(2016-02-24) A Little Bit of Normal
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Summary: Mon meets the good doctor and finally finishes her camp entry requirements. She thinks. Then she goes and embarrasses herself. Or something. Happens after From the Same Cloth.
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Young man with freckles. So. Many. Freckles. 5' 11" with green eyes and auburn hair. Usually seen sporting trousers, a button up shirt, loafers and a leather satchel. Hey, it's comfortable!
Most people notice the face first. Blond hair and tawny eyebrows over light blue eyes look out from the devastation of the skin below, a mass of varicose veins that make her look more like a walking circulatory system map than a human being. Other than that, she's pretty ordinary. About 170cm tall, (5'7 for the metric impaired) she's wiry and emaciated, and doesn't have much of a figure.

That's a cavalry slouch hat she's wearing, pulled down low over her eyes in lieu of sunglasses, and yes, that's a battered duster she's wearing underneath it. It's unbuttoned today, revealing what looks suspiciously like a surgical scrub shirt and worn, but clean, bluejeans. Slung at her right hip for a standing draw is a stainless steel, old west style (It's a copy of an 1858 Remington Army with a 5.5 inch barrel if you wondered) revolver, balanced by a cartridge pouch on the other side of her belt. The cavalry boots have been polished, at last. Also, perhaps less fortunately for others, her bandana is tied around her neck where it belongs instead of over her face.

Location:First Aid/Medical
This three bedroom apartment is nothing exciting. The inside is a decade or two more modern than the outside at least, but drab. Beige floors, off white walls leaves the place looking a bit instititutinal. At least the previous occupant tried to liven it up a a bit with modern furnishings.

The kitchen is divided from the living room by a breakfast bar and a window lets in light from outside. Three furnished bedrooms and bathroom lead off the living room.

Two bedrooms are used for patients, the third for the doctor on duty. The two patient rooms are furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.-

Elijah had been out of the office since they had arrived back with the newcomers, having been at their settlement tending to their wounded. However, now he was actually back, even if for just a little while. He had to pick up some supplies. In the kitchen/storage area, he put some bandages into his satchel. He had a backpack as well, just to help carry everything.

Monica checks the door number twice before knocking. No sense waking up the cook or someone because she's at the wrong door. Today seems to be her day to find the medicos around here, if just to get to know them.

The knock on the door does get his attention, Elijah putting his things on the counter for the moment before walking over to the door. Opening it, he sees Monica, "Hello. How can I help you?" he opens the door, one hand moving to the side in a 'please come in' motion.

Monica wanders in. "I'm told I'm supposed to get an entrance interview and checkup. Caitlin already checked me for plague, but that's about as far as she got. My name's Monica. I came in a few days ago.

"Ah. Perfect" Eli offers with a nod, extending his own hand in greeting once the door was closed. "I'm Elijah. Resident Doctor so…you've come to the right place." He chuckles a bit, "I saw you last night I believe, but have not met you directly yet…so either way. Welcome."

Monica shakes the good doctor's hand. "I saw you too. Thanks. I can honestly say it's good to be here." She takes off her hat and tries to fluff the hat-hair out a little. Yes, the varicose veins go all the way up under her hairline, and quite probably beneath it as well. "I've had the Red Tide. I survived, but it left me with some scars." She gestures toward her face. "Beyond that, I have a little experience as a do-it-yourself livestock vet, and this is all… way beyond me."

Elijah offers a smile "I understand that. This is a good group of people…and a nice community to be a part of. Especially after so long either on your own or out there facing…who knows what." The doctor's gaze lowers a moment before he looks back to the woman at her mention of the Red Tide and her scars. "Well I'll check your vitals…typical stuff. Unless there is anything pressing you want me to look at specifically?"

Monica sighs a little, and her breath probably gives a clue what she's going to say. "Well, other than "Can you do anything about the scars," to which you'll probably say "not really," There's something bad going on with my teeth. I don't know if it's from Red Tide, or what, but it's starting to keep me awake at night. Among other things.

"I may be able to give you some type of ointment or oil to help with the healing process or to diminish their appearance. Or if they are itching at all? How long has it been since you recovered?" Elijah then lofts a brow "Oh? What seems to be the trouble with your teeth?"

You say, "I left home the end of May last year. Took me… about a week to put my cart together and get all my stuff in it. So almost a year now. They've faded a little, but that's about all I can tell. Of course, I didn't have a mirror very often, and there weren't a lot of places to bathe. I was hoping to get all of that at Camp Hope in Nebraska. But that wasn't what I found. After that it's been root, hog, or die. I was just about ready to eat my horse when I ran into Terry at the reservoir. I don't know what's wrong with my teeth. My gums bleed when I brush them, and it feels like cavities or something. I don't know."

"Well I'm glad you ran into him and found us…" Eli offers a genuine smile. "You will get plenty of rest here and be able to get yourself back in some kind of pattern of life." The doctor looks around the office a moment, smiling a bit "It's not exactly the same, but…it's still good. Helps things feel more…normal almost."

When she describes her teeth issue, Eli looks back to her and frowns. "Hrm. Well I'm not a dentist so I can't promise a proper diagnosis…but I'd definitely be willing to at least take a look? See if there is anything else that might be causing it?"

Monica nods. "Yeah… it's shocking how normal it feels sometimes. I was in the lounge drinking coffee and wondering what was on TV." She shakes her head a little. "There wasn't anything on. Same as before. But hey. I'm sleeping indoors, I'm eating a lot better, and there are people. It's gotta be better in the long run, right?" She sighs and shrugs out of her coat. What do you need me to do?" The skin damage is the same on her arms as she untucks the hem of her scrub shirt.

"Just lean your head back and open your mouth. Here…" he moves closer to a window, opening the shade slightly to let in more light. "I'll be better able to see anything over here." Elijah pulls a chair over for her to sit in.

Monica sits in the chair and tilts her head back and dutifully says Ahhh. Notably, the mucous membranes inside her mouth don't have the same scarring as her skin. They look remarkably normal, except where her gums are swollen. It's not hard to see why. Two of the teeth on her right side about halfway back have serious cavities, and all of her teeth are badly coated with plaque. It's been a long time since she had any dental care, and it shows.

Elijah looks into the woman's mouth…not really being sure what entirely he's looking at, but seeing enough. "Again…I'm not a dentist so I can't give any official diagnosis. However, I'm not seeing any indication of a medical or other physical ailment that would be causing it. I think your teeth just need some cleaning." He leans back against the wall for support. "There is a Rite Aid in town and a couple other places we can try and look if you want. Or we might have some here in a stash from previous scavenges. If you want I can ask?" he offers.

Monica nods. "Okay. I have the toothbrush I got when I got here." She looks around. "Maybe I'll go scavenge for a dentist." She smiles briefly. "Is there anything special I need to be doing for my skin? Up until a few days ago it'd been… six months since I last had a bath. No… longer than that."

"Bathing would definitely help. Even if it is just wet ones or wipes from the store. Or whatever variation. Just something to give the skin a cleanse and help the scarred areas breathe more." Eli walks over to a table, grabbing a notebook and jotting some stuff down on a page before tearing it out. He hands it to her. "Oils. Any kind that would nourish the skin and help scarring. Vitamin E. Aloe. Lotions. I'll keep an eye out in my scavenges as well or we could go look together if you like. So you know you are getting something that will be helpful."

Monica nods. "I can find those, if they're around. Hopefully they haven't gone rancid yet." She looks at her hands and stretches them, then looks at the doctor. "I'm starting a project to build a bath house and public restroom with flush toilets. That's going to keep me busy a couple weeks. After that, what can I do for you?"

Elijah shakes his head with a grin, "Don't worry. If I think of anything I'll be sure to let you know, but I'm glad to help. No need for favors or repayment." Granted that's all anybody had to trade with anymore, but still. "Trading favors or jobs in exchange for medical assistance just make me feel…greasy" he laughs. "If that makes sense."

Monica nods. It gets Elijah another smile. "Okay. Let me put it this way. Helping find the tools you need isn't just me repaying you for seeing me. It's a way to contribute to Camp Hope without sending even more meat to the smokehouse. I was alone a long time, living in a camper the size of the bed of a pickup truck. What's here is valuable. I want to do my part.

"Well…I suppose that's fair…" Elijah nods. "Any supplies you are able to find for the Infirmary would be greatly appreciated. If it's medical related or you think it would be any use at all…bring it. We can always find some use for things I'm sure…even if not in here." The doctor smiles as she tells of her travels. "It seems like you got skilled enough at taking care of yourself. I still can't say I'm able to hunt really…but I am better with a gun than I used to be." Still not great, but hey no need to divulge -everything-!

Monica nods. "I can teach you that, at least. Once I have more tools, we can build you a sustainable gun, too. Assuming we don't manage to get rid of the Others or starve in the next few years, all these modern guns are going to be getting short on ammunition. I'm not likely to run out of ammonium nitrate, sulfuric acid or lead tire weights any time soon, although I will need to find an alternative to fulminate of mercury for my caps. Oh, if you need fuming nitric acid, hit me up. I have some. You could make… nitroglycerine, for one thing. The medical kind.

Elijah nods again "I'll keep that in mind, thank you. I think I may take you up on those lessons too…once you're settled in more of course." The doctor rubs the back of his neck, "Never hurts to be able to better defends yourself and others."

You say, "Or hunt." She looks at the doctor curiously and smiles. "You're not real old, are you?""

Elijah shrugs, "Well…I suppose that would depend on personal definition of the word, but I do not believe so. I'm 29." The doctor lofts a brow, "Why do you ask?"

Monica smiles a little. "I just noticed. My last doctor was older than my parents. I'm not used to seeing doctors who are… practically my age, I guess. But I'm not going to look a gift doctor in the mouth. If this… ever settles down so we're not all fighting to stay alive and mourning our dead, I guess… Maybe we could… go out or something? You seem very kind."

"Ah yes…well I was right at the end of my schooling so…I could see the reason for concern, but I assure you between my formal education and my field experience I-" Stopping mid-sentence, Elijah lofts a brow and looks to the woman, "Wait what?" It isn't an offended tone. Honestly more of a perplexed or surprised one.

Monica looks away. "I was just thinking how I was before all this… I had a date… pretty much the first one I ever had… the night before lights out." She shakes her head. "He was one of the guys from our Civil War Reenactment troop, so… history geek, 19th century technical geek… pretty much me with a y chromosome."

You say, "And I was thinking 'if I were going to go out with someone now… why not Dr. Elijah? He's nice. And smart.'"

Elijah doesn't seem to know what to say…turning bait pink along the tip of his nose and along the rims of his ears. At least it brought out his freckles? "Thank you…I'm flattered…" He clears his throat, "I apologize. I'm not terribly well versed with how to respond to um…" To say he was awkward would be very generous and forgiving.

Monica me holds her hands up in a gesture of surrender. "Me neither. That's why I only had my first date for my twenty-first birthday. And that was while I still had a face."

"Stop that…" Eli frowns, suddenly finding his voice again, clearing his throat a bit and shaking his head. "I'm sorry. I realize you are perhaps not comfortable with your scars…but you keep speaking back-handedly about them and yourself. You are a beautiful young woman. You also happened to have survived a very deadly illness that left it's effects. However, those effects do not take away from the truth of my previous statement…"

Monica blushes, crimson. "Sorry," she says meekly. "It was just kind of a shock when I finally was coherent enough to look in the mirror."

Elijah suddenly goes a bit pale…or rather loses the pink. Worried he had offended her by speaking so bluntly. "I'm sorry. That was out of line…" Listening to her, he nods "I can't imagine how hard that must have been…" The doctor shakes his head "I may not know from personal experience, but understand what I have seen in my studies and in my experience. People can go through intense circumstances that leave them…physically altered. Emotionally and mentally as well. It never takes away from who they are as a person though. If anything it just adds to the strength and character they possess." He shrugs, "It just depends on how long it takes them to see that for themselves…but you are obviously a strong person, Monica. You wouldn't still be here if you weren't."

Monica blushes even more. "Thank you," she whispers quietly. "For everything."

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