of the group moving forward, Elijah looks to Kayla. "Here…let's at least try to take cover in case something does happen. Somewhere we can still keep an eye on them though…" That way Quinton was still in Kayla's line of sight, to give her some comfort.

Piper's gaze moves from the two men that approached them to scan those that are still lingering by the truck. Close enough now to get a better look at the group, though that doesn't help her nerves any and her own empty hands open and close. Oh she is armed of course, but she just hasn't pulled her weapon out. "Their clear." she says, looking from the people to Bob.

Kayla hesitates before she nods, silently, to Elijah. She moves slowly to the side, movement stiff as she lifts her left hand and lightly presses them to her ribcage.

Monica tries to get a glance of the back of the nearest guy's neck. She blinks as Piper says they're clear, perhaps a little puzzled how she'd know, but… these folks seem good at surviving. Perhaps there are other clues about the freak-children that she, Monica, doesn't know about. Since Bob's here, and apparently in charge (nobody's told her about that yet) she takes the distraction to do the slow fade. It's kind of like stalking in reverse. Back away in plain sight without anyone really noticing you're backing away. She once made it work in a classroom, and got out the door without the teacher noticing she was gone, but that was a lifetime ago. One never knows the skills an alien invasion will make useful. Once she's not being directly observed, she pulls her bandanna up over her mouth and nose. If there's killin' to be done…

"A bunch of fresh faced brats pretending to be soldiers." the man in fatigues answers, his own eyes scanning the quartet in front of him "We've been dodging patrols since yesterday. Haven't seen any since crossing into Texas." he looks as puzzled by the clear statement as Monica does, but at the moment has bigger things to worry about. "I'll tell you straight out, we don't want any trouble, I can only assume you don't want any either.

Terry stands midway between Bob's group, and Kayla and Eli. He doesn't speak much, keeping a relatively low profile — not 'hiding' per se, but not really trying to jump all over the place and scream "Here I am!" — as he watches the conversation. He's decked out in his usual Danner Radical GORE-TEX Hikers, denims, shirt, and jacket. As he listens to the fatigue-clad man speak, he nods gently, clearly an active listener.

Elijah moves to take cover with Kayla as well, noticing her movements and frowning. Once the find cover, "Do you need to sit? I can give you a rundown of what's happening if you need…"

A nod is offered to Piper and her statement about them being clear. He listens to their leader speak and seems to consider his options for a few moments. He looks over their group, then back to his own group. A hand is lifted and he scratches at the stubble on his chin, then he finally looks back to the man in fatigues and speaks, "You military?"

A beat pause and he continues, "We've run into those soldier kids a few times." He ahems a bit, clearing his throat, "Not interested in trouble. Just keepin' my people safe. Guessin' that's what yer after as well."

Quinton sighs at the mention of the camp kids. After studying them he leans over and whispers something to Bob.

"No," Kayla's answer is succinct, and she doesn't move to sit. In fact, she doesn't move - she stands precisely where she stopped, staring across the distance to the two gatherings facing off.

Terry shifts gently from one foot to the other, figuring he should stay put in his current position. He keeps both hands in plain view, noting the almost cordial atmosphere, and no wanting to start something. When the question of 'military' comes up, an eyebrow arches ever so slightly, his interest piqued at the potential answer.

Monica eventually fades all the way back into the door of the complex. These folks have fought the freak children. She can still hear that high-pitched shriek of the last one she saw, following on the thunder from her Sharps. She gets that self-same rifle out of its scabbard in a closet, and the cartridge box that goes with it. Checks the roll of paper caps it uses for ignition, and goes to find a position at a high window. Killing, she reflects, is easy. It's living with it that's hard.

"Army, Core of Engineers, reserve unit." he glances back a moment "What is left of it." which doesn't seem to be many, five at most if it is just the ones in uniform. Bob's statement has him nodding "As safe as we can be at least. This is all we have left out of 70. We have a few wounded and some kids in the trucks." his eyes focus now on the group milling in the distance "What about ya'll?" he can't be the only one answering questions here.

"Most of us came from up in the Mid west. Our last camp got hit pretty hard, needed to move south, out of those winters." Bob replies, looking around, "Here we are…" he looks back to the man, "Name's Bob." he offers. "We got a couple former military, couple former cops…Everyone else are just folk. Survivors, to be sure, but folk."

He then looks over the group and nods to Quinton once, "What's yer plan? Keep movin south? You lookin' to hole up or settle?"

Wounded…kids…well it's mostly the comment about there being children that makes Piper take a few steps forward, popping up on her bare toes to try to get a better look into the back of the trucks "Doctor." she points back toward Elijah, beckoning him forward. That was his main concern, wounded.

"Randall." the introduces himself since Bob offered his name "Most of my people are just folks too, just trying to survive in his hellish new world." he rubs the back his neck thoughtfully "Depends. Settlin' sounds nice, but hard to do with the few we have left. Especially with most of them being civilians."

The man who was been flanking him steps to block the way of Piper, putting a hand up to block her path, though pausing when she mentions a doctor "You guys have a real doctor?" Randall asks, looking at the person that was pointed too.

Quinton internally winces. Even if they're not aggressive, he's not keen on showing their hand just yet. Instead of handing up a hand to stop he though, Quin looks at Bob for how to handle this.

Kayla reaches a hand out to lightly lay her hand on Elijah's arm - running up to the truck is probably a bad idea, given that he IS their only doctor.

Terry 's eyebrow raises briefly at Piper's actions, though he still maintains his position, casting a silent glance to Bob. He glances to 'Randall', committing the man's face and name to memory.

Bob keeps a neutral expression and glances from Piper to Randall. He holds up a hand, fist closed. AKA Stop. And indication to Terry that no one's moving any closer. The former Sheriff settles his gaze on Randall and cants his head to the right, "You'll understand if I don't go into too much more detail just now, Randall. You seem to be on the level, but I don't know you folks, and we've had more 'n one group of bandits try to act like friendlies to get in close." He doesn't take on a more aggressive posture.

Elijah furrows a brow as Piper points back to him, seeing her beckon and a hand going to his bag as if to make sure it's still there. Yep…still there. However, with Bob's 'halt' motion to the newcomers…and Kayla's hand on his arm, the doctor looks to the younger Wells. "Don't worry. I'll stay here until they come closer…or until Bob beckons me forward." He offers her a reassuring smile then before looking back to the group.

Randall clearly doesn't like that Bob isn't being as up front about things as he is but he finally nods, waving his man back. No need to cause a altercation over worry and curiousty "If our situations were reversed I'd probably feel the same." he might not like it but he does understand that level of protectiveness "So I guess if that is all we'll just pass on through."

Oh stranger danger! Piper slinks back when the man steps in front of her..especially so when he makes to touch her. She's having none of that, but continues to listen to the convesation from behind the forms of Bob and Quinton, her brows furrowing at how this is going.

Quinton frowns as well, but not for the same reason as everyone else. He looks at Bob, "Tony….There's some cleared out houses on the far…south of town…" He motions with his free hand towards the direction he means. "…just for the night…." There's a silent something he's trying to convey to the man, but who knows how much Bob picks up.

Bob nods to Randall, "'ppreciate the understandin, there. If you got wounded that need tendin', I'm sure we can work somethin' out. Just need to be sure I keep my folks safe is all." And then Quinton makes an offer too. Bob glances to him, then back to Randall, nodding once, "We can put you up for the night. Few conditions, but it's safer than drivin around in the dark."

Kayla remains where she is, watching quietly. She'd step forward as the 'doctor' if she had to, to offer some measure of security to the real one, but that doesn't seem necessary. Instead, she stands with her hand on Eli's arm.

Randall looks between Bob and Quinton, yes he gets a strange expression when the wrong name is used, but bigger problems an all. The offer has him glancing back at his group for a moment and then he nods "Just show us where we can set up for the evening and we can discuss conditions on the way."

Bob offers a nod and looks over his shoulder to the others. He holds his hand up and spins it with his index finger up. The signal for 'wrap it up'. As in, get out of the open. And then Bob looks back to Randall, "Alright." He points off towards the housing area away from their defended position, "First condition, send yer wounded along with a guard if you want to be looked after. We'll help where we can." He pauses and starts walking, "Next, I'm gonna leave armed sentries. Nothin' personal…Just need to keep safe." And he'll continue to lead them off towards the housing.

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